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Friday, October 9, 2020


I have been warning all of you about the grave danger of the American food supply. Here is more evidence that my assertions were correct. If this is being duplicated in other nations you better damn well wake up!! Please. 

Friday, October 2, 2020


When will Americans learn? The race for the presidency that sees billions of dollars over the course of the years spent wasted while the American people sink deeper and deeper into debt. When will Americans learn? The same oligarchs the same control mechanism that exists that enslaved us all both sides work for. My people suffer from a lack of knowledge.

It was the philosopher Plato that said strange times these are when old and young in school are tight Fossetts and the one who dares the truth is called once a lunatic and a fool.

Tom Lacovara-Stewart
RTR Truth Media

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Orwellian Censorship Won’t Stop the Awakening - If we don’t let it

Global demonstrations - while these faux protests began prior to said demonstrations. 
Seattle, Portland ... testing grounds for this lunacy. But mass global demonstrations seem to be winning in the sphere of convincing the people that government has become a threat to the world itself. Time the people of the world do a re-set... and I don’t mean a financial one. 
Tell them RTR sent ya!!! RTR TRUTH MEDIA

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Sunday, July 19, 2020


As a former firefighter / fire & crash rescue tech, it is not uncommon for me to render aid to victims. I’ve come up against some real assholes in my time, but that little asshat lingers. 

Check this video out.

As always special thanks to Brian Young of High Impact Flix. Please do share this with everyone you know. 

A final thought 

Words are important. They have meaning in reality and law. I’ve asked many times. Please stop calling guns or arms - FIREARMS. A “firearm is a commercial instrument owned by the central government essentially on lease to non prohibited persons. They used the Commerce clause and the not lawfully ratified  14th Amendment to bypass the 2nd Amendment as if the 2nd gave us anything. It is quite simply a restriction upon government as to where it may not tread.. and tread it does like a stampede of elephants. 

Monday, June 1, 2020


 The officer who killed George Floyd worked with him for years at the same club out of all the clubs in Minnesota. And Floyd used to be employed as an actor. An actor in porn, but an actor none-the-less. What are the odds? The officer was reported to be a hot head by other employees. What does all of this mean? I don't know, but what I do know is that the main stream media has not told any of you about this. Also we continue to hear about how black lives matter and are under attack, but really authoritarianism knows no color. We have seen black officers abusing black suspects. Does this mean they are that insanely ridiculous term "self hating"? No, its their training, and their personalities.

The following video report is frpom Brian Young of High Impact Flix

The excerpt below is from AZ Central

EJ Montini: There were no demonstrations after a jury acquitted a former Mesa officer of murdering an unarmed man. Should there have been?

There were no public demonstrations after the verdict in which former Mesa police officer Philip “Mitch” Brailsford was acquitted of murder and reckless manslaughter in the killing of an unarmed man.
Is that because the victim, Daniel Shaver, was white?
Brailsford, also a white man, was answering a call of someone pointing a gun out of a motel window.

Mesa police have released footage from Officer Philip "Mitch" Brailsford's body camera of the fatal shooting of an unarmed Texas man at a hotel in 2016. This edited video shows the moments leading up Daniel Shaver's death. Mesa Police Department
Deputy County Attorney Susie Charbel didn't buy Brailsford's claim that he feared for his life. She told the jury, "(Brailsford) doesn’t get a pass because he was wearing a police uniform that night." 
The jury sided with the officer.
They found Brailsford not guilty.
There has been a lot of interest in the case but nothing inflammatory.
In hindsight two things seem obvious:
Shaver should not be dead.
Brailsford should not have been in that hallway.
I have to question the suitability of an officer whose AR-15 rifle had etched on it the phrase “You’re F***ed.” And I question as well a department that permits him to do so.
The judge didn’t allow that information in the trial, finding it prejudicial.

If he was black, there'd be more noise

There were enough questions about the incident that Brailsford, who was fired by the department, should have been charged. Give Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery credit for allowing a jury to decide. 

If Shaver were a black man the verdict might have been exactly the same. But I'd guess there would have been a lot more noise.

Public demonstrations frighten us. And they can get ugly.
But if Shaver were black I suspect there would be activists talking loudly to the press and demonstrators forcing us to look very closely at policing policies in Mesa and the rest of the Valley, and causing politicians and law enforcement professionals to evaluate the systems they have in place for selecting officers and training them.
That wouldn’t be a bad thing.
Jeff Flake's 'country over party' ploy is too little, too late


And what about  :
The death of Samantha Ramsey 
Where were the national protests for Samantha?

occurred on April 26, 2014 at 2:13 am on a Saturday morning at a farm party on the 6600 block on River Road (KY-8) in Hebron, Kentucky, in Boone County, Kentucky. Tyler Brockman, Deputy Sheriff of Boone County, shot four rounds with his Glock 22, hitting her in six spots, including a bullet going through her heart's left ventricle, as she was pulling out of a driveway in her 2001 Subaru away from the farm party, after she allegedly failed to obey  Tyler Brockman's commands to stop. Samantha Ramsey died shortly after, at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Florence, Kentucky. There were three other passengers in the car, who witnessed the shooting

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Thursday, March 26, 2020


The most accurate coverage of COVID-19 in opur opinion is from our friend Brian Young of High Impact Flix/Vlogs.
This article will be updated regularly.


Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

Friday, December 27, 2019


Some people will never learn. I had a few listeners of our radio show call and ask me, how can Virginia politicians engage in outright treason... my answer was short and sweet.

 We were overthrown in 1868. Not by the South. Not by the North either, but through subversion. The concept of the Republic at that point was in a spiral. They had to maintain the illusion of normalcy so the progression toward their goal would not be resisted. 11 states were forced out at gunpoint of the vote for ratification of the 14th Amendment which made the validity of the “public debt” unquestionable. Think about that. We have a right to give redress of grievances... or so I was lead to believe.  Some northern states withdrew their votes when they realized they were being played.  One state had their reps kidnapped and by force made to take their seat so that a quorum would be made so a vote could be taken. Not exactly a “honorable lawful process”. 

Many are dumbfounded as to how these Virginia politicians can be even considering what they are doing. Try taking a hard stand before we are lost and have had our claws and teeth pulled.  Below is a stellar presentation with an announcement from Brian Young at High Impact Flix. He is headed to Virginia and DC to cover this. If I were 15 years younger I would be on my way to defend it. 

Those Virginia politicians are treasonous cowards. But Trump won’t do a damn thing but blow hot air. The Presidency has been a puppet post for a long time. Trump is always talking about the necessity of bi- partisan cooperation. Has anyone not realized that the left right paradigm is a bunch of garbage yet ?

Trump backs Bolshevik style Red Flag laws. 
In fact he said he would like to “take the guns first and worry about due process later”. His rationale was allegedly based on the alleged actions of the parkland suspect. Nicholas Cruz. The only problem with that is that both Federal and local law enforcement had the ways and means to have dealt with him long before the shooting occurred.  Not that there wasn’t already huge issues with that event. 

It was an Obama Marxist Grant program that existed to reduce the stats of “marginalized students” that’s Marxist language for Black, Hispanic etc. What could go wrong? Law enforcement agencies including Miami Dade and it appears Broward were just not arresting them, the stats would go down, and they would get the money. Government created the problem to then offer a false solution. GUN CONTROL. 


It was crystal clear then... and it’s just as clear now.
They are coming. The rough times are just over the next hill so to speak.

Our right to bear arms does not, nor did it ever come from government. The founders of the American republic made that clear. So I ask you... if legitimate government, rather an oxy-moron, but if it never had a power to do so, then what does that make many of the corporations acting as an “authority” are by al evidence illegitimate - defacto. 

The 14th Amendment which was never lawfully ratified even according to their own terms.  It created a new citizenship, it killed states rights, and even individual rights. It created essentially a Communist form of citizenship. And ever since we have increasingly needed government permission to do anything. That is NOT freedom. That is tyranny. And when one realizes that the root words that comprise the word government is as defined “mind control”, well then it all makes rather obvious sense. 

Thursday, November 21, 2019


As a conservative minded individual, it was difficult to break free of the left / right paradigm and see things clearly for what they are. We are living in a world, among a civilization that may be doomed by idiocy. And Congress gets away with spending HUGE amounts of time and resources being dishonest with the public to convince them of this or that while the sideshow usually is only a distraction. The “Russian Collusion” allegation is nothing more than “as VanJones admitted... is a big ole’ nothing-burger.

The “actual” Russian collision story - the one not many will discuss is that of Bolshevik Israel. Click here and...
please take the time to see my report on this.

The powers that be have seen to it that just about any talk of Russia will now be met with boredom. Seriously convenient considering the Bolsheviks like the 1st Prime Minister of Israel have long ago completely infiltrated academia. The one place we were most vulnerable and to which they could  do the maximum damage to. Ideological subversion. And the #FakeNews corporate media perpetuate this agenda, along with many agencies of government... like the CIA.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019


This is one of the purest absolute verbal bitch slapping sessions I’ve seen in a while. Sondland is destroyed... left laying in a heap of ashes. Mike Turner took a ginsu to the programmed ignorance that many are afflicted with.

Statism.    Putting your faith in government and “personalities” desiring for them to provide care and protection to them at the cost of liberty?
Freedom - Putting your faith and thoughts into “something/someone,  and 
Slavery -  (see Statism)

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Don’t be a sheep.
Be a Sheepdog!!!


Friday, November 8, 2019


Every story is its own. We have heard horror stories already regarding state Red Flag Laws. They are Bolshevik at best, and since 9/11 it surely seems as though the Feds and in many cases state governments are leaning on their people to extract that tevenue. 

From the former Deputy head of the Dept. Of Homeland Security, like Micheal Chertoff, whose parents were programmed to be Communists, we saw him hire Marcus Wolfe former head of the East German STASI to consult. Now we have these gun confiscation laws under the guise of surrendering liberty for safety. 

We are armed, but then again America has always been. I may be limited these days in what I can do, but I’ve stood on free ground held by us. Bundy Ranch  Standing Off against the US Bureau of Land Management, that was NEVER supposed to be a law enforcement entity or militarized with kill listsvand private contractors either. Then there was Oregon at the Standoff with the FBI.  They put 2 ranchers in prison for starting a backfire to reduce the risk of damage from wildfires and they used the “Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act. The judge retired after being unwilling and unable to sentence them to the mandatory minimum. He said it would be a shock to the conscience. 

We are in grave times with not a second to lose. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Always hard hitting truth spitting reality from Brian Young at High Impact Flix . Please visit the website for incredible analysis and stellar presentations.

Oh my how much of a tangled web is weaved when practicing to deceive. Well an ABC anchor had a hot mic moment accusing the network of in all reality, becoming a part of a corrupt criminal organization and agenda for social collectivist change agent parasites whom are pushing the Communitarian Oligarchs plans forward.

Will anyone be held accountable?
At what point do we give up on big govt. ?
I see statism (trapped in the left right paradigm) as nothing more than the result of decades of state and corporate sponsored propaganda and indoctrination. The Constitution for the united States of America. 
It’s not that hard to understand, especially within it certain phrases. This revelation, or was it one? 

Epstein is dead! Epstein is dead... and while everyone argues over suicide or homicide good ole Jeff is likely on a beach sipping a Pina Colada with brown hair and brown eyes smiling while at least now most everyone knows that the Mossad has the goods on some of the most powerful elites in the world. 

The fact that most of them are sick devious pedophiles yet another revelation that 


What is a “Freeman” ?  That would take long to explain. But an even better question...

       What is a person who believes falsely that they are free but seemingly accepts all of the arbitrary and natural rights violating  laws from political parasites?

I’ll let you answer your way. 
I’ll answer mine - 

   Not a freedom fighting individual concerned with the rights of every individual to life, freedom, and the right to acquire property and to pursue happiness. 

Why do we need Washington DC’s crooks to continue pursuing what we watch them often freely destroy?

Friday, September 27, 2019

HILLARY “the Hypocrite” CLINTON and SEEMINGLY INTOXICATED PILOSI - Sink Each-other’s Battleship

The level of sheer hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton in the comments she made regarding a possible Trump Impeachment is so blatantly insane not even Democrat’s can ignore it. A woman who could have cared less about the cause of Benghazi (in an attempt to remove any personal accountability), to her husbands lying and his impeachment, his bombing of foreign nations in undeclared wars without Congressional approval, the Mena Arkansas CIA Cocaine trafficking, Whitewater, the corruption with the Clinton Foundation and Haiti... while calling Trump a dishonest businessman?  

Look, no one, especially other conservatives have been more critical of Trump than I have, but if this isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what in the heck is. 

And then enter Nancy Pilosi... oh good Lord - Mother of God this woman’s brain is so shot out she can’t put complete sentences together. These people make the United States a laughing stock all over the world. It’s insane.

Leave your thoughts below or on the video. 
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Thursday, September 5, 2019

SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED - When Did Simple English Become So Complicated?

When exactly did the English language become so complicated?  Our founding fathers knew full well that the way to control and oppress began with disarming the people. This is why the 2nd Amendment was written. This was not a suggestion and this “right” was absolutely not granted via the 2nd, which is simply a reminder to government as to where they were not only restricted from tampering with, but for the very purpose that empowered the people to stand in opposition to the government if need be. 

If you have noticed, for a long time now we have heard the term “anti-government used as to imply that anyone who opposes government corruption and is willing to take a hard stand is a “domestic terrorist”.  This is in complete denial of what we were taught is the duty and obligation of any American.   I keep hearing is compared to other nations as to gun violence, weapons owned etc.    I have news for you. All of that is irrelevant noise. I don’t care how many non Americans .

The United States is so different than most countries. The size and scope, the differing terrain, the mountains, deserts, the border with a county that has banned guns placing the possession of arms squarely in the hands of government or of criminal cartels with citizens being caught in the crossfire and the murder rate, well let’s just say my position on immigration is not based on race, it really is based on crime and culture. Those who demand gun control while living in their gated communities don’t live on the Arizona border in the desert like I do. Yet these people think they have the right to deny others the ability to protect themselves. The same people who think that a few hundred deaths a year equals an “epidemic” yet drive their cars oblivious to the fact that 37,000 deaths a year is caused by the “assault car”. You don’t hear them screaming for car confiscation. You don’t hear them discussing “high capacity horse power”. You don’t hear them telling other car owners that every death caused by assault car crashes and the blood generated by them is on the hands of every car owner.

These people are indoctrinated fools. Every death that comes from  especially violent means, is certainly tragic. And we should absolutely try to do all we can to try and deal with it
But the way to deal with it is opposite to what’s being done now. First is to stop giving more and more powerful authoritarian laws that violate more than just the 2nd Amendment. As well my readers know, I have made a number of suggestions. One of my favorites is the Educator Liberator - Classroom Gun Safe and a variety of potential non-lethal as well as lethal tools to defend what the gun free zones have created.. which is a huge targets of opportunity for those hell bent to destroy. 

Instead of cowering in fear, a teacher can go to the safe, Arm up and put their back to the wall next to the door to the classroom. If bad guy enters - one right to the head. 


Sunday, September 1, 2019

HUMAN CONTROL PSY-OP in PROGRESS with Brian Young & Adam Green

Two of my good friends and hard core truth tellers, Brian Young of High Impact Flix, and Adam Green of Know More News come together for a live stream to discuss the most recent confrontation between Adam and Alex Jones of InfoWars. 

Adam essentially fried
 Alex’s hind quarters until crispified. Alex Jones for a very long time has taken part in the ideological subversion  and the manipulation of the masses via Psychological Operations. But in this even he could not evade Adam’s onslaught. He tried with the left right paradigm tactic,  by trying to make a false equivalent... oh so “I’m the bad guy and  you’re with AOC and Omar... and when Adam attempted to respond to that he was cut off. 

After watching the video above, check out Adams video nailing Jones 

There you have it. The proof is in the pudding. Jonestown is a cult, one that Adam and I at one time followed. I have to give him some credit though. Joes did wake me up to the threat of the United Nations. 

Many everyday people hear the term PsyOps and they automatically think “conspiracy theory” which to them has become a term synonymous with “not real” or deceptive content. YouTube has only solidified this incorrect assumption. It was by fact the Central Intelligence Agency that demonized this term not long after the assassination of who I consider to be one of our last actual “real” Presidents, and by real I mean in terms of his willingness to try and break free from the extremely well oiled political machine being controlled by a conglomerate of criminally predisposed international bankers and powerful corporate bodies. This term, as we know still pervades corporate media today who try to shun the independent journalists and researchers out there as their credibility slips they cling to desperation.   I hope you enjoy this presentation as much as I did. 

Don’t be fooled by those in power and who wield political and influential control. The same people who would have you falsely believe that the recent TV sensationalized mass shootings can be stopped if more laws that only those who care about laws will follow, are passed. At the same time they virtue signal showing images of children allegedly killed by these criminals. But you know what they fail to compare it to? 

       37,000 people died in 2016 
(last stats I had available)   in motor vehicle accidents. 
That is not only far more than by the evil black “assault STYLE” rifles, but if you were to apply the same logic they brainwash the masses with about this it would require that either everyone “turn in their cars tomorrow” or be complicit with the death of every innocent child killed in traffic accidents every year. Folks, you are being played by a corporate media that has perfected the mass sensationalism that modern technology can deliver. It is a tragedy when anyone loses their lives, for any reason. But this is simply a part of living and being free to pursue your everyday happiness or the necessities of life. 

In a recent discussion I had on twitter I had a young man of about 24 years, who was in college, tell me that I was a baby killing murderer because I defend the right of an individual to keep and bear arms.  Me. Complicit in murder. 

     I don’t want to have to say this as I am not trying to glorify myself, but in all honesty, as a firefighter I have not only assisted in the saving of more lives than I can count, but I have risked my life on many occasions to accomplish that. I never cared about race, gender, religion, background, if they used drugs, if they were a saint or a sinner. Whenever the call came, I stood ready to answer it. For a brief time while staying the weekend at my mothers home to visit I got a call and headed out. While I was gone several intruders attempted to do a home invasion.   My mother was armed and just pulling her gun chased them away. 

   Back to twitter boy... this insanely indoctrinated fool, who called me a baby killer, etc, not only has never taken any personal responsibility for his life, but has never placed himself in the position of sacrificing his safety or life for another, has the balls to make this statements to me while being fully willing to have me, as well as my mother disarmed because of his virtue signaling mentality likely programmed into him by his gender fluidity pushing cultural Marxist who has all but destroyed this young man. One day it just may be that a very normal individual may have legal trouble and an emergency room calling for the resident proctologist to remove the foot that is planted past the ankle in this boys anus. But one thing is for sure, the more of these brain dead stick eating granola heads these universities pump out, the less and less likely that our country will be able to survive. During WW2 if people had not had some grit, and character, many may not have survived the peaceful  conditions here in the states. I could not possibly imagine a room full of these morons even trying to figure out how to open a can of food without an opener. They would likely starve to death staring at it. 

So to me, listening to these two guys above here talk about anything is refreshing, especially after that.

My my my ..... these are the days that try men’s souls.

Monday, August 26, 2019


A Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department deputy was making it all up when he claimed he’d been shot in the shoulder by a sniper last week, officials say.

'Completely fabricated’: Police say LA sheriff’s deputy lied about being shot by sniper
Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy Angel Reinosa lied about being shot by a sniper last week. (AP)

Deputy Angel Reinosa, 21, reported Wednesday he’d been hit with a bullet around 3 p.m. as he was walking to the parking lot, launching a manhunt and evacuation at a local apartment complex where a sniper supposedly fired off two shots. Is Reinosa just bat sh!t crazy, was he trying to play a joke? Or is he one of those folks being used by some clandestine compartment of government like the CIA, or the Mossad?  But seriously.

Officials said late Saturday that Reinosa wasn’t actually shot.

“There was no sniper, no shots fired and no gunshot injury sustained to his shoulder. Completely fabricated,” Capt. Kent Wegener said at a press conference, according to ABC 7.

But one of the most disturbing things that occurred to me... the news reporters were telling it as if it were all absolutely true. No fact checking, no phone calls... just absorb, and regurgitate. Think about that for a few moments. 

Completely fabricated. No information on his medical history, or any familial mental health issues

After investigators found no evidence of injury to Reinosa’s shoulder, he admitted he hadn’t been shot — and that he had cut holes in his own shirt.

“Must of his statement was self-serving, didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but he didn’t get into detail as to why he cut the holes or why he fabricated this story. No motivation,” Wegener said. Who does something like 

this? I’ll be keeping a close eye on him. But I can’t make any sense of this. Unless he really really wanted to be fired so there was no disputable workman’s comp? Maybe, just maybe, I didn’t really write this. It was Elvis Costello. 

I do find it extremely humorous that a few main stream news folks jumped on this story. They opened up wide and ate a total “you got played” sandwich !

Reinosa has been fired and is expected to face criminal charges for filling a false report of an emergency, according to ABC 7. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office could also file more charges if prosecutors see fit. But personally I do not understand their reaction at all. There has hardly been enough time for them to do  a thourough and detailed mental health evaluation. I was talking to one of my staff and ran this by them and the first response I got was -  

“C’mon Tom, the guy likely got the date of their upcoming false flag incorrect. It’s not as if anyone will putthat together.” Were there any Homeland Security exercises going on?
No, but seriously. He seems to me perhaps a Section 8 either way. So the reaction of the department is what is curious to me. I would have expected something like, “Angel not we are sure what made him do this. These are NOT the actions or the behavior of  a sane deputy would just decide one day, “Hey I want to be the biggest jerk I can be, get fired and lose my benefits, health care and pension from a really well paying job. Yeah - that’s exactly what I want to do. 
I am curious to see the results of any testing they may run him through. 


Monday, August 12, 2019


You will likely be as outraged as I was when seeing the footage of what really can be described as an armed home invasion under the color of law. It is important that every officer involved here be charged and convicted. If they are not it is only yet another blatant example of a double standard. Without a warrant they were not acting in "an official capacity" as they had no authority to invade this home. Logic at that point should kick in. If you or I did the same thing, what would happen to us? 

That is what should happen to them. No more no less.

Let's help this family by making this VIRAL and bringing these cops to JUSTICE! 
Below are the contact numbers for this corrupt department.
(Please be kind, calm and to the point. We do not seek to harass, or in any way be accused of anything more than asserting our 1st Amendment protected right to give redress to a serious grievance.) 

Framingham PD Phone Number: 508-872-1212
Farmingham PD Facebook page: 
Farmingham - Google Review: CLICK HERE
(looking forward to seeing your review - I just left mine) 

Officer Names/Badge #s
Detectives: Frances Torres – 334 
Steve O'Rourke – 349 
Sgts: Ottaviani – 312 
Pomales – 227 Jason Ball – 337 
Deros – 286 Police: 
Coffin – 309 
McDonald – 337 
Machado - 335

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Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Just when I thought I had been creeped out all I could for a week, along comes Alan Dershowitz again to make sure we remain sufficiently disgusted and extra creeped out. 

Alan Dershowitz. Photo: John Lamparski/Getty Images

Below is a recap of the past week or so in the life of Alan Dershowitz, the attorney and TV pundit who stands accused of having sex with two of billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged under age trafficking victims at his direction:

First, in an op-ed in Newsmax on July 17, Dershowitz publicly condemns an imminent New Yorker “hit piece” about him and his connection to Epstein, claiming that it’s full of lies. A week and a half later, the piece comes out, with both of his accusers, Virginia Roberts Giuffre and Sarah Ransome, going on the record about their experiences with Dershowitz. The article also reveals that he has a history of smearing rape victims in the press, of strangely fixating on men accused of rape in his law school classes, and of arguing to lower the age of consent to 15. 

In response, Dershowitz decides … to tweet more about that last topic. No we sh!t you not!!!

Dershowitz seems to have forgotten that he suggested in his 1997 op-ed unearthed by the New Yorker that the age of consent be lowered to 15, not 16In fact, at the time, he wrote  emphatically, “It certainly should not be as high as 17 or 16.”

Despite his decision to add a year to that original number, he apparently still thought it was a good time to double down on his views. As in the op-ed, he repeated a faulty analogy comparing statutory rape laws and the constitutional right to abortion, as if they contradict each other.

This is what we might call a prime example of the fallacy that one can successfully “post through it.” Consider this a PSA that a Twitter meltdown is never a good idea, especially if you’re being sued for defamation by multiple people.

“It would be a terrible thing to  criminalize lies.”

                          —- Alan Dershowitz