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Original video below was censored and my main channel terminated. Why is it that those who tell the truth have this happen? Because the truth has become treason in the Empire of lies!

2 days after this was filmed, Robert "LaVoy" Finicum was assassinated by agents of the Federal Government and Oregon State police while he was traveling to go and peacefully meet with Sheriff Glen Palmer and concerned residents of Grant County Oregon.



The discovery of Native American artifacts and cultural heritage have been discovered and the story broken right here by RTR. I went to Burns, in part, with the intention of getting to the bottom of the allegations of the Native American Artifacts that were allegedly being held and desecrated by the on site protesters. This allegation of a very serious nature has been taken by the leadership of a few Native American councils. The problem with this is that I, as well as Ammon have reached out tot he Paiutes regarding this matter and invited them to come and see for themselves and if concerned they could freely take their cultural heritage BACK and secure it.

One of the discoveries made by me was a box with many artifacts, projectile points, game skinners, etc, that not only had been down there for 30 years....but which had rodent nests and feces all over it....this was an assault upon the senses it made me so angry.. We will be releasing a further in detail comprehensive expose on the paid off by Federal Authorities style leadership that is using the relics of their culture as a scapegoat to smear them as Sheriff Burns had asked of the neighboring "shame them and ridicule them out". He said NO by the way. Good man.

The incident at Burns here is one of honor. While many may take issue with how it was planned or implemented....the fact of the matter is that the entire country is awakening as to what you do about this rising tyrannical jurisdiction nightmare.


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Amazing it is the insanity we see going on right before our eyes, yet the Regulators who rise when the law itself becomes unlawful is targeted as the bad guys. This is why I am traveling to Burns Oregon to cover this on behalf of Republic Broadcasting Network / Resurrect the Republic / Dirty Uncle Sam


Please read the below link to see how many who needed but some courage which they found when a righteous man, a steward of the land and of the people rose to lead the way - Ammon Bundy.

Tom Lacovara-Stewart

Farm bureau leader calls out feds on burn policy: OKANOGAN, Wash. — It’s “outrageous and hypocritical” that the federal government imprisoned two Oregon ranchers for a backburn that got away from them and burned a little over 100 acres of public land while federal and state agencies backburned thousands of acres of priva

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                    The Reconstruction Replacement Government   
The strongest argument against the validity of the 14th Amendment is it violates the "Supremacy Clause" of the US Constitution article 6 paragraph 2 , which  holds the Constitution Supreme law of the land. To create a different "citizen" "subject to" a different "jurisdiction" and a "different" form of government..And replace it with the one the Constitution created could be out right treason. All of which the 14th Amendment did without being properly ratified.


As if the behavior of the Federal authorities had not been bad enough, the local public official, the Fire Chief, in a stunning press conference revealed that he caught FBI agents dressed as militia, at the town armory.

Harney County Sheriff Ward, had "after coordinating with agents, in a press release stated that the "outsiders" were going around intimidating people, pulling out front of their homes and watching them, and otherwise being an all around menace. Well now we know where, who, why, and what was going on. 

The Federal Government, and the governmental services as well as private corporations that act under the "color of law", have apparently been doing an old CO-INTEL-PRO operation. 

CO-INTEL-PRO was a completely Constitutionally VOID project exposed when a bunch of Communist radicals broke in to an FBI office and exposed the hypocritical and fascist nature of the operation. The problem is that those same community organizing radicals grew up, had kids and penetrated all levels of government with the help of the International banking interests of the Rockefeller/Rothschild Crown Communist Central Banking system. While many might dismiss some of that as a "theory" the fact that thenCouncil on Foreign Relations members have gone on record to reveal their true intentions with bringing the United States into a One World Communist Government. Anyone who at this point denies it, is somply oblivious of historical FACT. 

This town has been penetrated by Bureau of Land Management and Fish and Wildlife agents. Many of these organizations being used as thentip of the spear of United Nations Agenda 21. 

This is where a stand has been made after imprisoning two ranchers for what equates to saving their home from deliberate BLM criminal acts. 

If we do not stand up and expose the crimes, we deserve the servitude that comes with it.


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Tom Lacovara- Stewart

Ammon Bundy is determined to stand. He is not interested in clemency in the county that not only guarantees no safety thereafter, but, accomplishes nothing for their effort.

YouTube Video

The best solution is to hold the BLM accountable for their actions and to return the land back to the people and stop using the "government land" as an excuse to remove the people from it.

Location:Harney County Oregon


To our listeners and supporters, I have sone all I can to support Ammon's effort to restore the Constitutional rule of law in a lawless land that enables gross crimes and injustices to be inflicted upon the people!

Please support the Broadcast and our trip to station ourselves within the #OregonStandOff. Our peaceful effort to supply First Amendment protected

Thank You
Resurrect The Republic | Dirty Uncle Sam


"For the love of God, and all that is just, we have a serious corruption, and the Federal down to local governments have "Titles of Nobility" that shield them from the law, essentially making them lawless. When the law itself becomes unlawful, it is time to "do something" about it ! All of the talk, the corrupted legal process, did nothing to protect innocent ranchers. And he highest Constitutional Officer in the county ABSOLUTELY DID have the authority, as well as responsibility to protect them. His actions should be regarded as negligent at best, but really Misprison of TREASON".

                                                             Thomas Robert Lacovara-Stewart - American Patriot

A Tale of Two 'Terror Arsonists'


Our story today is about two very different "terror arsonists" who started fires on federally owned land. 

Although it is not certain in the first case whether the fire was lit on purpose, it ultimately burned more than 85,000 acres. The fire spread quickly, forcing many to evacuate their homes and destroying several cabins and out-buildings.

The cost of containing the fire has reached over $20 million. At the time of this publication, no one has been prosecuted for this destruction of federal land even though there are many suspects.

Pending a Federal investigation there are as of yet no property damage estimates by the federal government, but damage is said to be in the millions. 

The fire was started during a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) determined "high fire risk" day. Heavy, dense smoke filled the nearby valley, reducing visibility to less than a quarter mile. People at high risk with breathing disorders, the elderly, and children were recommended to stay inside their homes. Residents were told to avoid any rigorous work in the outdoors. The local borough also set up a safe house for people with respiratory conditions. 

This massive fire occurred here in Fairbanks, Alaska two years ago. To this day there has been no prosecution of anyone who started it.


Because it was started by the US military during a training exercise. The fire was started even though the BLM did not grant the military a waiver for conducting the live fire exercise and the Fire Chief on Ft. Wainwright recommended that they hold off on the exercise.

This fire caused serious harm to the people of the Fairbanks North Star Borough, and breathing was extremely difficult for several weeks as a result.

But, there were never any criminal prosecutions for the fire.

Contrast this to the Hammonds in rural Oregon, two of whom, after being charged using an anti-terrorist law with mandatory minimum sentencing, are serving a five year prison sentence and facing a $400,000 fine. According to the sentence, if the fine is not paid the BLM can seize the ranch and sell it on auction, with the BLM itself having first right of refusal to purchase the property.


Because the Hammonds started a back-fire to protect their home from a lightning fire, which, although it did stop the lightning fire from burning their home -- and also stopped the fire from potentially burning thousands of acres of BLM "owned" land -- incidentally burned approximately one acre of BLM land!

Who, in America, are actually the domestic terrorists?

Reprinted with permission. A version of this article appeared on the Patriot's Lament website.


Thomas Lacovara-Stewart - ResurrectTheRepublic Radio
It is no secret that "We The People", as most Americans beLIEve, is intended to mean them. In as much, they are correct in spirit and essence, but not in law. What do I mean? With what you will read below, in combination with what I am about to tell you should cause you great concern. As we see events in Oregon unfolding, many Oregonians have awakened to the truth of the true intent, and use of the Federal Government that has long ago been usurped by international criminal banking cartels. They are one and another complicit in the enslavement of the American people by means of legal  trickery. The 14th Amendment is a food example of the trick. Make people beLIEve a piece of legislation or Amendment is for one purpose, while altering the definitions of the words used in said legislation to completely alter the meaning of its true intent. 2 years prior to the coerced forcing and illegal process that brought the 14th into existence, Congress changed the definitions of 2 words. CITIZEN and PERSON, to include the meaning CORPORATION, and from that point, to Christians, you might as well assume the number of the BEAST, at least of BEAST INC. You were converted to chattel by them tricking you to beLIEve you are just being a food and compliant CITIZEN. That word, after you read the following, should never have you see it and avoid using the term ever again. You, are a flesh and blood being, with a soul, not able is your soul to be stolen, unless you comply, and take the number, and give them your consent to be used in such a way. I no longer comply. Will you join me? 
Special thanks to writer / film maker Paul Verge

house.jpg(Col. House,left, puppeteer of Presidents)

A quote, famously attributed to Rothschild agent Col. Edward House, but rarely understood except by "one man in a million" envisages people as collateral on the national debt:
"[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a National system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging.
By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will affect our security as a chargeback for our fiat paper currency.  Every American will be forced to register or suffer not being able to work and earn a living. 
They will be our chattel, and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions.  Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, forever to remain economic slaves through taxation, secured by their pledges. 
They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two would figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability.
After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debt to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges.  This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor or to this fraud which we will call "Social Insurance." 
Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur and in this manner; every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly.  The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and, we will employ the high office of the President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America."
If you can decipher what this means, you will truly understand a massive piece of the Global Agenda.
Essentially, House's quote illuminates the multiple "need" for imposing Legal Person's status upon us by the Satanic (Ego Worshipping) Elite.
The 'Strawman', also known as the Legal Person or Natural Person is the idea that a Fictitious Legal Entity, called a PERSON, exists for purposes of Law and Commerce.
This PERSON is similar to a Company or Corporation in that it exists as a construct of the imagination - it has no real body, and no soul to save, but for legal purposes, carries similar rights and attributes to that of a Human Man or Woman.
These rights include Ownership of Property, Lobbying the Government, Voting, and other activities related to money.  The PERSON allows us to function with Limited Liability (read: Less Responsibility)

Our primary Legal Person, or "ID Card" consists of Birth Date, Eye color, Hair colour, Height, Weight, and now Fingerprints and Retina-scans, as if that's all we are.  Nowhere on an ID Card are your Soul, or your Personality, or your Hopes, Dreams or Capacity to Love ever mentioned...
The emotional insecurities we have about our Bodies are magnified & exploited through constant propaganda and advertising, while our media hammers away at our psyche, "reminding" us that we are only Bodies, that bodies can only be sexy or ugly, and that Bodies and their Parts must be regarded as Possessions or Objects to be Owned.
In addition, by Registering (signing over to the state) your Biological Property (your body and the bodies of your children), creating a Birth Certificate (a Financial Security Instrument representing proof of parental consent in signing over the child) you are thus Consenting to the State's Ownership of You and Your Children.
The State then creates a child's very first Legal PERSON, with the parental signing of the Birth Certificate, which is given a "commercial value".  If you have an older-style Birth Certificate, look on the Reverse side of it, to see 3 points of interest.
1) A 6-10 digit Number that you have never used in your life.
2) The words "Revenue Receipt" on the left side of this number.
3) The words "For Treasury Purposes Only" on the right side of the number.
Incidentally, before the 1900's, people USED to write the evidence of a birth in their Family Bible.
This first Legal Person attached to you, is known as a "NATIONAL CITIZEN" which later becomes synonymous with being a "Government Employee", when you SUBMIT (give in) an APPLICATION (to beg) for REGISTRATION (to sign over your rights) to become a SINner (by signing up for the Fraud called Social Insurance or Social Security).
You then receive your Employee ID # (also known as a SIN #) which creates another Person called a "TAXPAYER".  This means you consent to the Income Tax Act, and now makes you liable for the Income Tax, in exchange for the "Benefits" of being a Government Employee.
The Strawman/Legal Person is thus the Evidence of your Signature (an oath) and Consent to Obey a set of Acts or Statutes, usually located on paper contract, or in a card form with your signature.
For example.  You sign for a "Drivers License" to create a Legal Person called a "DRIVER", and have consented to follow the Traffic Safety/Motor Vehicle Acts of your state or province.
You sign up for a "Bank Account" to create a Legal Person called an "ACCOUNT HOLDER", usually providing your SIN # as part of your "Identification" which consents to allowing access to your bank account by court order to pay your Income Taxes by force!
You sign up for "Voter Registration" to create Legal Person called a "VOTER", which gets to vote for new Employee's and Presidents/Prime Ministers for the Corporation your PERSON resides in, and thus consent to the actions of your representative and their party, even if it means going to war against an innocent foreign country, or proroguing their own Parliament illegally! 
There are literally dozens, if not hundreds of different PERSONS you can be holding, but none of them are YOU.
PERSONS must RESIDE within another Legal Entity, they cannot "Live" anywhere - that is why you are asked if you are a Resident of CANADA or the UNITED STATES.  Authorities are not asking you, the Living Man or Woman if you Live in the Country, the are asking if your Legal Person RESIDES (has the right to do business/work) within their Corporation.
We have to know what words mean when people claiming authority try to use Legal words to control us.  Legal dictionaries are different than regular dictionaries, because Legal words carry Weight in Law, and are often defined completely differently within various Acts, Statutes and Legal dictionaries.  It is literally another language, which is why they call it Legalese.

Only by realizing and discerning WHO we really are : Powerful spiritual beings with unlimited creative potential created by God, can we break the first invisible chain keeping us from freedom.
"You can declare your Rights and stand upon them as a Sovereign Man or Woman by filing "Notices of Understanding and Intent" and "Claims of Right", example of both available on the Web.  You must tailor your own Notices and Claims to your own situation. It is not a simple cookie-cutter process.
Standing upon your Sovereignty in court and winning is FACTUAL, but you must not fall for their NAME GAME, where they try to get you to accept your LEGAL NAME, which puts you in their jurisdiction.  Doing that, in the eyes of the court, turns you from a Living Human with Human Rights, into a Soulless Corporate Entity with No Rights whatsoever.
The best solution to win against the crooked and corrupt courts is to never go to court and play their fixed game at all.  If someone tries to use a Court Order against you, make sure it is SIGNED by a JUDGE or it is INVALID.  Most Court Order's aren't actually signed, and officials use unsigned Court Order's as a confidence trick to gain your consent!
There is no silver bullet.  There is no lazy way to learn about your rights.  You must Research and do your homework to REALLY learn what you are doing.  Ignorantly walking into court is like playing carelessly with a loaded handgun."
You are not a PERSON.  You are a Living Soul of Flesh and Blood.  A PERSON has Privileges that can be Revoked while a Living Human has Rights that are Inalienable!
Knowing THAT, is the first step to stopping the War Against Consciousness.
Paul Verge has written and performed for http://ThinkFree.ca, and while labouring as a Filmmaker in Vancouver, Canada.  His company, Divergentfilms has produced Paul's documentary films, "Hijacking Humanity", and the brand new "Believers Beware", which both feature Henry Makow, Ph.D.
- See more at:

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UNBELIEVABLE Update – Oregon “Bundy Militia” Standoff – The U.S. Attorney At The Heart of The Hammond Family Problem…

The media are focused on the “Bundy Militia” angle to the standoff in Burns Oregon, where Ammon Bundy and brothers have taken over a Malheur Wildlife Refuge Headquarters to draw attention to the plight of the Hammond family (Full Complex Back Story Here).
However, a little research (HatTip NeverTooLate) into the original legal battle reveals a rather startling update.
Aamon bundyburns 3
Aamon Bundy (left) – Hammond Family (right)

The initial, and regarded by many as overreaching, federal prosecution resulted in a federal court judge Michael Hogan assigning a 3-month sentence and 1-year sentence for Dwight Lincoln Hammond Jr (73) and his son, Steven Dwight Hammond (46) respectively.
Even federal Judge Hogan stated the prosecution under “terrorism statutes” itself was an overreach and he refused to assign ridiculously high sentences for behavior that almost every rancher has conducted for generations.
Those sentences were fulfilled by the father an son duo in 2013 with Steven Hammond exiting prison in January 2014.   However, it was a decision by the U.S Attorney for the State of Oregon, Amanda Marshall, who called for an appeal to the original sentencing:
Amanda Marshall
“Amanda Marshall: Former U.S. Attorney for Oregon. Marshall recommended that the federal government challenge the Hammonds’ original prison sentences. By law, the convictions come with mandatory five-year sentences, but U.S. District Judge Michael Hogan in 2012 balked at the punishment and instead sentenced Dwight Hammond to three months and Steven Hammond to one year.
Marshall called Hogan’s punishments “unlawful.” The solicitor general authorized a rare appeal of an Oregon judge’s order. The appeals court sided with the prosecution, and the Hammonds returned to federal court last year to face a second sentencing. At that hearing, U.S. Chief District Judge Ann Aiken ordered the pair to finish five-year terms.” (link)
So what would prompt U.S. Attorney for the Sate of Oregon Ms Amanda Marshall to file such a “rare” appeal? And, what motivation might lay behind her intentions?
A review of Amanda Marshall reveals some rather disturbing facts.
First, she was an Obama appointee.  A very left-wing activist appointee who took office October 7th 2011.  Marshall had no experience at all as a federal prosecutor before being given the job as a U.S. Attorney for Oregon.
Marshall was plucked from a child advocacy legal job inside the Oregon Department of Justice. [Pay attention to this little “child advocacy aspect” because it might play a larger role later on.] Before that, she served as a deputy district attorney in Coos County.  Why?  Apparently it was because the White House wanted a woman for the job.
She lived in a commune and her life-history, all the way back to a childhood with an activist mom, is a representative story of how a liberal moonbat is created:
[2012]  Marshall’s a bit of an outsider — having no prior experience in the federal system — and they know little about her.
So it may surprise them to learn Marshall spent part of her childhood in a commune, watched a Super Bowl at Grace Slick’s house, hung out backstage at Grateful Dead concerts, sang and danced for years in a small-town community theater and — as a young prosecutor in Coos County — carried a 9 mm pistol to crime scenes because, as she recently noted, “That’s how we rolled in the Coos.”
Marshall, 42, would be the first to acknowledge — with all deference to the Grateful Dead — that hers has been a long, strange trip indeed.
The past two years alone, as she ascended from a little-known supervisor in the child advocacy section of the Oregon Department of Justice to a corner office in the venerable Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse, was a grinding, sometimes demoralizing affair with a dash of political controversy.  (read more)

You really have to read the whole story, including her sisters arrest on drug charges, her estranged family and how her own daughter views her as eccentric to get the full scope of the person who was in charge of a “Childs Advocacy Section” and then later became U.S. Attorney for the state of Oregon.   You really have to read it all.
But wait, it gets better.
After winning the sentencing appeal – In May of 2015 activist Amanda Marshall stepped down from her job as U.S. Attorney for Oregon, citing “health concerns“.
A very strange sketchy exit to use the reasoning “Health Concerns” because she was under internal (Office of Inspector General ) investigation of her for “stalking” a co-worker U.S. Attorney Scott Kerin:
[2015]  The prosecutor that U.S. Attorney for Oregon Amanda Marshallis accused of stalking was at the time under 24-hour-a-day armed protective guard because of a contract Mexican drug dealers placed on his life.
That news adds a bizarre turn in a situation that appears to have cost Marshall, the top federal prosecutor in Oregon, her job.
Sources familiar with the situation tell WW Marshall’s subordinate, Assistant U.S. Attorney Scott Kerin, filed a hostile workplace environment complaint against Marshall after receiving numerous unwanted text and email messages from her, and after she followed him outside working hours.
At the time, federal agents were protecting Kerin against a credible threat on his life. Such precautions are rare, according to people familiar with the U.S. attorney’s office. Kerin’s wife, Michelle, is also a federal prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s office.  (read more)
amanda marshall 2
You just can’t make this stuff up folks.
[Another Article] Marshall fell under an internal review in March 2015 by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General for what has been described as erratic behavior involving a subordinate. Sources told The Oregonian/OregonLive that she had constantly texted and emailed Assistant U.S. Attorney Scott M. Kerin, at one point admonishing him for spending too much time with a woman who was not his wife. (link)
And another article highlighting the instability of Amanda Marshall:
[2015] The U.S. Justice Department is investigating a possible inappropriate relationship between Amanda Marshall, the U.S. Attorney in Oregon, and a subordinate in her office. Marshall announced Thursday that she was taking a leave of absence for health reasons.
Investigators from the Office of the Inspector General are looking into the relationship of Marshall and assistant U.S. Attorney Scott M. Kerin. Investigators were inside the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Portland for the last two weeks.
The exact nature of the relationship between Marshall and Kerin is unclear.
Multiple sources told The Oregonian/OregonLive that Kerin tried to break off that relationship. They said he grew concerned enough at Marshall’s reaction that he reported it to his Justice Department superiors.
Marshall was reportedly driving by his home and sending multiple texts, including several she sent telling him she knew what he was doing at the time.
[…]  This is a crucial time in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Oregon, which investigates and prosecutes federal crimes. The office is leading a sweeping influence-peddling investigation of former Gov. John Kitzhaber and his companion, Cylvia Hayes.
Marshall was the surprise choice to replace interim U.S. Attorney Dwight Holton in 2010. She had no experience as a federal prosecutor. Rather, she was plucked from a child advocacy legal job inside the Oregon Department of Justice. Before that, she served as a deputy district attorney in Coos County.  (read more)
Now here is where an actual boots-on-the-ground reporter is needed.  You might remember from the full story of the Hammonds a part about a disturbed grandson/nephew Dusty Hammond being called to testify against them:
(o) Federal attorneys, Frank Papagni, hunted down a witness who was not mentally capable to be credible.  Dusty Hammond (grandson and nephew) testified that Steven told him to start a fire. He was 13-years-old at the time, and 24-years-old when he testified (11 years later).
At 24 Dusty had been suffering with mental problems for many years. He had estranged his family including his mother. Judge Hogan noted that Dusty’s memories as a 13-year-old boy were not clear or credible.
However, Judge Hogan allowed the prosecution to continually use Dusty’s testimony. When speaking to the Hammonds about this testimony, they understood Dusty was manipulated and expressed nothing but love for their troubled grandson. (more)
Given the nature of Amanda Marshall’s prior job in Child’s Legal Advocacy, and given the facts of Dusty Hammond having prior issues and welfare, what are the odds that U.S. Attorney Marshall carried some additional intentions with her as she took office and made the decision to appeal the earlier-served sentences and push for more punishment?

View this document on Scribd

The scope of ridiculously extreme prosecution in this case would surely point to something far more personal in nature.

Hammond Family
Hammond Family                                    View this document on Scribd


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The liberal and Corporate Crony International Bankers and Council on Foreign Relations Criminal Cartel bought and paid for main stream media wont tell tou about these people! These are the people who are happy that dor once in their long lives of watching Federal Criminal Activity fo on unchecked and watched rancher after rancher get wrecked because the "GOVERNMENT HANDLERS AND BUREACRATS WERE ORDERED TO GET THAT LAND", and THAT, going beyond the scope of the authority by which the Federal Government was instituted, they now "intentionally in Obama's last year, KNOWS that the Mormon Faith are sworn to protect the Constitution. It is a part of their culture and faith. And those are some very good moral Christian people. As the government played into the Apocolyptic Nature of David Kokesh in the Branch Davidian Church in Waco Texas, making ....MAKING ALL OF THEIR WORST FEARS COME TO REALITY WHEN THEY WERE SURROUNDED BY A MILITARY STYLE RAID....... So it should seriously bother people to onow that the FBI knows exactly what everyone here believes. And they not only have evidence this time to back them up, but a lawmaker who wrote a specific law that the BLM completely broke while using their .../ misusing their authority to destroy and imprison people


ONE DROP OF BLOOD.......ONE DROP, if it is spilled, will be all over Barak Hussein Obama's hands.

And now that we know he knows that the specific crimes involved by these agencies have some real American Lawmen standing up to defend the Constitution, we have idiot Marxist lackies like Montel Williams to come out and enrqge everyone on both left and right by saying the President should send them in to be killed.....all of them......what a sick twisted son of a bitch!

Saturday, January 2, 2016


Dear Friends, 

Today we are marching in Oregon to stand up for the Hammonds, it is bitter cold with plenty of snow on the ground but we will not waiver.

We wish you were here, but if not could we ask a small favor?

Would you please forward this Press Release to your local newspaper and TV outlets?

This is perhaps the simplest thing you can do to help the Hammonds,  we must bring attention to them now.

PO Box 7175
Bunkerville, NV 89007

January 1, 2016 - Bunkerville, NV USA

With great concern and love and much consideration from prayer, I come to you Harney County Sheriff of Oregon David M. Ward, rancher Steven Dwight Hammond, and rancher Dwight Lincoln Hammond, Jr.,

I, Cliven D. Bundy, have been involved for several weeks in the background striving to understand and comprehend your dilemmas in Harney County, Oregon. I understand that the grass that was burnt on each side of the fence was grazing rights that had been created through beneficial use, one side of the fence being private property and the other side of the fence being private property rights. The fires that were set were for a good purpose and had good results.

The United States Justice Department has NO jurisdiction or authority within the State of Oregon, County of Harney over this type of ranch management. These lands are not under U.S. treaties or commerce, they are not article 4 territories, and Congress does not have unlimited power. These lands have been admitted into statehood and are part of the great State of Oregon and the citizens of Harney County enjoy the fullness of the protections of the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. Constitution limits United States government.

It is my suggestion, Steven Hammond, that you go and check yourself into Harney County jail asking for protective custody. It is my suggestion, Dwight Hammond, that you go and check yourself into Harney County jail asking for protective custody. It is my suggestion, Harney County Sheriff David Ward, accept these two ranchers into your jail, notify the United States Solicitor in Washington DC that you have these two ranchers in Harney County jail, that they will remain there indefinitely under your protective custody and the protection of We the People of Harney County and We the People of the United States of America.

I suggest an Evidentiary Hearing or a Grand Jury be formed by We the People.

I feel that this action is immediately important, that it should be taken place before 10:00 am Saturday, January 2, 2016. I will hold these suggestions private until that time then I will release this letter to those having state and county jurisdiction and to the media.

Cliven D. Bundy

Ammon Bundy


Reports coming in from the #SaveTheHammonds Protest are that protesters have taken over the locally housed Federal Buildings! Looks like its game on people. Obama wanted a Marxist #Revolution , and he might just end up getting what he was looking for. I am a Bundy Ranch Vet. And I want to warn all Patriots - Dont Fall For The Bait !!

We must keep a clear and level head. 
Prayers from all who are not there are sorely requested. All updates can be found at and we will be posting full update as information comes in 

This is an American Patriot ALL CALL