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Meet SCAG goon Alan Wapner as he flaps around and calls Grindall61 names instead of looking in that huge mirror at that really big, dark reflection.

Just following orders…. Yes that is the excuse these lackey sellouts time and time again try to feed the lemmings.

Agenda 21 SCAG goon Alan Wapner (right) Gary Gileno (center)

Wonder why the toll lanes exist instead of more lanes for us? Wonder why they keep building taller and taller buildings while Camp pendleton is left open for the hanta virus carrying rats, squirrels and the military to shoot 50 calibers at old cars?


S.C.A.G. IS A GIANT UNITED NATIONS AGENDA 21 MASSIVE HIGH RISE DEVELOPMENT WRECKING BALL. SCAG uses false population growth estimates to ram massive Agenda 21 high density housing into places it has no business going and to get out us out of cars and onto their various forms of conveyer belts that will restrict our ability to travel freely as we do now. YES THIS WRECKING BALL IS BEING ROLLED AROUND AND SWUNG BACK AND FORTH IN FULLERTON and all over California. You just may be surprised who is letting it. It sure ain’t Joe Imbriano!

SCAG is an Unelected, Unconstitutional Regional Government. SCAG (Southern CA Assn. of Governments) is the largest regional government in the US covering 6 counties and 191 cities. SCAG has a $540 Billion plan to remake SoCal in the next 2 decades and operates in Near Darkness.

95 percent of the US is rural open space and SCAG wants all of you off the land and into the compact cities. Yes folks, they want you living crammed into stack and pack, out of your cars, and crammed into high density housing living like caged rats getting Wifi from all sides, blue light from the idiot box and a million smart meters on a million bedroom walls beaming into your heads with 5G microcells every 300 feet and cell towers everywhere as you dring fluoridated water and are restricted to 50 gallons a day with no way to grown any food. What is Alan Wapner who is the president of SCAG which oversees the 19 million people of 6 Calfornia Counties in terms of implementing Agenda 21 going to – yes do? Well, he is one of the honchos who will try to make sure you follow these immoral edicts designed to cull humanity. In case you forgot, his name is Alan Wapner Watch this total traitor and sellout as he is confronted by Gary Gileno of the Grindal61 you tube channel. No there was no belly bouncing and Alan didn’t eat him but Wapner’s behavior is shameful nonetheless.

Here is Alan Wapner after a big lunch as he poses with his crony pals for a photo op with none other than the most lawless politician to ever set foot in Sacramento, Kevin open border sancuary city la raza racist Kevin Deleon.

Alan Wapner (far right)-What do they feed these guys as they destroy California?

Wapner went to Sacramento with the SCAG delegation last year and met with Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon to lobby on behalf of the half trillion dollar regional transportation plan. Not long after the SB1 gas tax passed which is in the SCAG document.

Wapner calls Gary Gileno a “loser” as he walks away.

SCAG, Agenda 21 operative Alan Wapner calls Gary Gileno a bum as Alan Wapner heads up a 6 county presidency of the largest unelected regional shadow government in The United States which seeks to through defacto leadership to implement the radical environmental policies and social re engineering components of Agenda 21.

Elitist and sellout Alan Wapner calls Gary Gileno a bum as he wants you out of your cars.
Alan Wapner for about 3 months was simultaneously the President of SCAG and SANBAG. SCAG is the largest metropolitan planning agency in the country. SANBAG now SBCTA is a transportation regulatory agency San Bernardino.

SCAG’s Wapner as he sells out California to the Agenda 21 controllers

Wapner went to Sacramento with the SCAG delegation last year and met with Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon to lobby on behalf of the half trillion dollar regional transportation plan. Not long after the SB1 gas tax passed which is in the SCAG document.

Wapner calls Gary Gileno a fraud as he is confronted for selling Calfiornia down the river of Agenda 21 regional planning.

Wapner also chairs the Ontario Airport Board meetings and was instrumental in getting the airport back in possession of the city of Ontario. Since this has happened Wapner and SB Supervisor Curt Hagman have made deals with China to get flights into Ontario.

Wapner is SCAG’s appointed high priest presiding over the lives of 19 million people in California who are clueless as to his and his agency’s intentions to radically change our lives and against our will.

ALAN WAPNER IS A REPUBLICAN......a Communist Republican.

Wapner hands out awards to the lackeys who go along with Agenda 21

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A New Plan of Action

by Thomas Mick

Since writing my article, A Plan of Action, in January of 2014, the tyranny of the oligarchs controlling America has become increasingly and openly hostile to American principles and our Natural Rights. The oligarchs seem to have no more need for masking either their contempt for individual liberty or their intentions for its destruction. The plan I proposed in 2014, utilized the Grand Jury under common law and constitutional Sheriffs as important components for identifying and removing agents of the oligarchy in our local government; my thinking along those lines has changed considerably since. 

In late February 2015, I came across a research report I had read initially in the late 90’s; a report I couldn’t bring myself to accept at that time because of cognitive dissonance. I wasn’t ready in my heart and spirit to accept what the report revealed; the Constitution hasn’t been in force and effect since March 27, 1861, when 7 of the 34 states in the Union at that time walked off the floor of Congress and seceded from the Union. It wasn’t a lack of quorum that destroyed the Union, it was the refusal of the Northern States to address the legitimate issues of the South; namely, to stop forcing them to pay a disproportional share of the expenses of the Federal Government, through the confiscatory tariffs imposed on their imports from Europe in exchange for their tobacco and cotton exports.  

The intransigence of the northern mercantile states, caused the separation of the southern agrarian ones, by violating the Natural Rights of the people in those states to defend their economies from the majority votes in the North. Under the Union, the South simply could not muster the votes in Congress to represent their interests against the mercantile interests in the North. I believe this economic tyranny, made remaining in the Union intolerable to the people of the South. Once force was used to impose the will of the North on the South, I believe it invalidated the Constitution that formed the Union, since there was no longer a mutually beneficial agreement between the States and the Federal government it created. All of this history is to illustrate an important fact, the people have not been served by the Constitution, since early 1861.  

Until we destroy the corporate system built by the oligarchy that gained control of the republic, constitutional arguments are irrelevant in their courts; making them is wasting time and resources fighting in a system designed to defeat us. The oath of office taken by officials, in both state and Federal office today, is to the corporate Constitution of the United States of America, not the organic Constitution for the United States of America. Everything about the paradigm we’re in today is a counterfeit of what was founded, in 1788.

All the discussion of constitutional law is meaningless in our fight to return to liberty, and the oligarchs know it; they neutralized that troublesome document generations ago through the law of necessity. Since then, we’ve been living under an illusion they needed to maintain, while they subtly and slowly transformed us into corporate fictions under their rules.  

Returning to liberty will not require returning to a Constitution that has been lost in history, but understanding and returning to the foundation that was established with the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. Only then, can we proceed forward in freedom and either re-institute the organic Constitution and Bill of Rights or institute a different form that will better secure our Natural Rights going forward. The decision has and always will be ours to make, not rulers.  

During the colonial period, us Americans had become accustomed to managing our own affairs and governing ourselves. Parliament and the Crown were distant and unable to deal with the day to day issues of the colonies. We had governors beholden to the Crown and tax collectors, but most of the real governance was done by us, through our own colonial governments. We naturally assumed a posture of independence long before the Declaration of Independence was ever proposed.  

The Plan  

The plan is quite simple and based on just two sentences in the Declaration of Independence:  

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.— That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,” 

Just to be clear, a natural right is any activity that doesn't result in harm to another sentient being, except in defensive force when someone attacks your rights.  

A wrong is any action that harms another sentient being by initiating violence against them, judicially, legislatively, physically, or otherwise. 

Consistent with the necessary 1st law of nature, the right of self-defense, the first step of any community should be to form Natural Law militias, composed of members of the community capable of defending it by armed defensive force. This force is necessary for defending our Natural Rights from any threat posed against us.  

Membership in the militia must exclude all active government officials, since tyranny flows primarily from the abuse of government power. It is more likely than not that major offensive action will flow from that quarter and the militia must always be on guard against it. Whenever the rights of any one of us is trampled, the stage is set against all of us. Therefore, there should be no tolerance of 'necessary' or 'reasonable' infringements on the rights of anyone for any reason. 

The militia should elect officers from among their ranks, someone everyone respects for their ability to lead, not command, free people in times of trouble. The militia must provide their own arms and implements of war and be proficient in their use. Our community should provide logistical support for the militia during times of conflict, such as ammunition, medical supplies and services, as well as other needs of the militia that may arise in defense of our Natural Rights. 

Since the militia consists of members of our community and we’re defending our rights, it only makes sense to support it. Once the Militia has been formed and discipline established, those within it should exercise their Natural Right of self-defense as follows:  

Beginning at the most local level, determine who in government office is securing our Natural Rights or attacking them. Once that has been determined, the following must be done depending on the status of the officer.  

  • Only offices that are necessary to assist us in securing our Natural Rights from harm are lawful, should exist, and be supported by us.  
  • If an unlawful office exists, attacking our Natural Rights by plundering or otherwise oppressing us, abolish it with defensive force. 
  • If an officer of a lawful office, is attacking our Natural Rights by their official actions, remove them by force of arms and replace them. 
This completes the new plan of action to restore America to its original foundation of the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.  

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Our Natural Right to Keep and Bear Arms and its Implications to Society

by Thomas Mick
This article is not meant to provide statistical analysis or attempt to convince people to lobby Congress to remove restrictions on firearms; Congress was prohibited by the Bill of Rights, Article IV to infringe on that right and there is a volume of material already available to provide favorable statistical information. The focus here is to paint a picture of what a free society exercising their right to keep and bear arms will look like and the benefits to society of being armed, as well as the economic benefit to arms manufacturers in a free economy. I will be exploring a very brief observation of the historic reason for weapons, the utility of firearms over other inferior weapons, as well as their contribution to American life in history without passing ethical judgment on the men who wielded them; my focus in this article is on firearms and our inherent, God-given right of self-defense, which by necessity when you consider what we’re defending against, requires firearms.
This article will deal with what I consider to be the most important right we possess, which if we’re denied the ability to exercise it will make exercising the rest problematic to say the least; the natural right of self-defense, specifically our right to keep and bear arms.
Our Creator endowed us with intellect and reason; substantially setting us apart from the other beasts we share this world with. It is through that ability that we’ve learned to make fire and fashion weapons to hunt food and protect us from others that attack either our life or property. The natural right to keep and bear arms of any type is mankind’s resource to protect his other rights from other men, as well as the beasts of the earth, such as lions, bears, poisonous snakes, etc. Without our ability to successfully defend the most basic of rights, life, we would soon find ourselves extinct as a species or subjects of the most despicable of tyrants.

Our ancestors in America survived primarily through the use of firearms. Yes they used other implements of war, as well as snares, traps, and other means; but firearms, since their invention, has always been the premier weapon of choice to anyone who could obtain one, since a lead projectile fired at high velocity was more effective than any of the others for removing a threat or putting meat on the table. While primarily thought of as an implement of war, firearms were primarily used to put meat on the table and repel threats in defense of their rights, more than to impose their will on others; since most people possessed arms in early America it was much more difficult to attack them. Many, if not most people today, owe their existence to the use of firearms by one or more of their ancestors in the defense of life; had they been unsuccessful by using an inferior weapon they would have died and their line, which includes you would have never existed.
Today most governments Americans live under wish to remove our arms and are openly attacking our natural right of self-defense in contravention of their oath to support the Constitution, by seeking to regulate away our ability to exercise that right. This assault against our arms has been ongoing since shortly after the Civil War, when organizations, such as the KKK, and political parties such as the Democrat Party, sought to keep arms out of the hands of freed slaves; specifically blacks. The problem with denying one group of people the peaceable enjoyment of their natural rights is that the effort ends up denying all of us in the end. What is done out of fear and ignorance more often than not comes back to harm everyone but is always a benefit to government, especially when it regards our ability to repel their attacks against our rights as individuals.
This is what all government officers are sworn to support and defend with relationship to the right to keep and bear arms:
“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” – Bill of Rights, Article IV
The rights of the people to arm, organize, and defend their natural rights, which include life, liberty, and property, requires the availability of the arms necessary for that purpose. All governments, both state and Federal, have sworn an oath to abide by the terms of the Constitution, of which the Bill of Rights is a vital part. By that one sentence in the Bill of Rights, it is clear that government is prohibited from infringing in any manner on our pre-existing right to keep and bear arms of any type or configuration we require whatsoever; the first Congress slammed the door on any debate on the matter.

An armed society is a polite society

Now let us explore what a free armed society of people might look like. For some of you, that is not a problem since not all states have made gun ownership as difficult as the Federal Government would like. Criminals flee armed communities because their victims can and will fight back, resulting in a particularly unsafe work environment for their chosen professions. Clerks can shoot armed robbers, women can shoot rapists, everyone can shoot muggers, as well as anyone else that attacks us; peace officers, after it is established that a murder has not been committed, can merely call the coroner to clean up the mess, fill out some paperwork, and rest easy knowing that the people removed another pest from society by defending themselves. If there is any question regarding motive an inquest can be called to determine the facts.
Since Congress is prohibited from infringing on our right to keep and bear arms, it exempts the arms industry from many Federal regulatory powers internal as well as external, since those regulations would infringe on the American people’s right. We should have access to any arms required for Militia use to repel any threat, including threats from arbitrary and criminal government. As government becomes more sophisticated in their arms the Militia must have the freedom to keep pace, in fact, Congress is required under Article I, Section 8, and clause 16:
To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;”
Arms are an integral part of a free society; free men are armed, slaves are not. In an armed society, most people will never have to fire a weapon except to practice and remain proficient. Most ammunition would be expended into targets or wild game, not the body of another human being. Government wouldn’t dare attack the natural rights of the people since every council meeting or courtroom would be attended by armed spectators jealous of their rights. Members of Congress wouldn’t be passing or even supporting unconstitutional legislation against our natural rights if they had to face armed people at their next town hall meeting. In short, the freedom to exercise our rights, all of them, would be much more secure.
Today we live under a dictatorship in Washington, D.C. The Office of President has been usurped, with the aid and comfort of all three branches of the Federal Government and with the tacit approval of the states who continue to comply with the Federal government and impose its usurpation and taxation on the people of America. Barack Obama is attempting to use any device he can conceive to deny us the power to exercise our natural right to defend ourselves from the Islamic and international forces he is bringing into our communities in order to subjugate us and destroy the republic. I can see no question as to his intent or doubt of the complicity of so many today in government to his criminal and treasonous activity. There is one thing distressing Obama and his loyal subjects though; armed Americans who have refused to comply with his demands and have been building their inventories of arms and ammunition in preparation of the conflict to come. Our natural right to keep and bear arms, protected by the Bill of Rights, is the only thing holding off a much greater tyranny than we already have.
When Americans once again exercise their right to not only own but bear arms throughout their day, government will be much less inclined to reach the state we see today… arm up America.
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