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Transgenderism - a far left progressive political ideology is being pushed in elementary schools to universities. It is a fomented agenda of Cultural Marxism. In this presentation we break down and expose factual information.

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Ammon Bundy - Whatever It Takes - Environmentalists Threaten Dams Feeding Ranches and Farms

Hundreds gathered in Northern California (Yreka) to hear Ammon Bundy speak - The environmentalist are threatening to tear out five dams that service the farms and homes of that area. This information applies to all people wanting to preserve liberty and property rights for their posterity.

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Fair Use Act Disclaimer. Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.

In the United States, freedom of the press is protected under the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Under the First Amendment, the government is not allowed to censor the press. Nor can any corporation, platform nor communications medium that caters to people on the claim of impartiality censor any such content. Especially those who have build their platforms on mediums that have taken part in government (taxpayer paid) subsidies.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Samuel Girod was sentenced last summer to 6 years in prison for various charges relating to the manufacture and sale of herbal products, including a salve which the Kentucky Amish farmer claimed could be used to treat cancer, among other ailments. He has no victim or any damages reported by anyone, yet he has been jailed for years and now denied an appeal. While many politicians such as Anthony Weiner get 21 months for crimes involving sexual misconduct with children, and many other top politicians with crimes that have caused death and destruction, this would seem to persecute people like this should be seen as an indictment that real tyranny has arrived.

Girod was convicted for charges including “conspiring to impede the FDA, a very similar sounding charge as we heard in the Bundy Trials by the way; failing to register his facility with the agency; which in our opinion based on his "freedom of religion" he was not required to do for a variety of reasons we will articulate on the Resurrect The Republic Radio Show; threatening a witness to try to keep business documents away from the grand jury; which I have not seen evidence of at this point.

 If you believe the same federal government who has falsely alleged that marijuana has no medicinal properties (basically destroying their credibility), he is also apparently guilty of what the government itself has been guilty of for many years with psychotropics, distributing misbranded drugs.” The difference is this man has no victim. Start looking deeply into psychotropics and you will not only find victims but rivers of blood.

Keep in mind that according to their faith most Amish do not believe in the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Some have relented when in absolute life threatening situations. They believe in all natural cures for as much as humanly possible.

Some of Girod’s products included language such as “Cures Cancer”, as well as “very good at removing tumors”. A simple re-labeling of "helps" should at most been required. As I have seen many natural remedies that help with this process in a variety of ways and do not seek a nanny state endorsement or permission slip. "Not Approved by the FDA" could have been added to the label, but of course my idea of a label like that would be followed "but who cares, I mean, it's the FDA after all".

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Girod’s conviction earlier this month.

As he did during the initial case, Girod acted as his own attorney for the appeal.

The Amishman claimed that U.S. District Judge Danny C. Reeves “erred by not dismissing the charges against him because his products were not drugs; that Reeves gave improper instructions to the jury; that Girod suffered selective prosecution based on his religion; and that Reeves was biased against him.”

So to be clear, this case is over "labeling what he believes" as opposed to what the nanny state determines is appropriate. The same state that has no problem with tax money going to Planned Parenthood and the cessation of life of the unborn, or Big Pharma subsidies, many companies which have injured hundreds of thousands of people with bad drugs in the past.

The arguments were to no avail, as the three-judge appeal panel rejected the appeal.

The public reaction at the time of his sentencing was strong. In the video below, activist and former Sheriff Richard Mack makes an emotional apology to Girod “on behalf of the United States of America.”

Another man argues that “there are no victims, there’s only…mutual benefit in this case.”
Prior to his sentencing, fifty fellow Amish from his home settlement in Bath County, KY
 appeared at the state capitol.
His case reached far beyond his local community, however, with over 25,000 signing a petition for his release.

Richard Mack and other supporters of Girod.
Image source: Lexington Herald-Leader
There is no note in the latest piece as to whether further appeal possibilities exist.
Girod is scheduled to go free in April 2022.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

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Strange days indeed when those who speak the loudest about this very real and serious multiculturalist push are in fact Zionists themselves. When will they awaken to those who are actually pushing this agenda like Barbara Spectre and other Zionists? If they push radical Islam into European countries it will be far easier for the people to be obliged to attack nations that are absolutely no existential threat to their own home nations... Hegelian dialectics 101 In this episode, we break down the events leading up to and surrounding the Orwellian arrest and 13th Month Jail term that could very likely see Tommy Robinson dead. 3rd World Immigration is pouring in, and it is not merely the EU that has been behind it. It is difficult to fix the problem for many that do not understand the underlying agenda and key players of the agenda. We try and shed some light on this situation some. While Tommy may be a Zionist - I fully deny any right of the state to deny him his right to free speech. I stand against the destruction of European culture.

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 Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. In the United States, freedom of the press is protected under the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Under the First Amendment, the government is not allowed to censor the press. Nor can any corporation, platform nor communications medium that caters to people on the claim of impartiality censor any such content. Especially those who have build their platforms on mediums that have taken part in government (taxpayer paid) subsidies.

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Monday, May 28, 2018

UK Stuns World in Assault on Free Speech #FreeTommyRobinson

A well-known crusader against pedophile grooming networks in the UK, Tommy Robinson, has been arrested and sent to prison for 13 months. This a significant assault on freedom of speech that is sending shock waves around the world. #FreeTommy #FreeTommyRobinson

#BlackstoneIntelligence Report

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Honoring Some Vets on Memorial Day - Maj Gen Smedley Butler and Ron Paul Who Warned 9/11 Would Happen and Showed How US Foreign Policy was Neither Left or Right - Just Wrong

As the days and years move on, and Memorial day is upon us, I find it a needed service to illustrate how history continues to show how right Ron Paul has been over matters of foreign as well as domestic policy. I believe America seriously lost what could have been it's last chance at sanity when it failed to put him in the White House. So today I honor this military man and one other. Maj. Gen. Butler.

The Pittsburgh-born doctor who initially focused on monetary policy – the reason, in fact, for his first run for Congress – became more and more staunchly opposed to aggressive wars during his more than two decades in the House of Representatives. From his yes vote for the impeachment of Bill Clinton over bombing of Iraq, not adultery, to his rants against the war-on-terror during the 2008 and 2012 GOP debate season, Paul become less and less coy about his dislike of what he calls American empire over the years.

It is not, nor has it ever been in the interests of our National Security to destabilize foreign nations. That has been the goal of globalist international bankers and war profiteers as well as huge multinational corporations that work along side and often times are directly owned by those same bankers. When will America wake up and shake off the fog of the left right paradigm of Hegelian Dialectics that is being employed to confound, confuse divide and cause partisan ideological positions that if truly seen through clear eyes achieves only an insane and irrational agenda? How many times does Ron Paul need to be proven correct before Americans will see the truth?

A few quotes from Ron Paul in the article - Ron Paul on Swords into Plowshares

"When I had my Rally for the Republic during the ‘08 campaign in Minneapolis, I admitted I’m the “Universal Soldier.” I didn’t resist. It’s sort of a sad song…. As important as the song is, I’d like to refute the fact that people can’t wake up and resist. Most of the time, the people get tired of the wars. At the beginning, it’s all hype, and oh, excitement, and patriotism and all this kind of stuff…. If you look back at before they went into even the Persian Gulf War – any Iraq war – polling shows that people say no, we don’t need that. We don’t need that. And then when they can build up the hatred – direct the hatred towards an individual like Saddam Hussein or the Ayatollah, people do respond because they are bombarded with this war propaganda that gets people to change their minds and join in. Until the war – they get tired of the war, too many people get hurt, and right now we’re paying for the war….The Founders tried their best to say that presidents can’t take us to war, but that didn’t work! They still take us!… And so I think that if you can’t find the right people, and the constitution doesn’t restrain them, the only thing left is for the “Universal Soldier” to say ‘why am I doing this?’ This is a tough sell because they’re 18 years old! I was older than 18! I didn’t do much resisting. But I think it’s going to take something like that if people want to eventually stop these wars."
There is a difference between our criticism of government policy versus criticizing the American spirit, the work ethic, and the greatness of America and the liberties that we have in spite of all the problems we have. When I travel around the world, I’m pretty glad to get back home. But things aren’t getting better, things are getting worse. It’s my love for America that makes me want to prevent it from deteriorating into some form of horrible dictatorship. And when you look at what our government is doing to us, it’s a serious problem. I think America has been an exceptional nation, and has done many great things, the people are great. But right now, the American exceptionalism of us thinking that we are the champions of liberty, and we promote democracy…. and we go around the world saying “you do it our way, or we’ll kill you.” That’s government at its worst. 

I will always oppose radical extreme ideologies that cause their indoctrinated to believe that they are above or supreme over another, or that give them the right to defy moral standards we expect of others. And I will also reject the governments that use these ideologically mind melted people to achieve their agendas, arm them, support them, while claiming moral superiority. True American exceptionalism can only be achieved if we live as an example to the rest of the world showing what not to do, not justifying a do as I say not as I do or we will kill you foreign policy. If we truly want to Make America Great Again, we need to return to the limited Republic form of government that was created to restrain government on the behest of freedom. I love America. And I have love for our Vets who joined for all the right reasons in their hearts, but who as
Kissinger said -
“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”
I do not agree with Kissinger that military men are dumb, or stupid animals, but are among those who have been greatly deceived, as the majority of the American public as to the true purpose that they absolutely are mostly used.

TR Lacovara-Stewart

War Is A Racket USMC Maj.Gen. Smedley Butler - Corbett Report

As bad as FDR was for America, it would have been treason to overthrow him with a military coup. The left right paradigm was truly at work there too. If Congress had been dedicated to the American people and not bought off by the Federal Reserve banksters, we could have easily resurrected the ideals of the American Republic. Maj.General Butler understood this. In fact, not a standing army, which we were warned about, and the founders tried to prevent in theory, but the American people should have long ago cleaned house.

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Saturday, May 26, 2018


In a move thought possible only in an Orwellian nightmare a UK Judge has reportedly ordered a media blackout on a trial of what is quite literally of the scum of the Earth. Breitbart wrote the article below and was forced to remove it. For the purpose of American freedom of the press we at Resurrect the Republic / RTR Truth Media say - NOPE! This is news, it will be reported, and we will take swift and immediate legal action on any and all who attempt to silence the facts. The Mirror has also reportedly been forced to remove their article. Many others are finally trickling through the censorship. Now one thing to understand is that the courts convicted these animals. Justice is somewhat slow, and in many of our minds  too easy on some, and far too aggressive on others. That being said, there is no principle that prevents or restricts complete social castigation stemming from charges that are of a nature so much  a threat to decency that would preclude activists from shaming those convicted. Tommy Robinson was subsequently sentenced to over a year in prison without any kind of meaningful or adequate trial. When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes necessary.

As Posted by Breitbart - 

Tommy Robinson Arrested for Live Reporting Grooming (Child Rape, Trafficking, and Drugging) Gang Trial

Activist and independent journalist Tommy Robinson was detained by a significant police team for livestreaming outside a court where yet another child grooming gang is on trial.

Tommy Court Arrest
Twitter / CaolanRob

Robinson, who founded the English Defence League street protest movement but later renounced it to join the Quilliam counter-extremism organisation, was at Leeds Crown Court to report on ten men accused of offences including child rape, trafficking, and supply of class A drugs to children, according to Caolan Robertson.
A video posted by Caolan shows Robinson being taken away by three police officers, apparently on suspicion of inciting a breach of the peace.
As the recording continues, another police officer appears and seizes Robinson’s mobile phone, before he is bundled into the back of a van. The exact number of officers at the scene is unclear, but appears to be at least half a dozen.

Tommy Robinson has been arrested in Leeds court for reporting on grooming gangs. More updates to follow
— Caolan Robertson (@CaolanRob) May 25, 2018
“This is free speech. This is where we’re at,” Robinson tells onlookers, before addressing the officers directly.
“You know when you do this, more people are going to watch this now than ever,” he says.
“This is ridiculous. Lads, do you feel right what you’re doing, here? I haven’t said a word — in fact, someone laid their hand and assaulted me outside court; other people swore at me and threatened me about my mother, and here I am being arrested for saying nothing. I’ve done nothing,” he claims.

The first of the 10 accused grooming gang members arriving now at Leeds Crown Court. Charges include child rape, trafficking & supply of class A drugs to children. Welcome to Britain.
— Caolan Robertson (@CaolanRob) May 25, 2018
A video posted prior to the arrest does appear to show Robinson asking two men how they feel about the verdict, to which one responds: “Go and f**k your Mum’s fanny, go and f**k it!”
“Is there any guilt?” responds Robinson.
“You  f**k your Dad, you son of a bitch!”
Robinson has now been released, although it is unclear whether police will pursue charges at this point.

Internet Archive Link to Original Breitbart Article -
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TRUMP's Comments in Response to Sheriff Fighting MS-13
(Trump calls some illegal immigrants "animals" in Meeting with Sheriffs)

HUCKABEE RESPONDS to "they are animals" MS-13 Comment

It has been suggested by some on the internet that Ann Coulter made a comment that stated we should shoot border crossers and in light of the events in Gaza ......
Allow me to respond..... The United States is not "occupying" Mexico. 
However many Mexicans are absolutely tring to "occupy" the United States. The 2 can not be conflated.

Media Tries to Paint Trump Comments as Racist

Hypocrite Rachael Madcow tries to claim Republicans Have Racist Roots 

Hillary Clinton "admires" Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood's Racist Founder

Hillary Clinton Honors Margaret Sanger at the 2009 Planned Parenthood Honors GALA


For all of you who share "Alternative Articles" and see YourNewsWire and other sources as "articles to share"...... please read the following article to the end. 

YourNewsWire - Married Gay Couple, Bernie Supporting UK Residents

Now, as I have stated in the past.... while being gay should not cause one to be attacked or discriminated against, and neither really should supporting Bernie COMMIE Sanders any more than any other Socialist, to assume that these guys are putting out information (that Snopes I believe is working with just to make us look like idiots) PLEASE DO NOT BITE ON CLICKBAIT....their articles while holding a good amount of truth are seeded with falsehoods that can be under scrutiny easily debunked causing the entire message to be in the eyes of the public discredited. These are not conservatives, they are NOT Libertarians..... they are part of the information war.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


PORTLAND, Ore. As Reported by (KOIN) -- The FBI agent accused of lying about firing two shots at Robert "Lavoy" Finicum during the takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge was in court Tuesday for the second day of a evidentiary hearing.
Investigators said FBI agent W. Joseph Astarita failed to disclose that he fired errant shots at Finicum.
Authorities moved in on Ammon Bundy and other leaders as they were driving in two vehicles from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to a meeting on Jan. 26, 2016.
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Astarita pleaded not guilty to five charges including two counts of obstruction of justice and three counts of making a false statement.
Tuesday morning's testimony came from two forensics experts who worked to determine where the gunshots came from. Prosecutors said Astarita is the only person who could have fired those two specific shots at Lavoy Finicum. While neither shot hit Finicum, Astarita is accused of lying to investigators five different times about firing his weapon.
The testimony went over the methods by an Oregon State Police forensic analyst to deduce the angles the bullets were fired from based off of their entry points into the roof and hood of Finicum's truck.
One of Astarita's defense attorneys questioned that analyst on her use of different techniques in determining the bullet path as well as her margin for error of plus or minus five degrees.
Michael Haag -- a forensic science consultant -- was also called to the stand Tuesday.


Resurrect The Republic LINKS
Tom Lacovara-Stewart / Lorri Anderson

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Blackstone Intelligence Report -   The Bleeping NXIVM Connection

 Image result for blackstone intelligence rtr truth media

In this presentation, you will be introduced to the major players in the NXIVM sex cult operated by Keith Raniere, A.K.A. "Vanguard", Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman and the Bronfman sisters.  

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USS Liberty Memorial Planned for Visible Site Near Jerusalem - American Free Press


Ron Paul Liberty Report on Embassy in Jerusalem and Gaza Violence Blow-back

As President Trump’s daughter and son-in-law were celebrating the US embassy’s move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, dozens of Palestinian protesters were being shot dead in Gaza protesting the move. Supporters of the embassy move say it will bring a new era of peace to the longstanding conflict between Israel and Palestine, but it’s hard to see their rosy predictions coming to pass. In fact, yesterday’s violence seems to be a classic case of blowback from a wrong-headed US foreign policy move.


American Free Press
Published on Jan 30, 2018

Christian ministry taking a stand against hatemongers The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), one of the legal arms of the cultural Marxist gangsters running rough - shod over this once-great nation’s traditions and institutions, is being called on the carpet. No, not by any governmental agency or regulatory body, but by a conservative, Christian ministry, which is demanding answers as to why the SPLC believes it has the right to classify the Christian charity as a “hate group.”

WARNING the following link is a PROGRESSIVE SOURCE

Other related articles:

Amazon Smile Program states from its site: 
Amazon Smile is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as The difference is that when you shop on Amazon Smile, the #AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice. - so it would appear as an open commercial state and federal gvt. lic. entity, discrimination based on political or religious ideology would not be allowed......

Friday, May 18, 2018

He Tried to Avoid War - JFK - Letter to the Prime Minister of Israel on Dimona Nuclear Program and the Theft of US Nuclear Tech and Material

From the National Security Archive, Kennedy and Dimonaa trove of declassified new documents about how JFK sought to prevent Israel from obtaining nuclear weapons.
“More than any other American president, John F. Kennedy was personally engaged with the problem of Israel’s nuclear program; he may also have been more concerned about it than any of his successors. Of all U.S. leaders in the nuclear age, Kennedy was the nonproliferation president.

RTR Truth Media -

Often those critical of Israel are demonized and smeared as if any criticism is akin to hatred of a race. As a person who has in his life had family who I loved dearly married into my family that are Jewish, and as what I believe to be - a morally consistent Paleo-Conservative Christian, I find these attacks to be disgusting and warrant-less. To this day I have friends and family who are Jewish who I love dearly. The co-host of my show for 6 years was himself born Jewish but converted to Christianity. My criticism of Israel and of political Zionism is based on factual and historical truths that have been nearly white washed completely from news reporting in the main stream. You will see evidence of these facts revealed with documented evidence below with no need for "conspiracy theories".
To the compatibility of Judaism and Christianity, Christ historically opposed the "Oral Traditions" which became the compilation of the Talmud. I have ideological differences with the contents of the Talmud but not unto the point that I believe in anyone's persecution. To illustrate this please see "Jesus In The Talmud By Jacob Prasch" or the book Jesus in the Talmud by  Peter Schäfer written by a Jewish author written not meaning to create discord or animocity, but for what he stated;  the "purpose of being honest". So he felt the need to speak candidly about Him (Yeshua) and who he states the Talmud refers to His mother the Harlot Miriam. I applaud him for his honesty. And I have no ill feelings toward the man. It is what many of us Christians have been trying to tell people for many years but have been called names and accused of lying. This man's book can simply not be disputed as he takes directly from the Babylonian Talmud and reveals shocking affirmations of what I have found. I have read much of the Talmud, and the Quran. And I concur with what he says.

Merely having ideological differences do not equate to hatred for any of God's children which we all are regardless of the dogma one has been raised with. As for the letter below and the following disclosures, these are documented facts. Jews have been propagandized into the Statist mentality of the worship of their government as akin to that of God, and the fusion with it into cultural and religious identity. This, in my opinion takes precedence over any moral responsibility. This is a common theme in world history when religion is used as a mechanism to control people. I see Israelis and most Jews no different than the average American as related to this effect.  I frankly do not blame most of them for holding the beliefs they do as a result. I may not agree with the Kennedy politicians that preceded JFK, but he and Bobby Kennedy were at war with gangsters of organized crime as well as gangsters of nations. I am an American. The lives, safety, well being, and freedom of the American people of all walks of life are my paramount concern.

We must make a distinction between the religion and the people who are trapped in it, especially when fused with the interests of a secular nation state. I love Roman Catholics, (as once being one) and because I love them, I reject the doctrine of Roman Catholicism. I love Muslims, and because I love them, I reject the doctrine of Islam. I love Jews, and because I love Jews I reject the doctrine of Rabbinic Judaism, which is what I believe to be the doctrines of the Pharisees, and as I have come to learn, it is not the religion of the Biblical Israelites or of Abraham or Moses. To reject or to stand opposed to a doctrine is not the equivalent to hatred. That is born in another ideology which is Marxist in nature and honed by Leon Trotsky. A good way of silencing intelligent debate and critique. Political Correctness. Anti-Semitism. etc. These are bullying tactics used to discredit any intelligent argument based on truth and facts. And the cognitive dissonance of those or who have been psychologically programmed by mass media to use these techniques, or fake news controlled by large corporations driven by special interests, is strong. Only through love, compassion, civil dialogue and patience can the walls of this be broken down.

The following departs from religious differences and focuses on primarily the political aspects based in fact with documented evidence. But full disclosure of what I believe is what I wish to also be honest and candid about. This is why I have explained myself above. I fear for the people of Israel and Palestine. They are in grave danger in my assessment. And there was a man who tried to prevent all of this. His name was John F. Kennedy, and although I am a Conservative, he was one of my favorite Presidents. The following are his words and backed up thereafter with evidence of what he was trying to counter.

T.R. Lacovara-Stewart

"They say to the seers, "See no more visions!" and to the prophets, "Give us no more visions of what is right! Tell us pleasant things, prophesy illusions." - Isaiah 30:10

This is a telegram from the Department of State to the Embassy in Israel transmitting the text of a letter from President Kennedy to Israeli Prime Minister Ben Gurion on arrangements to visit Dimona.

Verbatim text.

You should deliver following letter from President to Prime Minister Ben-Gurion:

"Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

"I welcome your letter of May 12 and am giving it careful study.

"Meanwhile, I have received from Ambassador Barbour a report of his conversation with you on May 14 regarding the arrangements for visiting the Dimona reactor. I should like to add some personal comments on that subject.

"I am sure you will agree that there is no more urgent business for the whole world than the control of nuclear weapons. We both recognized this when we talked together two years ago, and I emphasized it again when I met with Mrs. Meir just after Christmas. The dangers in the proliferation of national nuclear weapons systems are so obvious that I am sure I need not repeat them here.

"It is because of our preoccupation with this problem that my Government has sought to arrange with you for periodic visits to Dimona. When we spoke together in May 1961 you said that we might make whatever use we wished of the information resulting from the first visit of American scientists to Dimona and that you would agree to further visits by neutrals as well. I had assumed from Mrs. Meir's comment that there would be no problem between us on this.

"We are concerned with the disturbing effects on world stability which would accompany the development of a nuclear weapons capability by Israel. I cannot imagine that the Arabs would refrain from turning to the Soviet Union for assistance if Israel were to develop a nuclear weapons capability--with all the consequences this would hold. But the problem is much larger than its impact on the Middle East. Development of a nuclear weapons capability by Israel would almost certainly lead other larger countries, that have so far refrained from such development, to feel that they must follow suit.

"As I made clear in my press conference of May 8, we have a deep commitment to the security of Israel. In addition this country supports Israel in a wide variety of other ways which are well known to both of us. [4-1/2 lines of source text not declassified]

"I can well appreciate your concern for developments in the UAR. But I see no present or imminent nuclear threat to Israel from there. I am assured that our intelligence on this question is good and that the Egyptians do not presently have any installation comparable to Dimona, nor any facilities potentially capable of nuclear weapons production. But, of course, if you have information that would support a contrary conclusion, I should like to receive it from you through Ambassador Barbour. We have the capacity to check it.

"I trust this message will convey the sense of urgency and the perspective in which I view your Government's early assent to the proposal first put to you by Ambassador Barbour on April 2.


"John F. Kennedy"



As to the behavior of "Israel as an ally" we can see in even this biased report that was scrubbed from the Fox News archives but they none the less had to report dude to the amount of people who became aware of this spy ring, that nations who conduct this level of espionage are not concerned with the American people. 


The Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC) and the diversion of US government weapons-grade uranium to Israel

"an Israeli operation from the beginning..." CIA Tel Aviv Station Chief John Hadden

"NUMEC material had been diverted by the Israelis and used in fabricating weapons."
         CIA Directorate of Science and Technology Deputy Director Carl Duckett

Since the mid-1960s law enforcement and regulatory agencies suspected a small nuclear processing facility in Pennsylvania had illegally diverted U.S. government-owned weapons-grade nuclear material into Israel's clandestine nuclear weapons program.  The Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation received start-up capital organized by a mysterious former smuggler with deep and ongoing ties to Israeli intelligence.  FBI investigations revealed NUMEC President Zalman Mordecai Shapiro also had repeated unexplained interactions with Israeli intelligence and organized a joint venture with the primary front organization of the Israeli nuclear weapons program.  According to a 2001 US Department of Energy report, NUMEC still holds the record for the highest losses of bomb-grade material of any plant in the United States. 
In April 1976 Attorney General Edward Levi ordered the FBI to reopen an investigation into Dr. Zalman Shapiro and the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC). The newly reopened investigation looked beyond violations of the Atomic Energy Act. The FBI's new mandate was to also uncover "any attempt by anyone in the executive branch to prevent or impede an investigation into this alleged diversion, or to withhold any information regarding this alleged diversion from any investigative body." The FBI code-named its investigation "DIVERT." The FBI interrogated high-level officials from U.S. government agencies and NUMEC employee eyewitnesses to nuclear diversion.  Inexplicably, on January 23, 1981 the FBI placed the NUMEC investigation into "closed status" until further instructions from the Department of Justice.  Field offices were ordered not to destroy files without instructions from FBI headquarters.  The NUMEC investigation portfolio, which had passed from LBJ, to Nixon, and on to Ford was closed at the end of the Carter administration.

These are a few excerpts of the documentation (link to full disclosure listed below:

Director of Central Intelligence Agency memo to Attorney General Ramsey Clark.  "You are well aware of the great concern which exists at the highest levels of this Government with regard to the proliferation of nuclear weapons...It is critical for us to establish whether or not the Israelis now have the capability of fabricating nuclear weapons which might be employed in the Near East...I urge that the Federal Bureau of Investigation be called upon to initiate a discreet intelligence investigation of all source nature of Dr. Shapiro in order to establish the nature and extent of his relationship with the Government of Israel." Release letter

Section 1 - Zalman Shapiro investigated by the FBI for potential Foreign Agents Registration Act after 61 kilograms of U-235 are discovered missing from the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation.  FBI establishes surveillance of Shapiro in 1968.  Nature of David Lowenthal's relationship and financing of NUMEC discovered. David Lowenthal observed in photos "shaking hands with Ben-Gurion and Moshe Dayan" and "reportedly fought for Israel as a freedom fighter in 1956 and travels to Israel on the average of approximately once per month." NUMEC's founders, security clearances, shipment of 320 grams of plutonium to Israel  in 1963, censored files.

On September 6, 1968, the US attorney general requests investigation "whether the subject is acting as an agent of the Israeli Government."  September 6, 1968 NUMEC request for visit of Avraham Hermoni (Israeli nuclear weapons chief), Ephraim Biegun, Avraham Bendor, and Rafael Eitan (founder of LAKAM economic espionage network).  The intelligence operatives enter under the cover of being "thermo electric generator specialists."



I highly recommend everyone who wishes to fully understand that the real threat to America, and to the world is not based in the people, but within government agents who defy morality, and seek their own power. More on the stolen nuclear tech and material - Divert by Grant F. Smith 

Based on an exhaustive review of formerly classified government documents—as well as previously unexplored corporate filings, office diaries and interviews—Grant F. Smith has written a riveting account of the 1960s diversion of US weapons-grade nuclear material from a front company in Pennsylvania into the clandestine Israeli atomic weapons program. The talented but highly conflictual founder of the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC)--Dr. Zalman Mordecai Shapiro--and his close friend and financial backer David Lowenthal engaged in a ferocious clandestine drive to funnel the most valuable military material on earth and forever tilt the balance of power between Israel and the world. Divert! chronicles Zalman Shapiro's journey from engineering key innovations for the Nautilus nuclear submarine in the 1950s to his gambit for America's most advanced hydrogen bomb designs in the 1970s. Tasked during secret summits with high-level Israeli intelligence agents, guided by Israel's top nuclear arms designers, and defended by Israel and its US lobby, Shapiro and NUMEC drove the CIA and FBI into furious outrage and despair. Presidents from Lyndon B. Johnson to Jimmy Carter secretly grappled with how to respond to Israel's brazen theft of American nuclear material before finally deciding to bury the entire affair in classified files. Yet NUMEC's toxic secrets have refused to remain buried. Newly declassified wiretaps detail Shapiro's utter contempt for worker safety and the environment. David Lowenthal's role as an international refugee smuggler between the US, Europe and Israel—before he organized critical financing for NUMEC—is examined within a network of Israeli front companies. This explosive exp
osé emerges as the US Army Corps of Engineers struggles to quietly clean up NUMEC's toxic waste near Apollo, Pennsylvania with $170 million in taxpayer funding. At a time America is coming under intense pressure to attack on the mere suspicion that Iran is diverting nuclear material into military programs, Divert! stands as a cautionary tale of how US Middle East policy is continually undermined from within by corruption, immunity, deceit and secrecy.

DOJ orders the AZC to Register as a Foreign Agent

"Attached hereto is the entire file relating to the American Zionist Council and our efforts to obtain its registration under the terms of the Foreign Agents Registration Act..."


In the early 1960's Israel funneled $5 million (more than $35 million in today's dollars) into US propaganda and lobbying operations.  The funds were channeled via the quasi governmental Jewish Agency's New York office into an Israel lobby umbrella group, the American Zionist Council.  Senate Foreign Relations Committee investigations and hearings documented funding flows, propaganda, and public relations efforts and put them into the record.  But the true fate of the American Zionist Council was never known, except that its major functions were visibly shut down and shifted over to a former AZC unit known as the "Kenen Committee," called the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (or AIPAC) in the late 1960's.  The following chronology provides links to images of original Department of Justice case files released on June 10, 2008 under a Freedom of Information Act filing.  

John F. Kennedy President, Robert F. Kennedy Attorney General

Now on to the Committee on Foreign Relations - Non-diplomatic Representatives

In 1962-1963 the Senate Foreign Relations Committee investigated the Jewish Agency and the American Zionist Council.  Their funding flows from Israel as well as lobbying and public relations campaigns in the United States were explored during sworn testimony on May 23 and August 1, 1963.  The Senate record including transcripts and subpoenaed documents are included in the following PDF files scanned from bound records held at the National Archives and Records Administration. 
May 23, 1963 Hearings
Part 1 (2.8 MB)
Part 2 (3.7 MB)
Part 3 (7.2 MB)
Part 4 (2.5 MB)

August 1, 1963 Hearings
Part 1 (4.6 MB)
Part 2 (2.5 MB)

Many documents subpoenaed during the Senate investigation were not included in the final record (above).  Also, organizations such as the Jewish Agency and American Zionist Council lobbied for redactions of some of their statements made under sworn testimony.  The Senate investigation team files, newly released by the National Archives and Records Administration on July 23, 2010, reveal a comprehensive Jewish Agency public relations campaign in the US.  Visit the new AZC archive for these declassified records.

The following is an excerpt from an article from Consortiumnews

How Israel Stole the Bomb
September 11, 2016

Exclusive: When Israel launched a covert scheme to steal material and secrets to build a nuclear bomb, U.S. officials looked the other way and obstructed investigations, as described in a book reviewed by James DiEugenio.

By James DiEugenio

In 1968, CIA Director Richard Helms was presented with a disturbing National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) stating that Israel had obtained atomic weapons, a dangerous development that occurred earlier than the CIA had anticipated.

It was particularly dangerous because just the year before, the Six Day War had marked the beginning of open hostilities between the Israelis and Arab nation states. To prevail, Israel had launched preemptive air attacks against Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq at the start of the conflict. Considering that violent backdrop, Helms immediately arranged a meeting with President Lyndon Johnson to inform him of this troubling milestone.

CIA Director Richard Helms.

The man who had prepared the NIE and gave it to Helms was the CIA’s chief science and technology officer, Carl Duckett. After Helms met with Johnson, the CIA Director told Duckett about the President’s rather odd reaction. LBJ did not get upset, and he did not order an investigation into how it happened. Further, he did not tell Helms to let both the Defense Department and State Department know about it so they could establish intelligence inquiries or consider sanctions.

Instead, Johnson did the opposite. He told Helms to keep the news secret and specifically told the Director not to let the secretaries of State or Defense know about it.


Helms obeyed the orders of his Commander in Chief, but he decided to talk to the FBI about how this development had occurred earlier than expected. Thus begins Roger Mattson’s Stealing the Atom Bomb: How Denial and Deception Armed Israel, the riveting story of duplicity, betrayal, cover-ups and deceit.

The cover-ups and duplicity did not just come from Israel and its agents in America. The deceit also came from men inside the American government who, for whatever reasons, decided to cast a blind eye on what was really happening under their jurisdiction, even after they had been alerted to it.
What Mattson reveals is no less than an atomic heist – one that could have been prevented if men in high positions had done their duty.

Highly Enriched Uranium

After Johnson told Helms not to tell State or Defense, the CIA Director called Attorney General Ramsey Clark, because what made this news even more ominous — and a potential crime — was what the CIA had discovered when it conducted a chemical test around the Israeli nuclear reactor at Dimona, in the Negev desert.

U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark with President Lyndon Johnson in 1967. (U.S. Government photo)

Duckett had concluded that Israel had something that they should not have possessed at that time: HEU, or highly enriched uranium, which could only be produced by one of the five major powers that already had nuclear weapons.

But the test had also revealed characteristics that showed the material had originated in the United States. (Mattson, p. 97) Specifically, the HEU came from Portsmouth, Ohio and then was further processed at a plant in Apollo, Pennsylvania.

 The AZC's internal "Information and Public Relations Department" reports.

"For obvious reasons our activities in this area cannot be minutely described, nor can we give names, dates, or places. We are, however, fighting hostile propagandists as one of our major activities throughout the year by: a. a careful check of newspapers, bulletins and confidential sources of our own, who can give us reliable information on the movements or itineraries of these propagandists. b. alerting our community contacts...c. requesting that all known meetings be monitored....furnishing speakers and arranging for them to address the forums..."

Documents (link provided to doc database below)

Between 1962-1963 the Senate Foreign Relations Committee subpoenaed internal reports of the American Zionist Council during its investigation into the activities of registered agents of foreign principals. They discovered that more than $5 million in tax exempt (and possibly overseas donations) had been laundered through the Jewish Agency's American Section into the American Zionist Council. The Jewish Agency functioned as a quasi-branch of the Israeli government, received Israeli government funding, and was able to review legislation before it went to the Knesset under its Covenant Agreement.

This violated IRS regulations on the use of tax exempt charitable funds and the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act.

The following reports detail how the American Zionist Council used the funding in a sophisticated campaign to cajole and intimidate news media, subvert open debate about Israel and undermine reporting about key issues of the day such as Israel's Dimona nuclear weapons facility, operation Susannah terror attacks on the United States, and the return of Arab refugees to their homes. The AZC tracked and targeted professors and engaged in covert operations obliquely referred to in the following internal reports.

After the Justice Department ordered the American Zionist Council to register as a foreign agent in late 1962, it transferred responsibilities to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which refuses to register as a foreign agent of the Israeli government.

On May 19, 1970, the Dow Jones Observer reported, "In 1963 the Senate Foreign Relations Committee investigated the Jewish Agency and uncovered a 'conduit' operation run by an organization called the American Zionist Council. Over an eight-year period, this council received more than $5,000,000 from the Jewish Agency to create favorable public opinion in this country for Israeli government policies. The Senate investigation closed down the conduit, but the extensive propaganda activities still go on."


How can America’s representatives declare that any other country’s fight — even one as close to us as Israel is — is our fight, its cause our cause, its values our values?

It’s precisely this kind of overidentification that George Washington warned against in his 1796 farewell address. “A passionate attachment of one nation for another produces a variety of evils,” Washington said. “Sympathy for the favorite nation, facilitating the illusion of an imaginary common interest in cases where no real common interest exists… betrays the former into a participation in the quarrels and wars of the latter without adequate inducement or justification.”

The above excerpt is from the following article

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