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SALEM Oregon:  Once again Oregon is being assailed by propaganda regarding Governor Kate Brow's favorite boogeymen. The American Patriot. While it is true that we did stand with LaVoy Finicum and Ammon and Ryan Bundy in protest for the plight of the persecuted Hammond family, it was not any militia or any protester who fired an offensive shot. Not one of us killed, or injured anyone. But it was the joint task force of the FBI and Oregon State Police who executed LaVoy Finicum with his hands above his head before being struck multiple times and reaching for his wound. While on the way to go and meet with a sworn peace officer and Grant County Sheriff Glen Palmer and his constituents, to hear what abuses have been ongoing in Harney County adjacent to Grant. LaVoy was killed prior to any conviction and in fact, the case decided by a jury determined that the defendants were all NOT GUILTY of the charges the stop was based upon in premice. Now Kate Brown seeks to use a provision in the State Constitution to send Oregon State Police out to round up the GOP Senators who refuse to make the required quorum to allow the vote to proceed. So there is a law Brown is standing on? Not so fast. The effects of this Bill are certain as they are defined. The result of this passage will, as a result, enrich many who are NOT the people of Oregon while robbing others of their property and their businesses if they seek to choose to follow the letter of their laws so strictly to allow subversion then they must also recognize that the primary purpose of the establishment of =a state government is to protect and preserve natural rights, as well as property rights. Creating a law of which the effect would provably harm these rights violates the primary purpose of government in and of itself. If they passed a law that stated that it was legal to rob a timber company for instance... it would not be able to pass "constitutional muster". And as we all know any law passed by any state or federal legislators that does not comport with the Constitution is null and void - Marbury v. Madison

 It is about time that some politicians grew a set and took a stand against oligarchs and communists in Oregon government. It can also be argued that these Socialist policies are the direct result of ideological subversion and as such a designed attack upon the middle class of America and to send the poorest into despair to prime them for mobilization by community organizers to continue with their Communitarian Communist revolution of transformative change. To attempt to use the state Constitution to accomplish this is perverse.

Oregon loggers and small business folks protest 
the Cap and Trade Bill that will all but certainly
destroy what is left of their prosperity.

Now lets fast forward to today. Oregon lawmakers are now essentially at a complete impasse over legislation that would be devastating to rural Oregon communities. "Cap and Trade". A taxation based political solution that not only would see a 40 cent raise per gallon in fuel cost per gallon but also a rise of natural gas by 50%.

After essentially shutting down the majority of its thriving timber industry and after much struggle to attempt to replace it with tourism, etc, this bill would essentially kill the only partial solution that brought with it a shred of economic prosperity. Manufacturing jobs and businesses would be dealt a death blow. In Portland, there would be little effect as compared to the rural areas. The Federal government has made a mess of things in the western states but this isn't the feds this time. It is the result of an authoritarian fascistic neo-Marxist Kate Brown.

In order to prevent this disastrous legislation, the Republicans did the only thing they could do to save their communities and the constituents who elected them - they walked out preventing a quorum. What happened next? The governor ordered the Oregon State Police to go and get em'. I'm dead serious. Armed men to detain and kidnap state legislators over what at beat is a civil issue, not a criminal one.

 And what not many people are saying is the hypocrisy is so thick with this that people have forgotten that Democrats have used the same tactic and no Stasi was ever sent to kidnap them. So what happened next was a natural reaction. Patriots from all over Oregon as well as outside offered.... "offered mind you" to protect these lawmakers from being kidnapped by anyone using the color of law or not. Their offer was politely refused as hopefully not reaching that level as of yet... so, some of these Patriotically minded folks decided to stage a protest on Saturday.    The lefties came UNGLUED!

First of all the militia only offered to protect the legislators. You know, the so-called "anti-government domestic terrorists like myself they allege who sought to protect whom they considered being rational lawmakers (at least in this situation) from having their rights violated and force used upon them for taking a hard stand. America was founded on hard stands. Some of the Oregon Republicans also felt "rather passionate" about having his rights violated via the State Police. Good for him. I just would like to go on record by saying... we warned everyone that it would be LaVoy today and the rest of you group by group, one by one tomorrow. I don't like being correct about that.

These snowflakes as you listen to them sound off as if a foreign nation were coming to assail the capitol and take it out. And thus Kate Brown's boogeymen were resurrected for the purposes of attempting to muddy the water over the real issue which is that these liberal big government -anti-Constitution Neo Marxist pondscum are destroying especially rural Oregon. The cities are all but lost. The protesters of the ANTIFA variety can chase old men down assaulting them for being part of the white patriarchy and the police stand by and do nothing. But some lawmakers try and peacefully protest the economic destruction of their towns and the Stasi OSP are called out. And then the smear of militia and domestic terror is mentioned over and over again.

Government Isn’t Just For Tyrants Anymore

via and special thanks to Redoubt News:

As I write this article I am proud to report that the tyranny in Oregon is on hold. For the second time this session, the Republicans in the Senate have walked out of the capitol in Salem away from the insane agenda of the far-left radical majority and their kremlin, Crazy Kate Brown.
After being disrespected, ignored, and just plain dismissed; the Senate Republicans listened to their conscience and their constituents and fled the State of Oregon to deny the nut jobs a quorum. The out of control left have been passing their ideology based illegal laws at the speed of sound, with no virtue or morals to slow them down.
The only reason we have government is to protect our property, which includes our RIGHTS. What we have gotten this session is plunder upon plunder. Oregon now has rent control, which will only increase homelessness and dependency on government while it turns our state into a ghetto.
On another record year for revenue, we got a business-killing hidden sales tax in a state that is already among the highest-taxed per capita. They tried to pass the worst gun laws in the US as well as mandatory vaccines, but that was killed to get the Senate Republicans back to the table the last time they walked out.
Laws are waiting to disenfranchise voters to make it almost impossible for us to refer them. To destroy what’s left of our state; cap and trade was being forced through against the will of the people, to make the globalists happy. It doesn’t matter to the radicals that cap and trade would probably end logging and many other jobs as well as raise our electric and gas bills some 40%.
The crazy bills in Salem are too numerous and insane to mention here, and almost all of them have an emergency clause to further obstruct the voters.
I want to personally thank our Senate Republicans for doing the right thing and protecting the people. Under the threat of arrest and huge fines, you have shown virtue. There are many of us who admire your courage and stand with you 100%. At a time when so many of us were wondering what has happened to statesmanship; you have shown us that the government isn’t just for tyrants anymore.
God bless and keep you all safe. Thank you, and may other states follow your lead. Long live our Republic.
In Liberty,
Columbia County Coordinator
Oregon Firearms Federation
Founder, Oregon Irregulars 3%
Northern Coordinator SAPO/SASO

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The Illegal Fire Tax And Cap And Trade:

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