Thursday, February 25, 2021


Recently rap recording artist #Pitbull,  in an interview revealed many of the secrets behind those who would like to control us all,  and their agenda to use

 Coronavirus as a method to implement those tactics. Being a survivor of communism from a family who escaped Castro, pitbull lead it out. He compared the agenda and the actions to achieve the same to that of Castro and he determined in a rather humorous way the Castro would have asked the question “you mean you all did that using a virus… Damn that was easy”.

Anomaly covered this video. He discussed the details and there is nothing factually inaccurate about anything either pitbull or anomaly discussed. Then came the Facebook fact checkers. Well anomaly is in the US and pitbull is in the US and Facebook is a US based corporation it seems a little strange why some French outfit is doing the fact checking and getting it all wrong. And I reached out to contact them to get them to fix their mistake. Apparently as did An0moly, they weren’t interested. These so-called fact checkers usually never seem to be interested in actually being correct. This is all ideologically-based and what used to be once a free country is what the shell and illusion of one. Please watch this video I’m also going to include the video of pitbull discussing this and event 201 by Johns Hopkins. Regardless of whether coronavirus Was created in a lab or naturally occurring it would seem to me rather funny for it to be naturally occurring considering there’s patents on it and patterning nature is illegal and also the creation of something like coronavirus would be considered bio warfare, So in any event it would appear that are not so good friend coronavirus is illegal. But the fact checkers fact check that. I’d be willing to bet that this article just because that line is left alone. Let’s see if I’m right. 

An0moly’s video exposing Facebook’s #AntifactCheckerPropagandist

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Nursing Home Deaths - 46 in Spain Die in a Month After Pfizer COVID Vaccine

Forty-six nursing home residents who had received their first dose of Pfizer-BioNTech’s fast-tracked vaccination against COVID-19 at the beginning of January had died by the end of the month, Spanish media have reported.

Staff first reported a coronavirus outbreak at Nuestra SeƱora del Rosario (Our Lady of the Rosary), a nursing home in the province of Cadiz, Andalusia in Spain on Jan.12, in the wake of a vaccine distribution campaign.

The Ministry of Housing and Families intervened in the private facility which houses up to 145 residents and where local media reported on Feb. 4 that a further 28 of 94 residents as well as 12 staff members had tested positive for COVID-19.

At another nursing home in the same southwestern Spanish province, in Novo Sancti Petri, in Chiclani, 22 elderly residents died and 103 were infected following a vaccination campaign.

Similar outbreaks and death clusters following vaccination have been reported across the globe, including:

  • 29 elderly people died in Norwayshortly after receiving Pfizer’s vaccination.
  • 13 deaths among 40 residents following vaccination at one nursing home in Germany were dismissed as “tragic coincidence.”
    • 10 deaths in a German palliative care patients within hours to four days of COVID-19 vaccination were deemed a “coincidence.”
    • 22 of 72 residents of a nursing home in Basingstoke, England have died following vaccination.
    • 24 seniors at a nursing home in Syracuse, NY were reported to have died from COVID-19 as of Jan. 9 despite having been vaccinated beginning Dec. 22.
    • 10 cases of COVID-19 were reportedon Jan. 28 among seniors who had received both doses of Pfizer’s vaccine at one care home in Stockholm Sweden. The residents were vaccinated on Dec. 27 and again on Jan.19.
    • The COVID-19 death toll in the small British enclave of Gibraltar numbered 16 before it launched its Pfizer vaccination campaign on Jan. 10 and then shot up to 53 deaths 10 days later and to 70 seven days after that. According to a Reuters report, the Gibraltar Health Authority declared there was “no evidence at all of any causal link” between 6 of the deaths that were investigated and Pfizer’s vaccine, despite the individuals having tested negative for COVID before vaccination, but positive “in the days immediately after.”
    • 4,500 COVID-19 cases in Israel occurred in patients after they had received one dose of Pfizer’s vaccine and 375 of those vaccinated patients required hospitalization, Israeli news media reported on Jan.12.
    • Seven adults living in a care home in Saskatoon tested positive for coronavirus a week after residents were vaccinated at the Sherbrooke Community Centre, the CBC reported. There were no positive cases at the time of vaccination.
    • Seven residents at a Montreal long-term care facility tested positive for COVID- within 28 days of being vaccinated with Pfizer’s vaccine, prompting the province of Quebec to delay the second Pfizer dose.
    • Abercorn Care Home in Scotland, which began COVID-19 vaccinations on Dec. 14 was home to an outbreak of the virus by Jan. 10 and the National Health Service for the region refused to comment on whether vaccinated residents were ill. A care home staff group founder told the Scottish Daily Record: “We have had members of our group whose parents have had the vaccine and then two weeks later have tested positive for coronavirus.”
    • All of the residents at a home in Inverness, Scotland were vaccinated against COVID early in January, but 17 became infected with the virus after the first dose.

    The UK Medical Freedom Alliance — a group of doctors, scientists, lawyers and other professionals who advocate for informed consent in the UK — published an urgent open letter to Nadhim Zahawi, Minister for COVID-19 vaccine deployment; Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care; and two vaccine oversight agencies calling for an immediate audit of the deaths following vaccination in the UK.

    The group refers to graphs showing a surge in care home deaths and cites data from the Office for National Statistics that residents’ deaths tripled in the two weeks between January 8- 22 at a time when there was a massive increase in the rate of vaccinations in care homes.

    Similar graphs for Israel, Ireland, Bahrain and Jordan show a similar correlation.

    The UK Medical Freedom Alliance points to the “statistically insignificant” safety data on elderly people in COVID, who they say were “under-represented” in vaccine clinical trials.

    “We postulated that there may be increased vaccine side-effects in this group, which would only become apparent when many thousands of them had received vaccinations,” the letter states.

    The World Health Organization’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts updated its recommendations for Moderna’s vaccineadministration on Jan. 26 stating that while vaccination is recommended for older persons due to the risks of COVID infection, “very frail older persons with an anticipated life expectancy of less than 3 months” should not be automatically vaccinated but should be “individually assessed.”

    Originally published by Life Site News.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

We’ve Had Just About Enough of Bill Gates Ideas on Behavior Modification - Now Hes Gone Too Far

This is no theory of a conspiracy. This is Bill Gates being a total control freak. I for one I’ve had just about enough of Bill Gates ideas of behavior modification and moving us towards veggie burgers instead of cattle he’s buying up farmland in attempt to control not to enhance commerce and I do believe the commerce clause of the US Constitution has something to say about regulating commerce. The purpose for the regulation of commerce is to keep it fair and equitable and flowing. It is not to allow oligarchs to put others out of business intentionally because of a ideology. In fact doing so if it isn’t criminal should be. Every rancher and cattle operation in the United States should file lawsuits against this bastard simultaneously. Check out Brian Young‘s report on this it’ll leave your jaw dropped.

Here is the Bill Gates 60 Minutes interview -

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Bobby Kennedy Jr. Claims Dr. Fauci and Gates Foundation Will Make Billions on Coronavirus Vaccine

By Joe Hoft 

Bobby Kennedy Jr., the son of the late former US Attorney General and the nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy, is warning the world of the perils of vaccinations. He claims the push for more vaccines is all about the money.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. was on a podcast this past week where he dropped some bombs about the perils of vaccinations.  In his interview at the 50:00 minute mark, Kennedy shares the following:

You have the Vaccine Act of 86.  Now you have a project that has no liability so they have no incentive to make it safe.  Not only that they don’t have to test it and in fact they have an incentive not to test it because the only way you can get sued under the Vaccine Act is if you can show that the company knew of an injury and didn’t list it on the manufacturer’s insert.

So there’s an incentive to know as little about the product as possible.  And, you can’t sue them, and there’s no market force that keeps them in check.  Because you can say that the vaccine is mandated for 78 million kids.  And, so the industry got together and manufacturers said, holy cow, now we have a product that has no liability, and that’s the biggest cost for drugs.  So they said, number one, we don’t have to test it, that’s a huge cost avoided.  Number two, there’s no liability and that’s the biggest cost avoided.  Number three, there’s no marketing or advertising costs, because it’s mandated.  So it’s just like printing money.

TRENDING: THEY GOT CAUGHT: Dominion Owned Machines Removed 6% of Votes from Each Windham, New Hampshire GOP Candidate - Same Machines Used in 85% of Towns (VIDEO REPORT FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE)

If you can get a vaccine on the CDC’s recommended schedule it averages about a billion dollars annually in pure profits for your company .  When I was a kid I got three vaccines and was fully compliant and today’s kids get 72 vaccines.

At the 59:00 minute mark, Kennedy shares the money and connections between Dr. Fauci and the Gates Foundation:

A year ago in May 2019, Bobby Kennedy Jr’s relatives penned an op-ed at far left Politico and ranted against Bobby’s warnings about vaccinations

As parents and concerned citizens, we stand behind the hard work of scientists and public health professionals at organizations like the WHO and the Department of Health and Human Services, whether in the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the Food and Drug Administration. Their tireless efforts guide the development, testing and distribution of safe and effective vaccines against 16 diseases, including measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis, polio, diphtheria, tetanus, influenza and HPV. The necessity and safety of vaccines are backed up by every major medical organization, including the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Public Health Association and scores of others.

Tony Fauci has many, many vaccine patents… and there’s one vaccine patent that he has that is a way of packaging a coronavirus with some other vaccine … in a protein sheet… and then delivering it through a vaccine… he somehow ended up owning that patent… Tony Fauci will be able to cash in …. So Fauci’s agency will collect half the royalties for that vaccine [related to the coronavirus].

DISCLAIMER: We at RTR Truth Media are in the process of corroborating the claims made by Robert Kennedy. Although we are inclined to believe him as his credibility is strongly positive, I just felt the need to let folks know as I always have told all of you, I don’t claim something to be 100% true unless I have seen, witnessed or experienced it for myself or one of my team has. 

RTR TRUTH MEDIA - Interesting Facts:

“Microsoft published a patent for a ‘cryptocurrency system using body activity data.’ This patent is filed under the number W02020060606A1.”


The main piece of legislation that’s been introduced to fund contact tracing around the nation — at a cost of billions of tax dollars — is numbered H.R. 6666.



Exposing and Ending the Zionist Occupation and Stranglehold on America


America is now held captive in a Zionist stranglehold in what has appeared to be an ever tightening grip.

Banking, Congress, Politicians and most Elected Officials, and also most USG officials in general are under the near complete control of an alien invasion force called World Zionism.

And to make matters even worse as if they weren’t bad enough already, World Zionists now have their own secret Occupation Force inside America right now, which was created through the use of Nuclear blackmail.(1)

This Zionist Occupation force inside America is called Homeland Security (DHS) and was set up by the former East German Stasi head Marcus Wolfe to serve World Zionists as a Stasi-type Internal Police State Mechanism inside America.

World Zionism (WZ) is run out of the City of London Financial District by Rothschild Family dominated private Zionist Central Banksters with the American private Federal Reserve System one of its main franchisees.

The City of London has been the primary source of all the large wars, mass death and the Hell on earth that has existed since its inception. The City of London, a known center of Luciferianism  aka Satanic cult activity, became even more demonic and evil after the Rothschild Family took it over by covert means when Napoleon was defeated.

The first major beachhead these WZs obtained in America was their bought and paid for passage of the illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act in 1913.

The City of London Zionists invaded America in 1913 with the Unconstitutional fraudulent passage of the Federal Reserve Act, illegally passed on a Friday night right before Christmas with no quorum present and lots of bribed, bought-off congress-critters. This fraudulent illegal, Unconstitutional act has been the wellspring of all kinds of massive corruption and Hell inside America and the world ever since.

Mayer_Amschel_RothschildEver since the Crown lost the Revolutionary War to the Colonies the City of London Banksters have been hard at work trying to take it back. These World Zionists working out of the City of London have been completely obsessed with hijacking America, using it to fight its wars, asset stripping it bare, and occupying it with their own private Secret Police placed in control over all American law Enforcement, Intel and Alphabets.

The Rothschild Banking family acquired more wealth than three major Nation-States and desired to covertly set up its own Nation-State for political cover.

The Rothschild banking Family acquired so much wealth in Europe (Germany, France, and England) from Babylonian Money-Magick, Pernicious Usury, and War-Profiteering, that they decided to set up their own nation-state to provide protection and cover for their vast holdings.

This was the long planned nation of Israel which was deigned to fulfill this need for a Zionist action-agent Cutout but also a means to depopulate Palestine and get control of Jerusalem to seat their own NWO Luciferian Ruler, the Anti-Christ.

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws” –Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

“Give me control of the credit of a nation, and I care not who makes the laws.” –Nathaniel Meyer Rothschild 1912

“I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money Supply.” –Nathan Rothschild

“The few who could understand the system (cheque, money, credits) will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.–Nathan Rothschild

“Terrorism, War and Bankruptcy are caused by the privatization of money, issued as debt and compounded by interest.”  –Napoleon (2)

Mayer Amschel Rothschild infiltrated and hijacked the City of London private Central Banking System and revitalized and re-energized Teutonic Zionism. World Zionism under the Rothschild family direction went on to create Bolshevism and Nazism leading to the so-called “Holocaust”. This was used by the WZs to create and engender a strong Racial Persecution Delusion among Judaics designed to mind-kontrol them to serve the needs of World Zionism.

The World Zionists are once again setting up their sheep-like followers, mainstream Judaics to become their scapegoats as the the world catches on the all the evil and Hell these WZs have created all over the World through their Cutouts which many view as Judaic leaders. It is time for all Judaics to wake up and understand the WZ’s game plan and stop being mind-kontrolled by them, because they are once again being set up to be their scapegoats, while the true perps, a small number of top WZs escape out the back door. If mainstream Judaics fail to “wake up” and begin to understand this mind-kontrol op, especially those in Israel, they are likely to once again find themselves in Internment Camps, only this time it will be less likely for any to survive.

The reason is that all over the World nation-states and their masses are beginning to understand all the worldwide despair, Hell and death has been created by World Zionism from the city of London using their main Cutouts Israel, and their various espionage fronts inside America like AIPAC (which control Congress). As the whole World catches on to the massive unfathomable evil produced by the WZs all over the world they will want big time revenge on all the WZ visible Cutouts including Israel, and the USG also.

The World is catching on the WZ’s game plan and has now created the BRICS Nations Development Bank and Trading Bloc as a reaction against the City of London Babylonian-Money Magick with its FIAT “pretend Money”, pernicious usury and attempts to capture the the whole world in debt-slavery.

It is probably true that the new BRICS Economic Union is a reaction from this new understanding around the World and a serious attempt to decapitate the the World Zionists from their phony FIAT based imaginary money system where users have to pay the interest and principal back on this phony so-called money that is supposed to be theirs in the first place. No wonder that AIPAC controlled stooges in the CIA and on Congressional Intel Committees are now secretly fighting a proxy war for Israel and the WZs in he Ukraine using thousands of “Blackwater style” private mercenary special operators. Don’t expect to read this in the Controlled Major mass media soon.

AIPAC is a WZ/Israeli espionage front inside America and is pushing its captive owned and blackmailed US Congress hard to fight additional wars for Israel in the Mideast and the Ukraine.

AIPAC wants to take these covert CIA and Mossad mercenary wars in Syria, the Ukraine and now Iraq (again!)  mainstream and manipulate the US Military High Command to deploy a full scale air and ground war. So far the High Command has resisted this claiming that they need more time to study satellite inputs and analyze options.Expect more dragging and excuses as the WZs and their main Cutouts AIPAC and Israeli leaders push hard to draw the American Military into full scale air and ground wars in Syria, Iran, the Ukraine and now Iraq again.

A major AIPAC and Israeli effort on behalf of the City of London WZ Banksters is to provoke a full scale nuclear WW# between Russia and America, while the top WZs plan to hide in DUMBs.

Yes, AIPAC and their WZs controllers in Israel and the City of London want a new full scale war between America and Russia starting in the Ukraine, and preferably a nuclear WW3. So far the US High Military command is reluctant to get involved since they believe this would result in mass death for most of the world’s populations, which is what the  WZs want because they are a Luciferian Death Cult hell bent on destroying 90% of the World’s population.

Yes, it was the City of London Rothschilds that devised the so-called Holocaust as their “fiery Sacrifice” to Lucifer to create a special imaginary racial construct and class for Judaics that would be protected from criticism of the world, due to their phony construct of Anti-Semitism. 

This phony paranoid racial construct and superiority delusion would provide adequate cover to use Judaics world wide as cover for the WZ’s numerous criminal activities known today as the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS). 

It has now been shown by peer reviewed genetic research from John Hopkins University that over 90% of all Israeli have no ancient Hebrew Blood at all, but are mostly Khazarians and some Askenazis from East Europe (thus they are not Semites at all).

City of London World Zionists (WZs) are the New Crusaders.

It is important to realize that World Zionists are the New Crusaders, obsessed with taking the whole Mideast and Jerusalem too, and plan to depopulate much of this area. They also plan to clear the land by provocation of a nuclear war in the Mideast and then rebuild Jerusalem to seat their NWO Luciferian Anti-Christ.

Many Zionists are not Judaics or believers in Judaism, and most Judaics are not Zionists, however many Judaics are easily conned by WZs and provide suppprot for their Luciferian anti-human activities all over the World as well as in Palestine.

Many believers in the Judaic Faith are quite easily conned and used by these City of London World Zionists, being manipulated by their belief in a sinister, crafty paranoid racial survival delusion which was set up by the City of London World Zionists before and during WW2 using Internment Camps.

Some Judaic Rabbis have exposed the lies, deceit, and manipulation of World Zionism against members of the Judaic Faith, suggesting that the WZs hijacked Judaism and used it for Political Cover:

Now who are the real Semites?

On the other hand over 80% of Palestinians have been shown to carry Ancient Hebrew Blood from Abraham, making them true Semites. Now who are the real anti-Semites here and who set up this Israeli/Judaic Racial Fraud in the first place? Yes, it was the WZs working out of the City of London Financial District. Very crafty, huh? Only now the truth is finally out and the WZ con game which motivates their fake Hebrew Cutouts is collapsing like a House of Cards in a strong wind of Truth, thanks to the Alternative Media of the Worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press.

Rothschild Illuminati private Zionist central banking is Luciferian and empowered by the evil of the dark side, including the use of ancient Babylonian Money-Magick and the Black Arts (Covert Satanism presented as Luciferianism to appear more acceptable to top Freemasons).

Babylonian Money-Magick and Pernicious Usury are Occult-driven Black Art from the Dark-side and just like tax collecting, few normal humans want anything to do with this. Those who participate have always been looked down on as somehow subhuman, which is an accurate appraisal because these activities are evil, anti-human and harm society in general. Islamics must be given credit for realizing this and outlawing it in their societies. These activities are essentially anti-human and evil.

Insiders have claimed for many years that the City of London World Zionists have been anointed and empowered because of their black arts/dark-side worship of Lucifer aka Satan. And that they have sold their very souls to Lucifer by making Blood Contracts and receiving untold wealth, status and power in return.

The simple fact is that it is known that the Rothschild private central Banksters and all their World Zionist associates all over the world are part of a very secret Luciferian Cult, aka a worldwide Satanic Cult which uses a the top levels of Freemasonry and other occult organizations as cover.

It is important to understand the relationship of the WZ leaders of Israel to the Rothschild City of London WZs.

Israel was founded by well developed, detailed and specifically deployed Covert Actions of the City of London Rothschild World Zionist private Central Bankers. The WZs in the City of London had decades long plans to institute a “Holocaust” (translated from the Old English as “Fiery Sacrifice”) to create a strong Racial Paranoid Delusion which would keep many Judaics captive to the WZ’s system of world conquest, working as virtual mind-kontrolled slaves.(3)

The problem now is that Hamas was set up, trained, financed and is now equipped to fire large rocket bottles harmlessly into Israel to provide a needed “justification” to mass-murder innocent Palestinian Civilians including many women and children in order to steal more Palestinian Land and have an operating excuse (albeit flimsy) to genocide the Palestinian People and seize more of their land.


You just can’t make this stuff up. As the nation has been turned upside down in the aftermath of the 2020 election, the Trump camp has been adamant that there was election fraud committed. 

        While I have been extremely critical of the Trump administration ever since “take the guns first, worry about due process later”, red flag “extreme risk protection orders” complete violation of Constitutional prohibitions placed upon government, even I could clearly see the obvious agenda playing out. And those of us who called it out or called the most vile names. And even worse those people that took the capital, the real sad part of this, is that they were right. They were not the ones guilty of insurrection. In fact when anyone within the government or factions thereof or any portion of the governed within undermines the election, it is the duty and obligation of every able bodied US Citizen to defend it.  That is what US Citizens pledge by taking part in that corporate body politic.    And while I watch the main stream media tow the line of big corporations and social media companies, while I’ve watched politicians also impeach Trump, actually having the audacity to impeach the 45th President of the United States for allegedly inciting insurrection or some politicians would say inciting the erection, after watching many of the same accusers in actuality call for violence against Trumps supporters for the past several years, according to Time magazine, it is in reality the exact opposite. 

      We have witnessed what Time magazine refers to openly as an actual conspiracy to disenfranchise those who took to the polls and thought their voice mattered. In a blatant admission the Times reporter, feeling so self righteous and brazen, the entire crime is revealed. So much for that impeachment. If this article does not result in indictments and for the real actual winner to be rightfully exhonorated and restored, than the US INC is just another victim of a hostile corporate takeover. And remember - I am neither a Trump supporter, Q cult follower,  or a Republican. I consider myself a free thinking American citizen of the Republic of Arizona, which is my nation, which is a member of the Union. But I long ago freed myself of the left right controlled paradigm and cult of statism. My observations are based on Constitutional jurisprudence, fact, and truth. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2021


This poor woman who apparently has too much money and too little time, searches the Internet comes across QAnon and CNN is all over it like white on rice. The cult of the Communist news network interviewing a woman who built the cult of her own cult of one add with it some disinformation and yet another fake news story designed to make anyone who dares to question what the main stream media has to say. 

Brian Young from HighImpactFlix breaks down the nonsense that is CNN.

Monday, February 8, 2021

When Murdering a Good Man on His Way to Facilitate a Peaceful Meeting with a Sheriff and Who Honorably Only Seeks Justice is Not Corrected - Freedom is a Fleeting Memory of Days Past

Original article title : Dubious decisions in LaVoy Finicum shooting case revealed in trial of acquitted FBI agent

Forward by Tom Lacovara-Stewart
Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Occupier
Alternative Media journalist, radio talk show host 
American history educator, historian, father who misses his son every day, and friend of LaVoy Finicum who not a day passes that I don’t thank God I had the privilege of it all. 

Allow me to explain why I posting this article on my site... for posterity, out of respect for my friend LaVoy who I rode with just the day before he was gunned down for the heinous crime of being on his way to meet with the Sheriff of Grant County Oregon, Sheriff Palmer. There was absolutely no reason whatsoever that anyone needed to die. They wanted him dead. Imagine if Sheriff Palmer had deputized all of us. Imagine if we were able to arrest the corrupt bastards. It takes special types of order following cowards to shoot a man in the back 3 times after hitting him with a rubber bullet in the front to make it look like he is reaching for a gun that only a select few of us “knew” where it was, which was on his dash under the Indian blanket. I’ll see you at the gates of hell... they won’t let me in. Afraid I might take over. But I’ll see you there. I hope you lay in bed sleepless every night thinking about LaVoys kids and grandkids...    and his foster kids. That man did more good in 10 minutes than you FBI gunmen do in a lifetime. I’m sorry .... I held back. Would you like me to tell you how I really feel?  

My respect to Maxine. For primarily a liberal writer, I think she was objective, as fair as anyone could hope for and she has my respect. 

When a man witnesses an injustice, and he shakes his head.confounded and does little more than complain, he becomes worse than the man who commits it. At least that man acts as he is. At least he is true to his own evil self. What of the man who does nothing knowing he has witnessed injustice and potentially injury to others?

First -   A Humble Warriors Prayer 
by Tom Lacovara-Stewart
Dear God I implore You, give me the courage to stand up to tyranny, the wisdom to not make it worse by rash impulsive actions.
Grant me the use of words that they may inspire those to turn from their evil ways, and spare us violence, but dear God nomatter my age, give me the steady hand and keen eye, the quickness of the draw and the good weather or caution to keep my powder dry... if it need be... and Lord, please do not let anyone die but if you do, let it be they who would never have received the truth and never hope to have been a better man. 
I pray you only use me as an instrument of necessity, not of glory or revenge, but simply of honorable justice if there be no other way. But if there be no other way let it be me that won’t hesitate. And please let it be me rather than my son. 


(Scene of the FBI and Oregon state police confrontation with refuge occupation spokesman Robert "LaVoy" Finicum on U.S. 395 on Jan. 26, 2016. / FBI video screenshot)


The Portland trial of an FBI agent acquitted in the chaotic highway confrontation that led to the collapse of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation revealed a series of dubious decisions and questionable police practices.

Both FBI agents and Oregon State Police officers used problematic tactics during and after what some witnesses described as a tumultuous and unexpected showdown at a roadblock on U.S. 395 in eastern Oregon.

Testimony in the trial of W. Joseph Astarita, a member of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team, disclosed shots fired in apparent confusion, an unusual delay in securing the crime scene and a supervisor and another officer giving updates on the investigation to one of the two state police officers who fired fatal shots that day.

The FBI’s Inspection Division will now do an administrative review of the agents’ actions and recommend improvements.

“They’ll identify weaknesses. They’ll identify mistakes, and they’ll take actions to correct them,’’ said Greg Bretzing, the FBI special agent in charge at the time of the 2016 shooting case. He has since retired.

State police wouldn’t comment on whether any changes to policies or practices have been made by the agency, citing a lawsuit by the family of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, the 54-year-old occupation spokesman shot and killed at the roadblock. One of the state police SWAT officers who fatally shot Finicum was promoted since the shooting.

(Refuge occupier Ryan Payne, on right, during the armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge./ Les Zaitz) 

Among the issues:

-- Did an initial 40mm rubber bullet fired at surrendering refuge occupier Ryan Payne escalate the attempt to arrest the refuge occupation’s leaders?

An FBI agent seemed to think so. He cursed at the state police SWAT trooper, Bob Olson, who fired the round as Payne appeared to surrender when police first stopped the occupiers on U.S. 395 to arrest them.

Payne, a militia member from Montana and one of the architects of the January 2016 armed refuge takeover, was in the front seat of Finicum’s idling truck. He put his head and hands out of the truck window in what appeared to be an attempt to surrender.

FBI agent Justin Travis Elkins testified that he had his eyes trained on Payne and the state police officer's shot "was totally unexpected.''

Elkins heard another FBI agent, Tim Dugan, turn to the state police officer and yell, "WTF was that?!'' Elkins said Payne was following commands and the shot escalated the stop.

State police said Payne hesitated and was shot in the hand with the rubber round.

Payne then got out of the truck and was taken into custody. But Finicum sped off in his truck with three others in the back seat headed toward the roadblock about a mile north on the remote highway where more FBI agents and state police officers waited.

-- A state police SWAT officer identified only as Officer 1 took three shots as Finicum’s truck raced toward the roadblock. He fired even though he acknowledged that he didn’t see the driver or passengers in the truck.

Though Officer 1 said he was supposed to be in a command role at the roadblock and directing others to act, he said he shot at Finicum's truck to get it to slow down or veer off.

On cross-examination, Officer 1 said he couldn't see into the truck.

One shot hit the front of the truck’s hood. Another hit the front grill. A third struck the driver’s side mirror.

FBI agent Astarita, in contrast, said he aimed his rifle at Finicum’s truck but didn’t shoot because he couldn’t see the driver or who was inside.

State police have kept Officer 1’s name secret, saying they fear he might face threats for the subsequent fatal shooting of Finicum. Officer 1 and a second state SWAT officer identified only as Officer 2 later shot Finicum in the back after he was seen reaching into his jacket where police said he had a loaded 9mm handgun in an inside jacket pocket.

(U.S. 395 was blocked for several hours after the fatal police shooting of occupation spokesman Robert "LaVoy" Finicum. /Dave Killen)

-- Investigators didn’t put up crime scene tape to preserve evidence or set up a log tracking who was coming and going at the roadblock until more than three hours after Finicum was shot.

Testimony from state police and FBI agents showed they were unclear about who was in charge of the scene until investigators from the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office and Tri-County Major Crime Team arrived.

It also took time for investigators to arrive to the remote location. Some state police took a more-than-two-hour detour to avoid potential conflicts on U.S. 395, having been told other militia members might arrive at the scene.

A Deschutes County sheriff’s detective described a 12-car police caravan responding from Bend, hampered by what he described as a mobile command center traveling slowly “like an old bread truck.’’ Investigators arrived on the scene about 1:30 a.m. Jan. 27, 2016. The shooting occurred about 4:34 p.m. on Jan. 26, 2016.

The crime scene log wasn't started until more than four hours after the shooting and the scene wasn't taped off until about five hours later, testimony showedBefore the tape went up, FBI infrared video showed unidentified FBI agents walking through the scene and picking things up, according to court testimony.

(Oregon State Police Superintendent Travis Hampton speaks at the Oregon U.S. attorney's office after the indictment of FBI Agent W. Joseph Astarita was announced./Stephanie Yao Long)

-- Travis Hampton, then a state police major and now head of the agency, communicated via text with Officer 1 in the days leading up to Officer 1’s first interview with detectives investigating the shooting.  

A witness to the fatal shooting, state trooper Joey Pollard, was assigned to be Officer 1’s so-called “buddy’’ officer after the shooting. That meant Pollard drove Officer 1 back to Bend that night and continued to communicate with Officer 1 before and after his Jan. 31 interview.  Pollard also drove Officer 1 and Officer 2 home after their initial processing at the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office the night of the shooting.

Pollard had been in the tree line on the west side of the highway as Finicum stepped away from his truck in a snowbank. Pollard yelled commands at Finicum, initially aiming a handgun at him, but then switched to a Taser.  Officers 1 and 2 both said they worried Pollard was in harm’s way.

Pollard also was present when a state police forensic scientist examined Finicum’s truck and a bullet hole to the roof. Pollard shared what he learned with Officer 1, according to trial testimony.

Most police agencies give gag orders to officers who are either involved in a shooting or witnesses to a shooting, requiring them not to communicate with other officers involved to avoid having them compare or share information that could affect their individual statements.

Officer 1 also wasn’t interviewed about his role in the shooting until five days after it happened.

Portland police require an officer to be interviewed by internal affairs within 48 hours of a shooting.

Los Angeles-based police consultants say the best practice is to interview an officer involved in a shooting the night of the incident. Delaying the interview negatively impacts investigations and undermines public confidence, according to Michael Gennaco, a former federal civil rights prosecutor who now leads The County of Los Angeles' Office of Independent Review, known as the OIR group.

(Law enforcement officials gather in Bend for a March 2016 press conference, where they announced that the fatal Jan. 26, 2016, shooting of refuge occupation spokesman Robert "LaVoy" Finicum/Beth Nakamura)

-- State police went along with unusual demands by the FBI to interview the agents from the Hostage Rescue Team as a group and not record them.

Conducting a group interview of officers -- whether they fired shots or witnessed a shooting -- is unheard of, state police detective Scott Hill testified.

But Hill said he agreed to the ultimatum because he was afraid none of the agents would talk if he didn’t. Hill was part of a state task force, led by the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office, investigating the shooting.

The reason given why an FBI supervisor demanded the group interview in February 2016 came out at the end of the trial.

In his closing argument, defense attorney David Angeli told jurors that the agents didn’t have legal representation with them since they were so far from home, FBI headquarters in Quantico, Virginia. They apparently wanted safety in numbers without a lawyer there.

But it’s likely that the Hostage Rescue Team agents consulted with a legal representative from the FBI Agents Association and could have had someone on the phone for any interview or flown out to help them.

“Had I known earlier there was a serious question about who shot and whether HRT agents were implicated, I would have involved the FBI’s Inspection Division for the benefit of all involved,’’ said Bretzing, Oregon’s FBI agent in charge at the time.

Investigators from the FBI’s Inspection Division wouldn’t have agreed to a group interview, he said.

The Hostage Rescue Team is reportedly considering requiring a legal representative travel with the team on its missions.

(The truck refuge occupation spokesman Robert "LaVoy" Finicum was driving on Jan. 26, 2016 when he raced from a police stop and swerved into a snowbank to avoid a police roadblock on U.S. 395/ Deschutes County Sheriff's Office) 

-- State police, ordinarily required to wear body cameras, agreed not to wear the cameras during the arrests of the occupation leaders to protect the identities of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team agents.

State police detectives also normally record interviews of officers who might be involved in a shooting.

However, they didn't the night of the shooting when questioning the FBI Hostage Rescue Team members, again at the FBI's request, or during the February interview of the agents.

No one testified why the FBI didn’t want their interviews recorded.

The FBI typically doesn’t record such interviews. If the FBI’s Inspection Division had done the interview, the federal investigator would write up a report of the agent’s statement, the agent could make changes and then swear that it was true, providing a signed sworn statement.

In this case, the Hostage Rescue Team agents had someone who wasn’t at the scene write a “communal’’ FBI report on what they saw or did that day.

(Greg Bretzing, Oregon's FBI special agent in charge, at a March 2016 news conference, announcing the investigation into FBI Hostage Rescue Team agents)

-- Astarita and his colleagues on the Hostage Rescue Team each testified that they did a standard security items check, walking around the shooting scene to look for remnants of flash-bang grenades such as pins and other personal gear after Finicum was killed.

But a former head of the FBI’s training program for new agents -- who also trained Astarita in 2005 -- said nothing should have been moved at the shooting scene. And if it was moved for safety reasons, he said, the shooting investigators should have been told.

The investigators testified that they learned that FBI agents scoured the scene only after the fact by watching video from FBI planes monitoring the operation. Further, other flash-bang grenades and pins remained at the scene after the video caught the suspected agents bending down and picking things up at the scene, according to trial testimony.

Bretzing, Oregon’s head FBI agent at the time, testified that the search was unusual and concerning.

(The bullet strikes to Finicum's truck / Court exhibit)

-- Shooting investigators could find only two shell casings of eight shots fired at the roadblock. And the FBI didn’t turn over their guns for immediate examination.

Both of those things hampered the investigation, prosecutors said.

Had an FBI agent fired his rifle that day, the agent is required to alert a supervisor, who would call out the bureau’s Shooting Incident Response Team to investigate, seize the weapon and conduct a full inquiry into the shooting.

None of the agents’ rifles were immediately examined by the FBI or the shooting investigators because none of the agents said they fired that night.

After the shooting investigators found an unaccounted-for bullet hole in the roof of Finicum’s truck, FBI supervisors again asked all the Hostage Rescue Team agents if they had fired any rounds.

Astarita and his boss who was also at the roadblock, supervisory agent B.M., said they independently examined their own rifles in their 10-person tent at the tactical operations center at Burns airport a day or two after the shooting. They didn't find anything unusual to report, they testifiedB.M.'s identity also was shrouded because the FBI said he was on active duty with the Army Reserves, involved in special operations.

Astarita was acquitted on charges that he lied when he denied taking two shots at Finicum’s truck at the roadblock after it crashed into a snowbank. One bullet hit the roof of the truck and the other missed as Finicum got out of the truck with his hands up at the roadblock, investigators said. No one has acknowledged taking the shots.

Officer 1 fired three times at Finicum’s truck as it bore down on the roadblock and then two shots that struck Finicum when he walked away from the truck. Officer 2 fired one bullet that hit Finicum.

 (FBI tactical gear/ FBI) 

-- FBI supervisory agent  Mike Ferrari testified that the FBI recently has standardized how its SWAT operators load their rifle magazines. They now must put in 28 bullets.

Ferrari said the change didn’t stem from this case but because of a number of incidents throughout the FBI. He did not explain what those incidents involved.

- interjection by RTR Truth Media... we have the technology that each bullet an officer loads could be marked by adding nano-dye.

In this case, none of the FBI’s rifles were examined by investigators the night of the shooting.

The number of rounds initially loaded into Officer 1’s rifle became a point of contention during the trial. The defense argued Officer 1 could have taken the two disputed shots; Officer 1 said he loaded his rifle magazine with 29 bullets and 24 were remaining, confirming his account that he fired five shots that day and not the two disputed rounds. The defense countered that Officer 1’s rifle capacity is 31 bullets.

--Maxine Bernstein