Tuesday, February 16, 2021

We’ve Had Just About Enough of Bill Gates Ideas on Behavior Modification - Now Hes Gone Too Far

This is no theory of a conspiracy. This is Bill Gates being a total control freak. I for one I’ve had just about enough of Bill Gates ideas of behavior modification and moving us towards veggie burgers instead of cattle he’s buying up farmland in attempt to control not to enhance commerce and I do believe the commerce clause of the US Constitution has something to say about regulating commerce. The purpose for the regulation of commerce is to keep it fair and equitable and flowing. It is not to allow oligarchs to put others out of business intentionally because of a ideology. In fact doing so if it isn’t criminal should be. Every rancher and cattle operation in the United States should file lawsuits against this bastard simultaneously. Check out Brian Young‘s report on this it’ll leave your jaw dropped.

Here is the Bill Gates 60 Minutes interview -

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