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A wolf in sheep’s clothing – the Fabian Society’s coat of arms, via Wikipedia
A look back to October 2016 - Fabian Socialism, in its strictest sense refers to a group of Brits who sought to advance democratic socialism. The difference between the Fabians and other, less patient socialists, was that they were willing to wait while the movement moved toward their ends. The Fabians did not need armed revolution to succeed. The nefarious Fabians’ patience was their great strength. Like the frog in a boiling pot, by the time their targets had thrown away their freedoms, it would be too late to retreat. The terms “Fabian” and “Fabianism” in this piece refer more to slow socialist growth, rather than the original group, The Fabian Society, or its aims. And the author sees its current growth ensured by two poor, presidential, candidates.
This election is the quickest jump toward socialism, along with the least ability to avoid socialism, in the 21st century. Hillary Clinton reflects the most vindictive and dangerous candidate of our lives. Donald Trump reflects the most liberal and dangerous republican candidate of our lives. Her way is that of a European socialist – someone from a Soviet satellite – but with the Soviet chairman’s power. His way is a muddled, stumbling walk in the dark to find solutions.
While there were articulate, and better educated candidates in the republican field – Trump won the primary. For many, the choice is now between big government, or big government light. An entire movement has developed just to reject Trump. Conservatives especially feel abandoned. Hillary’s promised miseries speak for themselves. They listen to Trump’s words, and cringe at them, too.
Trump promises big government – although his is not flagrant as Hillary’s – his is through ignorance. He promises trade restrictions and tariffs to “protect American jobs”. What he neglects to consider, is its slow move toward big government (and central planning) that represents. Indeed, when has government installed trade restrictions, and made things more affordable?
How about Obamacare? Repealing or repairing it is still a pipe dream. Republicans in Congress just wring their hands. The naiveté that it takes to believe trade restrictions work, while maintaining freedoms at home, is stunning. Milton Friedman makes the claim that political freedoms and economic freedoms work hand in hand. When one ebbs, so does the other. Where markets expand, freedoms grow. Where the markets restrict, freedoms evaporate.
Image from
What about farm subsidies? They are further example of government meddling with free markets. Does the reader see what happens to Congressmen who dare toy with the idea of cutting them? The Congressman’s next elections tend to be rocky, and may force a career change. Those subsidies are there for good. Granted, the freedoms and profits lost are by overseas farmers, but they are gone. The foreign farmers have to grow something else, or give up farming, since it is no longer competitive.
The expectation of Hillary’s corrupt, train wreck, administration is as plain as day. The effect of protectionism that Trump promises means (unnecessarily) higher prices for Americans’ purchases. But it seems – the eight, Fabian, Obama years, taught us nothing. Make no mistake – Trump represents more of the same slide leftward for the GOP. The Reagan years are gone, but there is no excuse for continually embracing bigger government in the succeeding decades.
If you claim there is a certain amount of slow growth of socialism that is “acceptable” – you praise the light burn of the range element you sit atop. And it means a reduction in freedoms for Americans for ever. And that slow, methodical, boiling should have the smart frogs rejecting it, always. But some frogs will believe anything, and they likely think themselves more equal than other frogs…

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This is a dual report from RTR Truth Media and High Impact Flix's Brian Young. We are engaged in an information war....and there is a war on for your mind. You decide if we are right or wrong. Unlike the mainstream media we will not tell you who to believe but to evaluate the quality of the information presented.


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Posted by John Lamb

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‘I am innocent.’ Imprisoned Kentucky Amish man seeks pardon from President Trump

November 14, 2018
Updated November 15th 2018
The Kentucky Amish farmer serving a federal sentence for mislabeling herbal health products now seeks a pardon from President Donald Trump.
Samuel Girod has filed a petition with the U.S. Department of Justice pardon attorney. Girod, 58, is serving time at the satellite camp of the Federal Correctional Institution, Ashland, a minimum security prison. He was sentenced to six years but his scheduled release is early April 2022, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
The petition is listed online as seeking a commutation or reduction of sentence, but the application indicates that Girod seeks a pardon.
Girod, a member of the Old Order Amish faith, was sentenced in June 2017 for obstructing a federal agency and selling herbal health products that were not labeled as required by federal law.
“The court system is seriously broken in Lexington, Ky.,” Girod wrote in his application, a copy of which was mailed to the Lexington Herald-Leader. The website for the U.S. pardon attorney confirmed that it had received Girod’s application.
Girod was convicted in March 2017 on 13 charges, including threatening a person in an attempt to stop him from providing information to a grand jury. The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld his conviction earlier this year.
Nevertheless, Girod wrote in the application, “I am innocent. My intentions and my actions has always been to help others.”
In a June letter addressed to President Trump included in the mailing to the Herald-Leader, Girod wrote, “As Amish, we live a simple life and would never knowingly break any law(s) of this great nation. … I represented myself and never had the full understanding as to the consequences.
“President Trump, thank you in advance for reviewing my case. I look forward to being reunited with family shortly.”
Girod became a cause for some who saw him as a victim of the federal government. About 75 supporters of Girod, including many Amish, gathered near the federal courthouse in downtown Lexington before and after his sentencing.
Girod operated a business in Bath County that made products to be used for skin disorders, sinus infections and cancer.
One product called TO-MOR-GONE contained an extract of bloodroot that had a caustic, corrosive effect on human skin, according to an indictment.
A Missouri federal court had barred Girod from distributing the products until he met certain conditions, including letting the U.S. Food and Drug Administration inspect his business. But when two agents tried to inspect the plant in November 2013, Girod and others blocked them and made them leave, the indictment charged.
Federal prosecutors said in a sentencing memorandum that Girod knowingly and intentionally sold mislabeled products to customers and did not tell any of them about the injunction.
At trial, customers testified that they would not have purchased his products if they had known about the injunction. Girod argued that his products were not subject to the FDA because they were herbal remedies, not drugs.
Rev. Alan Hoyle, a spokesman for a group of Amish people from Bath Co., defends Amish salve maker Samuel A Girod, who faces federal prison time for selling improperly labeled salve on June 20, 2017, in Frankfort, Ky. Hoyle is not a member of the Amish
By Jack Brammer
He also argued that requiring FDA approval of his products infringed on his religious freedom. Old Order Amish seek to insulate themselves from the modern world, including modern pharmaceuticals.
Since taking office in 2017, President Trump has issued seven pardons and four commutations, according to the Office of the Pardon Attorney. Trump has also denied 82 requests for pardons and 98 requests for commutations.
Please share and click the link below to sign the petition to pardon Samuel Girod.

By Sally Oh on March 1, 2017 | Comments 2 | Affiliate Disclosure
Here’s a video explaining the entire thing, transcript with links below.
Let’s be clear about a couple of pertinent facts:
1. The FDA made up arbitrary rules, then accused Sam of breaking those rules.
2. There are no victims. Samuel Girod has hurt no one.
3. FDA-approved pharmaceutical drugs kill 1 person every 19 minutes. Merck’s FDA-approved Vioxx killed over 68,000 people. Nobody in Big Pharma goes to jail. They pay out billions in fines (after making billions in profits.) No companies close, nobody goes to jail. Nobody. Even after killing and harming 100s of thousands of people.
4. Sam Girod and his products have hurt no one.

The Story of the FDA v Samuel Girod

Samuel Girod and his family have been making and selling 3 all-natural herbal products for nearly 20 years. In all those years, one woman had a bad reaction to a salve (which Sam made right and the woman was fine).
No one has ever been harmed by the products, the Girods have pages of testimonials and scores of repeat customers.
The 3 products are: Original Chickweed, a beeswax, essential oils and olive oil salve; Sine-Eze, a blend of essential oils; and To-Mor-Gone, an herbal bloodroot product in a base of beeswax and olive oil aka “black salve”.
All of these products are currently ALSO made and sold online worldwide (including on Amazon) by other people using these same basic ingredients. The recipes are online as well, you can make them in your kitchen.


Sixteen years ago, in 2001, an FDA agent visited Sam at his home in IN and informed Sam that he could not claim his products could help skin cancer. At that time, the chickweed salve label said: “[g]ood for all skin disorders. Skin cancer, cuts, burns, draws, and poison ivy.”
According to the FDA, when you make a medical claim about a product, that means the product is a “drug. Therefore you have to do years of testing, costing millions of dollars to prove the claim.
Sam had to change his label or do the testing.
So Sam changed the label, removing the reference to skin cancer.
He asked the agent to get back to him on what label would be acceptable to the FDA. The agent said she would within three weeks but she never did.
The label now said, “[g]ood for skin disorders. Dry skin, cuts, burns, draws, and poison ivy.” No skin cancer reference.
Between 2001 and 2004, Sam was visited several times by FDA agents. When he asked the agents what was acceptable on the label, none would give
an answer.
Sam did not receive any further communication from the FDA until 2012.
In Jan 2012, someone called the FDA and reported that a store in MO was selling Chickweed Healing Salve and that medical claims were being made.
The FDA confiscated the products from the store and opened #Case 4:12-cv-00362-GAF on Sam. You will find a link to the complaint and a link to Sam’s answer in the transcript below.
This is Sam’s answer to the complaint:

In fact, here are all the court documents on Sam’s entire case. There are two folders: the 1st is for the labeling, the 2nd is for the criminal indictment.


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In a post shared by RTR Truth media contributor Kellie Ann Sonnier we see the collectivist agenda to destroy the nuclear family on behalf of the state exposed #CPS #ChildTrafficking #Collectivism

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JAKE MORPHONIOS - BLACKSTONE INTEL with TOM LACOVARA-STEWART - on the #PoliticalSchizophrenia of #ChristianZionism

Jake Morphonios of Blackstone Intelligence with Tom Lacovara-Stewart discuss the political schizophrenia of many Conservatives in regards to their support of the #Bolshevik created State of #Israel, his trip to #Palestine, and a variety of other subjects. Both Jake and Tom hold conservative Christian values and believe that moral consistency applied requires them to break free of the left right paradigm that divides many of us.

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Police Murder Hero Who Just Stopped a Mass Shooting

RTR TRUTH MEDIA - Manny's Blue Room Security guard Jemel Roberson who just stopped a mass shooting and apprehended one of the suspects was gunned down. He was wearing security attire, a security hat and was not firing upon the man he had in custody when police opened fire murdering him in cold blood. Now some people will say "they did not know" and that they were "just doing their jobs", but the fact of the matter is that the man was engaged in lawful activity and he saved a bunch of lives and managed NOT taking another life with his actions. When American law enforcement believe that their lives are more important, and that they are the only ones allowed to act in these situations it only enforces the false belief that they exist to protect us. When individuals show such respect to an organization comprised of cowards who will kill in alleged fear, rather than the old principle of not firing upon someone unless fired upon, it is long passed time to purge the ranks of these departments for individuals who are not cowards who are trained to shoot to kill if they become merely afraid of danger. Get another job. This will only endanger the public by causing a "chilling effect" on those who would and could act to save lives. Have the police become the social change agents to make us all think of guns in a "radically different way" via brainwashing as Eric Holder stated? Community Oriented Policing? The Sovietization of American Law Enforcement? Communitarianism at it's finest.

Report by the Chicago Tribune:

A security guard at a tavern in south suburban Robbins was fatally injured when shot by a police officer early Sunday, officials said.
Jemel Roberson, 26, was at Manny’s Blue Room, 2911 S. Claire Blvd., when gunfire erupted, officials said.
Police officers from several south suburban police departments responded to the call of shots fired at about 4 a.m., and a Midlothian police officer shot a security guard who subsequently was pronounced dead at a local hospital, according to Sophia Ansari, a sheriff’s office spokeswoman. The medical examiner’s office identified Roberson, of Chicago, as the man who died at the tavern.

Four other men at the tavern were wounded in the exchange of gunfire. The victims were transported to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn and Metro South Medical Center in Blue Island. None of their injuries were considered to be life-threatening, Ansari said.

Robbins Police Chief Roy Wells said the incident began as a verbal confrontation involving several men, although neither Wells nor Ansari were able to be specific about what provoked the dispute. The incident escalated when one of the men ran outside briefly, only to return with a pistol and began firing shots.

Gunfire was returned by a security person working in the bar at the time, officials said.

Sheriff’s police officers remained at the scene through Sunday, where an area of about one block surrounding the bar was cordoned off.

Cook County sheriff’s office personnel are handling investigation of the barroom incident, while Ansari said the Illinois State Police is handling the investigation of the Midlothian police officer’s actions.

Ansari would not identify the officer, while Midlothian police on Sunday declined to comment on the incident.

Gregory Tejeda is a freelance reporter for the Daily Southtown.


RTR TRUTH MEDIA - Tom Lacovara Stewart 
So the defense Minister of Israel resigns because apparently Netanyahu isn't even ruthless enough for him. Here is my question. How are we to believe that a nation who has a clear history of exposed and well known events of false flag terrorism has not repeatedly engaged in acts of self inflicted terrorism to justify more land theft, more displacement and more illegal settlements?    
What does Hamas or any Palestinian for that matter have to gain by these attacks that only causes Israelis to further justify brutal force and more and more tyrannical oppression? Does not the self defeating nature of that not leave serious questions as to "whom" is actually responsible for these attacks?
 Just asking a question.
The following is from Zerohedge.

Profile picture for user Tyler Durden

"If Lieberman resigns, Netanyahu will dissolve the Knesset" — report senior Israeli government sources following a formal announcement by Lieberman confirming he has quit his post as defense minister. 
Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman resigned his post after a dramatic escalation in Gaza since Sunday's controversial Israeli special forces assassination raid on a top Hamas commander, sparking a political crisis in Israel. He made a formal announcement of his exit Wednesday during a televised news conference.

In a rare public fissure over defense strategy Lieberman slammed Prime Minister Netanyahu for "surrendering to Hamas terror" over the prime minister agreeing to a ceasefire deal with Hamas on Tuesday. The ceasefire went into effect after two days of a record number of rockets fired out of Gaza, with the AP reporting 460 rockets and mortars in a 24-hour period, and an Israeli response of pummeling 160 Gaza targets.
Israel's Haaretz further indicated Lieberman was enraged over a recent statement from Netanyahu's office, which falsely indicated that he was fully behind the prime minister's push for a ceasefire with Hamas
Lieberman has also lately clashed with other officials over allowing Qatar to transfer $15m in humanitarian funds to Gaza, and granting Qatar access to supplying fuel operations in the strip. According to the outgoing defense chief, he was the only minister who took a stance against transferring funds to Hamas in a security cabinet meeting two weeks ago. He's competed with others within his own governing coalition over who's more hawkish on Gaza
"If I were to continue as defense minister I wouldn't be able to look the residents of the south in the eye," he said, according to the The Jerusalem Post, referencing Tuesday's ceasefire with Hamas. "This will severely harm our security in the long term," he added in comments directed at Netanyahu and his supporters.
"What we're doing now as a state is buying short-term quiet, with the price being severe long-term damage to national security," Lieberman said.
Lieberman announced further that his Yisrael Beitenu (Israel Our Home) party, which holds five seats in the 120-seat parliament, would leave the governing coalition and requested that new elections be held: "We should agree on a date for elections as early as possible," he said.
It's a major blow to Netanyahu and Israel's ruling coalition that's being described as nothing short of a huge crisis. It's further the domestic blowback of the weekend's adventurism in Gaza which led to Hamas successfully destroying an IDF bus with an anti-tank rocket. 

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MANIPULATING the AMERICAN MIND #BorderlineShooting - #Route91Harvest #LasVegasShooting - PARADISE is BURNING - ORDO AB CHAO - ORDER OUT of CHAOS

Edward Bernays could not have ever expected how well the main stream media and government political parasites would apply his theories on propaganda. As I began looking into this shooting at the Borderline Bar I found myself deeply disturbed by many facts that seem just so fantastic that it blows the mind. Manipulating the American mind through the use of real and or promulgated events has been a way governments, corporations, special interests and religions have used for centuries. To dismiss all of the questions as mere "Conspiracy Theories" is either indicative of ignorance, dishonesty, lazy journalism, or collusion.

Why would a pro-gun veteran post on social media:

 "the only thing you people do after these shootings is 'hopes and prayers'...or 'keep you in my thoughts'."    -  this has become a big time liberal talking point of the anti-gun crowd. Then we have the mother of an alleged victim saying no more thoughts and prayers - NO MORE GUNS!

I'm sorry, I do not mean to be cold hearted. But I do not believe the corporate media and I certainly do not believe official stories unless they have been properly investigated. As so far every mass shooting that has occurred, I have seen no testing on any suspect of substances known to have mind control properties and so as far as I am concerned, not one of those cases has been thoroughly investigated.  I have called to inquire about the testing and read autopsy reports. Nada ...Ziltch. Not any compound we know to be used by organized crime, intelligence agencies or that can be purchased off the street in Rio..

Let me say that I am not claiming no one died, or that the Sheriff reported killed did not die. This is not the point of this article to dispute these things. In fact, for a very real and successful false flag to be convincing and to solidify the psychological effect on local law enforcement agencies in following the goal of those who may be behind it, it would be reasonable to conclude that there were casualties. The questions are, was this authentic to the way it was reported. As so far evidence is showing this not to be the case from my perspective and opinion.


All the World's a Stage... #BorderLine Eyewitness "Oddities"

In an NBC report they said "Our Cold War adversaries are long gone, the new enemy is within". Let that statement sink in deep for a moment as you ponder the gun control agenda being pushed.

- Strange Facebook posts from shooter saying how people always pray after these events and refers to gun control
- his friend says it sounds nothing like him
- Video by Dallas Knapp or mr knapp on Instagram shows a relatively clean and empty bar. Over 200 people who fled and there are no drinks, purses, clothing, or any kind of mess to be seen.

The main video seen around the world and reported as a GRAPHIC VIDEO that wasn't the least bit graphic, was that of the man below. Dallas Knapp

Knapp also wrote in a post on Instagram, "That bastard will rot in f**king hell I have video of that scum of the earth I watched him kill and I would have gladly died to stop him. This man was scum nothing less killing women and men alike. I wish you are damned in hell."

He would have apparently gladly stopped him he says, after he fled. Don't get me wrong, I would not blame someone unarmed from fleeing from gun shots, but this video is highly dubious at best. And the reason I am so suspicious is that the main stream media is presenting it as verified evidence.

Dallas Knapp aspiring actor and model with family

Ian David Long, the accused gunman who killed 12 people at a country music bar, posted on social media during the deadly rampage, according to law enforcement officials. Now doesn't anyone find that just a little bit strange? Does it also not seem strange that the media has never even wondered if someone else was using his account?

The first call to law enforcement came in at 11:19 p.m. Wednesday, officials said. The authorities arrived at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California, three minutes later. They entered the building at 11:25 p.m


Long, 28, first posted on Instagram at 11:24 p.m:

"It's too bad I won't get to see all the illogical and pathetic reasons people will put in my mouth as to why I did it," the military veteran said in the post. "Fact is I had no reason to do it, and I just thought....(expletive), life is boring so why not?" Long posted, according to ABC News and Buzzfeed.

Three minutes later Long posted, "I hope people call me insane (two smiley face emojiis) would that just be a big ball of irony? Yeah... I'm insane, but the only thing you people do after these shootings is 'hopes and prayers'...or 'keep you in my thoughts'."
He added, "Every time...and wonder why these keep happening... --(two smiley face emojis)."
Long ended the killing spree by taking his own life.

BREAKING! Private Investigator Reveals MSM is LYING About #Borderline Event

Photo Screen shots -

Clean Dance Floor
Clean To the Left
Clean To the Right

Some Bar-stools laying on their side

And while everyone was distracted with the shooting.....the fires all around burned.
And the "new normal" that most people are saying has been going on for only the past 15 years.
This is the governors coined term....."the new normal" continues.

The Morales Video analysis: