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Thursday, September 3, 2020



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 UN Refugee Application | Brendon Lee O'Connell - 100MB PDF file
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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Hannah Fizer: How Lack of Police Accountability Let an Innocent Woman Get Shot 5 Times - RTR Truth Media

Hannah Renee Fizer was the all American girl next door in small town USA. She was pretty, kind, smart, loved, and by all indications totally harmless. At 25 years old she was a hard working young lady on her way to work when Deputy Jordan Schutte allegedly pulled her over for running a red light, but what happened after that remains shrouded in secrecy. Secrecy made possible by a deep rooted culture of cronyism and nepotism with a bureaucracy designed to create excuses and an unwillingness to enter the modern age where cameras are supposed to keep police in check.

 PLEASE BE ADVISED :Cyrus Sullivan of Cop-blaster and our team prepared a video report of the information shared on the RTR Radio Show on this story. We had a major computer malfunction and are in the process of recovering the files. We expect to have the re[port ready by morning in which case we request that you come back and share the heck out of it. We make no profit  doing this. We do it for the truth, for Hannah and her family. Please help us.

Thank you

Team RTR

Initial Reports

At around 10PM on June 13, 2020, Hannah Fizer was driving to her job at the Eagle Stop convenience store in Sedalia, Missouri. She allegedly ran a traffic light on West Broadway Boulevard, was caught by a PCSO deputy, and he made her pull over in the parking lot between Lemaire’s Cajun Catfish and Seafood House, and the Comfort Inn Suites. One man, who wanted to remain anonymous citing fear of professional consequences, told the Kansas City Star that he saw a PCSO vehicle with flashing lights following a car and then he heard a man yell "stop, stop," followed by five "pops."(see Shouts and gunshots: Witness recalls fatal shooting of unarmed Sedalia woman by deputy). He did not report hearing anyone threaten anybody, but the PCSO says otherwise. The video below later surfaced on social media and is believed to be the earliest publicly available footage of the incident taken by a bystander about a block away after Hannah was killed. You can clearly see that backup had not yet arrived and there is just a single parked silver/gray SUV. The SUV had flashing lights on top, no PCSO markings on the side, and hideous chrome hubcaps.

Initial media reports the day after the shooting quoted Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) spokesman Andy Bell as saying that Hannah "refused to identify herself, stated she was armed and verbally threatened to shoot the deputy" according to the Associated Press. MSHP had taken over the investigation because it involved a PCSO deputy and it would have been a conflict of interest for the PCSO to investigate it. Bell also stated that he did not know if Hannah had a gun, so initially it appeared to most reasonable people that did not know Hannah that the deputy shot her in self defense.

On June 16th, MSHP announced that no gun was found in Hannah's car. Then people started asking questions and those that knew Hannah began speaking out. Her friends and family painted the picture of a real sweetheart that would never harm let alone threaten to shoot anyone. Hannah's father John Fizer told KMBC that Hannah "was not a perfect angel by any means. She liked to drink and smoke a little weed sometimes, but by no means was she violent. She was the kind of person that wouldn't hesitate to give a homeless person $10." He also said that if she had anything in her hand at all it would have been her phone "because she always had her phone in her hand." Her phone was recovered by MSHP and sent to the state crime lab for examination, but it is not known what evidence if any is on that phone.

Radio Recording Surfaces

Cop Watch St. Louis obtained some of the radio communications from that night. It appears to be from the local Sedalia Police Department (SPD). You can hear someone talking about the situation unfolding between the PCSO deputy and Hannah. The person on the radio is obviously relaying the content of a previous call made by the PCSO deputy that pulled Hannah over in which he accused her of having a gun and threatening to shoot him. At about 25 seconds in you can hear the deputy say "shots fired."

To the untrained ear this video might seem to support the theory that Hannah threatened the deputy, that he feared for his life, and that he shot her thinking she had a gun. To those with more experien this video shows that the deputy had plenty of time to think about what he was doing. If he really feared for his safety, why did he take the time to make a call before shooting someone that he claimed was armed and threatening to shoot him? Think about this, if you were that deputy and you pulled someone over, that person yelled out that they had a gun, threatened to shoot you, and you thought you saw a gun in their hand, wouldn't you start shooting right away? Would you say to yourself "hold on a minute, I need to make a call first?" Making a call and waiting as long as he did are not the actions of someone in fear of imminent death. They sound like the actions of someone trying to create a record that supports the use of force. It is common practice at virtually every law enforcement agency in America for their members to yell out justifications for using force when using force whether or not that force is really justified. The most common example is yelling out "stop resisting" whenever they make a forceable arrest even if the victim is not resisting. By yelling "stop resisting" they can blame any injuries on the person being arrested and then refer to audio from blurry body cam footage and say "see, he was resisting, you can hear me telling him to stop resisting." Once the appearance of resistance is created then the officer is usually free use choke holds, deliver as many "focused blows" as he likes, and accuse the arrestee of assault.

Official Response

Pettis County Sheriff Kevin Charles Bond addressed the lack of a firearm in Hannah's car in an interview with The Kansas City Star (see video below). In that interview he defended the actions of his deputy by saying "obviously it was a non-compliant situation." He went on to explain that his deputies do not wear body cameras and that their vehicles do not have dash cameras, "we do not have body cameras nor do we have uh, in car video, um uh, about three years ago we did have however technical difficulties, we had that a failure and we also had problems with the devices and those devices have not been replaced." From that explanation one can reasonably conclude that those devices technically made life difficult for deputies by deterring them from doing their jobs however they want to do them, so learning how to use devices that are user friendly is not a priority. Bond concludes the interview by claiming to lack funds to fix the problem and trying to get those funds. That is typical bureaucratic rubbish from someone that just wants to pass off the blame.


The people of Sedalia, Missouri did not buy Kevin Bond's explanation, they did not believe that Hannah threatened the deputy, and they took to the streets demanding justice. Sedalia, Missouri is a small tightly knit rural mid-western town with a conservative population of about 20,000. It is not so small that everyone knows everybody, but it is so small that everybody knows someone that knows people that know everybody. According to Best Places, 70.4% of Pettis County voted Republican in the last election and they have voted Republican in the last five Presidential elections. They are predominately Christian and pro-law enforcement. Despite living in one of the last places one would expect to see an anti-police brutality rally, the people of Sedalia took to the streets demanding justice. In the video below you can see people peacefully picketing PCSO headquarters demanding the name of the shooter.

Trying to Get Records

The video above concludes in part by mentioning false accusation made by Sheriff Bond against in an open letter that he published online and sent to the media. In that letter Kevin Bond said "last night I received an extortion email to release my name and home address on social media if I do not comply with unreasonable demands." That is not true. Cop Blaster addressed Bond's accusation in an article titled "Pettis County Sheriff Kevin C. Bond Refuses to Comply with FOIA" which contains copies of communications between the site's owner and Kevin Bond. It began with a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request sent directly to the PCSO through their website. The FOIA request read as follows:
"I request a copy of your current staff roster and hiring dates for all employees under the Freedom of Information Act. I also request the staff schedule for all shifts for the date of June 13, 2020."
The reason for requesting those documents specifically was that Kevin Bond had already admitted in his interview with the Kansas City Star that the deputy that shot Hannah "has been an employee of the Sheriff's office since 2007." From that information Cop Blaster believed that if we could get the requested documents that it would not be difficult to figure out which deputies have been employed by the department since 2007. The PCSO is a small department, so there probably are less than a handful of deputies that were hired that year and it would not be surprising if there is only one deputy that was hired in 2007 that is still working there. If there were more than one then the shift schedule would probably show which deputy was both hired in 2007 and working on June 13th. Kevin Bond obviously knew this and personally responded to the request first thing the following morning. His response read:
"Thank you for your inquiry. I am the custodian of records for the Pettis County Sheriffs Office. Under 610.100.3RSMO, portions of a record or document of a law enforcement officer or agency that contains information reasonably likely to pose a clear and present danger to the safety of a person shall be closed. As a result, I cannot comply with your request at this time." - Kevin Bond
Sheriff Bond's response may appear like a boiler plate denial for information, but the timing and manner of his response was unusual. Cop Blaster has sent FOIA requests to several agencies for various things in recent months. Those agencies include police departments and sheriff's offices. Not once has the head of those organizations responded personally and the people that do handle public records requests have responded with a decision in less than 24 hours. Bond's personal involvement creates the appearance that he is personally controlling the flow of information for the purpose of preventing people from finding out who shot Hannah.

Cop Blaster responded to Bond's denial by writing an article about him that included information from public records about him. A reply was then sent to Bond containing an offer to remove some of that information should he either name the shooter or comply with the FOIA request. At no time did Cop Blaster threaten to release any of his information if he did not do something. As a result of Bond's non compliance with FOIA and the Missouri Sunshine Law, no one was able to name the shooter for some time. Protests continued on about a weekly basis.

Hannah Fizer's Funeral

On June 20th, Hannah Fizer's funeral service was broadcasted live on Facebook and the video of that broadcast is still available today. Unfortunately, embedding is not allowed, but if you would like to watch it you can click here.

Surveillance Camera Disclosed

On June 23rd, MSHP released information saying that the surveillance camera of a nearby restaurant had recorded the entire incident, but did not have any audio. MSHP has not released the video to the public, but KMBC has described the description of the video as :
"Missouri State Highway Patrol investigator described the surveillance video as showing the Pettis County deputy make contact with 25-year-old Hannah Fizer on June 13 before drawing his gun. Fizer, who had been pulled over for speeding and careless driving, can be seen moving in her car before the deputy fired his weapon" - KMBC
If that description is accurate, then it contains no evidence to suggest that Hannah posed any threat to the deputy whatsoever. Moving around your car during a traffic stop does not justify unleashing a hail of bullets on your car. Assuming for a second that Hannah threatened the deputy as described, even Kevin Bond admitted that threats do not justify the use of deadly force. The KMBC article goes on to say that the deputy himself stated that Hannah was trying to film him with her phone. If that is true then the deputy knew or at least should have known that the object she was holding or reaching for was probably her phone. This also raises the question, did Hannah say she was shooting him with a video camera? If that is what she said then there is no justification for shooting her. Even if the deputy could not tell what she was holding and thought it could be anything including a gun, that does not justify opening fire like that.

The passage or time and lack of answers made the family frustrated and worried that they may never find justice for Hannah, but they also did not want to appear anti-law enforcement, so they continued picketing and voicing their concerns so that Hannah's memory would not fade away. They have been waiting patiently for the system to do the right thing as the video below shows:

The Killer's Name Revealed?

On July 8th, Hannah's father had obviously become tired of waiting and posted the name of the man he believes killed his daughter on Facebook. John Fizer's post read as follows:

"Got his name finally...Now I just need to know WHY? The name came from a very reliable source, and if he, or she, wishes to put themselves out there, that's fine with me, but I wont. But you cannot get any closer than 99.9 % sure. So I'm going with it; and if it isn't the right cop, then I apologize in advance, and Pettis County can come forward and once again protect their man by saying this isn't the guy, otherwise we can take it to the full 100% that this IS the officer that murdered my beautiful child; my only biological seed, that will never bare me grandchildren, as the last of my DNA lies dead in a cold grave. Officer Jordan Schutte, you killed more than one person that night, I just want you to know that. You crushed me and that beautiful girls mother, brother, boyfriend and best friend, and several others. Our lives will never be the same again. You made a horrible mistake that night, one that can never be undone. And there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for you putting ONE, let alone FIVE slugs into my precious little harmless, 140 pound beautiful baby girl. But your name is out there now. Your buddies did a good job hiding you for awhile; longer than I would have expected actually, for such a high profile case as this, but now we know who you are. And if for some crazy chance it's not you, then we will see how long it takes for them to clean your name up. But I have a feeling we wont be hearing from them. So with that, that's all I have to say for now. You'll have your day in court just like I always did. And, like you, I was guilty, and justice was served..." - John Fizer

Mr. Fizer removed his post quickly but not before several people copied it and sent it to Cop Blaster. He then posted a follow up which reads:
"I'm so beside myself, that if I'm not careful I will lose myself in this. I jump the gun. I shouldn't have posted that. I have lawyers that tell me to just stay calm and let them WORK. It's just so hard for me not to take off like a mad man pursuing this issue. And the very thought of this man getting away with this, with cop immunity, just makes me plum sick. So I apologize for jumping the gun. I need to just chill and let justice work, as I pray it will. I let my pain and hurt finally turn into anger, the one thing I was trying so hard not to let happen. And when I got his name, I just flipped. I'm better than that, and I apologize. I'm just sick over this, and I miss my daughter so much that I can't even imagine life without her, and she's only been gone a short while. So once again, thank you ALL for all your love and support. You people have been so good. You have paid probably half of this funeral bill already. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that. The love and support has flooded us. Hannah would be so proud of all of you, because your hearts have proven to be as good as her's. Love and appreciate each and every one of you. God bless..." - John Fizer
That follow up post is still live on Facebook. That post made it obvious to Cop Blaster and any other reasonable person that the post multiple people had copied was most likely genuine or at the very least did in fact name a name. Hannah's entire family has conducted themselves with the utmost patience and dignity throughout this ordeal. They have shown that they are not the kind of people that would just throw a name out there unless they were absolutely sure. To just throw a name out there would be entirely inconsistent with the character that they have demonstrated so far. The PCSO and MSHP remain silent on this of course, so Cop Blaster decided to put faith in the Fizer family and help them spread the word. Within hours, an anonymous source contacted Cop Blaster with a link to what the source called "his mother in law's Facebook page" which contained a picture of an individual that has since been identified as Jordan Daniel Schutte. Cop Blaster compared that picture with PCSO staff photos found online and found a match. That match was wearing a jailer uniform in a staff composite photo dated around the same time that Schutte is listed in public records as working at the jail (click here to learn more about Jordan Schutte). That photo was then shared on social media. The next day, someone believed to be associated with the family created the following meme using a composite image created by Cop Blaster:

This post was shared online by members of the Fizer family one of whom said something like "f*ck it, why not?" Oddly, the family members later deleted the image from their Facebook profiles, but other members of the community continued to post it. We find this pattern of posting information, removing it, and never disavowing its accuracy to be very suspicious. We believe that this is the behavior of a family that still wants to have a little faith that law enforcement will do the right thing and do not want to piss off the PCSO, while at the same time doing what they can to make the truth heard. The reluctance to piss them off could be out of hope that their good faith will be rewarded, or possibly out of fear of reprisal from a department that can literally do whatever they want.

Responses to the naming of Schutte were suspicious. Kevin Bond was quick to release a statement denying that another deputy was the shooter when random people not associated with the family were circulating a different name during the days following the shooting, but Bond has not released any statement at all to confirm or deny that Schutte is the shooter. We believe that if he were innocent that Bond would have said so by now. Members of the Schutte family have been silent as well. They have been deleting their social media accounts. In one case, Schutte's wife removed his last name from her Facebook profile before deleting it entirely. Sources on the ground in Sedalia have reported that Schutte himself has not been seen since the incident. Those sources are members of the community that have been working with Cop Blaster by providing information. Some of those sources claim to live near Schutte.

Does Freemasonry Play a Role?

Cop Blaster was contacted by the creator of the Fight for Hannah Facebook Group with an unusual theory. She wanted to know if we could figure out how many PCSO employees are also members of the local Masonic Granite Lodge. We viewed this theory with great skepticism at first because the internet is full of conspiracy theories involving Freemasonry, but decided to look into it because we thought that if we could show that the shooter and other members of the PCSO were part of the same fraternal organization that it might explain the efforts to protect the shooter. Sedalia is home to Masonic Granite Lodge #272. The new SPD station has a plaque dedicating the building to that lodge, they hold several banquets for law enforcement each year, and one ceremonial photo contains a man that looks a lot like Kevin Bond.

When Jordan Schutte was named by the Fizer family, members of the community were quick the point out that Schutte is a legacy deputy. By that we mean that his father was a well known and respected member of the PCSO for many years before his death. According to his obituary, Denny Schutte was a member of "Granite Lodge 272." Kevin Bond has been with the PCSO in one form or another since the 1980s so he has probably known Jordan Schutte all his life. The PCSO is a tightly knit organization, so Bond and Denny Schutte were probably friends or at least had an amicable professional relationship. It looks like Jordan Schutte had big shoes to fill and was not living up to his legacy. That would explain whey he worked at the jail for so long and brings one to question how he became an actual deputy? Did he go through the training and selection process that everyone else does, or were those just a formality for someone destined to be hired because of his connections? Could this shooting be the result of just an incompetent deputy that did not know what he was doing and should not have been working there at all? We may never know.

MSHP Finished Its Investigation

MSHP officially finished its investigation this past week and turned their findings over to Pettis County Prosecutor Phillip Trent Sawyer. MSHP did not release the name of the deputy or any more new information. Activists are now trying to put public pressure on Sawyer to do the right thing.


Hannah Fizer should be alive today and a killer is on the loose getting paid for "administrative leave." When a department is plagued with cronyism and nepotism, deliberately fails to wear body cameras or put dashboard cameras in their vehicles, and treats the word of a fellow deputy like the word of god then everyone has a problem. This is America and in America everyone is entitled to basic inalienable rights, those rights include the right to move around your vehicle during a traffic stop without being shot five times no matter what you are accused of saying. The PCSO is just one example of an organization riddled with problems that are systemic nation wide. Allowing these problems to persist in our country endangers the lives of every American. As long as deputies like Hannah's killer are not held accountable the next Hannah Fizer could be anyone, maybe even you.

If you want to learn more about Hannah Fizer we recommend the following archives and Facebook groups:

UPDATE: Since this article was published an anonymous source known to be connected with the recent Hannah Fizer Protests has stated to RTR Truth Media who relayed to Cop Blaster that Kevin Bond and Denny Schutte were the best of friends.

UPDATE: On August 4th, a special prosecutor was assigned to the case (see Stephen Sokoloff Appointed as Special Prosecutor in Hannah Fizer Case).

UPDATE: On August 7th, Sheriff Bond launched a smoke screen in the media by covering an arrest of a guy accused of tailing the wrong deputy back in June. The story was clearly presented in a manner intended to make people think it was recent. Sheriff Bond denied that several deputies named on social media back in June were the shooter, but Schutte was not named until July and he is the only one named by the family. Bond has not denied Schutte. Read more: Kevin Bond Launches Smoke Screen Public Relations Campaign
UPDATE: On August 22nd, the Director of the Pettis County IT Department spoke out against Sheriff Bond saying that Bond lied to the public about why his deputies do not wear body cameras. Read more:  Pettis County IT Director Luke Goosen Speaks Out Against Sheriff Bond
UPDATE: An admin of the original and largest Facebook group seeking justice for Hannah has started her own group called Justice for Hannah Fizer. Among her reasons for leaving Sign the petition Justice for Hannah include Don Hockaday's censorship of the group. That censorship has included a rule against naming names of deputies people suspect of killing Hannah, banning the Cop Blaster Facebook Page from posting in the group for posting links to pages doxxing PCSO members, and deleting comments critical of him or his actions.  

UPDATE: Special Prosecutor Stephen Sokoloff ruled this murder justified because Hannah could be seen reaching around her car, the deputy claimed she was trying to shoot him, and he thinks that would cause a reasonable deputy to fear for his safety. No evidence proves that she threatened him. This decision is essentially a license to kill any motorist that reaches for anything in their car as long as the deputy says they were threatened. Read more: Stephen Sokoloff Calls the Murder of Hannah Fizer "Justifiable"

Off topic but related Side Note: As a life-long Conservative Christian it took me a long time to come to the realization that the two party system has been, is, and will continue to be the problem. I saw something very subtle during Trump's presidency that many of his supporters either could not see because of the fractured thinking that the seeming "cult of statism" causes, or they see and have become conditioned to accept a "lesser of two evils". I not only reject the selection of evil based on the perception that at least in my flavor of political ideology that evil would be better than the other opposing ideology"s evil is... but I believe this is a very deliberate form of mind control. Our founders warned us about this ad nauseum. And the very same party that claims such a high regard for the founders makes the bitter taste of reality well known simply by looking at their near worship of the profession of law enforcer.  In truth it should disgust them all to feel the need for agencies who regularly seek military surplus to arm itself with. This is not to say in certain circumstances it is not needed. But when the culture of the entire party becomes such that it glorifies this endeavor, we have got to realize how far off the righteous path we have been taken.
1 - In the oval office he and Diane Feinstein sitting right next to him as cozy as two old friends... and moments later he was telling his vice president that like in the case of Nicholas Cruz he "likes to take the guns first and "worry about due process later" because often times it just "takes too long to get to court". Essentially and quite literally Trump just advocated for the ELIMINATION of due process which is a very Bolshevik concept. To make matters worse he was also deceiving the Union. Claiming that Law Enforcement "needed more tools" pointing to the Stoneman Douglas shooting as reason, when he failed to mention the Obama era Marxist federal grant program that has been proven inconclusively to be a corrupt failure that saw officers being told not to arrest students of "color" as with the reduction of crime stats the district would receive increasing amounts of grant money. Cruz was in the program. Cruz held a gun to someones head which in Florida is more than enough tools to justify his arrest, incarceration and by default him to have any weapons confiscated rightfully. Twice the FBI was notified about his threats. Once by a friend of a very close childhood friend of mine, so I have the full story of their communication. That should have been the end of it,That is if he wasn't being groomed for the role as well. Some have argued that Trump may not have known. I say - bullshit, not only did I discuss it with Dana Loesch's personal assistant, but the White House was well aware of it. They commented on the program (unrelated to the shooting)
2 - Trump signed by Executive Order ( * a Martial Law Totalitarian Fiat originating with EO 1 signed by Abraham Lincoln who essentially suspended the Constitution.) the largest redistribution of wealth - Socialist stimulus in not just American but in world history, doing so with little more than a few whispers from the core of the party, but thank God a few called it as they saw it like Thomas Massie who seems to be one of the few actual founding stock type morally sound individuals in DC

* Lincoln suspended Habeus Corpus, had printers jailed without charge or trial and ordered an attack without the consent of Congress upon the American people not long after deceiving the Republic with words of pursuing those who would pervert the Constitution. Our true Republic was overthrown by him, having nothing to do with the cause or purpose of the war itself. He and Judges fearful of his retaliation ruled that essentially the Declaration of Independence was perpetrated by lawless traitors when he and they declared that there was no right to reject association with a body politic i.e. the it was no different than what the Southern Confederacy chose to do with the Union that saw the Union established after doing so with the Crown. )

PUBLIC NOTICE :   Everyone who follows our work knows that we are very critical of corrupt law enforcement and authoritarianism. This DOES NOT mean that we are anti-law enforcement to the [point especially that people falsel;y assume that we in any way agree with Marxist lead protests which are subversive and destructive seeking to not merely destroy and overthrow local, state and federal governments, but they seek to impose the most tyrannical type that jhas seen the deaths of millions when they come to power. The illusion and falsity that these protests are anarchist in nature is also false. The word anarchist has seen its very definition an assault of deceit. The root etymology of the word anarchist simply means NO RULERS which BLM and ANTIFA in and of themselves could not possibly be run, supported or be conflated with Anarchy. We have heard this word used in the media constantly. The Merriam Webster definition and all other modern day definitions of the word has been altered from its actual meaning most likely at the behest of government as the word is a threat to the existence of government. With true anarchy, chaos, violence and the violation of the natural right of individuals is not synonymous. True anarchists actually not only support natural rights, but their argument is that government, founded and maintained with all of the best intentions eventually grow to become a threat to the very rights they are often formed to protect.   Anarchy simply means NO RULERS..... not NO RULES to live by.

True Anarchy is not possible without those of a moral and ethical nature being willing to voluntarily protecting themselves as well as the rights of anyone else who would find themselves in danger.

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Sharing content of individuals not members of our team does not mean we agree with or stand behind everything they stand for. We share news, as well as what we believe our readers need to know. Truth is truth, whomever may speak it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

COVID-19 a PsyOp? - New Evidence Suggests it’s Been Here Far Longer Than We Know

The Last American Vagabond - an excerpt of his daily rap up. We have decided at RTR to select a few of whom and what we consider the best in the alternative media to deliver the public a full well balanced and fully informed media experience. We have narrowed down our selection in the news reporting and analysis category and emerging at the top of that list is  

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Sunday, July 28, 2019


America - Land of the fee, and home of the slave!

RTR TRUTH MEDIA - Tom Lacovara-Stewart - Las Vegas police arrested a man for selling bottled water without a license as witnesses recorded. God forbid a man trying to provide for his family attempt to earn a few dollars in an honorable way while providing much needed hydration in Nevada in triple digit temperatures. So much for Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness *terms and conditions may apply.
A man selling cold bottled water to thirsty tourists on a triple-digit summer day in Las Vegas was placed in a choke-hold by Las Vegas police who apparently were cracking down on unlicensed street vendors. All too often we have repeatedly seen police shutting down kids lemonade stands or harassing non-violent peaceful people who are not bothering anyone, nor are a threat to anyone. 

At this point I don't give a damn what licensing requirements the city has to conduct "vending". America has a homeless problem. There are people struggling. When a man takes the time to engage in something like getting a cooler and ice and water and offers it to people based on a voluntary exchange between two parties, it's time for the government to go to hell. Government is supposed to exist to preserve and protect our rights 1st and foremost, and when government becomes destructive to those purposes by which it was empowered, it is the right, and the duty to abolish it, replace it, or do simply govern one's self in peace and tranquility.  I for one am sick of these revenue generating municipal corporations who pretend to serve the people while fleecing them and oppressing them. 

"I can't breathe" the man wheezes as one cop tightens the choke-hold around his neck. But the cop only tells him to "quit resisting."
"Saying he is resisting won't make him be resisting," says a witness as the cops continues repeating the mindless phrase.
"We're watching you."
The man does not resist throughout the video but the cops continue to tell him not to resist. To be fair, the video begins after this seemingly non-violent man who appeared to not be resisting was already accosted. But all reports from those on the scene state that the man at no time posed any threat to law enforcement. 

"You're the only one that committed a crime," another witness tells the cops.

The video was posted to Facebook Friday with the following description:
This video is someone I know. Jimmy Williams was exercising his right to support himself and/or his family. He was selling water in Las Vegas on a hot day. Do you still think you are free? Do you still think Police are your friends? This is what promoters, water sellers, smut peddlers etc go through everyday on the Las Vegas Strip trying to make a living and trying to put smiles on peoples faces. You have the right to pursue happiness. Whatever that is do it as long as ye harm no one. The police are nothing but a domestic terrorist organization. More people need to wake up. Its not easy. Waking up is hard to do especially when you have been indoctrinated. Rebirth is relearning what you have been taught. Life is not butterflies and crayons. Its not going to be pretty. Its going to a long lonely road but I for one would rather die standing up than to comply. Tis better to burn out than it is to fade cause rust never sleeps.
"They need to train these guys," one woman exclaims but the video shows they are doing exactly as they are trained. From the choke-hold to the knee on the back, they are only trained in how to control people whether they need to be controlled or not.
The video ends with the handcuffed man laying face down in a puddle of water from his own cooler yelling out his phone number to notify his friends or family that he has been arrested.

Personally I believe that these officers should be strung up by their testicles and any and all of their superiors who condone this abhorrent behavior should be tarred and feathered and placed in stocks in the public square. Do I sound radical? Well perhaps so. But when you witness armed thugs wearing the stars and stripes brutalizing a man for selling water to make ends meet and you don't have this reaction, then there is something seriously wrong with you. This has to stop. And I may be a tad blunt in this article, but I am sick of seeing authoritarian scumbags parading around as if they were totalitarian Bolshevik change agents and revenue generators. 

My best friend is a cop. He said "just because a law exists does not mean you need to enforce it, I am a peace officer... The only time I enforce a law is when there is a breach of the peace. I'm not going to give a man a ticket for drinking in public if he is doing so casually without causing trouble or influencing kids to do so. I'm only going to enforce that law that exists for me to use if I need keep the peace and tranquility of my town."

Guess who has been harassed and nearly forced out of police work? My best friend. This is a rising and continuing problem. The good guys are forced out, while the order following thug patrol who are afraid of their own shadows are kept. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2019


An Arkansas cop was charged with misdemeanor battery this week rather than a far more appropriate charge of aggravated assault for an incident captured on his dashboard camera.
An Arkansas cop was charged with misdemeanor battery this week for fracturing a man's arms during an arrest last year.
The incident was captured on dashcam video and shows North Little Rock police officer Jon Michael Crowder pulling over a man in a blue Hyundai for still-undisclosed reasons, showing the cop ordering the man out at gunpoint.

Crowder then orders the man to place his hands against the car which he tries to do but the cop then asks him if he has any guns, which prompts the man to stop and turn around with his hands still in the air and tell him no.

But that angers the cop where he begins yelling and accusing the man of "not listening" to him but the video shows he was trying to follow his orders. He just didn't realize he was not supposed to stop and face the officer when answering his question.
Another cop pulls up and they handcuff him but then Crowder comes across a set of handcuffs the man was wearing in a case worn on his belt which the cop said made him fear for his life.
"Why do you have handcuffs?" Crowder demands.
"Because I'm f*cking kinky, dude!" the man responds, turning his body sideways to face him, which again angered the cop.
Crowder lifted up the man's handcuffed arms high behind him, causing him to cry out in pain.
"You broke my f*cking arms!"
"You need to stay still, brother!" the cop tells him, even though the man was only trying to answer his question.
“If you move again, I'll have to do what I did before,” Crowder threatens.
“If you would have had a gun or something on you, it’d have gone real south for you."
It's a perfect example of how cops enjoy barking out contradictory orders, which allows them to use the "pain compliance" techniques they've learned in the academy.
According to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette:
The department said it suspended Crowder for 30 days in October after finding he violated internal policies.
The person Crowder arrested was suspected of a felony charge, but a statement by the department didn't say what the person was charged with.
A North Little Rock police spokeswoman said Crowder was currently on paid administrative leave. He’s been an officer with the department since 2002, she said.
Crowder didn’t appear to be an inmate at the county jail, and online court records didn’t list if he has an upcoming court appearance.
​The victim's name was not released but police say he was treated at a local hospital for "mildly displaced fractures of the ulna bone in both elbow joints."
Watch the shortened video above and the full video here.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Police Murder Hero Who Just Stopped a Mass Shooting

RTR TRUTH MEDIA - Manny's Blue Room Security guard Jemel Roberson who just stopped a mass shooting and apprehended one of the suspects was gunned down. He was wearing security attire, a security hat and was not firing upon the man he had in custody when police opened fire murdering him in cold blood. Now some people will say "they did not know" and that they were "just doing their jobs", but the fact of the matter is that the man was engaged in lawful activity and he saved a bunch of lives and managed NOT taking another life with his actions. When American law enforcement believe that their lives are more important, and that they are the only ones allowed to act in these situations it only enforces the false belief that they exist to protect us. When individuals show such respect to an organization comprised of cowards who will kill in alleged fear, rather than the old principle of not firing upon someone unless fired upon, it is long passed time to purge the ranks of these departments for individuals who are not cowards who are trained to shoot to kill if they become merely afraid of danger. Get another job. This will only endanger the public by causing a "chilling effect" on those who would and could act to save lives. Have the police become the social change agents to make us all think of guns in a "radically different way" via brainwashing as Eric Holder stated? Community Oriented Policing? The Sovietization of American Law Enforcement? Communitarianism at it's finest.

Report by the Chicago Tribune:

A security guard at a tavern in south suburban Robbins was fatally injured when shot by a police officer early Sunday, officials said.
Jemel Roberson, 26, was at Manny’s Blue Room, 2911 S. Claire Blvd., when gunfire erupted, officials said.
Police officers from several south suburban police departments responded to the call of shots fired at about 4 a.m., and a Midlothian police officer shot a security guard who subsequently was pronounced dead at a local hospital, according to Sophia Ansari, a sheriff’s office spokeswoman. The medical examiner’s office identified Roberson, of Chicago, as the man who died at the tavern.

Four other men at the tavern were wounded in the exchange of gunfire. The victims were transported to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn and Metro South Medical Center in Blue Island. None of their injuries were considered to be life-threatening, Ansari said.

Robbins Police Chief Roy Wells said the incident began as a verbal confrontation involving several men, although neither Wells nor Ansari were able to be specific about what provoked the dispute. The incident escalated when one of the men ran outside briefly, only to return with a pistol and began firing shots.

Gunfire was returned by a security person working in the bar at the time, officials said.

Sheriff’s police officers remained at the scene through Sunday, where an area of about one block surrounding the bar was cordoned off.

Cook County sheriff’s office personnel are handling investigation of the barroom incident, while Ansari said the Illinois State Police is handling the investigation of the Midlothian police officer’s actions.

Ansari would not identify the officer, while Midlothian police on Sunday declined to comment on the incident.

Gregory Tejeda is a freelance reporter for the Daily Southtown.

Sunday, July 8, 2018


Graham, TX — Officers with the Graham police department are currently under investigation by the Texas Rangers after they handcuffed a teen with autism and then tasered him outside of his home. Cops reportedly mistook his autism for drug use.
According to police, the incident happened on June 26 when officers were responding to a call about a teenager throwing rocks at a fence. Michael Moore, 19, was the teenager and the fence was his own.
When officers arrived, they did not recognize his behavior as a person with autism. Instead they “investigated” whether he “might be under the influence of a controlled substance,” Graham police Chief Tony Widner said.
Widner said that the teen resisted being placed in handcuffs—as most children with autism would do—so they brought out the taser and began shocking the teen. Only after they had attacked, tasered, and handcuffed the teen did the police realize Moore “might have a mental impairment,” said Widner.
Tracie Moore, the teen’s mom called the incident “outrageous” and was heartbroken to find her son being treated in such a horrific manner, especially considering the town has only 9,000 residents and everyone knows her son.
“I have been a resident my whole life. And Michael has too. This is where he born and raised,” said Tracie.
According to WFAA, the Moore family has met with police several times since the incident, including on Monday afternoon, but Tracie said she is still upset, and no one has apologized for her son’s treatment.
“I was in tears,” she said. “And now I’m angry. I watched the body cam footage. He told them, ‘My mama is inside. Let me get my mama.”‘
Although the body camera footage shows the entire interaction, police are refusing to release it to the public. This is in spite of a Freedom of Information Act Request made by WFAA.
Although police claimed that Moore was running when they arrived, she said her son actually approached officers in an area that is essentially the family’s backyard.
“It really doesn’t take long conversing with him to figure out he has a disability,” said Tracie. “Now, he has a busted blood vessel in his eye. He had scratches and abrasions on both sides of his face.”
Police, however, were apparently untrained in how to identify someone with autism and the only thing that came to their minds was this guy is high. According to police account, Michael was “sweating, breathing heavily, having difficulties focusing and acting paranoid.”
Police even went so far as to force the teen to perform a field sobriety test—for his autism.
When another officer arrived, Michael was so frightened and stressed out that he could not perform the sobriety test “based on his erratic movements, behavior, and statements,” Widner said. One of the officers then tried to put handcuffs on “for everyone’s safety until they could determine what was occurring.”
According to the police news release, after they put one of his hands in the cuffs, the teen then pulled away, “backing into the second officer, and all three went to the ground.”
Police then feared for their lives that Michael may try to use the other end of the handcuffs as a weapon—which he did not—and then they began tasering him.
According to Tracie, who watched the body camera footage, the incident unfolded quite differently.
“They ask him to put his hands behind his back, once again he turns and points to the house and says, ‘I live here, can I get my mama?’” she said. “They grab his arm, put a choke hold on him and throw him to the ground. At that point, the body cameras fall off and all you can see is sky but you can still hear the audio. The first time I saw the video, it was at that point the officer told me, ‘This is where they stunned him twice.’ Up until that point, we had no knowledge of the use of a stun gun.”
As WFAA reports, Tracie says as this was all happening, she was in the front of the house unaware that anything had happened. Finally, after Michael was handcuffed and in a police unit, an officer went to the front door and knocked.
“It could’ve all been avoided,” she said. “We’re just all in complete and sheer utter disbelief this could happen to him.”
“The Graham Police Department feels that it is important that this be investigated and the truth of what occurred revealed,” Widner said in the news release. “At that point, whatever measures deemed necessary will be taken.”
As for why the body camera hasn’t been released, Michael’s grandfather, Gene Williams—who has seen it—says its too damning to the cops.
“The video really is that inflammatory even if you don’t know Michael. They can’t let a jury see it. Legally they could post in on this website right now,” Williams said. “But YOU will never see it. There would be citizens storming City Hall.”
If you’d like to peacefully express your concern over the officers’ treatment of an autistic teenager, you can do so on their Facebook Page, here.
Sadly, police officers mistaking autism for drug use is not an isolated incident. Just last month, TFTP reported on the national outcry surrounding the violent takedown of an autistic boy by Officer David Grossman, and just like the Graham police department is doing, the Buckeye Police Department began conducting damage control. As the world lashed out at the department for mistreating Connor Leibel, an innocent autistic boy, in such a violent and callous manner, the parents simply asked for an apology—one that would never come. And now, because the police refused to apologize, the taxpayers are going to be held liable.
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RTR TRUTH MEDIA - Resurrect the Republic

The absolute disgust I feel at this situation is deep. I have friends who are police officers and I can tell you that I am 100% positive that none of them would ever resort to this type of behavior. So, if it isn't the general character of these men, one must ask, who in the hell is training these people? 
And another question.... what type of individual resorts to this level of abuse on someone who hasn't harmed anyone else or anyone else's property? 

We intend to ask those questions. 
We intend to find out the answers to these questions and a few more.
We will also be filing a FOIA for a copy of the body-cam footage. 

Tom Lacovara-Stewart
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