Sunday, July 28, 2019


America - Land of the fee, and home of the slave!

RTR TRUTH MEDIA - Tom Lacovara-Stewart - Las Vegas police arrested a man for selling bottled water without a license as witnesses recorded. God forbid a man trying to provide for his family attempt to earn a few dollars in an honorable way while providing much needed hydration in Nevada in triple digit temperatures. So much for Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness *terms and conditions may apply.
A man selling cold bottled water to thirsty tourists on a triple-digit summer day in Las Vegas was placed in a choke-hold by Las Vegas police who apparently were cracking down on unlicensed street vendors. All too often we have repeatedly seen police shutting down kids lemonade stands or harassing non-violent peaceful people who are not bothering anyone, nor are a threat to anyone. 

At this point I don't give a damn what licensing requirements the city has to conduct "vending". America has a homeless problem. There are people struggling. When a man takes the time to engage in something like getting a cooler and ice and water and offers it to people based on a voluntary exchange between two parties, it's time for the government to go to hell. Government is supposed to exist to preserve and protect our rights 1st and foremost, and when government becomes destructive to those purposes by which it was empowered, it is the right, and the duty to abolish it, replace it, or do simply govern one's self in peace and tranquility.  I for one am sick of these revenue generating municipal corporations who pretend to serve the people while fleecing them and oppressing them. 

"I can't breathe" the man wheezes as one cop tightens the choke-hold around his neck. But the cop only tells him to "quit resisting."
"Saying he is resisting won't make him be resisting," says a witness as the cops continues repeating the mindless phrase.
"We're watching you."
The man does not resist throughout the video but the cops continue to tell him not to resist. To be fair, the video begins after this seemingly non-violent man who appeared to not be resisting was already accosted. But all reports from those on the scene state that the man at no time posed any threat to law enforcement. 

"You're the only one that committed a crime," another witness tells the cops.

The video was posted to Facebook Friday with the following description:
This video is someone I know. Jimmy Williams was exercising his right to support himself and/or his family. He was selling water in Las Vegas on a hot day. Do you still think you are free? Do you still think Police are your friends? This is what promoters, water sellers, smut peddlers etc go through everyday on the Las Vegas Strip trying to make a living and trying to put smiles on peoples faces. You have the right to pursue happiness. Whatever that is do it as long as ye harm no one. The police are nothing but a domestic terrorist organization. More people need to wake up. Its not easy. Waking up is hard to do especially when you have been indoctrinated. Rebirth is relearning what you have been taught. Life is not butterflies and crayons. Its not going to be pretty. Its going to a long lonely road but I for one would rather die standing up than to comply. Tis better to burn out than it is to fade cause rust never sleeps.
"They need to train these guys," one woman exclaims but the video shows they are doing exactly as they are trained. From the choke-hold to the knee on the back, they are only trained in how to control people whether they need to be controlled or not.
The video ends with the handcuffed man laying face down in a puddle of water from his own cooler yelling out his phone number to notify his friends or family that he has been arrested.

Personally I believe that these officers should be strung up by their testicles and any and all of their superiors who condone this abhorrent behavior should be tarred and feathered and placed in stocks in the public square. Do I sound radical? Well perhaps so. But when you witness armed thugs wearing the stars and stripes brutalizing a man for selling water to make ends meet and you don't have this reaction, then there is something seriously wrong with you. This has to stop. And I may be a tad blunt in this article, but I am sick of seeing authoritarian scumbags parading around as if they were totalitarian Bolshevik change agents and revenue generators. 

My best friend is a cop. He said "just because a law exists does not mean you need to enforce it, I am a peace officer... The only time I enforce a law is when there is a breach of the peace. I'm not going to give a man a ticket for drinking in public if he is doing so casually without causing trouble or influencing kids to do so. I'm only going to enforce that law that exists for me to use if I need keep the peace and tranquility of my town."

Guess who has been harassed and nearly forced out of police work? My best friend. This is a rising and continuing problem. The good guys are forced out, while the order following thug patrol who are afraid of their own shadows are kept. 

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