Monday, July 29, 2019


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 We at RTR are very skeptical when it comes to the main stream corporate media, but out of all of those who report, there are a few who actually shock me that they are allowed to still be broadcast. The one at the top of that list is Tucker Carlson of Fox News. Let me be clear, I do not agree with him on a few key issues. I am not giving Trump a pass for his violation of the 2nd Amendment or the actual real collusion issue that threatens our national security which is our relationship to the foreign Rothschild Zionist State of Israel. But from the Russian collusion hoax to Iraqi WMD's and the stoking of wars by PNAC, some of the grandest lies have caused the deaths of Americans as well as civilians in foreign nations. Perpetrated by left and right. And now the continued nothinberger and liberal pundits like Pelosi and Schiff and many many more who bald face lie to cameras stoking the disinformation as many Americans apparently unable to reject what they would rather believe, embrace these lies as opposed to being able to critically think. It is sad but many fall for it. 

If there ever was election tampering it comes from these lies. And it is long passed time the liars put up, or are forced to leave DC never to return. In this episode Tucker makes that argument. They should have to "go to Camden NJ" and scrub hotels for 20 years as penance for the lies they tell. Lies are not free speech. Lies intentionally delivered is subversion. America, until these lies stop government nullifies any legitimacy or authority it had. I will not respect or abide by the laws created by lawmakers who boldly and provably lie while looking all of us right in the face. 

Washington DC.... you need a political enema!

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