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Wednesday, September 4, 2019


I have been trying to tell people who say we are having a mass shooting epidemic, that if you reall believe that, then you have been successfully propagandized, or you are not using the word correctly. Heroin clamps 35,000 lives per year. Traffic fatalities claim 37,000 lives per year. School shootings? Not even remotely close. In fact, it’s so stark a difference, that when you apply the exact same logic to it when you consider traffic fatalities, you will have to give up your car. That’s right... give it to me, because if you don’t then every car wreck leaves you with blood on your hands. 

Check out The Liberty Doll.. she will set the record straight.

Monday, July 29, 2019


RTR Truth Media -    

 We at RTR are very skeptical when it comes to the main stream corporate media, but out of all of those who report, there are a few who actually shock me that they are allowed to still be broadcast. The one at the top of that list is Tucker Carlson of Fox News. Let me be clear, I do not agree with him on a few key issues. I am not giving Trump a pass for his violation of the 2nd Amendment or the actual real collusion issue that threatens our national security which is our relationship to the foreign Rothschild Zionist State of Israel. But from the Russian collusion hoax to Iraqi WMD's and the stoking of wars by PNAC, some of the grandest lies have caused the deaths of Americans as well as civilians in foreign nations. Perpetrated by left and right. And now the continued nothinberger and liberal pundits like Pelosi and Schiff and many many more who bald face lie to cameras stoking the disinformation as many Americans apparently unable to reject what they would rather believe, embrace these lies as opposed to being able to critically think. It is sad but many fall for it. 

If there ever was election tampering it comes from these lies. And it is long passed time the liars put up, or are forced to leave DC never to return. In this episode Tucker makes that argument. They should have to "go to Camden NJ" and scrub hotels for 20 years as penance for the lies they tell. Lies are not free speech. Lies intentionally delivered is subversion. America, until these lies stop government nullifies any legitimacy or authority it had. I will not respect or abide by the laws created by lawmakers who boldly and provably lie while looking all of us right in the face. 

Washington DC.... you need a political enema!

Friday, September 28, 2018


I began the research into the claim that those who identify as transgender individuals have a disproportionate murder rate as opposed to those who live a more traditional gender, what I consider to be normal role.  When I say normal, I mean those who do not suffer from delusions, mental illness, or what was once called gender identity disorder, but through the cultural Marxist political correctness movement has now been labeled as "gender dysphoria. So many articles all quoting a similar statistic. So I ran this stat down and here is what I found. The same source consistently kept being cited which was from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) This source quoted another source which was a PDF on its own site. There is a broader list of articles below that made these claims.
Let's take Mother Jones who makes the following statement in their article (1).

In this article I am returning to common sense and identifying the individuals discussed by their biological sex. It is time we stop pandering to delusion, and we disallow anyone to bully us or browbeat us into changing our perception of reality for the sake of peoples "feelings". The myth that we deny those who choose to identify as something they are not as "denying their existence" in nonsense. They obviously exist. No one should be physically harmed nor should they be denied services like any other human being. But this has gotten so bad now that main stream news sources have adopted delusion. Wait, that should be no shock for the main stream media, I digress...

While I am a Christian and believe this behavior to be wrong, this analysis is based on a secular look and presentation of merely the facts of what I found.

My findings really surprised me. I found that out of all the homicides of self identified transgender individuals, the majority were African American which we hear not a peep coming from Black Lives Matter, and the majority were all in high crime and drug areas. This homicide rate is not really any different than what we are seeing in inner cities that mostly all are liberal controlled across the country. While a few of these crimes may be in some way related to gender identity, the majority appear not to be. This is NOT, as a gender identity position, an epidemic. It is business as usual among these communities and they need to solve it. But to lie about it and misrepresent facts as if this was part of a wave of transgender "hate" is just completely wrong, manipulative, and gets many who have a liberal proclivity to incessantly puppet out these falsehoods. In fact the amount of propaganda I had to sift through at the top 100 Google searches to find actual statistics that were not sourced from the same self serving special interest sites was quite telling.

Mother Jones on transgender deaths:

At least 25 transgender people have been violently killed in 2017, more than during any other recorded year in the past decade, according to a new report from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). The report notes that 84 percent of the victims were people of color and 80 percent identified as female. Trans women are four times more likely than cisgender women to be homicide victims, according to the report.
“Each of the stories featured in this report is unique, tragic and devastating,” Trans People of Color Coalition Executive Director Kylar Broadus said in a statement. “Unpacking these stories is a difficult but necessary process if we as a society want to protect the most vulnerable and address the root causes for their unjust and premature deaths.”
Violence against trans people isn’t new and even still, we’re far from understanding the full scope of the problem.

Mother Jones views on Trump the AG and religious liberty:

Increased violence against trans men and women reflects a larger shift in how the country addresses trans rights, particularly under President Trump. Just this year, Trump proposed a transgender military ban (because of disproportionate medical care and mental health related issues) and appointed several anti-LGBT public officials, including federal judges. In October, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo allowing businesses to discriminate (which to liberals means the exercising of historically Constitutionally protected rights) against LGBTQ individuals on the basis of “religious freedom.”
Well, I would not quite agree with the author on any of this. (My comments in red print.) As a point of order this is why Marxists have latched on to the LGBT Trans movement as it facilitates the destruction of the U.S. Constitution and the Christian Republic. We are a Christian Republic as a matter of law, not necessarily "belief". To many who do not understand the historic implications of this allow me to inform you. It is the tenet that established the "freedom of choice" doctrine, as opposed to an Islamic Republic of which only submission was acceptable. This is no way means one must "believe in God" or be in any way obligated to take part in something that violates their conscience. But these are the tenets of the law and heredity thereof of the American Republic.

All one has to do as they say at Mother Jones, is "unpack" the stories, or at least the ones we have enough information on, so let's do that. But first here is a chart in the actual article that should clue you in on the disinformation going on. Can anyone tell me what they think is wrong with this picture as often as we here of all of the transgender murders across the nation? You would think by the way the public is propagandized that there are anti-transgender assassination squads roaming the country.

That's right. 25 total in all of 2017. Let us assume that some were not recorded properly. Heck, let's say double weren't... even triple. So now let us have a look see into the cases this site shares as "stats" people keep using.

First allow me to mention I will be putting "frequented potential dangerous locations meaning bars clubs or locations that have a higher rate of drug and alcohol use than the local Dairy Queen or shopping mall. 

1- Mesha Caldwell - African American male
born with XY chromosomes 
On January 4, Mesha Caldwell, 41, a Black self identified transgender male, was found shot to death on a road near Canton, Mississippi. Found on a road, no suspect, no known cause. Frequented potential dangerous locations. Unsolved. No known motive. 

Described by (his) own best friend as "big, powerful and "could fight", so when (he) was found dead "I was like Mesha"?

2- Sean Hake - White female
born with XY chromosomes
  Sean not only threatened her mother with a razor blade to the throat, but was trying to take her money and force mom to give her a ride. Sean, a female believed she was a male. The mother called police, they responded, and the situation went from horrible to worse when the officers were forced to defend themselves. PennLive reported the controversy over "misgendering" or what I call the normalization of delusions.
So the actual cause of death was either mental instability and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and had absolutely nothing to do with gender identity disorder but it's possible relation to the level of mental illness involved with the subject. Note that the newscaster records the mother identifying her daughter as a man. And we wonder why she may be unstable?

Video of Main Stream news report:

3-  Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow - Native American male
born with XY chromosomes
The tragic case of a stabbing. Jamie was a drug addict who family said was trying to recover and rebuild his life who identified as a transgender female. A man who spent time with Jamie in a half way house and who hung out with Jamie arrived one night at the apartment, and reported he was drunk and responded violently to unwanted sexual advances. He arrived with fast food take out in hand and left with the wallet of Jamie. Robbery and potentially drug abuse may have been a factor as both had a history of such.  I would submit that lifestyle did contribute to this tragedy. This in no way excuses murder, but to ignore this as a factor would be insane. The video report below was an early report. Prosecutors determined gender was not a factor.

The HRC states the following:
Striker’s death reflects a "pattern of violence" against the transgender community, particularly women of color. Striker’s is the third murder of a transgender woman of color HRC has identified in 2017.
Forg there to be a "pattern" of violence, as claimed by the author, the factor of gender identity would have to be common. As we can already see just from our first few examined, this is absolutely not the case, nor is this geographical or a pattern in the sense of any investigative method. It is opinion. And it is already proving to be false.

4- Jaquarrius Holland - African American male
born with XY chromosomes 
    Homicide after a verbal altercation with another male. No anti-trans motive was established nor reported by law enforcement or anyone else on scene.

5- Donnell Richmond - A.K.A. - Keke Collier - African American male
born with XY chromosomes
 Donnell was in a high crime rate and suspected drug area in Chicago, got into a strangers car and ended being shot and tossed out. The car was seen speeding away. No one recognized the killer. There is yet no evidence to suggest that this was related to his gender identity. This sounds like drugs and potential prostitution might have played a part. That would be likely for this area.

6- Chyna Gibson- African American male
born with XY chromosomes
Gibson's body was found with 10 bullet wounds and lying between two vehicles in a parking lot, according to local reports. Gibson's family told local news outlets he toured the country as a drag show performer, sometimes under the name Chyna Doll Dupree, and had returned home to his native New Orleans from his new home in Sacramento, California, for Mardi Gras. The murder occurred in a historically high crime area. No more is known at this time.

7- Ciara McElveen - African American male
born with XY chromosomes 
NOPD has released new video of a person of interest sought in connection with the stabbing death of a transgender woman in the Seventh Ward of New Orleans. Extremely high drug and prostitution ridden area.

8- Kenne McFadden - African American male
born with XY chromosomes
San Antonio Park Police Officer Terry Hardeway testified that he saw Mark Daniel Lewis, accused and released for the charge of manslaughter, and McFadden together on the River Walk, two days before his body was found. Video from a nearby store that was played in court showed the two together that night. Officer Hardeway recognized McFadden, testifying that he was a “regular” in his patrol area who he’d previously arrested for public intoxication and was known for “harassing” people by dancing close to them. Accused was a white male.

Hardeway said he saw Lewis and McFadden embrace multiple times that night.   A couple hours later, Officer Hardeway said Lewis approached him at a Whataburger and told him that he had pushed someone into the river. Hardeway checked the area where Lewis said the incident occurred, near Texas Land & Cattle steakhouse, but saw no one in the water. There was no reason to believe that gender identity was an issue.    A high drug alcohol and prostitution area once again.

Eventually, Lewis told Officer Juarez he attempted to assist a visibly intoxicated McFadden after he was pushed to the ground by another man. His (McFadden's) blood alcohol content was later determined to be 0.20, according to testimony.

In the video, Lewis said he and McFadden shared a consensual kiss but said McFadden grabbed his buttocks and asked to go home together. “I hate physical contact. I hate when people lay their hands on me,” Lewis told Juarez, adding that he had been sexually abused in the past.

Lewis then admitted he pushed McFadden away, causing him to fall into the water, and when he last saw him, he had resurfaced and grabbed onto the ledge.

After hearing the evidence, Judge Contreras said “a terrible tragedy” had occurred when McFadden drowned, but Lewis pushing her into the river did not rise to the level of criminal conduct that justified charges. The individual pushed likely died as a result of being highly intoxicated himself.

“I didn’t mean to push him into the river,” Lewis said in the video. “I meant to push him away.” His reporting the event to police would seem to corroborate this account. He knew the other individual was a man, still kissed the man without compunction, yet LGBT groups protested as if the crime was based on gender identity and not just two drunken morons being stupid and careless
(note - don't drink in excess near bodies of water and harass and grope people - no means no).

In the case of McFadden this statement was issued:
The San Antonio Gender Association, Pride Center San Antonio and the Transgender Education Network of Texas wrote on a Facebook page for the March 13 event, “Transgender women of color and black trans women are being murdered at an alarming pace.
I would suggest that the individuals above change their behavior, the high crime areas they roam in and make some life changing decisions. As there seems to be a common theme surrounding these cases and drugs and alcohol are just two of the glaring issues. The other is that the majority appears to be black on black crime. When analyzing this statistically against other violent crime in the neighborhoods that they occur, it is not such a drastic change from the other comparable demographic similarities to their respective communities. When doing an internet search I was not shocked to find that I had to scan through a ton of liberal sites perpetuating a constant lie that the "black on black crime theory" was racist and put forward by white supremacists. To liberals, apparently the FBI is being run by NeoNazis. Here is what I actually found when digging deeper. When looking at race in proportionality not only is black on black crime stunningly higher, but "it" is the epidemic, more than any other single factor including but not limited to the transgender factor.


9- Chayviss "Chay" Darice Reed - African American male
born with XY chromosomes
MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. - Detectives were looking for the killer of Chayviss "Chay" Darice Reed, who was shot dead on Friday in Miami-Dade County's West Little River neighborhood.

Reed, 28, died in the area of Northwest 27th Avenue and Northwest 93rd Street. He  grew up in Carol City and Opa-locka and graduated from American Senior High School in Hialeah.
Area of death was in an EXTREMELY high drug, and crime area of Miami. I know because I used to live very close to there. I did not have to look it up. Motive unknown. No evidence to suggest or deny gender identity cause.
10- Kenneth Bostick - African American male
born with XY chromosomes
 A homeless New York man who lived in a similar shelter to his victim, a homeless man who identified as a transgender woman appeared to have mentally snapped when he took a pipe to the head of his victim and fled the scene hitting windows and at one point jumping on a car. A tragic situation but appears to have absolutely nothing to do with gender identity. Again, drugs, alcohol and mental illness are all present here.

11- Brian Fitzgerald Sherrell Faulkner - African American male
born with XY chromosomes
Brian Fitzgerald Sherrell Faulkner, 46, was found Nov. 30 beside a Dumpster at The Plaza and 35th Street suffering from trauma. Faulkner was taken to Carolinas Medical Center, where she died on May 16 from injuries in the attack, police said. The area was a high crime, drug and prostitution area.
“We are facing a national epidemic of violence with 11 trans people, many of them transgender people of color, murdered in 2017,” Ames Simmons, Equality NC’s director of transgender policy, said in a statement
“We are asking leaders and community members at every level to consider both the overt and underlying reasons for these killings,” Simmons said. “We must address the root causes of violence against our community, and we cannot rest until the violence stops.”
Here is some advice for you Ames Simmons, start getting people with mental health issues, drug and alcohol problems and who engage in high risk behavior to get some help. This is not the doing of hate, it is the doing of illness.

12- Kendra Marie Adams - A.K.A. Josie Berrios - Latino / Egyptian male
born with XY chromosomes
Kendra Marie Adams, 28, was found dead on June 13 with burns on her body in a building that was under construction in Ithaca, New York. Michael A. Davis, 45, of Dryden, has been charged with second-degree murder and first-degree arson and police say he had a “personal relationship” with Adams. As such, it would be difficult to attribute this death as related to gender identity.(4)

13- Rayquann Deonte Jernigan - A.K.A. Ava Le’Ray Barrin - African American male
born with XY chromosomes
Case of black on black - transgender against transgender violence that lead to dismissal of charges based on self-defense. Jalen Breon Brown, 22, of Georgia, had been indicted on murder and other charges in the shooting death of Ava Le’Ray Barrin, 17, in June 2017 filed a motion saying that prosecution was unwarranted because the shooting was self-defense. An evidentiary hearing was then held in May and on July 24, the judge dismissed the charges by calling the shooting an act of self-defense, the Athens Banner-Herald reported.

On the day of the shooting, Brown had been visiting a friend at the Riverview Apartments in Athens. Brown and a friend were about to leave the apartment when Barrin showed up allegedly stating that she wanted to fight Brown, the judge noted in his order to vacate the charges.

Based on this description of events, the judge decided that Brown's actions were self-defense because Barrin 'reasonably believed that his own great bodily harm was imminent' at the time of the shooting.

In particular, the judge noted, Barrin had shown no fear when Brown initially brandished the gun and fired the warning shot. Additionally, Brown had made several attempts at deescalating the brewing fight.
This man was murdered by Kenneth Kelly in a drug deal gone bad. Enough said here. While again tragic, the mother of the victim referred to her son as her son, not her daughter, and this again a black on black crime related to criminal drug activity. This is one of the self identified "transgender individuals" that skew the statistics making false presumptions that the gender identity of the victim contributes to alleged disproportionate rising violence of transgender people. Unless someone would like to explain to me how this drug related homicide is any different from others, including this and claiming it as a statistical factor in rising transgender discrimination or "hate" is dishonest and repugnant to the truth.

15- Scout Schultz - white male
born with XY chromosomes
Full Video Georgia student Scout Schultz shot dead by Atlanta police 

Police encountered Scout Schultz outside a campus dormitory in Atlanta after a call about "a person with a knife and a gun" late on Saturday.

Footage has emerged showing Schultz, 21, refusing to obey police commands to drop a knife, and advancing on them.

Larger view - While I personally believe this could have been handled without lethality, it was NOT the result of gender identity but mental illness and police training I completely disagree with.

16- TeeTee Dangerfield
born with XY chromosome
Shot and killed outside a bar by an African American male

17- Jackson Dylan Moser A.K.A. Gwynevere River Song - white male
born with XY chromosomes
According to their Facebook profile, they identified as “femandrogyne” and as a member of the bisexual community.
WAXAHACHIE — A 26-year-old individual is dead and second person hospitalized after an argument led to a fatal shooting Saturday in Waxahachie. Apparently both individuals were at a private residence together. “Upon arrival, deputies and medics rendered aid to the injured male. American Medical Response transported the man to the hospital. [The deceased] remained inside the residence and succumbed to injuries,” Fitzgerald said. “Justice of Peace Judge Curtis Polk Jr. with Precinct 3 ordered an inquest. The decedent was taken to the Dallas Medical Examiner’s Office.”

18- Kenneth "Kiwi" Herring - African American male
born with XY chromosomes
Killed by police after cutting an officer and a victim in the home - gender was NOT an issue.
A self identified transgender was killed by St. Louis police after cutting one person and then slashing one of the police officers who responded yesterday to his apartment north of downtown, authorities say.
Police described the dead suspect as a 30-year-old black man, but friends at a vigil last night told reporters that Kenneth "Kiwi" Herring identified as a woman. Two officers confronted Herring inside a two-family flat in the city's Academy neighborhood following an 8 a.m. report of a domestic dispute.

When police arrived they found a 30-year-old man who had been badly cut across his face, arms and torso, authorities say. Interim police Chief Lawrence O'Toole told reporters that Herring was armed with a large kitchen knife and swung at officers, wounding one before both officers opened fire. 

Now let us look at the detachment from reality of supporters of this individual:

Members of the LGBTQ community and others will gather Friday at Transgender Memorial Garden to commemorate Kiwi Herring, a black, transgender woman killed last year by police.

Two police officers shot Herring last August while they were investigating a reported stabbing in the apartment building where Herring lived with her partner and three children.

The event, organized by the Metro Trans Umbrella Group, will call for the protection of transgender people, particularly trans women of color, said LadyAshley Gregory, a board member of the group.

19- Kashmire Nazier Reddvb - African American female
born with XX chromosomes
cause: Domestic dispute that lead to killing by transgender African American female.
A Gates woman initially charged with murder in the Sept. 4 stabbing death of her partner has been indicted on a lesser charge.

Doris Carrasquillo, 40, is now facing one count of first-degree manslaughter in connection with the death of Kashmire Nazier Redd, 28, in the couple's apartment last week.

Oh, and by the way, this was the first murder in this town that year.

20- Derrick Lee "Derrika" Banner - African American male
born with XY chromosomes
Shot and killed during an armed robbery. But if you read the article it is all about hate crime propaganda of a hate crime that apparently did not exist. Murder is murder and the motive here was charged as robbery.

21- Ally Steinfeld - white male
born with XY chromosomes
A self described trans female was gruesomely killed at his girlfriend’s house by said girlfriend and a few other accomplices. There was a romantic and physical involvement between partners. Police and prosecutors said that although tragic, they did not support the claim that gender identity played a role in the crime.  I do find the accomplice angle suspicious as to intent, but the 1st degree murder charge is more harsh than any hate crime under these circumstances would deliver.

(More to be added)

The case to support how ideological indoctrination and mental instability permeate the transgender movement:

The above video is a prime example of the delusion, irrational nature and ideological subversion and brainwashing that has occurred all over America. These kids are so spun up that they believe a once very liberal professor, Jordan Peterson, is akin to a NAZI because he takes issue with government compelled speech. They demand to be recognized and respected, but often are mean spirited name calling and violent authoritarian fascists about demanding they get their way. Hypocrites, and unstable. They can "self identify" as a turnip. It does not mean they have the right to force me to acknowledge them as they choose and not as I see them. In fact, I would be far happier never dealing with them at all. This is called "freedom of association". I choose not to associate with dramatic ideologues.

On Black on Black Crime:

Around 13 per cent of Americans are black, according to the latest estimates from the US Census Bureau.

And yes, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, black offenders committed 52 per cent of homicides recorded in the data between 1980 and 2008. Only 45 per cent of the offenders were white. Homicide is a broader category than “murder” but let’s not split hairs.

Blacks were disproportionately likely to commit homicide and to be the victims. In 2008 the offending rate for blacks was seven times higher than for whites and the victimization rate was six times higher.

As we found yesterday, 93 per cent of black victims were killed by blacks and 84 per cent of white victims were killed by whites.

Alternative statistics from the FBI are more up to date but include many crimes where the killer’s race is not recorded. These numbers tell a similar story.

In 2013, the FBI has black criminals carrying out 38 per cent of murders, compared to 31.1 per cent for whites. The offender’s race was “unknown” in 29.1 per cent of cases.

So in closing, the propaganda that is being put forward that there is some sort of irregular transgender persecution we rate as 


Articles HRC is quoted as source or writes the articles:

(1) 2017 Was the Deadliest Year For Trans People In At Least a Decade
Trans women are four times more likely than cisgender women to be homicide victims.
(2) HRC Mourns JoJo Striker, Trans Woman Murdered in Ohio by Gabe Murchison

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

White Helmets The Future of Funding State Sponsored Terrorism via a Propaganda Construct

White Helmets The Future of Funding State Sponsored Terrorism via a  Propaganda Construct

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Audio PlayerContrary to what its multi-million dollar international PR campaign would have you believe, the “White Helmets” are not a group of volunteer search-and-rescue workers that sprang spontaneously out of the Syrian soil. When you peel back the layers of foreign financing and reveal the foreign intelligence operatives and murky lobbying groups at the heart of the organization, what you find is that the White Helmets are, in fact, a propaganda construct.
For those with limited bandwidth, CLICK HERE to download a smaller, lower file size version of this episode.
For those interested in audio quality, CLICK HERE for the highest-quality version of this episode (WARNING: very large download).
In November 2017, journalist Vanessa Beeley gave a groundbreaking presentation to the Swiss Press Club in Geneva on the so-called “Syria Civil Defence” (better known as the “White Helmets”), which bills itself as an impartial group of volunteer search and rescue workers working “to save lives and strengthen communities in Syria.” In her presentation, Beeley demonstrated the connections between this supposedly “neutral” organization, recognized terrorist groups operating in Syria, and the UK government.
VANESSA BEELEY: During my time working in East Aleppo, it was clear that the councils were working hand in hand with [Al] Nusra Front. Their centers in each district were always next door to Nusra Front headquarters and White Helmet centres, i.e., they always formed an integrated complex.

Less than three weeks later, The Guardian released a report painting all skeptics of the White Helmets, including Beeley and other “anti-imperialist activists,” as proponents of a Russian propaganda campaign directed by the Kremlin.
This is no coincidence. The White Helmets are in fact part of a coordinated propaganda campaign. But that campaign is not being directed by the Kremlin, but the western governments which have been responsible for the founding and funding of the White Helmets. And the ones promoting that propaganda are not independent journalists like Beeley, but establishment mouthpieces like The Guardian.
JOHN PILGER: In Syria they know how to intervene, they know how to manipulate the media. We had the “White Helmets,” a complete propaganda construct in Syria. They end up getting an Academy Award. They know how to intervene in public discourse every day, and in politics every day.
The White Helmets Are A Propaganda Construct.
SALMA HAYEK: And the Oscar goes to…okay…The White Helmets!
It’s quite appropriate that a propaganda documentary honouring the work of The White Helmets won an Oscar at the 2017 Academy Awards. This is, after all, an organization that thrives on the magic of movie-making to make themselves into heroes. Surely any movie that could turn a group funded by the US and UK governments, associated with western intelligence operatives, and embedded with Al Qaeda terrorists, into a group of crusading heroes is as worthy of an Academy Award as any similarly fictitious movie about superheroes saving the world.
It was also fitting that the leader of the group, Raed Saleh, was not at the ceremony to help accept the prize as originally planned.
NPR REPORTER: Hi, I’m wondering…um, I thought the White Helmets we’re gonna be here, or the leader and the cinematographer who shot a lot of this film. What happened?
ORLANDO VON EINSIEDEL: Well, Raed Saleh, who’s the leader of the White Helmets, he couldn’t come in the end because the last couple of days in Syria the violence has really escalated and he does life-saving work[…]. Our cinematographer, I mean, you know we’re confused about this, too. The last two weeks have been very difficult. He had a US visa, he tried to board a plane, and he wasn’t able to come, so weyou know, we’re very sad about that.
What Orlando von Einsiedel, the director of the film, neglected to mention is that this was not the first time that Raed Saleh, the leader of the White Helmets, failed to appear in the US. In April of 2016, InterAction, an alliance of NGOs, held a gala dinner in Washington, where it planned to honour Saleh and the work of the White Helmets in Syria. However, Saleh was refused entry into the country when he arrived at Washington’s Dulles Airport. Declining to talk about the details of the case, a State Department spokesman merely said, “The U.S. government’s system of continual vetting means that traveler records are screened against available information in real time.”
MATT LEE: You commend this group, you’re going to continue to support them, and yet you revoked the visa of their leader? I don’t…that makes zero sense to me.
MARK TONER: So, a couple responses. One is, unfortunately, we can’t speak to individual visa cases. I think, broadly speaking, though, on any visa case we are constantly looking at new information, so-called “continually vetting” travel or records, and if we do have new information that we believe an individual–let me finish–would pose a security risk, we’ll certainly act on that.
LEE: I’m saying that it just strikes me as a bit odd that you’re saying that this group is wonderful and does such a great job and you’re commending them for their heroism, and yet you’re doing this just 10 days after the leader of this group, who was supposed to be, you know…got his visa revoked or wasn’t allowed to travel here.
TONER: Well, he’s one individual in the group, and any individualagain, I’m broadening my language here for specific reasonsbut any individual in any group suspected of ties or relations with extremist groups, or that we have believed to be a security threat to the United States, we would act accordingly. But that does not by extension mean we condemn or would cut off ties to the group for which that individual works for.
So how is this possible? How could the leader of such a valiant team of crusading do-gooders himself be denied a visa to enter the United States as a potential security threat with ties to terrorists? The multi-million dollar PR campaign that surrounds the White Helmets, after all, portrays the group as being pure as the driven snow.
MARCIA BIGGS: This is the call to work for the brave members of the Syrian Civil Defence, an ad hoc, grassroots, first-response unit within rebel-held Syria. Nicknamed “The White Helmets,” they rush toward the scene of a bombing to save victims, many of whom are trapped under rubble. Once tailors, bakers, pharmacists, these 3,000 ordinary Syrian men, and some women, now unwitting heroes.
LAURA LING: So who are these heroic volunteers? The White Helmets is the unofficial name for the Syrian Civil Defence, a rescue organization made up entirely of volunteers who operate in opposition-controlled Syria. According to their own data the group have rescued more than 58,000 people including Omran Daqneesh, who painfully reminded the world of the horrors unfolding in Syria every day.
The task of these modern-day war heroes is extremely dangerous. To date around 130 White Helmet volunteers have been killed in the country’s relentless civil war. One of the group’s most notable losses happen in August when an airstrike killed the White Helmet volunteer who miraculously rescued a baby who had been trapped under rubble for 16 hours.
LARA SETRAKIAN: Raed Saleh and Farouq al-Habib are joining us today from in and around Syria. They represent the Civil Defence Forces, what the Syria Campaign has come to introduce as “The White Helmets.” We often heard over the past three and a half years of covering the conflict, “Who are the good guys in Syria? It’s such a mess.” They are the good guys.
But what is always left out of these glowing mainstream media puff pieces is any actual information about the organization. Where did it come from? Who founded it? Where does it get its funding? And why does it operate exclusively in terrorist-held areas of Syria?
The first clues about the real nature of the group come from their name itself. Calling themselves the “Syria Civil Defence” is misleading in multiple ways. First, it implies that the group was founded in Syria by Syrians. It was not. The group was in fact founded in March 2013 in Turkey, by James Le Mesurier, a former British military intelligence officer then doing contract work for the US and UK governments. None of this information is even controversial. This is the story as told by Le Mesurier himself at a conference in Lisbon in 2015.
JAMES LE MESURIER: In early 2013 I had a meeting with nine local leaders that had come out from northern Aleppo, and they painted this picture of the frequency and the intensity of the bombing that was taking place. And I was delivering programs on behalf of the US and UK governments, and we were able to offer them some good governance training, some democratizing training, and a handful of sat phones.
Several days later I was very fortunate to meet the head of Turkey’s earthquake response group, a group of people called “AKUT.” And the conversation that we had was along the lines of: If they can rescue people from a building that has been flattened as a result of an earthquake, how possible is it to rescue people from a building that’s been collapsed as a result of a bomb? And this led to a series of design labs. We brought a number of people out of Syria who brought building samples, and we sat down over several days merging the expertise of the Syrians that had come out from the ground (who knew the regime tactics) with my organization that understood operating in war zones and the expertise of this organization, AKUT, who rescue people after earthquakes.
The name “Syria Civil Defence” is also a lie because there is a real Syria Civil Defence that has been operating in the country for 65 years. The actual Syria Civil Defence, a volunteer search and rescue organization, was established in Syria in 1953. Unlike the White Helmets, the real Syria Civil Defence is a member of the International Civil Defence Organisation and (again, in contrast to the White Helmets) has an emergency number (113) that can be called in Syria by those needing assistance.
But this Syria Civil Defence does not enjoy the glitz and glamour of Oscar-winning documentaries, the constant attention of the international press, or the more than $60 million in funding by foreign governments that have been bestowed on the White Helmets.
REPORTER: Do you know who finances them, how they operate, who are they supported by, what kind of organization they have? How do you get your information?
TONER: Well, I can say we provide them…Well, I can tell you that we provide through USAID about 23 million dollars in assistance to them.
BORIS JOHNSON: But they are fantastically brave, these White Helmets, and I am proud to say we are giving them £32 million in funding as part of a wider £65 million package for non-humanitarian aid.
VANESSA BEELEY: Now I would like to come back to the funding of the White Helmets in a little more detail. My colleague here covered it in general, but I would like to focus on the UK Foreign Office and the use of the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund to support and finance the Syrian opposition and the White Helmets. The UK regime is a primary player in the US coalition and in its operations inside Syria. Following a recent parliamentary question from Baroness Caroline Cox it has been confirmed that the UK Foreign Office has financed the Syrian opposition almost 200 million pounds over three years through this conflict fund. However, the British government has so far refused to release the names of the recipients.
During my time in East Aleppo in 2016/17 and with Syrian journalists Khaled Iskef, while searching the local council offices we found untranslated documents in Arabic that referred to two UK organizations: Adam Smith International and Integrity Global. Both organizations are funded by the UK Foreign Office via this conflict fund to offer assistance to the Syrian opposition, and this has been achieved via a variety of outreach agents, one of whom is the Tamkeen Project, which claims to build resilience in Syrian communities and which establishes funds and supports the local councils in terrorist-held areas such as East Aleppo and Idlib. Tamkeen was responsible for the financing and maintenance of the East Aleppo councils, according to Britta Haji Hassan, self-professed mayor of Aleppo, in an interview with The Guardian. The program provided East Aleppo City Council with eight hundred and twenty thousand pounds in May 2016.
During my time working in East Aleppo, it was clear that the councils were working hand in hand with [Al] Nusra Front. Their centers in each district were always next door to Nusra Front headquarters and White Helmet centresi.e., they always formed an integrated complex.
But even more disturbing than the unusual founding or clandestine funding of the group is the mountain of evidence demonstrating that the White Helmets, far from their official claim to political neutrality, are in fact intimately embedded with known and listed terrorist organizations in Syria.
Again, the most damning evidence in this regard is not controversial in the slightest. It comes directly from the White Helmets themselves.
Numerous videos and photos have surfaced showing the White Helmets parading on the dead bodies of Syrian government forces and flying the flags of known terrorist organizations. An in-depth report on The Syrian War Blog last year examined the social media profiles of 65 different White Helmets-connected figures and found numerous posts in support of ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham and other listed terrorist organizations. Some even posted pictures of themselves with known terrorist leaders or waving the flag of terrorist groups like ISIS, and many proudly displayed images of dead Syrian soldiers.
Most incredible of all is the footage of White Helmets attending the executions of Syrian civilians and soldiers by terrorist groups, moving in to cart the dead bodies away mere seconds after the victims are brutally slain.
Most of this evidence is explained away as “bad apples” in the organization acting on their own. Some of these “bad apples” are then castigated in public displays, like when one White Helmet was fired when footage surfaced showing him disposing the mutilated corpses of Syrian government fighters. When a graphic video of the White Helmets overseeing the execution of a man in terrorist-occupied Daraa surfaced last year, the group actually defended the workers while acknowledging that they “did not fully uphold the strict principle of neutrality and impartiality.”
But incredibly, Le Mesurier, the former British intel officer who founded the White Helmets in 2013, defended the workers caught in one bloody video from May 2015. The Middle Ground, a Singaporean website, ran a story last year featuring Le Mesurier’s take on the incident.
“But what about the damning video, from May 6, 2015?” the article reads. “White Helmet volunteers were caught on tape running in to clear a body seconds after a gunman executed a man. It turns out that the deceased was tried and sentenced to death in a local Sharia court, said Mr Mesurier. When his father found out about the time of execution, he called the White Helmets to help him conduct a proper burial. Besides, the gunman was clad in a balaclava, not a white helmet. Accusing the White Helmets of this act would be akin to accusing Joseph of Arimathea of crucifying Jesus.”
In opposition to the deafening mainstream media silence over this incredible mountain of evidence against the White Helmets stand only a handful of independent researchers, universally ignored, castigated or marginalized from the mainstream discussion on the issue. These independent researchers include Vanessa Beeley, a British researcher who has been one of the few journalists to report extensively on the ground in areas like East Aleppo over the last two years, and Eva Bartlett, a Canadian freelancer who has gained notoriety for using her own on-the-ground reporting from Syria to speak out against the mainstream narrative about the White Helmets.
BEELEY: And the majority of the evidence against the White Helmets comes from the White Helmets themselves, from their own videos, their own videos of them participating in the executions of both civilians and Syrian Arab Army prisoners of warfor which crimes they are sacked, by the way. You know, none of their sponsors at that point are held accountable for their crimes against the Syrian people and against the Syrian army that is defending the Syrian people and that comes from the Syrian people.
BARTLETT: So Raed Saleh, who is the White Helmets leader, isn’t allowed in the US. He was denied entry to the US for his questionable ties to extremists, and that’s actually from the State Department’s Mark Toner. And then the White Helmets leader in Idlib, Muawiya Hassan Agha, he was somebody that is a “rogue element” and he was apparently involved in an execution or he was there at an execution of two prisoners of war in Aleppo, and he was supposedly fired from the Helmets, but then he later reappeared with the White Helmets. So he’s a leader, you know. And so these are not “rogue agents.” There’s a number of people that have compiled photos showing over 60 White Helmets members’ social media posts, with them either with black flags, Al Qaeda flags, ISIS flags, holding weapons, or them even in White Helmets uniforms holding weapons, and them in uniforms at Al Qaeda cheering rallies with black flags flying all over the place. So these are clearly not “rogue.”
Given that there are so few voices speaking up against the White Helmets, it should come as no surprise that when The Guardian finally deigned to address what they termed the “conspiracy theories” about the organization, they turned their attention on these very researchers.
In “How Syria’s White Helmets became victims of an online propaganda machine,” The Guardianturned to Olivia Solon to dismiss all opposition to the White Helmets as the work of “anti-imperialist activists,” “conspiracy theorists” and “trolls with the support of the Russian government.” The choice of Solon to report on this story is especially odd; a “technology reporter” in San Francisco, Solon has no background of any sort in geopolitics or combat zone reporting and, as far as can be determined, has never set foot in Syria. Instead, she relied exclusively on sources such as the murky PR lobbying firm, The Syria Campaign, to praise the White Helmets and castigate their detractors.
Bizarrely, the report devotes a great deal of attention to the White Helmets’ Mannequin Challenge video, footage of an admittedly fake and staged “rescue” operation released by the group in an attempt to cash in on a viral internet video trend taking place at the time. The inference of the video is obvious: that the group is perfectly capable of staging incredibly realistic and completely fake “rescue” operations at any time. These fake videos, stripped of their context, would be uncritically promoted as authentic by mainstream outlets like The Guardian in the exact same way that the completely fictitious video of a “Syrian” boy rescuing his sister under sniper fire was uncritically accepted by the mainstream media…until it was admitted to be a fake video produced in Malta by a Norwegian film crew “to see how the media would respond to such a video.”
The Guardian’s headline when the fake Norwegian film production was released? “Syrian boy ‘saves girl from army sniper’ – video.” Strangely, Solon’s report does not mention that incident.
The majority of The Guardian’s report focuses on why the innocent and virtuous White Helmets would be so viciously attacked by independent journalists and how all opposition to the group is connected to the Kremlin. This is supposedly demonstrated in an utterly meaningless “infographic” of colored dots showing precisely nothing of substance.
Unsurprisingly, Solon’s contact with the reporters whose work she was set to impugn displayed her biases from the very start.
BARTLETT: In early October I received an email—I don’t think I noticed it right away. But anyway, when I did, essentially it was an email from this Olivia Solon—who contributes to The Guardian and is based in San Francisco, California—saying that she’d love to interview me for a story she was doing “imminently.” And, as I said, I didn’t see the email right away, so she sent another email within the next day or so again asking some questions about my stance on the White Helmetsif I believe they were actors. I can pull up the exact email, and I think you’ve seen a rebuttal I did on Global Research, which actually includes screenshots of our conversation.
Anyway, though, the questions she posed to me indicated that she didn’t have an honest intent in investigating the White Helmets. And in fact, given that she contributes to The Guardian—albeit from California, not from Syria—but The Guardian itself has consistently spewed war propaganda on Syria, just that factor alone would make one pause and think, “What’s the objective of this article?”
But then the questions: “Have I received any gifts from Assad or from Syria and Russia or North Korea?” She noticed with interest that I had been to North Korea recently. “How is it possible to go to Syria and North Korea given that they’re both so darn controlled?” You know, and when I get those kind of claims, I refer back to a blog post I very quickly typed out last year or so: “Those Who Transmit Syrian Voices Are Russian Propagandists?”  Anyway, this is a segue, but the whole point being anybody can apply for a visa at the Syrian embassy in Beirut. You do have to wait a while. I’ve had to wait over a month on many occasions, and you pay a fee and then you go to Syria. You arrange your transportation. And in fact, had I been reporting for The Guardian, I would assume that all my expenses and all that would have been taken care of by that corporate institution.
Anyway, so her questions were very leading. She had a predetermined “story”as she called it, and I wonder if her use of the word “story” was to kind of take away from the fact that she wasn’t actually gonna insert any truth and it was just a story. And so basically after seeing her questions I just replied to her something like “I’m not interested in participating in your article, your pre-determined script.” You know, my colleague Vanessa Beeley received a similar email around the same time with similar questions, some slightly catered to Vanessa’s own background, and she did reply more in-depth.
BEELEY: Olivia Solon contacted myself and Eva Bartlett pretty much at the same time and she sent a list, from memory, of about 20 questions, all of which were basically asking myself and Eva to defend our position and the evidence that we’d collated over, you know, a couple of years. For me, certainly, three years, or now four years, investigating the White Helmets organization, both remotely and inside Syria on the ground.
And so it was it was very much an attempt to put us in a position of having to defend ourselves. And I think both of us quite rightly took the position that, “Look, we’re not here to defend ourselves. You should be defending the evidence against this organization instead of providing a blanket promotional report on this organization,” which is what The Guardian has specifically done, of course, since the creation of this organization. In 2016 it lobbied, effectively, for the White Helmets to win the Nobel Peace Prize, and when it was inundated with negative comments it simply closed comments.
So, you know, The Guardian, which itself is embedded in the corporate neo-colonialist structure in the UK—I mean, it’s owned by Scott Trust Limited, it gets most of its ad revenue from HSBC. That is, not only the Swiss banking part of HSBC that has been basically prosecuted for fraud, but also has been found guilty of fraud against consumers in the UK. So, you know, this is already a sort of an interesting background to The Guardian and hardly surprising, then, of course, that they’re supporting the sort of “humanitarian war” concept that is always the driver behind, particularly, UK Foreign Office policy in the region.
So when Solon approached us with these questions, we both went back and basically said we have no interest in defending ourselves, and then, of course, she went out to fundamentally all of those entities, organizations, and individuals who support, fund, finance and do the PR for the White Helmets, such as The Syria Campaign, which incidentally two days later produced a 46-page report in which again I’m described as “The Queen of Disinformation.” And even in that 46 pages, they do not address one element of the evidence against the White Helmets.
Researchers like Beeley, Bartlett and Professor Tim Anderson, also mentioned in Solon’s report, are easy enough targets for The Guardian. Independent journalists taking it upon themselves to counter the Syria narrative, they would never be taken seriously by establishment media circles in the first place. Curiously omitted from The Guardian article, however, are the award-winning, internationally respected journalists who have similarly expressed skepticism about the White Helmets, their backers, and the PR campaign that surrounds them.
There is Gareth Porter, the award-winning journalist who has contributed to Foreign PolicyForeign AffairsThe NationAl JazeeraSalonThe Huffington PostAlternet and countless other outlets, who wrote “How a Syrian White Helmets Leader Played Western Media” in November 2016.
There is Philip Giraldi, a former CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer who wrote “The Fraud of the White Helmets” in July of 2017.
There is Stephen Kinzer, former New York Times correspondent and, ironically, current contributor to The Guardian, who tweeted his congratulations to “al-Qaeda and Syrian jihadists” when the film about “their PR outfit, the White Helmets,” won the Oscar. [Note: Kinzer points out he has not contributed to The Guardian in over four years.]
And, of course, there is John Pilger, one of the most respected and celebrated journalists and documentarians of the past half-century:
JOHN PILGER: In Syria they know how to intervene, they know how to manipulate the media. We had the “White Helmets,” a complete propaganda construct in Syria. They end up getting an Academy Award. They know how to intervene in in public discourse every day, and in politics every day.
It is unclear whether Solon and The Guardian believe Porter, Giraldi, Kinzer and Pilger to be “anti-imperialist activists,” “conspiracy theorists,” or “trolls with the support of the Russian government.”
But the issue here is not merely one of PR and propaganda, as appalling as the uncritical reporting about the White Helmets has been. What is worrying is that the so-called Syrian Civil Defence is, as we have seen, not Syrian at all. Founded, funded and promoted by foreign governments, foreign contractors and foreign lobbyists and PR agencies, the White Helmets are not a spontaneous Syrian search-and-rescue operation, but a template. A template that, if successful, can and will be employed anywhere and everywhere that those same foreign powers want to destabilize targeted governments in the future.
BEELEY: But I think what is interesting, why is this organization being protected to such an extent? I think it’s because the imperialist apparatus is defending the concept. We’ve already seen [White Helmets founder] James Le Mesurier recruiting in Brazil. We know that the White Helmets have appeared in Malaysia and in Venezuela, and in the Philippines. So you know, because this went through my head so many times, these are only 3,000 criminals and thugs that have emerged from the terrorist ranks or the Free Syrian Army “moderate extremist” ranks to become the White Helmets in order to continue to get paid doing the same job but under a different auspice.
Why are they being so heavily protected? But I think it’s more to do with the concept. It’s more to do with the importance of this concept going forward. As James Le Mesurier said very recently, who would you trust more than the fire brigade or a first response NGO? There you have it. That’s the key to why this group is so important.
In the end, the point is no more that we should uncritically accept every statement made in opposition to the White Helmets than that we should uncritically accept every statement made in their favour. The point is that in a world where people were concerned about the real truth of the matter we would not be forced to rely on the on-the-ground reports of Beeley, Bartlett and the handful of other independent journalists who actually bother to visit Syria and talk to actual Syrians about what is happening in their country. In such a world, there would be many different journalists, researchers and citizens all trying to get to the bottom of what was really happening in the country.
But we do not live in such a world, and one thing is perfectly clear: we cannot rely on outlets like The Guardian and their fellow travellers like BBC News, Channel 4, CNN and other mainstream establishment outlets to report the truth on these matters.
BARLTETT: So I wasn’t really aware of Olivia Solon prior to her having contacted me, so I wasn’t following her on Twitter. However, after the article came out, I found that first her Twitter account was closed to comments, and then it was opened, but people like myself were blocked from commenting. And she was seemingly outraged at one point that we went ahead and made our own statements and rebuttals without having the courtesy of sending her an email, even though we were the subject of her smear piece. And the other thing is that The Guardian comments section is closed except on social media. I don’t look at The Guardian that much except when I want to prove how they’re lying, so I’m not aware if that’s been their policy for a while [or] if that’s a new thing. I do notice that at the bottom of many of their articles there’s a plea for donations for honest investigative journalism, and I say, “Yes! Definitely support honest investigative journalism! But you won’t find it on The Guardian.”
Olivia Solon was contacted for comment on this report, but she did not respond to the request.