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I find this personally disgusting and what I feel as a final insult. I have watched for years my state and others deny patients including me Medical Cannabis which is such a mild benign substance in comparison to the Pharmeceutical drugs that they have me on, that to see this Marine who suffers from PTSD along with other issues, not only thrown out for sharing his story, but silenced without ever using profanity, or yelling. Using an adjective to describe how he and his fellow Vets have been treated by police and this insane War on Medicine and everything natural, when I have SEEN IT CURE CANCER WITH MY OWN DAMN EYES, is no longer acceptable to me. It is DEMOCIDE. Death by government, regardless of intention or malfeasance. This must stop. They are there to serve us, not the other way around. A recent MSNBC poll asked its audience, a primarily liberal audience if people should have the right to carry a gun or not......96% said yes!     This confirms what I have suspected all along.....that the actual amount of individuals who support the treason of gun control are very few. The rest is political and mass media hype which they are trying to brainwash America just like the criminal Holder said. How sad it is when you can look to the highest law enforcement officer in Washington DC and that can be said about him. I am truly disgusted today and ashamed of what D.C. has become which is a cesspool of special interests......all of them, but that of the American people.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


We must be ever mindful. We must be absolutely vigilant in the teaching to our younger generations of the organizations and most destructive deviant pursuits of those who penetrated and infiltrated and bought and paid for the control of government, and who propagandize the public into believing that the authority of said entity operating under rhe color of law and presenting itself to be Constitutional and a Republic, but which is either Schitzophrenic or it is just that everyone can swallow a fable so well that they all call the UNITED STATES INC a country rather than a UNION CORPORATION and a body of Nation state representatives. They openly call this conglomeration amalgamation our nation, and have decided upon the three colors of the Crown's UNION JACK.

I submit, was this part of the idea and the start of the programming. Is it not showing one's "true colors" to issue a banner of difference, but signifying one's true allegience? Just food for thought considering in this video presentation things you always were told were one way were all lies. The FACT is that our Constitution has not only been under attack, but going from the Articles of Confederation, into a super secret Free Masonic Constitutional Convention at a time when even George Washington wrote that the Free Masons he feared were penetrated. But now we know that the Treaty of Paris signed by the delegation from the US capitulated to the Crown and agreed to pay restitution from the so called War of Independence vastly changing the dynamic of what we were told about the war. We won the last military battle, but if one reads the words of the British Commander, which I will leave to you to dig for, you will realize that the war was far from over, but ENGINEERED, by factions on both sides thatbwere Rothschild agents along with help from Catholic preists, Jesuits on the behest of Rome who entrusted the Rothschild with their matters of banking.

Saturday, December 19, 2015


This is the single most instantly thought provoking video I believe has ever been produced. It is simply brilliant. James Corbett, in only the way James can, set out to reveal the most blatantly obvious issues with the 9/11 event, the official story, and he simply tears down the lies with such grace and "seeming" simplicity. But there is nothing simple about the thousands of hours of research he has done, we all have done, that makes up his report. Absolutely hysterical in a tasteful way. My commendations to James and those who help with the Corbett Report.  The lies that are perpetually told to the public never stop. We are living in some seriously surreal times. So many people know that its all lies, to the point that I can go anywhere and ask someone and sure enough most people I ask all believe that a faction of our government was complicit. Many know about the Israeli Mossad arrested on King Street that day in Manhattan headed to the George Washington Bridge and dressed as Arabs. They were arrested after detonating the truck. This was reported on FOX News but when the true identity was learned they went silent. As well did the reat of the media. If the press was the least bit not controlled SOMEONE would have come forward. But as usual the incoming news is conpartmentalized and the CIA has admitted to being completely esconced in positions of government at all levels and they are as well in the press. Operation Mockingbird comes to mind. They would only discuss it when being called to Congress in Executive "closed door" session. Excuse me? The attack is history. There is no intelligence to be witheld that is risking National Security. Maybe risking the asses of many of those tasked with the responsibility of securing the borders of the States. So enjoy this presentation, and support James Corbett.

Friday, December 4, 2015


I would love to know..... If anyone can tell me how vaccines which we are told promote health and longevity, will be a sucsessful tool in Bill Gates box of toold for reducing the population of the world?   I mean, I am not putting words in his mouth. He clearly said that if they manage to be sucsessful, that vaccines would aid in the lowering of the population. I am not the best at Math, but I am intelligent enough to know that if you effectively PREVENT disease with the use of vaccines, (if that is what they are intended for in a third world setting especially) you can not reduce the population if they actually work. Now if you actually go by his actual progress you would know that his (Gates Foundation) vacinnes seriously damaged 50,000 children in India who all became everything from paralyzed to dead as a result of their innoculation. I am sorry, but after realizing information like that, I believe I will take my chances, and as for those with kids who do bot wish to have their kids be lab rats, supposedly as the argument goes, those kids who do receive the vaccines are allegedly completely safe. So the kids of the parents who choose to Opt Out, are the only ones assuming any risk. Last time I checked, making that choice is what freedom is about. Those who are right or wrong can and will be at the mercy of their choice. As insane as it is banning a plant that can not be used to overdose it is so safe that kills cancer and this same government states that not only does it have NO MEDICINAL VALUE, but it lacks that value so much that the government itself secured patents on the CBD molecule in Cannabis as it is now being used to fight inflammation and a wide variety of ailments, but by only allowing part of it, they are keeping the full cure and preventative use of it from the public to keep the ghoulish cancer death industry. RUN FROM THAT CURE to all natural cures. To hell with what they say. The Constitution is above all of them. God is above all else anyway. If I am not causing harm to another or ciolating their right to private property, etc, If I am not a threat to anyone, who in the hell do they think they are to poison my water, and then tell me the one natural substance that fixes the damage to be illegal? They are literally either completely in a state of blissful greed, or they are somstupid that they believe the Island of Guam will capsize if too many Marines land there. This is the level of intellect we actually have in Congress. Another nit wit is attempting to ban high capacity magazines because, you know, they are "bullets" and when the "bullets" get fired from the "long gun" they will be expended and therefore there wont be any more magazines because the bullets have been fired, so banning them in her pinhead thought process will reduce the availability of ammunition. So basically, the woman thought she was pushing for legislation that would severly infringe or impede anyones ability to ever get anymore ammunition. This is what she thought. So in every way shape and form, her true intentions were completely treasonous. But what does that matter in that 10 mile square?   They are moving towards complete Constitutional subversion. And what is being done about it? We are indeed in troubled times. I pray the Lord's guidance. May He bring some sense to these people. God bless you all, and may you all find good health and well being. How the actions that move us toward that could ever be unlawful is seriously beyond my comprehension.

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Ex CIA agent reveals the way to delete the elite ....using TRUTH's Ammunition - TRUTH and writing....through MEDIA ! The pen (or keyboard) can and is mightier than the sword of used properly. He goes on to explain how we csn take back the nation highjacked from us by the power elite. They are not a representation of free market Capitalism, but Corporate Fascism being implemented by a Totalitarian mindset......moving into full National Socialism, and slowly morphing into Global Communist rule.

An excellent link to go with this video would be from Cryptome -

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The Horrors of World Slavery - not just confined to American Slavery, but as a Global Economic For e that drove the economies of the African Nations that Conquered their enemies and sold them, their own people, quite wrongfully, into slavery...... Which shows there were both White and Black Captains of Industrial Slavery, not limited to the "White Privledge" Cultural Marxists would have the country's disenfranchised to believe.

Come help us spread the TRUTH - Unite races and classes and all demographics....

Our research is based on the War Between the States primarily and the real and true history of the united States. Slavery was abhorrent. No man or woman should ever know its yoke....but it os to this day and minute being used to feed a narrative and bring about Race and class wars. The Marxists and Corporate Fascists are in place and they are ready to divide.....ready to start the next....

COMMUNIST REVOLUTION !!!!     #AllLivesMatter

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In a shocking revelation (not), many are awakening to the massive corruption within the Courts. What we once believed was that we had the best system on the face of the planet. I comparison to what? Every country seems to have what is called an elected bunch of so called "representatives", yet we are tasked with making our "choice" out of a group of the liars, cheaters, criminals, and every once in a while a very honest man who never has a chance at making it into the top tier, and when one does they are blacklisted by the Main Stream Corporate media. This is NOT what the founders ever intended. Not the real founders anyway. I am with Patrick Henry....I was long ago as I too...."smell a rat.    

I am the son of a New Jersey Judge. I grew up at my fathers feet, then by his side and have watched the utter deterioration of the entire Municipal to State Supreme Court turn into a madhouse and den of thieves. It disgusts me. And I must as a matter of what is right, stand up and speak out !

Please read the article at the following link. - America Wakes Up To Find Its Judicial Branch Consumed By Organized Crime

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The Secret Constitution - 14th Amendment - T.R.L.Stewart on BUZZSAW w Sean Stone

Tom Lacovara-Stewart - RTR TRUTH MEDIA

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Bruce Ray Riggs

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Katy ISD Jordan Wooley with Texas Gov. Greg Abbot
Today Katy ISD 7th grader Jordan Wooley and her mom Chantel, were invited to the home of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, in Austin, to discuss what happened in her AP (Advanced Placement) reading class. Listen to my interview with Jordan's mom Chantel right after the visit. We applaud Gov. Abbott as he clearly has shown, the #IStandWithJordan movement is supported at the highest levels in Texas government.
Posted by Alice Linahan on Saturday, November 7, 2015
Alton Frailey Katy Texas, I.S.D. finally placed in a position where he "knows" that eyes are upon him. Lying and throwing a little girl who now has been proven to have been telling the truth in the "God is a Myth" scandal becoming known as Frailey Gate # who knows? As the amount of scandals and Constitutional violations by these anti-Constitution Tax Exempt Foundations, corporations, and public officials. We do not want nor will tolerate political agendas in the classroom. And the Bill of Rights will NOT be relinquished for any agenda, including but not limited to Agenda 21.

The Governor knows that Frailey is "covering his backside" says Chantel Wooley, mother of Jordan Wooley, who came forward and told the truth. She saw something, and she said something. The Katy I.S.D. press conference tried to allege that Jordan Wooley lied about what her teacher said. He was immediately corrected by Fox News reporter Andrea Watkins who took apart their lies in short order with evidence she uncovered during her investigation confirming the findings of our investigation. This is a peer reviewed slam dunk. Now all that needs to follow is who is going to represent Jordan and her friends in the lawsuit that surely must follow if for no other reason, to make an example.

#IStandWithJordan #Frailey #FraileyGate #SchoolOfficialLies #God #JesusChrist #Faith #1stAmendment #CivilRights #KatyISD #CommonCore #WomenOnTheWall


As we see with the leadership of Katy Independent School District Superintendent Alton Frailey who has now been completely EXPOSED lying to try and absolve the school district and the teacher for a 1st Amendment violation.


Resurrect The Republic | Dirty Uncle Sam Truth Radio Broadcast

Republic Broadcasting Network RBN

The school, which not only lied about the substance of the actual offence, but also with and regarding the details of the assignment itself, tried backpedaling at a Press Conference that went very badly for them thanks to Fox News Andrea Watkins, who basically flayed them with facts that the Administration I do not believe was prepared to respond to. 3 children's parents alone all said the same thing. And to add to that, this reporter has been contacted by former students who graduated out of the school in question and they all confirmed to me as well that when they had the same assignment they had the "same complaint", and it caused the "same discontent", but somehow they managed to squeak passed.


          This is why we must not allow this to pass along into the night and be forgotten. They try and claim that it was "no big deal", while they are BREAKING FEDERAL AND STATE LAWS, as well as violating their own schools rules on the subject of Religion.


                 The teacher, who is now alleged to be Christian was used as a defense as (since she claims to be a Christian) apparently getting her to have students deny their faith somehow is more acceptable. Being a Christian is not like choosing to be a different race as we have seen in the news recently. It is not "whatever a person feels". The definition of being a Christian is to follow the Law of God and the teaching of Jesus Christ. This faith specifically states that to deny God is real is the antithesis of being a believer. So by definition, regardless of what the teacher calls herself, or the school, she is no more a Christian than a rock. What she did was completely violate the tenets of the Christian Faith. So I would love for the delusional Alton Frailey to explain his way out of that lie as well. Perhaps she was born and raised in a Christian household. But again, this does not make her a Christian and it actually is irrelevant to this case and a mere distraction that has many Progressives crying FOUL! They say...."see" the girl is lying because the teacher is a Christian......and the fact that people bite on that rubbish is why Frailey the Fibber used try and lie his way out of a Civil Rights lawsuit. Sorry will be receiving paperwork ......that is another FACT......that you may not be so happy about.

and you would not have to worry about it. The Katy ISD Police have violated students rights under Miranda v. Arizona, and a Lt. Colonel and former Katy Municipal Utilities Authority Member had his microphone CUT OFF by these criminals who obviously did not want to hear how their cops were violating people's GOD GIVEN Constitutional Rights.......

And so the scandals continue in Katy......

I have never experienced a school board so absolutely swimming in issues. There have been teachers arrested for having inappropriate relationships with students, and the Katy I.S.D. Police. What a school needs their own police force for is seriously beyond me. If I believed it was to protect them from violence from the outside that would be one thing. But I do not want my child having to go to school and worry about the same revenue generating issues that we have to be concerned with on the roads. It has been found now that 70% of most law enforcement agencies efforts are placed in to this area. Not crime reduction, but revenue generation for the City or town. Now we have "Corporate Law Enforcement" as an actual school board controlled entity? I am the son of a Judge, brother of a Judge and step son to a Police Officer. So I am not anti-cop, I am just realistic. We do not need school police. We need school peace officers to protect not only the students safety, but to enforce protect preserve and defend the Constitution, so why is it that Constitutional Peace Officers were not hired?  And if they had been then the student would be able to have justice as a Constitutional Officer who has reason to believe a student's rights have been violated must take action. So if any of you wish to get into the debate that Corporate Law Enforcement did take a Constitutional Oath and are bound by it, then by all means please show me the results of the Katy ISD Police Investigation into the violation of a students God given Constitutionally protected rights. It does not take long or a very difficult question to show the public how the Constitution is being ignored by those who allegedly took oaths to preserve protect and defend it.....they use it only for their own convenience these days I seem to believe.

This is what we believe is the root cause of what we see today. Man, apparently is designed tofollow orders, so perhaps we can show everyone facts in law, that will show, that a very corrupt class of bankster, swept in and bought out the seats of government and used the military to back their coup AFTER the Civil War. Not during. Slavery is of no consequence nor explanation for what they did. And it is long passed time we all really understood what brought us right here.

14th Unconstitutional Amendment - EVIDENCE of USURPATION - Banksters Coup


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INVISIBLE EMPIRE: A New World Order Defined HD - Resurrect The Republic

As heard on the Resurrect the Republic | Dirty Uncle Sam


Republic Broadcasting Network

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In his follow-up documentary to “What in the World Are They Spraying?” director Paul Wittenberger teams up with photographer Chris Maple to produce THE GREAT CULLING trilogy. A three part series of feature length documentary style films that examines the current pandemic of neurological disorders that we are witnessing today and more importantly the relationship that heavy metal toxicity plays in the overall equation.
The Great Culling our WATER focus’s on Fluoride. Fluoride is a generic term to indicate a wide variety of substances containing the element fluorine. Slightly less toxic than arsenic, but more toxic than lead, fluorine is the most negatively charged and most chemically active of all elements on earth, which means it loves to combine and recombine with other elements in its path, ever looking for the strongest bond, and reeking havoc all along the way by creating even more toxic combinations.
Fluoride is not just one of forty chemicals used to treat water. It is the only chemical added to public drinking water to treat individuals, rather than the water. It is mass medication. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that fluoride is not a mineral nutrient; it is a prescription drug. Every prescription drug has side effects, including fluoride.
Fluoride has never received FDA approval and does not meet the legal requirements of safety and effectiveness necessary for such approval. Once this drug is put in the water there is no control over individual dosage.
In addition to the many warning signs, The Great Culling will also educate the audience on the major health risks associated with toxic substances, the best ways to avoid them and effectively remove them from your system.
The Great Culling will include empowering interviews by experts in their field. Our mission is to wake people up, inspire them to take a stand for themselves and for future generations.
We need all the help we can get to get this message out to the masses!
You Can’t Boil the Fluoride Out!
Some people want fluoride in their drinking water, while others seek to remove it. One of the most common questions I get relating to fluoride removal is whether or not you can boil fluoride out of your water. The answer is no. If you boil water or leave it on a hot plate for an extended period of time, the fluoride will become more concentrated, remaining in the water as a fluorine salt.
However, you can boil water to remove fluoride if you capture the water that is evaporated and condense it (distill it). The water you collect will contain much less fluoride than your starting water. As an example, when you boil a pot of water on the stove, the fluoride concentration in the water in the pot increases. The water that escapes as steam contains much less fluoride.

Stop Using Fluoride Toothpaste!
Fluoride’s ability to damage the brain is one of the most active areas of fluoride research today. In the past three decades, over 100 studies have found that fluoride exposure can damage the brain.

The Goal of the CDC is to Fluoridate America!
The CDC is not protecting the public from the harmful effects of Fluoride Toxicity but protects the “Water Fluoridation Program” instead.

Which Two Presidential Candidates Opposed Fluoridation?
Dr. David Kennedy breaks down the political connection between Fluoride toxicity and the Protected Water Fluoridation program of the United States. Why is it that according to the CDC in this country “science is on the side of water fluoridation.” Find out for yourself by purchasing The Great Culling our WATER and educate yourself and your family members.

Hydrofluosilicic Acid is a Noxious Poison
Of all age groups, infants are the most vulnerable to fluoride toxicity. Due to their small size, infants receive up to 400% more fluoride (per pound of body weight) than adults consuming the same level of fluoride in water.

Dental Fluorosis is Good For Business!
According to the latest national survey by the Centers for Disease Control, 41% of American adolescents now have some form of fluorosis — an increase of over 400% from the rates found 60 years ago. (CDC 2010)

THE GREAT CULLING: Mike Adams “the health ranger”

 CLICK to go to THE GREAT CULLING Official WebSite

Cannabis Revealed: Why Is Marijuana Illegal?

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After speaking to Jordan Wooley the first time she was rudely insulted by this school's staff, we had she and her mother on our radio show. But when I received a call from her again regarding this latest episode of Constitutional ignorance and the implementation of lessons that are intended to "smash a students perception of reality", while including "commonplace assertions" in regular language, what are considered widely accepted "myths", they of course had to place God in the mix, and although a government institution, they absolutely "did" take a specific position in violation of the students Constitutionally defined un-alienable rights. If the student chose to state that God's existence was fact, they were told they would have the answer, a "graded answer", marked wrong, and it would "effect" their grade on the assignment. This is the same as misusing their position of authority to force a child to believe as they do in regards to matters of Faith and religion. Everyone should not be suprised to know, the school held a press conference...... and set a wonderful example by lying their  proverbial hind quarters off, charging the difference in their position to "their belief", or lack there of, to spite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that the assignment was neither graded nor was the answer a mandatory answer. (Only if you care about your grade).

The following is a copy of that press conference included within are our responses to it.

While we have spoken to Jordan before, after speaking to her mother today, I can tell you that regardless of the excuses these so called educators make, they have accomplished the Collectivist goal of creating a "chilling effect" for students who wish to stand up for their beliefs. The actions of the school board and company paid minor lip service to Jordan's courage, while attacking her mother and trying to make it sound as if the Civil Rights violation against their students is somehow the fault of her social media posts. Disgusting "blame the victim" mentality. And again, Progressives have no problem thumbing their nose at our Constitution, the rule of law, but will be the first ones there to scream bloody murder if students wish to share their faith, regarless of the FACT that the students actions are not what is constrained by the Bill of Rights, but the actions of government. 

Apparently a fact ignorant politicos love to dismiss when it suits them, while embraces when it suits them. We will endeavor to bring accountability to government. Government is not our friend, but an enemy to freedom. That is unless you choose to disagree with Gen. George Washington, who stated as much. Criminals and governments are the natural enemy of the people, so let us chain down the latter with the Constitution to prevent them from more acting like the former. Or something to that exact effect....     Coming from a Federalist, that speaks volumes. I am more in line with Patrick Henry... "I smell a rat"! 

Monday, October 26, 2015


Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer may have known more about State-sponsored kidnappings than any other politician in the United States before she was murdered in March of 2010. Her published report, The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services, is reproduced below. It was the basis for many lectures and interviews she gave on the topic. She claims the report caused her to lose her Senate seat in the Georgia State Senate, but she stated:
However, there are causes worth losing over.
This cause was so big however, that there are some who believe she lost more than just her job. They believe she lost her very life.
However, many have questioned the “official” police report.  of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution published an article on April 4, 2010 titled:

What really took 2 lives in Schaefer case?

- See more at:


We’ve been tracking an intense story here at Next News of the Israeli pilot allegedly captured by ISIS. As the facts become more clear here’s what we know. The pilot, is a still unidentified 23 year old Israeli citizen who illegally crossed the border into Syria to defect to Islamic State controlled territories. According to an IDF spotter his choice of aircraft for the dramatic defection: a paraglider. The Israeli military has confirmed that the footage you’re seeing right now was in fact israeli drones and warplanes circling the area and dropping flares during an intensive search effort to reveal the man’s landing site on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights. It is still unclear if the IDF ground forces clashed with ISIS within Syria as Israel has been silent on that matter.
However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a cryptic statement this morning that seemed to indicate that fighting may have in-fact occurred:
“Yesterday, an Israeli civilian crossed our border in the Golan Heights into Syria to join the ranks of the enemy. We will act to nullify his citizenship. That is what is done in any such case. Whoever joins the ranks of the enemy to fight against Israel will not be an Israeli citizen.” 
“We are constantly fighting ISIS, the Nusra Front and other terrorist organizations.”
One organization, The Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade, confirmed via social media they had not taken an Israeli pilot into captivity. However they did not confirm if a new Israeli defector had joined their ranks. 
Given the intensity of fighting in the region and the number of militaries converged, including Russia and Iran, this will not likely be the last time an Israeli defects triggering an IDF response of this scale.
Subscribe to our channel here to receive future updates as we continue to monitor the region for breaking reports. 
For the Next News Network, I’m Gary Franchi.


This is an incredible episode with Chinese defector, who left behind the Communist Totalitarian regime for a land of what she thought would be freedom, only to find the same ideology which enslaved all of her people rising fast right here in the United States of America. Listen to her share her heartfelt warnings for our Nation. May we take heed of her warning and be wise having learned from history where we should not allow some to tread.