Saturday, December 19, 2015


This is the single most instantly thought provoking video I believe has ever been produced. It is simply brilliant. James Corbett, in only the way James can, set out to reveal the most blatantly obvious issues with the 9/11 event, the official story, and he simply tears down the lies with such grace and "seeming" simplicity. But there is nothing simple about the thousands of hours of research he has done, we all have done, that makes up his report. Absolutely hysterical in a tasteful way. My commendations to James and those who help with the Corbett Report.  The lies that are perpetually told to the public never stop. We are living in some seriously surreal times. So many people know that its all lies, to the point that I can go anywhere and ask someone and sure enough most people I ask all believe that a faction of our government was complicit. Many know about the Israeli Mossad arrested on King Street that day in Manhattan headed to the George Washington Bridge and dressed as Arabs. They were arrested after detonating the truck. This was reported on FOX News but when the true identity was learned they went silent. As well did the reat of the media. If the press was the least bit not controlled SOMEONE would have come forward. But as usual the incoming news is conpartmentalized and the CIA has admitted to being completely esconced in positions of government at all levels and they are as well in the press. Operation Mockingbird comes to mind. They would only discuss it when being called to Congress in Executive "closed door" session. Excuse me? The attack is history. There is no intelligence to be witheld that is risking National Security. Maybe risking the asses of many of those tasked with the responsibility of securing the borders of the States. So enjoy this presentation, and support James Corbett.

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