Tuesday, December 22, 2015


We must be ever mindful. We must be absolutely vigilant in the teaching to our younger generations of the organizations and most destructive deviant pursuits of those who penetrated and infiltrated and bought and paid for the control of government, and who propagandize the public into believing that the authority of said entity operating under rhe color of law and presenting itself to be Constitutional and a Republic, but which is either Schitzophrenic or it is just that everyone can swallow a fable so well that they all call the UNITED STATES INC a country rather than a UNION CORPORATION and a body of Nation state representatives. They openly call this conglomeration amalgamation our nation, and have decided upon the three colors of the Crown's UNION JACK.

I submit, was this part of the idea and the start of the programming. Is it not showing one's "true colors" to issue a banner of difference, but signifying one's true allegience? Just food for thought considering in this video presentation things you always were told were one way were all lies. The FACT is that our Constitution has not only been under attack, but going from the Articles of Confederation, into a super secret Free Masonic Constitutional Convention at a time when even George Washington wrote that the Free Masons he feared were penetrated. But now we know that the Treaty of Paris signed by the delegation from the US capitulated to the Crown and agreed to pay restitution from the so called War of Independence vastly changing the dynamic of what we were told about the war. We won the last military battle, but if one reads the words of the British Commander, which I will leave to you to dig for, you will realize that the war was far from over, but ENGINEERED, by factions on both sides thatbwere Rothschild agents along with help from Catholic preists, Jesuits on the behest of Rome who entrusted the Rothschild with their matters of banking.

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