Saturday, December 26, 2015


I find this personally disgusting and what I feel as a final insult. I have watched for years my state and others deny patients including me Medical Cannabis which is such a mild benign substance in comparison to the Pharmeceutical drugs that they have me on, that to see this Marine who suffers from PTSD along with other issues, not only thrown out for sharing his story, but silenced without ever using profanity, or yelling. Using an adjective to describe how he and his fellow Vets have been treated by police and this insane War on Medicine and everything natural, when I have SEEN IT CURE CANCER WITH MY OWN DAMN EYES, is no longer acceptable to me. It is DEMOCIDE. Death by government, regardless of intention or malfeasance. This must stop. They are there to serve us, not the other way around. A recent MSNBC poll asked its audience, a primarily liberal audience if people should have the right to carry a gun or not......96% said yes!     This confirms what I have suspected all along.....that the actual amount of individuals who support the treason of gun control are very few. The rest is political and mass media hype which they are trying to brainwash America just like the criminal Holder said. How sad it is when you can look to the highest law enforcement officer in Washington DC and that can be said about him. I am truly disgusted today and ashamed of what D.C. has become which is a cesspool of special interests......all of them, but that of the American people.

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