Friday, December 4, 2015


I would love to know..... If anyone can tell me how vaccines which we are told promote health and longevity, will be a sucsessful tool in Bill Gates box of toold for reducing the population of the world?   I mean, I am not putting words in his mouth. He clearly said that if they manage to be sucsessful, that vaccines would aid in the lowering of the population. I am not the best at Math, but I am intelligent enough to know that if you effectively PREVENT disease with the use of vaccines, (if that is what they are intended for in a third world setting especially) you can not reduce the population if they actually work. Now if you actually go by his actual progress you would know that his (Gates Foundation) vacinnes seriously damaged 50,000 children in India who all became everything from paralyzed to dead as a result of their innoculation. I am sorry, but after realizing information like that, I believe I will take my chances, and as for those with kids who do bot wish to have their kids be lab rats, supposedly as the argument goes, those kids who do receive the vaccines are allegedly completely safe. So the kids of the parents who choose to Opt Out, are the only ones assuming any risk. Last time I checked, making that choice is what freedom is about. Those who are right or wrong can and will be at the mercy of their choice. As insane as it is banning a plant that can not be used to overdose it is so safe that kills cancer and this same government states that not only does it have NO MEDICINAL VALUE, but it lacks that value so much that the government itself secured patents on the CBD molecule in Cannabis as it is now being used to fight inflammation and a wide variety of ailments, but by only allowing part of it, they are keeping the full cure and preventative use of it from the public to keep the ghoulish cancer death industry. RUN FROM THAT CURE to all natural cures. To hell with what they say. The Constitution is above all of them. God is above all else anyway. If I am not causing harm to another or ciolating their right to private property, etc, If I am not a threat to anyone, who in the hell do they think they are to poison my water, and then tell me the one natural substance that fixes the damage to be illegal? They are literally either completely in a state of blissful greed, or they are somstupid that they believe the Island of Guam will capsize if too many Marines land there. This is the level of intellect we actually have in Congress. Another nit wit is attempting to ban high capacity magazines because, you know, they are "bullets" and when the "bullets" get fired from the "long gun" they will be expended and therefore there wont be any more magazines because the bullets have been fired, so banning them in her pinhead thought process will reduce the availability of ammunition. So basically, the woman thought she was pushing for legislation that would severly infringe or impede anyones ability to ever get anymore ammunition. This is what she thought. So in every way shape and form, her true intentions were completely treasonous. But what does that matter in that 10 mile square?   They are moving towards complete Constitutional subversion. And what is being done about it? We are indeed in troubled times. I pray the Lord's guidance. May He bring some sense to these people. God bless you all, and may you all find good health and well being. How the actions that move us toward that could ever be unlawful is seriously beyond my comprehension.

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