Friday, November 13, 2015


In a shocking revelation (not), many are awakening to the massive corruption within the Courts. What we once believed was that we had the best system on the face of the planet. I comparison to what? Every country seems to have what is called an elected bunch of so called "representatives", yet we are tasked with making our "choice" out of a group of the liars, cheaters, criminals, and every once in a while a very honest man who never has a chance at making it into the top tier, and when one does they are blacklisted by the Main Stream Corporate media. This is NOT what the founders ever intended. Not the real founders anyway. I am with Patrick Henry....I was long ago as I too...."smell a rat.    

I am the son of a New Jersey Judge. I grew up at my fathers feet, then by his side and have watched the utter deterioration of the entire Municipal to State Supreme Court turn into a madhouse and den of thieves. It disgusts me. And I must as a matter of what is right, stand up and speak out !

Please read the article at the following link. - America Wakes Up To Find Its Judicial Branch Consumed By Organized Crime

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