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As we see with the leadership of Katy Independent School District Superintendent Alton Frailey who has now been completely EXPOSED lying to try and absolve the school district and the teacher for a 1st Amendment violation.


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The school, which not only lied about the substance of the actual offence, but also with and regarding the details of the assignment itself, tried backpedaling at a Press Conference that went very badly for them thanks to Fox News Andrea Watkins, who basically flayed them with facts that the Administration I do not believe was prepared to respond to. 3 children's parents alone all said the same thing. And to add to that, this reporter has been contacted by former students who graduated out of the school in question and they all confirmed to me as well that when they had the same assignment they had the "same complaint", and it caused the "same discontent", but somehow they managed to squeak passed.


          This is why we must not allow this to pass along into the night and be forgotten. They try and claim that it was "no big deal", while they are BREAKING FEDERAL AND STATE LAWS, as well as violating their own schools rules on the subject of Religion.


                 The teacher, who is now alleged to be Christian was used as a defense as (since she claims to be a Christian) apparently getting her to have students deny their faith somehow is more acceptable. Being a Christian is not like choosing to be a different race as we have seen in the news recently. It is not "whatever a person feels". The definition of being a Christian is to follow the Law of God and the teaching of Jesus Christ. This faith specifically states that to deny God is real is the antithesis of being a believer. So by definition, regardless of what the teacher calls herself, or the school, she is no more a Christian than a rock. What she did was completely violate the tenets of the Christian Faith. So I would love for the delusional Alton Frailey to explain his way out of that lie as well. Perhaps she was born and raised in a Christian household. But again, this does not make her a Christian and it actually is irrelevant to this case and a mere distraction that has many Progressives crying FOUL! They say...."see" the girl is lying because the teacher is a Christian......and the fact that people bite on that rubbish is why Frailey the Fibber used try and lie his way out of a Civil Rights lawsuit. Sorry will be receiving paperwork ......that is another FACT......that you may not be so happy about.

and you would not have to worry about it. The Katy ISD Police have violated students rights under Miranda v. Arizona, and a Lt. Colonel and former Katy Municipal Utilities Authority Member had his microphone CUT OFF by these criminals who obviously did not want to hear how their cops were violating people's GOD GIVEN Constitutional Rights.......

And so the scandals continue in Katy......

I have never experienced a school board so absolutely swimming in issues. There have been teachers arrested for having inappropriate relationships with students, and the Katy I.S.D. Police. What a school needs their own police force for is seriously beyond me. If I believed it was to protect them from violence from the outside that would be one thing. But I do not want my child having to go to school and worry about the same revenue generating issues that we have to be concerned with on the roads. It has been found now that 70% of most law enforcement agencies efforts are placed in to this area. Not crime reduction, but revenue generation for the City or town. Now we have "Corporate Law Enforcement" as an actual school board controlled entity? I am the son of a Judge, brother of a Judge and step son to a Police Officer. So I am not anti-cop, I am just realistic. We do not need school police. We need school peace officers to protect not only the students safety, but to enforce protect preserve and defend the Constitution, so why is it that Constitutional Peace Officers were not hired?  And if they had been then the student would be able to have justice as a Constitutional Officer who has reason to believe a student's rights have been violated must take action. So if any of you wish to get into the debate that Corporate Law Enforcement did take a Constitutional Oath and are bound by it, then by all means please show me the results of the Katy ISD Police Investigation into the violation of a students God given Constitutionally protected rights. It does not take long or a very difficult question to show the public how the Constitution is being ignored by those who allegedly took oaths to preserve protect and defend it.....they use it only for their own convenience these days I seem to believe.

This is what we believe is the root cause of what we see today. Man, apparently is designed tofollow orders, so perhaps we can show everyone facts in law, that will show, that a very corrupt class of bankster, swept in and bought out the seats of government and used the military to back their coup AFTER the Civil War. Not during. Slavery is of no consequence nor explanation for what they did. And it is long passed time we all really understood what brought us right here.

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