Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Ex CIA agent reveals the way to delete the elite ....using TRUTH's Ammunition - TRUTH and writing....through MEDIA ! The pen (or keyboard) can and is mightier than the sword of used properly. He goes on to explain how we csn take back the nation highjacked from us by the power elite. They are not a representation of free market Capitalism, but Corporate Fascism being implemented by a Totalitarian mindset......moving into full National Socialism, and slowly morphing into Global Communist rule.

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The Horrors of World Slavery - not just confined to American Slavery, but as a Global Economic For e that drove the economies of the African Nations that Conquered their enemies and sold them, their own people, quite wrongfully, into slavery...... Which shows there were both White and Black Captains of Industrial Slavery, not limited to the "White Privledge" Cultural Marxists would have the country's disenfranchised to believe.

Come help us spread the TRUTH - Unite races and classes and all demographics....

Our research is based on the War Between the States primarily and the real and true history of the united States. Slavery was abhorrent. No man or woman should ever know its yoke....but it os to this day and minute being used to feed a narrative and bring about Race and class wars. The Marxists and Corporate Fascists are in place and they are ready to divide.....ready to start the next....

COMMUNIST REVOLUTION !!!!     #AllLivesMatter

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