Thursday, October 29, 2015



After speaking to Jordan Wooley the first time she was rudely insulted by this school's staff, we had she and her mother on our radio show. But when I received a call from her again regarding this latest episode of Constitutional ignorance and the implementation of lessons that are intended to "smash a students perception of reality", while including "commonplace assertions" in regular language, what are considered widely accepted "myths", they of course had to place God in the mix, and although a government institution, they absolutely "did" take a specific position in violation of the students Constitutionally defined un-alienable rights. If the student chose to state that God's existence was fact, they were told they would have the answer, a "graded answer", marked wrong, and it would "effect" their grade on the assignment. This is the same as misusing their position of authority to force a child to believe as they do in regards to matters of Faith and religion. Everyone should not be suprised to know, the school held a press conference...... and set a wonderful example by lying their  proverbial hind quarters off, charging the difference in their position to "their belief", or lack there of, to spite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that the assignment was neither graded nor was the answer a mandatory answer. (Only if you care about your grade).

The following is a copy of that press conference included within are our responses to it.

While we have spoken to Jordan before, after speaking to her mother today, I can tell you that regardless of the excuses these so called educators make, they have accomplished the Collectivist goal of creating a "chilling effect" for students who wish to stand up for their beliefs. The actions of the school board and company paid minor lip service to Jordan's courage, while attacking her mother and trying to make it sound as if the Civil Rights violation against their students is somehow the fault of her social media posts. Disgusting "blame the victim" mentality. And again, Progressives have no problem thumbing their nose at our Constitution, the rule of law, but will be the first ones there to scream bloody murder if students wish to share their faith, regarless of the FACT that the students actions are not what is constrained by the Bill of Rights, but the actions of government. 

Apparently a fact ignorant politicos love to dismiss when it suits them, while embraces when it suits them. We will endeavor to bring accountability to government. Government is not our friend, but an enemy to freedom. That is unless you choose to disagree with Gen. George Washington, who stated as much. Criminals and governments are the natural enemy of the people, so let us chain down the latter with the Constitution to prevent them from more acting like the former. Or something to that exact effect....     Coming from a Federalist, that speaks volumes. I am more in line with Patrick Henry... "I smell a rat"! 

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