Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Truth Can Only Be Found with Independent Thought - An Analysis of Donald Trumps Latest Tweet Should Prove This

Independent thought is the only method that any individual can truly come to a factual and truthful analysis of the events surrounding us today. As main stream media and left right paradigm propaganda politics creates a fog that prevents people from seeing the real problem, the masses become more and more divided. From a Communitarian based Oligarchy we are told we live in a “free country”. Well, I suppose we are free. Free to shop at Walmart. Free to gather on the 4th of July and shoot off millions of dollars of Chinese fireworks and stuff ourselves with hamburgers and hot dogs. But where is this so called freedom when all most want is just to be left alone?

Your political overlords will never discuss how our Republic was overthrown in the wake of the Civil War. They will not tell you how our nations money supply was highjacked by a cartel of international bankers. You won’t hear Diane Feinstein or Ted Cruz discussing the 1933 bankruptcy of the United States. And some of the few who have made it to Washington who have dared to reveal these things in detail have been marginalized, censored or worse. Some have been thrown in prison and some killed. This all sounds fantastic to the average American. It sounds fantastic because most Americans have been through a process called “ideological subversion” from Grade 1 to college. 

Watch this short presentation by Brian Young of High Inpact Flix to get a glimpse of the real problems we face. 

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Our YouTube channel has been censored and demonetized. Your corporate masters have engaged in economic terrorism in that they choose what you the viewer should and should not see. This contributes to the continued dumbing down of America. It’s called “social engineering”.

How do you feel about being controlled?
How do you feel about having content you would like to see and subjects you would like to learn about being suppressed by those in ivory towers who see you as nothing more than consumers?

We at RTR want to start doing what we used to and really making some in depth well researched presentations of fact based material you won’t see on main stream networks. 
This takes time and a lot of work.

Lately we have really backed off of doing these because of the financial terrorism that comes with mass censorship. On YouTube we have to watch what we say or how we present what we do. This creates a chilling effect and it is working. What we can do is start migrating off this Titanic of nitwittery which is YouTube to sites like Bitchute.

If you would like to see the in depth quality presentations like we used to do far more of, consider supporting RTR TRUTH MEDIA.

In the last month I have had to cancel many of our monthly services that we use to produce content. We are not in this to get rich. If we were we sure picked the wrong vocation. But when you consider that mere talking heads that make 6 figure salaries to lie to you daily are treated as celebrities and real investigative journalists, historical researchers and documentarians struggle to survive, perhaps you will be moved to be a part of the solution. 

From all of us at RTR TRUTH MEDIA
We thank you for your love and support 

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