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(RTR TRUTH MEDIA) — An Ultra Orthodox Talmudic Jewish woman has been tapped to head the National Security Agency’s new Cybersecurity Directorate.

Anne Neuberger of Baltimore has worked at the NSA for the past decade. She helped establish the U.S. Cyber Command and worked as chief risk officer, where she led the agency’s election security efforts for the 2018 midterms. She currently is an assistant deputy director the agency.
She previously was the deputy chief management officer at the U.S. Navy and worked for the secretary of defense.

Neuberger, 43, also known as Chani, is from the heavily Jewish Brooklyn, New York, neighborhood of Borough Park, where she attended the Bais Yaakov Jewish day school for girls, according to the Yeshiva World News. She is a graduate of Touro College in New York and Columbia business school, and worked in the White House Fellows program.

I for one am obviously concerned with this appointment, not because I do not believe Neuberger is capable, or lacks the capacity to handle the post, but due to obvious reasons to those who are intimately familiar with the Zionist movement and the tenets of the movement. It was Theodore Herzl essentially the equivalent to the Israeli State as George Washington is to America, who said that it was “pointless for a Zionist to be a Patriot in their host nation” as the entire basis for the World Zionist Movement was Israel first, Israel right or wrong as Miss Shaloni the former education minister said on “Democracy Now”. She also said that the labeling of those who criticize Israel or any of these facts with the term or slander of name calling someone as “antiSemitic” as a trick that they use to silence said criticism. 

It has not just been one lone voice that has made this truth known. Victor Osteovsky, a former Mossad agent also made this tactic known clearly and truthfully. I have a lot of respect for especially Jews who have or who still hold positions within the state or their community who come forward with honesty and integrity. 

And I know that people are not used to people calling these issues into question. Matters of “dual loyalty” and the ideological beliefs of those of not only the Ultra Orthodox Talmudic Jewish faith, but of political Zionism which is the fundamental religiously based belief that the Jews are God’s chosen people and that he promised them the land and or real estate of Israel, the boundaries of which are often described by the Yinon plan or known as “the Greater Israel Project”.  As a student of comparative religion I do find some validity or original Biblical basis to this belief system, at least as it was prior to the Biblical period known as the period that Israel broke from the covenant of God, disobeyed God and therefore was punished to be dispersed among the nations until such time as the Mosiach returns and the Messianic Era begins. The reason I bring this up is that since 1948 many Jewish Bolsheviks were relocated to Palestine at at that time through a British Mandate which some, in fact many say had no authority to grant Palestine to these emigres 80% of which between 1946-48 were from the Black Seaports in Russia,  and to displace the population that was already living there for many generations.  

The reason I bring this up is that this foreign belief system to the American founding that was a Constitutional and predominantly Christian nation in belief, and a Christian Republic by legal framework, and the traditional understanding of Talmudic Judaism was that it was and is an anti-Christian faith.  This is according to many sources within the Talmud but also in Law 1 of the Noahide Laws which state that Isolotry is forbidden. The punishment for this is death by decapitation once the Messianic Era begins according to some Ultra Orthodox Rabbis. Please be advised that far from all Jews know about this. Many who would likely still stand with their religious leaders but whom are either non observant or moderately so when I have shared this information with them, they appeared genuinely shocked. But I consider them similar to many Catholics who are so culturally, but whom are not really religious or practicing. I do believe that the majority of Orthodox Rabbinical Talmudic Rabbis absolutely know these things. And as we see they are always stepping up the pressure on people like Netanyahu for him to “take action” and do all he can to pave the way so that the Mosiach will return. 

Netanyahu is urged to take more action: 

I would like to think that everyone who is an American citizen would put the best interest of America first, and that they would never violate the tenets of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, but as of right now there are American politicians with absolutely no foreign entangling allegiance known to me who are actively and openly in direct contradiction with these tenets they swore to preserve protect and defend. I’ve listened to their attempt at articulating their rationale’ in their excuse for doing so. Some have said, “it is my constituents who have elected me and therefore my responsibility to see their will honored. The problem with that explanation though is that their 1st obligation is to the Constitution / Bill of Rights, and then to their constituents and only if what their people seek comports with it.  I can only hope that Ms. Neuberger understands this moral responsibility and can put her Zionist loyalties as well as the Talmudic teachings that clearly state that all non-Jews are not equal to God’s chosen people. This is a religious ideological supremacism that in no way can be held while serving in any capacity in American government.
As for her history working for the US Government all I know is what we recently have been told and that she is extremely capable of her assignment. 
Neuberger told The Wall Street Journal that the directorate will more actively use signals intelligence gleaned from expanded operations against adversaries. As part of its mission, the directorate will work to protect the U.S. from foreign threats by sharing insight into specific cyber threats with other federal agencies as well as the private sector.
I would be curious to know what if any involvement, training, association with, or former joint assignments Neuberger has had with Unit 8200 or the Talpiot program. Israeli cyber security according to Benjamin Netanyahu is rapidly dominating the world market and the American tech companies, such as Amazon and Microsoft, as well as Facebook which has long been suspected of being one of the most massive intelligence and data gathering operations the world has ever seen mass spread across the globe, and they are all opening locations in Israel if they have not already. 
Neuberger will be one of the highest-ranking women at the NSA since Ann Caracristi was named deputy director in 1980, according to the newspaper. Neuberger will report to the agency’s head, Gen. Paul Nakasone.
The story "Orthodox Jewish Woman To Head NSA’s Cybersecurity Dept" used in part here was written by Marcy Oster. This article was written by the Staff of RTR Truth Media 
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