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Thursday, September 3, 2020



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 UN Refugee Application | Brendon Lee O'Connell - 100MB PDF file
                                  War in the South China Sea, June-August 2020. Hopefully it will be contained. The "threat of war" will be enough to cause major trade dislocation, shortages of every kind and full blown, in the open, martial law and direct government (Israel) control of goods and services - food, food transportation and food distribution. Combined with the Corona lockdown, it is the end of the American Republic. It's over. According to Alex Jones, Donald Trump [say this breathlessly - chew your popcorn], is baled up in the Oval Office, besieged by Nancy Pelosi and an army of "deep state" hob goblins making his last stand ala Yassar Arafat style in the PLO Headquarters in the 90's. Donald Trump is the President of the United States: imbued with dictatorial powers of executive authority under The War Powers Act. He can literally do what ever he wants under the guise of "national security". Arbitrary arrest. Forced opening of businesses and trade under threat of immediate imprisonment. But Donald Trump does nothing...Nancy Pelosi and AOC have him by the balls...dancing on roof tops...he's helpless...and Melania has her "I Dont Care" jacket on. 
                         Donald Trump attended numerous Jeffrey Epstien events - just ask Roger Stone. Stone stated on Infowars three years ago that yes, indeed, they had been to a Jeff Epstein event and noted the "very young girls" playing in the pool. Stone stated, "We thought Jeff was a great guy allowing the next door neighbors kids to use his pool." Stone assured the Infowars listeners that he and Doanld - friends for 40 years - left immediately when they saw Jeff's playful teenie bopper entourage...they escaped in a nick of time! All that Adderal and Coke in Stone and Trump's systems assisted their rapid getaway from the impending crime scene. A year later, Jones (coming down off his coke and Adderal binge under orders from Dr Steve Pieczenik, and Dr Henry Kissinger), stated he had been courted by Hollywood for years - see, you all missed this because you don't torture yourselves like I do and watch Jones. 
          From 2008 to 2012, Jones went back and forth to L.A from Austin at $10,000 a time doing voice overs and auditions - these are his own admissions. He was hanging with the AIDS infected coke and porn fiend Charlie Sheen and coke nut Gary Busey. Luckily, Jones being a good and pious Christian, calling on the power of The Holy Spirit, resisted the temptations of the flesh and nasal stimulation. After 4 years and a few hundred thousand dollars later (that we know of), Jones saw the evil that was Hollywood and proceeded to become a pious monastic, crying loudly from the wilderness of his Austin multi million dollar my bone broth! The end is near! At $20,000+ USD a WEEK, in his pocket...profit. He truly suffered for his craft. Jones further admissions were that during his divorce he partied at the ranch of the lead engineer of the Boeing F18 fighter jet. Alotta blondes, beer and AR15's were had...being a red blooded male that Jones is. In fact, Jones keeps telling us non stop he is a "red blooded male" and it brings me to the point of, 
"He doth protest to much..."
... did Jones getting a little high with Charlie and the gang in L.A one night and decided to give naked pole dancing a go? Just make sure he was truly deep red blooded? For science.... Who knows, but strange things happen to the minds of mighty men when imbued with muchos stimulants in L.A. Even i was willing to give trump a chance. A chance that the US military must act, via the orange monkey and his signature. If the United States does not open immediately for business - you can throw away the 5D chess game, no if's and no but's. Donald Trump works for Bi Bi and The Bolsheviks. It's over. The Republic has been killed...we just watched it. Live on you tube. They have penetrated every level of the US high technology sector. The Bolsheviks and their high tech scientific rationalist system have finally won in the age of AI, Cambridge Analytica, Peter Thiel, Elon Musk and Alex Jones. Public Data Doesn’t Capture Extent of Chinese-Israeli Deals, Says Investor 
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Thursday, November 7, 2019

PUTIN - RUSSIA - ISRAEL - ZIONISM - BOLSHEVISM - It Came to America by Way of Deception

Adam Green in another thought provoking presentation. Please check Adam out at 


These days do try the soul in us. 
Truth withheld, propaganda constant.
Schools fail to teach real history while pushing 
“social change”.

The theories of Karl Marx albeit failed to unite the “workers of the world”, then later grafted to marry culture and perceived “marginalized peoples” in addition to every other group which is essentially comprised of narcissistic personality disorders and people who believe that they are a girl when born male, and that this is perfectly ok for them not only to delude themselves but believe they have the right to force everyone else to share their delusion. 

Our world is being socially, and intentionally altered. It’s being turned into a circus side show and mostly everyone is just watching the ship go down down down and laughing oblivious that they are about to drown. Absolutely INSANE.