Thursday, November 7, 2019

PUTIN - RUSSIA - ISRAEL - ZIONISM - BOLSHEVISM - It Came to America by Way of Deception

Adam Green in another thought provoking presentation. Please check Adam out at 


These days do try the soul in us. 
Truth withheld, propaganda constant.
Schools fail to teach real history while pushing 
“social change”.

The theories of Karl Marx albeit failed to unite the “workers of the world”, then later grafted to marry culture and perceived “marginalized peoples” in addition to every other group which is essentially comprised of narcissistic personality disorders and people who believe that they are a girl when born male, and that this is perfectly ok for them not only to delude themselves but believe they have the right to force everyone else to share their delusion. 

Our world is being socially, and intentionally altered. It’s being turned into a circus side show and mostly everyone is just watching the ship go down down down and laughing oblivious that they are about to drown. Absolutely INSANE.  

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