Friday, November 8, 2019


Every story is its own. We have heard horror stories already regarding state Red Flag Laws. They are Bolshevik at best, and since 9/11 it surely seems as though the Feds and in many cases state governments are leaning on their people to extract that tevenue. 

From the former Deputy head of the Dept. Of Homeland Security, like Micheal Chertoff, whose parents were programmed to be Communists, we saw him hire Marcus Wolfe former head of the East German STASI to consult. Now we have these gun confiscation laws under the guise of surrendering liberty for safety. 

We are armed, but then again America has always been. I may be limited these days in what I can do, but I’ve stood on free ground held by us. Bundy Ranch  Standing Off against the US Bureau of Land Management, that was NEVER supposed to be a law enforcement entity or militarized with kill listsvand private contractors either. Then there was Oregon at the Standoff with the FBI.  They put 2 ranchers in prison for starting a backfire to reduce the risk of damage from wildfires and they used the “Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act. The judge retired after being unwilling and unable to sentence them to the mandatory minimum. He said it would be a shock to the conscience. 

We are in grave times with not a second to lose. 


  1. let me see hmm bible prophecy is coming to life before our eyes looks like we might see economic collapse biological chemical warfare mandatory vaccinations cashless society one world government one world economic system one world religion one world king or dictator rises up to solve worlds problems this dictator would be fully devil serpent prince of darkness evil one son of perdition man of lawlessness to some Christians will mistake him for second coming of Jesus Christ the Jews will consider him long awaited messiah Ben David Freemasons witches and other occult new age followers will consider him divine to Muslims he will be known as imam Mahdi to Hindus the avatar of Vishnu or Shiva Buddhists will honor this dictator as Maitreya Buddha and some many other religions will considered this dictator as a god or a prophet or a saint he will be assisted by a false prophet messiah Ben Joseph to Catholics he will be their last pope to Buddhists he will be a new Dalai lama and to the Muslims there version of Jesus but definitely not the Christian idea of Jesus many Muslims will be convinced the Christian Jesus will be their version of Antichrist due to cunning deception by the Muslim Jesus and Catholics will also mistake the real Jesus as a impostor etc.