Thursday, November 21, 2019


As a conservative minded individual, it was difficult to break free of the left / right paradigm and see things clearly for what they are. We are living in a world, among a civilization that may be doomed by idiocy. And Congress gets away with spending HUGE amounts of time and resources being dishonest with the public to convince them of this or that while the sideshow usually is only a distraction. The “Russian Collusion” allegation is nothing more than “as VanJones admitted... is a big ole’ nothing-burger.

The “actual” Russian collision story - the one not many will discuss is that of Bolshevik Israel. Click here and...
please take the time to see my report on this.

The powers that be have seen to it that just about any talk of Russia will now be met with boredom. Seriously convenient considering the Bolsheviks like the 1st Prime Minister of Israel have long ago completely infiltrated academia. The one place we were most vulnerable and to which they could  do the maximum damage to. Ideological subversion. And the #FakeNews corporate media perpetuate this agenda, along with many agencies of government... like the CIA.

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