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Honoring Some Vets on Memorial Day - Maj Gen Smedley Butler and Ron Paul Who Warned 9/11 Would Happen and Showed How US Foreign Policy was Neither Left or Right - Just Wrong

As the days and years move on, and Memorial day is upon us, I find it a needed service to illustrate how history continues to show how right Ron Paul has been over matters of foreign as well as domestic policy. I believe America seriously lost what could have been it's last chance at sanity when it failed to put him in the White House. So today I honor this military man and one other. Maj. Gen. Butler.

The Pittsburgh-born doctor who initially focused on monetary policy – the reason, in fact, for his first run for Congress – became more and more staunchly opposed to aggressive wars during his more than two decades in the House of Representatives. From his yes vote for the impeachment of Bill Clinton over bombing of Iraq, not adultery, to his rants against the war-on-terror during the 2008 and 2012 GOP debate season, Paul become less and less coy about his dislike of what he calls American empire over the years.

It is not, nor has it ever been in the interests of our National Security to destabilize foreign nations. That has been the goal of globalist international bankers and war profiteers as well as huge multinational corporations that work along side and often times are directly owned by those same bankers. When will America wake up and shake off the fog of the left right paradigm of Hegelian Dialectics that is being employed to confound, confuse divide and cause partisan ideological positions that if truly seen through clear eyes achieves only an insane and irrational agenda? How many times does Ron Paul need to be proven correct before Americans will see the truth?

A few quotes from Ron Paul in the article - Ron Paul on Swords into Plowshares

"When I had my Rally for the Republic during the ‘08 campaign in Minneapolis, I admitted I’m the “Universal Soldier.” I didn’t resist. It’s sort of a sad song…. As important as the song is, I’d like to refute the fact that people can’t wake up and resist. Most of the time, the people get tired of the wars. At the beginning, it’s all hype, and oh, excitement, and patriotism and all this kind of stuff…. If you look back at before they went into even the Persian Gulf War – any Iraq war – polling shows that people say no, we don’t need that. We don’t need that. And then when they can build up the hatred – direct the hatred towards an individual like Saddam Hussein or the Ayatollah, people do respond because they are bombarded with this war propaganda that gets people to change their minds and join in. Until the war – they get tired of the war, too many people get hurt, and right now we’re paying for the war….The Founders tried their best to say that presidents can’t take us to war, but that didn’t work! They still take us!… And so I think that if you can’t find the right people, and the constitution doesn’t restrain them, the only thing left is for the “Universal Soldier” to say ‘why am I doing this?’ This is a tough sell because they’re 18 years old! I was older than 18! I didn’t do much resisting. But I think it’s going to take something like that if people want to eventually stop these wars."
There is a difference between our criticism of government policy versus criticizing the American spirit, the work ethic, and the greatness of America and the liberties that we have in spite of all the problems we have. When I travel around the world, I’m pretty glad to get back home. But things aren’t getting better, things are getting worse. It’s my love for America that makes me want to prevent it from deteriorating into some form of horrible dictatorship. And when you look at what our government is doing to us, it’s a serious problem. I think America has been an exceptional nation, and has done many great things, the people are great. But right now, the American exceptionalism of us thinking that we are the champions of liberty, and we promote democracy…. and we go around the world saying “you do it our way, or we’ll kill you.” That’s government at its worst. 

I will always oppose radical extreme ideologies that cause their indoctrinated to believe that they are above or supreme over another, or that give them the right to defy moral standards we expect of others. And I will also reject the governments that use these ideologically mind melted people to achieve their agendas, arm them, support them, while claiming moral superiority. True American exceptionalism can only be achieved if we live as an example to the rest of the world showing what not to do, not justifying a do as I say not as I do or we will kill you foreign policy. If we truly want to Make America Great Again, we need to return to the limited Republic form of government that was created to restrain government on the behest of freedom. I love America. And I have love for our Vets who joined for all the right reasons in their hearts, but who as
Kissinger said -
“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”
I do not agree with Kissinger that military men are dumb, or stupid animals, but are among those who have been greatly deceived, as the majority of the American public as to the true purpose that they absolutely are mostly used.

TR Lacovara-Stewart

War Is A Racket USMC Maj.Gen. Smedley Butler - Corbett Report

As bad as FDR was for America, it would have been treason to overthrow him with a military coup. The left right paradigm was truly at work there too. If Congress had been dedicated to the American people and not bought off by the Federal Reserve banksters, we could have easily resurrected the ideals of the American Republic. Maj.General Butler understood this. In fact, not a standing army, which we were warned about, and the founders tried to prevent in theory, but the American people should have long ago cleaned house.

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