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Tom Lacovara-Stewart 7/12/18

While celebration commences in the latest victory for persecuted ranchers Dwight and Stephen Hammond by the pardon issued by President Trump we must realize that exposing the truth and the fight for freedom moves on. It's time to call it like it is. While we watch mainstream media continue to propagandize the public regarding the Bundy Standoff, and events at Malheur in Oregon, important information is slipping passed. And to date not one federal agent or prosecutors who have collectively broken many laws have been charged with those crimes but the two FBI agents who fired first upon LaVoy and company hitting Ryan Bundy in the arm and killing LaVoy Finicuim.

In this video you will hear Ammon Bundy's testimony from the trial that Federal Agents conspired to commit acts of blatant murderous activities upon protesters while laughing and joking about it. If the same had been of those protesting speaking of "shoot to kill" actions planned against federal agents there would have been even more charges and likely a minimum of 20 years in Federal prison. In my humble opinion, as long as these people have no "title of nobility", and actually even if they did, they should be governed by the same laws you and I are. And it is absolutely clear that equal protection under the law, and fair treatment is but a myth.

Listen carefully to Ammon Bundy's words regarding the comments of the Bureau of Land Management agents that was captured on their own body cameras. All they were awaiting was to be unleashed. But while waiting, these thugs were speaking of shooting women in the head and plans to kill. No official "ROE" or Rules of Engagement were officially sanctioned as "shoot to kill", at least not officially. Makes you wonder why the Bureau of Land Management illegally shredded a large portion of the evidence of their investigation.

From the Las Vegas Review Journal: November 10, 2016

Bureau of Land Management agents shredded sensitive documents about their roundup of Bundy family cattle in the tense hours before their April 2014 standoff with armed Bundy followers, federal prosecutors have confirmed.
In court papers, prosecutors said the hurried shredding occurred as agents at the impoundment site feared they were in imminent danger and about to be overrun by a crowd of angry Bundy supporters.
The shredding began the evening of April 11, 2014, and continued until BLM agents were forced to abandon the impoundment camp the next morning, BLM Agent Kent Kleman wrote in an accompanying four-page affidavit.
Among the items shredded were copies of the impoundment operations plan, maps and papers containing cellphone numbers and personal information about government employees and contractors involved in the roundup, Kleman said.
The destruction of the documents was necessary to “prevent disclosure of law enforcement sensitive information to persons engaged in criminal activity,” prosecutors wrote in their court papers.

So the claim is that this was "sensitive material".   They were "worried about being overrun and the material being seized by the Bundy Protesters". This explanation is not only laughable but it also shows what they were actually producing themselves was the fecal matter of cows (BS) while shooting prize bulls in the head and shooting more and placing them in a huge mass grave hole dug by them in the desert which I personally recorded with Ryan Bundy and Jerry Delemus.

Of course this same agency had prosecutors, FBI, helicopters, trucks coming and going, etc.
So why was this evidence not simply removed to storage pending the trials? 
The "destruction of documents" (a crime) is then justified in their minds because they were scared.
The same thugs that were chomping at the bit on body cams to kill protesters.

Defense investigator, Keith Gordon, had obtained bags of shredded evidence left behind by the BLM, and Hill sought to dismiss the charges against his client on grounds it amounted to the destruction of evidence in the criminal case.

But prosecutors responded that the dismissal is unwarranted and that Hill failed to establish that he has been unable to obtain copies of the shredded documents from other sources.
They also argued in their court papers that the shredding occurred because the BLM agents did not want the information to fall into the hands of people who had threatened them. It was not done to withhold evidence in a criminal case put together nearly two years later, they said.
In his affidavit, Kleman added that the shredding was “not conducted in bad faith or to hide exculpatory information that would have been useful to the defense.”
Kleman said agents had a duty as law enforcement officers to keep the internal documents from the Bundy forces as tensions mounted during the confrontation.
“Such information was contained in the confidential operational plan from the impound, which is a master planning document of the operation that included not only details of how the government planned to carry out the cattle impound but also included detailed personal information of the government employees and contractors who planned and participated in the operation,” Kleman said.
Hill offered a different opinion in an interview.
“The government’s nonchalance about the destruction of evidence is just the latest travesty in this case,” he said. “In this country, you have a right to see the documents made by the people trying to put you in prison. The government shouldn’t get a pass for shredding papers and notes that just might have shown that Ammon didn’t do anything wrong.
The shredding effort comes on the heels of another unusual government disclosure in the high-profile case.

For more on the criminal acts of the Bureau of Land Management and the (in our opinion) malfeasance by US Prosecutor Myhre:

Prosecutors confirmed in court documents that undercover FBI agents posed as a documentary film crew to gather evidence during their investigation into the Bunkerville standoff. Ryan Bundy was deeply suspicious about this so called production company as you can see here:
What freedom of the press do we really have, especially if you are a whistle-blower or someone revealing government corruption, if you have to assume the press interviewing you are themselves undercover agents?

Defense lawyers who have seen FBI reports of the undercover operation have said in court documents that the company’s name was Longbow Productions.
Several of the defendants charged in the case, including Ammon Bundy, were tricked into doing interviews with the undercover agents before they were charged, defense lawyers have alleged. These FBI agents posing as journalists fed Greg Burleson booze and got him to speak hypothetically about the "defensive perimeter" of the Ranch and or Militia camp, while the BLM openly were chomping at the bit to commit murder with impunity.
Prosecutors contend the ruse was a proper investigative technique. Of course they do. What do they care about the Free Press or the chilling effect this all will have for people trying to get the word out about government corruption and overreach?

“We cannot overstate how damaging it is for federal agents to pose as journalists,” Katie Townsend, the litigation director for the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, said in a statement. “This practice undermines the credibility of the independent news media, and should not be tolerated.”
The Hill, August 27, 2015

For more on Longbow and this entrapment scheme click here -

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