Friday, July 20, 2018

AMMON BUNDY - Todd Engel Sentenced to 14 Years - The Injustice of the Lies Used to Gain a Pound of Flesh

Ammon Bundy speaks to the people, to the prosecutors and to the judge responsible for Todd Engel’s cruel and unjust 14 year sentence today. What are a people to do? Let us also remember Jerry DeLemus serving 7 years and Greg Burleson serving 68 years.
Bundy Family Official Story (Video)
BUNDY ~ The True Story — Official
Ammon Bundy Speech's, Interviews, and Important Clips
Lavoy Finicum Speech's, Interviews, and Important Clips
Cliven Bundy - Speech's, Interviews, + Important Clips
Day the Narrative Changed (Special Edition Playlist)
(Preserved Evidence for American People)
Through the Looking Glass - Uranium 1, Seth Rich, Jade Helm, + the Malheur Refuge
(†) Day the Narrative Changed - The Crossing, Opening the Seals - (Episode 8)
Day the Narrative Changed - The Militia, Ruptly TV, + The Gray Screen Footage (Episode 5)
Ch33 - The Shot Heard Round the World - For defense of Bundy's + Finicum
(First Research after we realized things weren't right in September)
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