Thursday, July 19, 2018


Todd Engel has led the fight to release the documents that will prove to the public how corrupt our Federal Justice system has become, and release him.
He has now been sentenced to 14 years in prison for essentially "a Facebook post".

Ammon Bundy's video - 

From ReDoubt News:
These documents are known as the “Wooten Memos”, and they come from BLM Special Agent Larry Wooten, who has attained whistle-blower status for coming forward to prove the allegations against the Bureau of Land Management and the prosecution.
After the first memo was released to the public, through Washington State Representative Matt Shea and Redoubt News, in December 2017, the case against rancher Cliven Bundy and his co-defendants was dismissed with prejudice by Judge Gloria Navarro.
However, only the four defendants that were in that tier had their charges dismissed. Later, the defendants in the final tier had their charges also thrown out, but the defendants previous to that time were not addressed. This includes the men that were coerced into taking plea deals.
Additionally, it includes 2 men that were wrongly convicted based on the misleading information by the prosecution. Greg Burleson was sentenced to over 65 years, which will amount to the rest of his life in prison for his stand in Bunkerville. Todd Engel, though convicted over a year ago,has recieved 14 years.. The prosecution is asking for 20 
After the Wooten memo was released, Engel filed to have his case included in the dismissal. The prosecution, led by Steven Myhre, claimed that the information revealed by Wooten did not pertain to Engel, and then Myhre tried to claim Wooten was a liar and not truthful.
This caused Mr. Wooten to double-down and write a second memo that is said to contain so much damaging information that the prosecution is in a panic to keep it from the public. It is currently under very tight seal by the court.
Engel gave updates that included information on the current motions to depose Larry Wooten in court and get his information on the record. He has also said that Greg Burleson, through his attorney, has joined with Engel’s motions. 


So yet another political prisoner who was imprisoned for events that all of the main defendants were found not guilty in in the State of Oregon and dismissed with prejudice in the Bundy Nevada Trial. Why "WILLFUL WITHHOLDING OF EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE
And this case was no different. But they needed their "pound of flesh".

.        Welcome to Amerika

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