Thursday, January 7, 2016


The liberal and Corporate Crony International Bankers and Council on Foreign Relations Criminal Cartel bought and paid for main stream media wont tell tou about these people! These are the people who are happy that dor once in their long lives of watching Federal Criminal Activity fo on unchecked and watched rancher after rancher get wrecked because the "GOVERNMENT HANDLERS AND BUREACRATS WERE ORDERED TO GET THAT LAND", and THAT, going beyond the scope of the authority by which the Federal Government was instituted, they now "intentionally in Obama's last year, KNOWS that the Mormon Faith are sworn to protect the Constitution. It is a part of their culture and faith. And those are some very good moral Christian people. As the government played into the Apocolyptic Nature of David Kokesh in the Branch Davidian Church in Waco Texas, making ....MAKING ALL OF THEIR WORST FEARS COME TO REALITY WHEN THEY WERE SURROUNDED BY A MILITARY STYLE RAID....... So it should seriously bother people to onow that the FBI knows exactly what everyone here believes. And they not only have evidence this time to back them up, but a lawmaker who wrote a specific law that the BLM completely broke while using their .../ misusing their authority to destroy and imprison people


ONE DROP OF BLOOD.......ONE DROP, if it is spilled, will be all over Barak Hussein Obama's hands.

And now that we know he knows that the specific crimes involved by these agencies have some real American Lawmen standing up to defend the Constitution, we have idiot Marxist lackies like Montel Williams to come out and enrqge everyone on both left and right by saying the President should send them in to be killed.....all of them......what a sick twisted son of a bitch!

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