Monday, August 26, 2019


A Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department deputy was making it all up when he claimed he’d been shot in the shoulder by a sniper last week, officials say.

'Completely fabricated’: Police say LA sheriff’s deputy lied about being shot by sniper
Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy Angel Reinosa lied about being shot by a sniper last week. (AP)

Deputy Angel Reinosa, 21, reported Wednesday he’d been hit with a bullet around 3 p.m. as he was walking to the parking lot, launching a manhunt and evacuation at a local apartment complex where a sniper supposedly fired off two shots. Is Reinosa just bat sh!t crazy, was he trying to play a joke? Or is he one of those folks being used by some clandestine compartment of government like the CIA, or the Mossad?  But seriously.

Officials said late Saturday that Reinosa wasn’t actually shot.

“There was no sniper, no shots fired and no gunshot injury sustained to his shoulder. Completely fabricated,” Capt. Kent Wegener said at a press conference, according to ABC 7.

But one of the most disturbing things that occurred to me... the news reporters were telling it as if it were all absolutely true. No fact checking, no phone calls... just absorb, and regurgitate. Think about that for a few moments. 

Completely fabricated. No information on his medical history, or any familial mental health issues

After investigators found no evidence of injury to Reinosa’s shoulder, he admitted he hadn’t been shot — and that he had cut holes in his own shirt.

“Must of his statement was self-serving, didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but he didn’t get into detail as to why he cut the holes or why he fabricated this story. No motivation,” Wegener said. Who does something like 

this? I’ll be keeping a close eye on him. But I can’t make any sense of this. Unless he really really wanted to be fired so there was no disputable workman’s comp? Maybe, just maybe, I didn’t really write this. It was Elvis Costello. 

I do find it extremely humorous that a few main stream news folks jumped on this story. They opened up wide and ate a total “you got played” sandwich !

Reinosa has been fired and is expected to face criminal charges for filling a false report of an emergency, according to ABC 7. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office could also file more charges if prosecutors see fit. But personally I do not understand their reaction at all. There has hardly been enough time for them to do  a thourough and detailed mental health evaluation. I was talking to one of my staff and ran this by them and the first response I got was -  

“C’mon Tom, the guy likely got the date of their upcoming false flag incorrect. It’s not as if anyone will putthat together.” Were there any Homeland Security exercises going on?
No, but seriously. He seems to me perhaps a Section 8 either way. So the reaction of the department is what is curious to me. I would have expected something like, “Angel not we are sure what made him do this. These are NOT the actions or the behavior of  a sane deputy would just decide one day, “Hey I want to be the biggest jerk I can be, get fired and lose my benefits, health care and pension from a really well paying job. Yeah - that’s exactly what I want to do. 
I am curious to see the results of any testing they may run him through. 


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