Tuesday, August 20, 2019

SUICIDED - The Final Days of Jeffrey Epstein - An In Depth Analysis

Another awesome report from James Corbett of the Corbett Report. An in depth analysis of the reported death of Jeffrey Epstein. I must admit, I am not sold on his actual death as I at this point trust very little in the government telling the truth, especially about those who have been confirmed as directly ensconced in the intelligence community enough to have been protected by other government officials who allowed his abuse of underage girls to continue. 

So that what many people believe, is that this was likely a Mossad honey pot operation, allowed to continue on by some very sick and twisted individuals who work for the US, and likely Israeli governments . I suggested he may have been on his way to Tel Aviv an hour after they announced his death. But this is purely speculation and admittedly while absolutely possible to pull off, admittedly it would not be a cake walk. But then again, the US government has come a long way since Operation Northwoods days, and Israel a long way since the Lavon Affair or the attack on the USS Liberty or the nuclear material theft, technology theft, essentially espionage see: NUMEC US Nuclear materials theft.

And you can read the book below that I will continue to promote until every American I can convince to read it does. It is meticulously written using the best most reliable sources. How do I know? They were sources that really did not want this story told. Much of the information comes from FOIA request releases.

Based on an exhaustive review of formerly classified government documents-as well as previously unexplored corporate filings, office diaries and unguarded interviews, Grant F. Smith has written a riveting story of the 1960s diversion of US weapons-grade nuclear material from an Israeli front company in Pennsylvania into the clandestine Israeli atomic weapons program. While the description is often used "diversion", I have always thought it to be far too kind. I call it like it is folks, we at RTR Truth Media pull no punches. The material was stolen. Those who did so did not own it. It belonged to the United States of America. The talented but highly conflicted founder of the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC)-Dr. Zalman Mordecai Shapiro alongside his close friend and financial backer David Lowenthal-engaged in a ferocious clandestine drive to funnel the most valuable military material on earth that forever tilted the balance of power between Israel and the world. Divert! chronicles Zalman Shapiro's journey from crafting ingenious innovations for the Nautilus nuclear submarine in the 1950s to his costly pursuit of America's most advanced hydrogen bomb designs in the 1970s. Tasked during secret summits with high-level Israeli intelligence agents, guided by Israel's top nuclear arms designers, and defended by Israel and its US lobby, Shapiro and NUMEC drove the CIA and FBI from furious outrage to despair. Presidents from LBJ to Jimmy Carter secretly grappled with how to respond to Israel's brazen theft of American nuclear material before finally deciding to bury the entire affair in classified files. But NUMEC's toxic secrets have refused to be buried alive. Newly declassified wiretaps have risen from the grave, detailing Shapiro's utter contempt for worker and nuclear safety. David Lowenthal's role as an international refugee smuggler between the US, Europe and Israel-before organizing financing for NUMEC-is placed under new scrutiny. This explosive story emerges even as the US Army Corps of Engineers struggles to quietly clean NUMEC's toxic waste near Apollo, Pennsylvania with $170 million in taxpayer funding. At a time when America is coming under intense pressure to attack on the mere suspicion that Iran is diverting nuclear material, Divert! stands as the ultimate cautionary tale of how US Middle East policy is continually undermined from within by corruption, immunity, deceit and unwarranted secrecy.

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