Friday, August 30, 2019

You Will Not Believe What This Australian Found Out While Investigating the Police!

I have been following this bloke from down under for some time. He has investigated the “stuff they don’t want you to know” sort of topics. The actual true nature of the police that I believe most police officers as the public is oblivious to. There has been a vocation in America since nearly the very beginning. That vocation was known as a “peace officer”. Mostly the Sheriffs assumes this role. Then in more metropolitan areas you had the creation of private police officers. The sort similar to that of Wells Fargo to protect the railroads. But also was created “corporate, or “commercial” law enforcement. This is what we have come to know as “policing for profit”. Most departments have become a hybrid of both. I believe that within this fusion, and especially after the 14th Amendment was forced upon us unlawfully by means of absolute subversion of the American Republic, we know have a very serious problem. 

You, by now, no doubt know that the US Supreme Court has determined that corporate law enforcement have no duty to protect you. That has come to a blazing shock to many people. To this day it causes arguments with people who suffer from cognitive dissonance because they have been lied to and propagandized for so long they just can’t handle the truth. Well in this video a bit of the veil is removed. We will be walking down this road together in upcoming articles and video presentations. Start with our Patriot Manifesto, and by reading the research that is at the bottom of every article we post on the Reconstruction Replacement Government. 

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