Thursday, September 5, 2019

SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED - When Did Simple English Become So Complicated?

When exactly did the English language become so complicated?  Our founding fathers knew full well that the way to control and oppress began with disarming the people. This is why the 2nd Amendment was written. This was not a suggestion and this “right” was absolutely not granted via the 2nd, which is simply a reminder to government as to where they were not only restricted from tampering with, but for the very purpose that empowered the people to stand in opposition to the government if need be. 

If you have noticed, for a long time now we have heard the term “anti-government used as to imply that anyone who opposes government corruption and is willing to take a hard stand is a “domestic terrorist”.  This is in complete denial of what we were taught is the duty and obligation of any American.   I keep hearing is compared to other nations as to gun violence, weapons owned etc.    I have news for you. All of that is irrelevant noise. I don’t care how many non Americans .

The United States is so different than most countries. The size and scope, the differing terrain, the mountains, deserts, the border with a county that has banned guns placing the possession of arms squarely in the hands of government or of criminal cartels with citizens being caught in the crossfire and the murder rate, well let’s just say my position on immigration is not based on race, it really is based on crime and culture. Those who demand gun control while living in their gated communities don’t live on the Arizona border in the desert like I do. Yet these people think they have the right to deny others the ability to protect themselves. The same people who think that a few hundred deaths a year equals an “epidemic” yet drive their cars oblivious to the fact that 37,000 deaths a year is caused by the “assault car”. You don’t hear them screaming for car confiscation. You don’t hear them discussing “high capacity horse power”. You don’t hear them telling other car owners that every death caused by assault car crashes and the blood generated by them is on the hands of every car owner.

These people are indoctrinated fools. Every death that comes from  especially violent means, is certainly tragic. And we should absolutely try to do all we can to try and deal with it
But the way to deal with it is opposite to what’s being done now. First is to stop giving more and more powerful authoritarian laws that violate more than just the 2nd Amendment. As well my readers know, I have made a number of suggestions. One of my favorites is the Educator Liberator - Classroom Gun Safe and a variety of potential non-lethal as well as lethal tools to defend what the gun free zones have created.. which is a huge targets of opportunity for those hell bent to destroy. 

Instead of cowering in fear, a teacher can go to the safe, Arm up and put their back to the wall next to the door to the classroom. If bad guy enters - one right to the head. 


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