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The misinformation I hear most from both sides of the right left false political paradigm both right and left, is discussion of what many call “our 2nd Amendment Rights”. I am here to inform you, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS! 

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The right to keep and bear arms, is an inherent right. This is a natural right, and one our founders declared was one that pre-existed the creation or the authority of any legitimate Republic or government that claims to exist to preserve individual liberty. Our Founders reversed  Monarchial sovereignty. Sovereignty was vested within the individual. Prior to the founding of our states, the King of England was considered the “sovereign”.  Each state, it’s own nation, retained authority granted to it by its people, and in a confederation all sovereign states agreed to enter into a union to provide for the common defense of America from any nation that would attempt to rise above any individual state within, or against all together. This was an arrangement that provided for mutual defense. It provided for the protection of our borders. But where the propagandists often try and indoctrinate new generations is that of the authority of government itself in relation to and even in the understanding of the 2nd Amendment. 

We will hear them call the right to keep and bear arms “2nd Amendment Rights” because of a long standing agenda to make people believe that the government created and thus granted to the public this right. If that were so, it would not have ever been called a right in 1789, but a privilege. This is something that most people do not know about “rights” 

or if you prefer, that which is retained via our very humanity. 

The people together as sovereigns had no more authority collectively to alter, abolish or change these inherent rights than the government. So again, while these politicians continue to try and raise numbers and use false statistics to claim that the “majority” of people want this or that, the real deception, often spoken directly is that the united States is a democracy, which would be essentially mob rule. It is not rightfully any such thing. It is a democratically elected Constitutional Republic with the base Supreme Law being the Constitution with the Bill of Rights. The difference is stark. No matter what the public can be duped into believing, no matter what they can be convinced should be demanded, any action MUST comport with the Constitution first and foremost. And if it does not it is a dead issue. We are constantly lied to about the American “democracy”. This has been and continues to be a primary goal of the world Communist movement. This is what many Socialists on both the right and left want you to believe we have, and let me assure you the ones on the right are even more dangerous than those on the left because they present themselves as being opposed to these socialistic / communistic policies. But if you look very closely and apply the same criteria you would to Communists, you will see that NeoConservatism especially is for corporate welfare, and foreign redistribution of wealth. This redistribution however funds foreign nations and globalism. It also funds the overthrow of foreign governments via terrorist and revolutionary fronts.  We have seen this in Iraq, Libya, and remember the Contras? 

The reason I bring this all up when discussing the subversion that has gone on in relation to redefining long understood Constitutional tenets, is because many can not see those within their own flavor of political ideology who have been engaged in this. Both parties have moved to increasing authoritarian measures, and they have done so with the help of the people who for the most part are oblivious. 

Here is an example of this hypocrisy at work.

One of the oldest and most traditional aspects of Constitutional Conservatism is private property rights, and as small a central government as possible which does not interfere with individuals right to enjoy said property. 

So now look at Palestine. Most conservatives have been programmed to stand with Israel. We are told that the founding of this corporate state that chose to name itself after the Biblical entire 12 tribes that are descendents of Abraham, the principal figure whose God is the one true God of the universe, the Creator of all is the fulfillment of Biblical prophesy. But it is only that of those of a very certain religion, ignoring an entire New Testament. This has lead to conservatives not only condoning, but funding and supporting the theft of private property, and the violation of human rights that has even been made clear by breaking international law agreed to by the majority of civilized nations. This support that has stolen and also continues to steal private property from Palestinian Christians as well. How can Christians who purport to stand by the Supreme Law of their God, as well as the fundamentals of the preservation and protection of individual private property rights, depart from all of which their religion and their purported political ideological views stand upon? When one sees the subversion by placing it next to its own traditions, while assessing what it purports to stand for comparing it to what it has rejected how can anyone who claims to be a conservative accept this? 

      Do you see? That is how subversion is accomplished. By indoctrination, and call to emotion, one small slip at a time we have been trained to violate everything that we were supposed to stand for. And the endgame rests upon the armed public. Make no mistake. The tyrant gun grabbers are here, they are bold, and they are unafraid as We The People have continuously failed to do all tbat was necessary to keep government in check. Now we have agencies of government calling the planning of doing so “domestic terrorism”. 

Our right to take up arms, even against the government if need be is such a well understood right and according to the Declaration of Independence it is even more than that. It is our duty. They are, and have been indoctrinating the public to believe that doing all of the things necessary to prevent a criminal government is in itself criminal. 

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You know, it’s rather funny but in a way not, that lately any seeming political baseless witch hunt is compared to Senator Joe McCarthy’s attempt to root out Communists in America to avoid much of what we are seeing now. Personally there are a few things I would personally have done differently. For one, I would have approached the situation with a public presentation that showed how many of those who have been indoctrinated by Marxism / Communism, etc, are in fact victims of what is known as “active measures” which is a style of psychological manipulation also referred to as “ideological subversion”.  I would have made it clear that the public must be made to understand that this is in every way a form of mind control which the Soviet Union focused on above all else. The collapse of the Soviet Union was not a victory for anyone or anything but world Communism itself. People are conditioned to view the world with the lens of nation states, black and white, win or lose. This is a seriously oversimplified way to see the world. The Soviet Union reformed because the mission it set out to do had been accomplished. Communism had successfully been rebranded and spread all over the West, and especially the United States, and it had seen the creation of a state dead center of the old Silk Road, and via an assumed identity that gave its agents more cover and protection than any other Marxist collective had ever achieved. The smear homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, etc was NOTHING compared to the label called “antisemitism”. The world Communist Movement through the Soviet Union has achieved the most brilliant accomplishment that anyone could have ever imagined. As 80% of those who identified as Jewish flooding into Palestine were in fact Bolshevik Communists. The CIA knew this. The Arabs were screaming for help and trying to tell people that they were being invaded by Communists and President Truman, being fully informed of these facts deliberately withheld this information from the public , less they might begin attacking all Jews everywhere. Part of the brilliance of this use of Jewish identity was the use of Holocaust sympathy combined with a global public relations campaign that would have anyone who criticized Jews, regardless of the validity or danger of the claim, and torpedoed the truth with this Marxist propaganda that destroys 1st Amendment protections. Along with comparing anyone engaged in said criticism with Hitler and the Gestapo. All the while a very real gestapo/STASI was being planned to be implemented in the US. It is known as the US Department of Homeland Security. Not only can it be compared to the STASI, but Bolshevik NeoCon Zionist Micheal Chertoff  employed Marcus Wolfe the former head of the Soviet East German STASI and others to consult in the creation of the DHS. This should at this point, solidly have your attention.    

Sharing the truth of this information directly places my life at risk. This is no exaggeration. Just today I revived a text message from someone within the state that I live. A number I do not know assigned to a cell phone of someone who had no clue about the message that not only informed me that they knew specific very personal information regarding my current routine, but that they “were coming for me”.

Now I know that the information I share with all of you is the truth, but apparently I have some folks seriously worried about it. I never personally attack or threaten anyone. I have no actual personal “enemies” in daily life. There is only one probable explanation for such a threat by someone who has specific detailed intimate knowledge of my life. And that is :
EXPOSING THE CRIMES, and the CRIMINALS behind them. 

There was no way for anyone who is not a part of my daily life to know that not only did I retrieve my Harley Davidson, (something many people know) but that I have not had it out for a ride in the 2 months it has been with me here. No one could have known that detail but someone who has been close enough to be engaged in surveillance of my home. I take this threat far more serious because of my wife and the good friends who live in a separate house on the property here. Response time for the Sheriff’s Dept would be beneficial to take a report and collect the bodies. And since the Federal Government sees me as some kind of right wing domestic terror threat (who has stopped 3 robberies, saved lives as a firefighter for years and who has never harmed anyone - ever) and they have seen fit to issue a cruel and unusual punishment for life. A life sentence of being a second class citizen, whose life is of lesser value than those the state has not deemed equivalent to others. While the government continues to pass laws granting collectivist groups special rights and privileges, my natural God given rights have been curtailed. As I sit in the desert on my porch, watching the glow of the moon, I ask myself... “self”, (as I am now talking to no one but me) self, does any corporation, body politic, collective, presumed alleged authority, or any political parasites have the authority to make a law that nullifies one’s ability to perform a duty one owes to the Republic? When one is directly engaged in a mission to accomplish what the Declaration of Independence provides for as remedy to a corrupt entity we call our government? 
And furthermore, as a member of the press, and needing one’s life to be able to accomplish the task of publishing information, does not the 1st Amendment directly apply? 
Think about it. 

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

So let us for a moment consider what free exercise means, beginning with the definition of “freedom” itself.


free·​dom |  \ ˈfrē-dəm   \

Definition of freedom

1: the quality or state of being free: such as
athe absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action
bliberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another INDEPENDENCE
cthe quality or state of being exemptor released usually from something onerous freedom from care
dunrestricted use gave him the freedom of their home
eEASEFACILITYspoke the language with freedom
fthe quality of being frank, open, or outspoken answered with freedom
gimproper familiarity
hboldness of conception or execution
2aa political right

So, if someone is threatening the life, safety or well being of  a member of the press, and as a result that of his family, I would consider that coercion to force silence, as well as retribution for producing, publishing and expressing news, analysis, truth and facts. And according to the 1st Amendment Congress is not permitted to write or enforce a law that would abridge it. 

The moment this individual threatened my life, he altered the  nature of my work. Without the ability to adequately defend myself, I would need to cease my work, and relocate to an undisclosed location. The relocation would be no guarantee as I am obviously being surveilled. Without any idea of whom is doing so, with the amount of property and with a camper trailer in tow, it is highly unlikely that I would be able to relocate while also eluding someone attempting to tail me.

Furthermore, as we all know the Supreme Court of the united States has repeatedly ruled that corporate law enforcement (the police) have absolutely NO DUTY and NO OBLIGATION to protect any of us non governmental personnel unless we are in their legal custody. Their duty according to SCOTUS is to protect the corporation and the assets and representatives of the corporation A.K.A. The US, and any and all subsidiaries and to enforce “the law”. Amazing that out of all the so called “Acts of Congress” not one of them ever introduced the “Duty to Protect Act”. We have seen the result of this in Parkland Florida. And while the government claims that the police need “more tools” to accomplish protecting the public which is not their job, the one law that could likely vastly improve this problem, the fact is that if government foot soldiers have no duty to protect us, then that responsibility falls upon us. 

So while under normal circumstances I would be able to protect myself, circumstances have changed. There is a direct threat upon my life now as a member of the press. 
I can not afford armed security.
    And no law shall be made or to be held valid to abridge the freedom of the press. Therefore any law, rule, policy, or mandate that prevents me from protecting my ability to do my job, one being the ability to breathe, another the ability to accomplish my tasks without the fear and intimidation or coercion, is null and void, not applicable under the current circumstances. 

So I have a question for the individual or group who chose to level that threat against me. 

How do you think I interpret the Constitution regarding my right to keep and bare arms to protect the free exercise of “the press”?    Nothing will stop me from performing my duties as a representative of the free press. 

In my life, I have never harmed another individual, nor do I intend to start now. I disagree with a lot of people. That does not mean that I believe I have any right to forcefully prevent them from expressing themselves or in any way violate their unalienable rights. Of course this does not include actions that directly threaten the rights or lives of others. 

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