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9TH CIRCUIT REJECTS U.S. GOVERNMENT IN BUNDY CASE - The Sore and Extremely Corrupt Keep Trying to Oppress


A federal appeals court has put a roadblock in front of the government’s attempt to appeal a district judge’s decision to throw out its case against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy on the grounds of prosecutorial misconduct.
Tom Lacovara-Stewart and Cliven Bundy in 2014 at the Bundy Ranch
Bundy and other family members, including RTR Truth Media's Tom Lacovara-Stewaet were charged after an armed standoff at their ranch over grazing fees the government claimed they had not paid, and a subsequent protest in Oregon over the Oregon Standoff. The government confiscated some of the family’s cattle, supporters from across the nation gathered and the standoff in Nevada ensued. The feds eventually backed down.
The Bundys’ lawyer, has written about the DOJ’s actions, in his WND columns as well as on the Cliven Bundy Legal Defense Fund site.
He said it took “real guts” for the government to appeal the dismissal of the case by Judge Gloria Navarro, who, he said, was “no friend of Cliven Bundy, his family and the armed peaceful protesters who stood down a tyrannical government at Bunkerville in 2014.”
Klayman, Bundy's lawyer said: “Navarro, who was recommended to the bench by Sen. ‘Dirty’ Harry Reid and nominated by President Barack Hussein Obama, and whose hometown paper, the Las Vegas Review Journal, had called a ‘friend’ of the prosecutors, Steven Myhre, Daniel Schiess and Nadia Ahmed, all Deep State holdovers in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, did not out of the goodness of her cold heart dismiss the indictment, with prejudice, thereby cutting short the jury trial. The judge could have not cared less about doing the ‘right thing.’ Rather, not wanting to go down with a sinking ship, Navarro had no choice, as the early days of the Bundy trial exposed wholesale lying and obstruction of justice not only by the FBI, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and a cover-up by the prosecutors themselves, which resulted in them dishonestly burying exculpatory evidence. If the case had gone to the jury, they would have most certainly entered a verdict of acquittal for Cliven and his sons, Ryan and Ammon, as well at other defendants.”
He charged that “in a paramilitary raid the henchmen of the BLM, assisted by the FBI and the prosecutors, sought to take over their ranch, seize their cattle and put them out of business on land the family had ranched for nearly 150 years. And, if this were not enough, BLM and FBI goons threatened the Bundys with death if they did not accede to the federal government’s demands. When the Bundys held their ground, the feds violently assaulted Cliven’s sister Margaret, throwing her to the ground, tazed his sons and killed scores of cattle, burying them in a secret mass grave.” This grave was recorded by Tom Lacovara-Stewart on the now YouTube terminated channel he once operated. 
"The footage from RT is from recordings I, and several others made that day with Jerry Delumus and Ryan Bundy. At one point in the footage I had I stood in the mass grave to collect the close ups of the gunshot wounds to the cattle. It was deleted by YouTube". - Tom Lacovara-Stewart
Klayman continued: “The likely reason for this: Reid and his equally unethical son Rory, a downtown Las Vegas Mafia-connected lawyer, were reportedly attempting to not just seize Cliven’s cattle and take over his ranch, but also sell off the Bundys’ grazing rights to Chinese environmental interests, likely with kickbacks to the Reids from the Chinese buyers.”
He said he wants to get whistleblower Larry Wooten on the record for the appeal.
The 9th Circuit, in a new statement on the case, gave a number of instructions, including appointing counsel for Ryan C. Bundy.
But it also refused the government’s submission of an oversized brief, at 16,634 words. The limit is 14,000, and the government was ordered to submit a new one.
Klayman took the opportunity to move to supplement the record with the testimony of Wooten, whose statements had not been incorporated.
He suggested the appeals court return the case to the lower court, which likely would end the case.
In his motion, Klayman points out that Wooten is a former BLM investigator turned whistle-blower who wrote a report detailing the apparently unethical actions of federal agents against the Bundys.
“Mr. Wooten details a pattern and practiced of disturbing behavior by federal agents, carefully calculated to inflict maximum damage, and even death, on Mr. Bundy and his family, as well as the U.S. Attorney for the District of Nevada, Mr. Steven Phyre’s policy of ‘preferred ignorance’ when it came to potential information from the federal land agency that would have been helpful to the Bundy case.”
The judge’s decision to drop the case with prejudice because of misconduct appeared to be supported in Klayman’s motion.
He wrote: “Among the disturbing revelations set forth by Mr. Wooten include (1) BLM Supervisory agents repeatedly mocking and degrading Mr. Bundy, his family, and his co-defendants in an ‘amateurish carnival atmosphere’ that displayed ‘clear prejudice’ against the Bundys personally and their Mormon faith; (2) federal agents bragging about roughing up Mr. Bundy’s son, Dave, and violently grinding his face into the ground; (3) BLM agents failing to turn over required discover evidence to the prosecution team that was helpful to defendants; (4) top agents ‘instigating’ the monitoring of jail phone calls between the defendants and their wives; (5) SSA Dan P. Love, the lead BLM agent conducting the ill-fated paramilitary raid on the Bundy ranch, intentionally ignoring direction from the U.S. attorney’s office and his superiors ‘in order to command the most intrusive, oppressive, large scale and militaristic trespass cattle impound possible;’ (6) SSA Love having a ‘Kill Book’ as a trophy where he ‘bragged about getting three individuals in Utah to commit suicide’; and (7) that a secure command post at FBI headquarters in Las Vegas of an ‘Arrest Tracking Wall,’ where photos of Cliven Bundy and co-defendant Eric Parker were marked with an ‘X’ over them.”
Klayman said that when Wooten pointed out the misbehavior, he was summarily removed from the case and threatened.
In fact, he became aware that his supervisor “was already aware of the issues, participated in, or instigated the misconduct himself.”
Klayman told the appeals court: “This is truly an ‘extraordinary circumstance,’ as Judge Navarro and the district court dismissed the superseding indictment against appellees due to gross abuse of process and prosecutorial misconduct within even the benefit of Mr. Wooten’s testimony.”

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Trump Just Betrayed the 2nd Amendment - How Does this MAGA?

In what is a position that will likely cause the direct confrontation of cognitive dissonance, and certainly some anger, as a Conservative I have to call for a serious condemnation of President Trump’s actions and suggestion that long standing law should simply be “reinterpreted” so as to effect the action of criminalizing private property. Regardless of how people “feel” about bump stocks, it is never acceptable to continue to allow more encroachments upon freedom by use of powers we never granted. 

Live free or die - it used to mean something. 

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Former Dallas Cowboys Offensive Lineman Tackles Some Serious Noahide Truth and more

From the RTR Truth Media Interview Archive, never before seen commentary from a former Dallas Cowboy, Phil Pozderac - he delivers some serious hard hitting facts on a wide variety of subjects. Support RTR - Special Thanks to my friend Will Sweeney (Payday Monsanto) Music Pozderac WiKi -
American legal system based on Bible, Talmud
America is under Talmudic law, not Sharia law - By Michael Hoffman Michael Hoffman is the author of Judaism Discovered, and Judaism’s Strange Gods. He is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press.

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New Zealand Shooting - Google Being Evil - CNN Wrecked - Disarming Rather than Empowering People

Published on Mar 16, 2019

The level of censorship that just came down should seriously concern everyone. My private Google Drive files were purged of the #NewZealand shooting's files, documents and videos on the report I was making. If they have in to my private files, they so too have in to emails and everything else. #HighImpactFlix #RTRTruthMedia Please visit and the High Impact Flix Channel and tell Brian RTR sent ya! RTR TRUTH MEDIA Donate - Bitchute - Facebook - twitter - Gab -

Learn from this - Arm and prepare yourselves accordingly. Be a sheepdog, not a sheep.

TWITTER - Just in - video footage emerges from inside mosque -

VIEWER DISCRETION is ADVISED - Christchurch Shooting
Provided for the purposes of investigation and analysis and news reporting only.
We do not recognize the authority of government or corporations to silence, censor, or repress the free press. Our purpose for this is not sensationalism. It is strictly to provide to the audience the antidote for corporate media, to become the media themselves. To think for yourselves, to watch, learn and be informed. We condemn the use of this type of violence upon anyone.
Our hearts thoughts and the best of intentions go out to all innocent victims of madness.

NZ Shooting AUDIO ANALYSIS - Every Shot Meticulously Accounted for

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The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh - Operation PATCON - Sheep Dipped - Waco & the ATF's Huge Blunder of 2019

Timothy McVeigh. We've been told so much about him, the Oklahoma City bombing, and what it meant for America. But what if it's all a lie? Join us today for this special Corbett Report podcast-documentary as we examine the multiple trucks, multiple bombs, government informants, faked executions and other pieces of information suggesting that McVeigh was not a "lone wolf bomber" at all but a sheepdipped special forces operative working for the government, exactly as he claimed.


The following posts below the video Brian Young ( and I did by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms lead me to delve back into a subject of great concern to many of us. Waco Texas Massacre that again leads me to share relevant information regarding Oklahoma City Bombing of the Murrah Federal Building. In this post, no mention of the men women and children who were incinerated or the military psychological torture they were forced to endure for still unsubstantiated claims. The result was a dumpster fire of mass proportions. I am shocked the posts are still up.

This is my breakdown of the WACO post situation and Waco the Raid

Brian's Shorter Report

Please comment on these posts and tell them RTR said hi.

 Here is their twitter post

A fresh and in-depth look at the circumstances surrounding the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

But instead of accepting at face value the Federal Government’s deeply-flawed investigation, A NOBLE LIE features ground breaking information and eyewitness testimonies that refute the official story.

The April 19, 1995 bombing that destroyed much of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building involved far more revealing evidence than the FBI maintains.

A NOBLE LIE presents interviews with police officers, first responders, victims, journalists and investigators whose evidence demonstrates that not all the perpetrators were brought to justice.

Among the interview subjects are General Benton Partin, former head of weapons development for the Air Force, State Representative Charles Key, members of the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee and Jesse Trentadue, whose brother Kenneth was tortured and murdered in Federal custody in the days following the bombing.

A NOBLE LIE is the only full-length documentary that addresses and answers many of the questions people have asked about the bombing. Details as to what really happened regarding this horrific event, taking the lives of 168 people, have been summarily covered up by the Federal Government. A NOBLE LIE re-examines the tragedy in a measured, informative and scholarly way, and in the process exposes the treachery that has gone unpunished.

A Noble Lie
Watch or Purchase on Amazon

Yes, Alex Jones does make an appearance in this documentary. But I am seriously in doubt that the film makers did this any more than for publicity purposes. I have some issues with Jones as my audience well knows. But the content of this film is very valid and needs to be seen. It is a quality product.


The following paper has but a few details that are questionable as to who McVeigh really was, but it has a wealth of information regarding Operation PATCON.

Other relevant links:


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The Last American Vagabond - RTR Truth Media - on Government Overreach and Corruption

The Last American Vagabond joins RTR to discuss Government Overreach in America and more...

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Bundy Ranch Fed Set Up attempt
The Assassination of American Patriot LaVoy Finicum - The Full Analysis
The Last American Vagabond joins RTR to discuss Government Overreach in America and more... 


Feds Go After Bundys Again - American Free Press

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Planted Gun on LaVoy
LaVoy Oregon Shooting - FBI RAW FOOTAGE (w/ Audio)
Thomas Lacovara & Ammon Bundy ~ BLM EXPOSED with EVIDENCE 5/9/18

Reconstruction Replacement Government - The UnConstitutionality of the 14th Amendment
Feds Go After Bundys Again - American Free Press

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RTR TRUTH MEDIA - Weinhaus was a journalist that was shot four times in 2012 by MSHP.  Many things have been documented in local media about his case, but not much reflected the truth of what happened that day.

(This is our radio show. Every Sunday at 11AM Mountain time on the Republic Broadcasting Network )

Weinhaus exposed things happening within the justice system that were not comfortable for most.  Shortly after receiving about 200 tips on local corruption, he was shot twice in the head and twice in the chest.

By an absolute miracle he survived.  While recovering he was charged by the Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney for assaulting an officer by shooting him.  Overwhelming evidence existed at trial that he never touched his gun, but it was suppressed.

A jury is only as good as the information presented to them.  Evidence of innocence including FBI witness statements were removed from trial by the prosecuting attorney.  Knowingly convicting an innocent man is a travesty to justice.

Now for the most recent development, Matt Thompson, who had to be approved to visit Jeff Weinhaus went to see him after learning that Jeff had been placed "under investigation" and sent to the hole, better known as solitary confinement where even his lawyer said he could not reach or have contact with him was arrested after his visit to the prison to question the warden as to what was going on. He was stopped on the way out of the parking lot and intimidated and then later arrested at a local restaurant after calling the Governor's office to inquire what the proper policy was at the prison. He was charged with a felony for allegedly threatening the warden by informing him that he was contacting the governor.

#FreeJeffWeinhaus #BullitinMan #PoliticalPrisoner

Please sends cards and letters of encouragement  to:
Jeffrey R. Weinhaus
DOC #1261778
2727 Hwy K
Bonne Terre, Mo. 63628

If you would like to send money directly to Jeff in prison to help show your support for Jeff-Bulletinman you may send it through:

     Jeff Weinhaus-Bulletinman is a very spiritual person & made many videos of himself during services at church praising the Lord!  Here is the link to those videos:

 You can view many other videos of Jeff Weinhaus-Bulletinman that he published on his YouTube channel in his journey to help his fellow citizens get justice for all!

RTR TRUTH MEDIA - Resurrect the Republic Radio Show

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RTR Truth Media 
Tom Lacovara-Stewart
HOUSTON — A man survives Vietnam only to be murdered by American Stasi. In a bombshell development, the undercover cop who led a drug raid that ended with a deadly shootout last month is now the target of a criminal investigation. 
The narcotics officer lied in the search warrant affidavit about a drug buy that never happened, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo confirmed Friday. The only problem with the Chief's "You lie you die" comment is that he too has some "inconsistencies" to explain also.
If what appears to be the case here pans out, this officer should be charged with murder, and anyone involved should also be charged under the RICO statutes. The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly referred to as the RICO Act or simply RICO, is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. I would say at this point using a government or municipal corporation to commit crimes equates to a corrupt criminal organization. 

The following articles by Reason magazine cover this story very well. Prohibition and the war on drugs coupled with the militarization of American Law Enforcement is the single greatest threat to our freedom in this century.

Leaked Affidavit on Houston Police that Lied to Get Drug House Warrant which Lead to 2 People and Dog Being Killed

Houston Police Attorney General Letter to Withhold Body Cam of Fatal Police Shooting

A fatal Houston drug raid is a familiar story of needless violence, death and destruction

By Radley Balko
Opinion writer

On Jan. 28th, a Houston narcotics team conducted a no-knock raid on the home of Dennis Tuttle, 59, and Rhogena Nicholas, 58. The police claimed to have received an anonymous tip that the two were selling drugs. They also claim they sent an informant to the house to attempt a controlled buy, and that informant returned with heroin.

According to the police account, as they broke down the door, a dog charged them, and they shot it. They say Tuttle then charged at them with a handgun, wounding multiple officers. After the police opened fire, he retreated to a backroom. The police say Nicholas then charged a wounded officer and attempted to grab his shotgun. They opened fire again, killing her. They say Tuttle then reemerged, firing his gun, at which point they killed him, too. Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo initially claimed the house was “hardened,” or fortified, possibly with surveillance cameras. He also claimed that the police arrived with their sirens and flashers activated, inferring that the couple should have known they were being raided by law enforcement. In the end, the story went, five cops put their lives on the line to get a heroin-dealing couple off the street. (My colleagues here at The Post published an editorial praising Acevedo for using the incident to call for gun-control laws that might keep firearms out of the hands of criminals.)

But since then, the official story has started to unravel. It’s increasingly looking as though something went horribly wrong on Harding Street, and that Tuttle and Nicholas were not hardened drug dealers, but at most recreational drug dealers who were invaded, shot and killed in their own home. Here’s a quick rundown of what we now know:

· The Houston Chronicle reported Friday morning that an Houston Police Department officer has been “relieved of duty” due to “ongoing questions” about his involvement in the raid.

· The police obtained a no-knock warrant. That would seem to contradict Acevedo’s claim that the officers arrived with their sirens and flashers on. The entire purpose of a no-knock raid is to take suspects by surprise. That surprise is spoiled pretty quickly if you provide notice of your arrival.

· Tuttle and Nicholas had lived at the same house in the 7800 block of Harding Street for 20 years. The police apparently didn’t bother to do much investigating, because they didn’t even know the names of either of the home’s occupants when they broke down the door.

· According to police, the informant claimed to have seen lots of plastic baggies filled with black tar heroin and a 9mm semiautomatic handgun. The raid didn’t turn up either. They did apparently find a small amount of pot, a revolver and a small quantity of powder that might have been cocaine (or might not).

· Acevedo initially claimed that after the raid, “The neighborhood thanked our officers because it was a drug house. They described it as a problem location.” Yet in the days that followed, neighbors and family of the couple came forward, stating that they were shocked to hear the allegations of drug dealing. They described the couple as “easygoing,” and said they rarely saw visitors. The neighbors’ testimonials seem particularly troubling, since it was allegedly a neighbor’s anonymous tip that sparked the initial investigation.

· Neither suspect had a significant criminal record. The only criminal history for either was a decade-old bad check charge against Nicholas that was dismissed about a month after it was filed.

· Despite what the police department claimed early on, the house was not fortified, nor did it have surveillance cameras. One local police watchdog group pointed out on YouTube that while the targeted home on Harding Street didn’t appear to be either fortified or equipped with surveillance, a separate home with the same street number on Hardy Street was both fortified and equipped with extensive surveillance gear. During a news conference after the raid, Acevedo himself used both “Hardy” and “Harding" in describing the street where the raid went down.

· Acevedo initially claimed that the officers were met with gunfire immediately upon entering the house. Later, he said the police fired first, killing Tuttle’s dog.

By last week, activists began to speak out, noting these inconsistencies in the official narrative and questioning why the police needed to use such violent tactics in the first place. Some even began to question whether the police were telling the truth about what happened. This sparked a backlash from law enforcement. Acevedo dismissed what he called “crazy conspiracy theories,” adding, “I guarantee you we got the right house.” Police union president Joe Gamaldi blamed the shooting on “anti-police rhetoric,” then issued what sounded an awful lot like a threat: “If you’re the ones that are out there spreading the rhetoric that police officers are the enemy, just know we’ve all got your number now, we’re going to be keeping track of all of y’all, and we’re going to make sure that we hold you accountable every time you stir the pot on our police officers.” To his credit, Acevedo criticized Gamaldi’s remarks.

But Gamaldi may soon need to spend more time defending his dues-paying members than tracking and threatening police critics. The Chronicle’s report notes that the officer’s punishment comes “amid a probe into questions over whether the sworn affidavit used to justify the no-knock warrant may have contained false information.” Acevedo told the paper, “I know that in addition to the officer-involved shooting itself, many have questions regarding the circumstances surrounding the search warrant. All of these questions are part of our ongoing criminal and administrative investigations." Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg says she’s also looking into the matter.

Drug cops often face a lot of pressure to raid houses, seize illicit drugs and rack up arrests. We saw this in Atlanta in the Kathryn Johnston case, where the police got a tip about a stash house, and instead of waiting to find an informant, conducting a controlled buy, and requesting a warrant, they skipped the first two steps. They made up the drug buy, lied to a judge, got their warrant and killed an innocent 92-year-old woman in her own home. They then tried to cover it all up. Just a few months ago I reported that drug cops and Little Rock had lied about a controlled buy to a judge, then conducted an extraordinarily violent no-knock raid on a man who happened to be innocent. (Acevedo said his department serves more than 1,700 search warrants per year — more than 4.5 per day. It seems safe to assume that the vast majority of those are drug warrants.)

I’ve been writing about these tactics for more than 15 years now. And while there has been some movement on the margins — groups such as the National Tactical Officers Association now recommend that when it comes to serving drug warrants, police attempt apprehend suspects outside their homes instead of attempting “dynamic entry” — the raids haven’t stopped, and the pile of dead bodies keeps growing.

The arguments against these raids are self-evident. They create violence and confrontation where there was none before. They sow confusion and chaos, and thus have a very thin margin for error. By design, they inflict punishment on people who have yet to even be charged with a crime, much less convicted of one. They also inflict punishment on any innocent people who might be inside. They subject everyone — cops and suspects — to unnecessary risk. Combine all of that with a drug war that by necessity operates on dirty information from shady informants and anonymous tips, and you have a recipe for needless death and destruction. And there’s little evidence that these tactics make the community any safer.

I could write a book of examples. But here are just a handful from the past several years:

· Even as the drama continues to play out in Houston, in another part of Texas, Marvin Guyis about to be tried on murder charges in the killing of a police officer during a 2014 no-knock drug raid. The police first broke a window, causing Guy to reach for his gun. They then broke down Guy’s door, at which time he allegedly shot and killed Officer Charles Dinwiddie. The police found no drugs in Guy’s home. He’s facing a possible death sentence if convicted. (I’ll have more about Guy in a post next week.)

· The same year as the raid on Guy, another Texas man, Henry Magee, shot and killed Deputy Adam Sowders during a raid on Magee’s home. Unlike Guy, Magee did have illicit drugs in his home — marijuana plants. Magee maintained the shooting was done in self-defense, and a grand jury declined to charge him in Sowders’s death. It’s worth noting that Guy is black, and Magee is white.

· The same year as those raids, Jason Wescott of Tampa was shot and killed during a police raid on his home. An informant claimed to have bought some pot from Wescott. The same informant later said he had lied about the purchase — at the encouragement of Tampa police.

· In yet another case from Texas, in 2016 a jury in Corpus Christi acquitted Ray Rosas for shooting at police during a no-knock drug raid on his home. The police were looking for his nephew. Rosas had good reason to be afraid — he had once testified against a gang member.

· Last year, a jury in Austin (where Acevedo was previously the chief of police) convicted 18-year-old Tyler Harrell of assault for shooting at police during a no-knock raid on his home. Harrell and his mother said they had no idea the raiding officers were law enforcement. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

And the beat goes on. Just days after the deadly raid in Houston, a state trooper and a suspect were both killed during a raid in Virginia.

Police officials like to have it both ways. They want to use tactics designed to confuse and disorient people — to take people by surprise. But when someone in the midst of that chaos mistakes police for armed intruders and tries to defend himself, officials say they should have known that the armed intruders were law enforcement. Over at Reason, Jacob Sullum notes that there was a good reason Tuttle and Nicholas may have believed otherwise: There has been a rash of recent incidents in Houston in which armed criminals have posed as police.

On top of all of that, there’s a huge double standard at play here. Police who mistakenly shoot unarmed or innocent people in these raids are inevitably forgiven by police chiefs, prosecutors and judges, owing to the volatility of the circumstances. Of course, the police created those circumstances. And yet the targets of these raids — the people the tactics are designed to confuse — are rarely afforded that sort of leniency. The Magee case notwithstanding, if you shoot at the police as they raid your home, you’re almost certainly looking at criminal charges that will put you in prison for a long time — provided you live through the raid itself.

Read more by Radley Balko:

How Little Rock’s illegal police raids validate the Exclusionary Rule

Little Rock’s dangerous and illegal drug war

Related :
KPRC2 / Click2Houston Breaking Report 2/15/2019

Did the Couple Killed by Houston Narcs Know Who the Armed Intruders Were?

HPD Chief Art Acevedo on new details of raid

HPD undercover cop's story about deadly raid, drug buy not adding up, affidavit alleges

Houston Police Attorney General Letter to Withhold Body Cam of Fatal Police Shooting

'You lie, you die' | HPD undercover cop lied about drug buy that led to deadly raid, Chief Acevedo says as he continues to lie by the way....

A South Carolina anti-drug police unit admitted it conducts illegal no-knock raids

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Below is the KABC Report on these Army Helicopters that caused a massive panic in downtown Los Angeles. Personally I believe this is far more of a normalization psychological operation than a training exercise. What right do these people have endangering the public with unnecessary operations over a populated area?

Army helicopters landing on Wilshire Boulevard and other military activities are turning parts of Los Angeles into scenes from a war movie this week.

The military is conducting training exercises, but they have caught many locals by surprise.

When a helicopter flew low in between buildings in downtown Los Angeles, it raised a few alarms.

"We don't think it was much higher than the steeple of the church across the street," said Erica Gallo of Lincoln Heights. "They were low - low enough where you could see inside."

Gallo and Leslie Ruiz were in nearby Lincoln Heights. They saw the helicopters and say they were loud.

"Four smaller helicopters in the front but the lights are all turned off and there was only red lights in each one of them and then another military helicopter came in - it was much bigger," Ruiz said.

According to the LAPD it's all part of a U.S. Army training exercise to teach soldiers skills and how to operate in an urban environment.

The department said residents could hear sounds of aircraft and weapon simulations.

Officials say the local terrain in Los Angeles provides the Army with unique locations and urban environments that service members may encounter when deployed overseas.

Some people feel they should have been warned about this.

"I do think it would be nice to get a heads up you know?" Gallo said. "Nowadays you just never know what's happening and we're talking about it - everybody has a fear especially after 9/11 happened. When you see helicopters or airplanes that are flying too low."

A statement by the LAPD said in part "This training is coordinated with the appropriate state, county, and city officials as well as private property owners. Safety precautions have been implemented to prevent unnecessary risk to both participants and/or area residents and property."

Nothing to cap off your average workday in Los Angeles like having Army helicopters flying low through the streets, am I right?

Despite the rainy conditions late on Feb. 4, two MH-6s flew through downtown L.A. as part of an exercise by the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, The War Zone reported. An MH-60 even landed in the street, loading up a team of special operations forces.
The Los Angeles Police Department announced the training exercises on Monday night, and said they would continue through February 9th.
"The purpose of the training is to enhance soldier skills by operating in various urban environments and settings," LAPD said in a statement, per NBC News' Andrew Blankstein. "Residents may hear sounds associated with the training, including aircraft and weapon simulations. Citizens in close proximity to the areas where the training will take place will be notified prior to the training,"
Would I at first be nervous if I saw this happening? Absolutely. Do I think it's pretty badass, now that I'm in the loop? Again — absolutely. The folks seemed to have a similar reaction; some were less than pleased.

Videos uploaded onto social media showed black helicopters flying low between buildings in downtown LA.

Other footage showed Black Hawks and Little Birds landing on buildings before releasing armed forces.

Erica Gallo of Lincoln Heights told ABC: “We don't think it was much higher than the steeple of the church across the street.

“They were low - low enough where you could see inside. I do think it would be nice to get a heads up you know?

“Nowadays you just never know what's happening and we're talking about it.

"Everybody has a fear especially after 9/11 happened when you see helicopters or airplanes that are flying too low.”

Leslie Ruiz added: “Four smaller helicopters in the front but the lights are all turned off and there was only red lights in each one of them and then another military helicopter came in - it was much bigger.”

WHO'LL STOP the RAIN TAX - New Jersey Destroys Property Rights by Taxing Nature

New Jersey is expected to enact a ‘rain tax’ enforced on property owners.
Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy is prepared to sign the bill that will allow the state’s 565 municipalities to literally tax the rain by charging property owners a fee for their parking lots and driveways, or any other surface rainwater can’t penetrate.
“Every time you think there’s nothing left to tax, we come up with something else,” said Assemblyman Hal Wirths (R-Morris-Sussex) during a debate on the bill. “It’s just never-ending down here.”
Lawmakers who supported the bill claim revenue generated by the new tax will be used to upgrade the state’s storm water runoff systems, although some are predicting the new revenues will be redirected to another, unrelated purpose.
For one thing, the state has already claimed 5% of the revenue.

“Under the law, the utilities can levy steep fees on properties with large parking lots, long driveways, or big buildings — which create the most runoff,” reported the New York Post.
The state is already prohibitively expensive for the middle class: more people have fled New Jersey than any other state in 2018, meaning that the tax could have the unintended consequence of lowering the tax base by forcing even more people to leave.
In fact, according to United Van Lines, 66.8% of New Jersey-related moves were outbound, and a good portion of movers were baby boomers with high incomes and accumulated wealth.
“The data collected by United Van Lines aligns with longer-term migration patterns to southern and western states, trends driven by factors like job growth, lower costs of living, state budgetary challenges and more temperate climates,” said UCLA economic Michael Stoll, with emphasis added.
Taxes in particular are a large factor in the reason to move from New Jersey, according to The Fiscal Times.
“The past few years have really put the squeeze on cash-strapped states to find new sources of revenue,” the paper reported. “This environment has generated a level of tax aggression from certain states, which in turn has resulted in a net loss of revenue instead of the intended gain.”
“Residents have begun voting with their feet, deciding to move out of the state instead of thinning their pocket through unwanted taxation.”

Monday, February 11, 2019


What a sweetheart deal. After years of funding Israel's defense, including contributing to the Iron Dome system, now we are told that the United States is purchasing the system from Israel. There are stipulations. Such as that at least in part some of the deal has to include companies. But don't count out Israel on that either. They built a US Company to meet this obligation and have a way around the stipulation.
The US Army has informed the Israel Ministry of Defense of its decision to buy anti-missile batteries Iron Dome (“Iron Dome” or “Kipat Barzel”, in Hebrew), for the immediate use for its armed forces.

The Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Benjamin Netanyahu, said that it is “a great achievement for Israel, and another expression of the strengthening of our alliance with the United States. It is an expression of Israel’s growing status in the world. Israel has the Iron Dome and an iron fist.
The US Army explained in a statement that the purchase of the Israeli Iron Dome anti-missile battery is to “meet their short-term needs.”

The US Army press release states that the anti-missile system that Israel has been using since 2011 “has shown effectiveness in combat” and will be deployed to protect US soldiers abroad.

The Iron Dome anti-missile battery “will be tested as a defense system for US military forces deployed against a wide range of ballistic and air threats, and will be tested in the long term as part of a series of possible responses by the US military to aerial threats, “said the Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv.

The company Rafael is the main contractor to develop and manufacture the system; Elta, a division and subsidiary of the Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI), is responsible for the development and manufacture of the MMR radar, and mPrest provides the command and control system.