Saturday, March 16, 2019

New Zealand Shooting - Google Being Evil - CNN Wrecked - Disarming Rather than Empowering People

Published on Mar 16, 2019

The level of censorship that just came down should seriously concern everyone. My private Google Drive files were purged of the #NewZealand shooting's files, documents and videos on the report I was making. If they have in to my private files, they so too have in to emails and everything else. #HighImpactFlix #RTRTruthMedia Please visit and the High Impact Flix Channel and tell Brian RTR sent ya! RTR TRUTH MEDIA Donate - Bitchute - Facebook - twitter - Gab -

Learn from this - Arm and prepare yourselves accordingly. Be a sheepdog, not a sheep.

TWITTER - Just in - video footage emerges from inside mosque -

VIEWER DISCRETION is ADVISED - Christchurch Shooting
Provided for the purposes of investigation and analysis and news reporting only.
We do not recognize the authority of government or corporations to silence, censor, or repress the free press. Our purpose for this is not sensationalism. It is strictly to provide to the audience the antidote for corporate media, to become the media themselves. To think for yourselves, to watch, learn and be informed. We condemn the use of this type of violence upon anyone.
Our hearts thoughts and the best of intentions go out to all innocent victims of madness.

NZ Shooting AUDIO ANALYSIS - Every Shot Meticulously Accounted for

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