Monday, February 25, 2019


RTR TRUTH MEDIA - Weinhaus was a journalist that was shot four times in 2012 by MSHP.  Many things have been documented in local media about his case, but not much reflected the truth of what happened that day.

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Weinhaus exposed things happening within the justice system that were not comfortable for most.  Shortly after receiving about 200 tips on local corruption, he was shot twice in the head and twice in the chest.

By an absolute miracle he survived.  While recovering he was charged by the Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney for assaulting an officer by shooting him.  Overwhelming evidence existed at trial that he never touched his gun, but it was suppressed.

A jury is only as good as the information presented to them.  Evidence of innocence including FBI witness statements were removed from trial by the prosecuting attorney.  Knowingly convicting an innocent man is a travesty to justice.

Now for the most recent development, Matt Thompson, who had to be approved to visit Jeff Weinhaus went to see him after learning that Jeff had been placed "under investigation" and sent to the hole, better known as solitary confinement where even his lawyer said he could not reach or have contact with him was arrested after his visit to the prison to question the warden as to what was going on. He was stopped on the way out of the parking lot and intimidated and then later arrested at a local restaurant after calling the Governor's office to inquire what the proper policy was at the prison. He was charged with a felony for allegedly threatening the warden by informing him that he was contacting the governor.

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Please sends cards and letters of encouragement  to:
Jeffrey R. Weinhaus
DOC #1261778
2727 Hwy K
Bonne Terre, Mo. 63628

If you would like to send money directly to Jeff in prison to help show your support for Jeff-Bulletinman you may send it through:

     Jeff Weinhaus-Bulletinman is a very spiritual person & made many videos of himself during services at church praising the Lord!  Here is the link to those videos:

 You can view many other videos of Jeff Weinhaus-Bulletinman that he published on his YouTube channel in his journey to help his fellow citizens get justice for all!

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  1. So far today Jeff
    is still in the hole. This is the 17th day. On Saturday he was allowed to make some calls. He was able to tell me that he's alive. We hadn't heard from him for 15 days before that. However, he's still in the hole after someone (not Matt Thompson) called and cussed out the warden. Now we have no idea when they will let him out. During his call on Saturday 2/23/19 he told me that they put him in the hole because someone he hardly knows tried to break him out of prison. He asked me to publicize a letter he originally wrote to the judge. It details his case and I'd be happy to share it with you. But it's too long to post the whole thing here. Thank you. Sincerely, Tracey Culbertson

  2. August 9th 2019. Additional information has been sent to the United States President on this issue. The facts are overwhelming that what HAD taken place was a terrorist action by servant employment in "rage retaliation" to citizen' scrutiny of criminal activity in government employment positions. ANY TIME a citizen is involved in investigative activity on U.S. Employment for corruption or any regulatory reasoning, they are separated from those offices approach. The very act of those policing system employment is a Federal Crime of retaliation against someone scrutinizing them for possible corruption or questionable behavior. I have not actually seen all information that had been applied publicly or to Government Employment prior to that Federal Criminal terrorist act by the Department of Justice against Mr Weinhaus. Confiscation of property in such a case IS Illegal. It "IS A CONFESSION OF GUILT". Our citizens have multiple of civil cases against U.S. Servants that are being ignored. Our civil statute codes clarify that: 'any form of refusal to serve, provide the access to or protection to our citizens of our civil system, or if for ANY reason that system is not working' that our citizens are to understand that Our Government is in a State of Civil WAR! Our citizens have informed the United Nations systems "Working Group". We have also clarified the actions of Government employment in situations like this. Employment give up their rights to trial and citizenship status when hostile against confrontation, or refuse to "Appear in Court" at Our instruction. From what I see the original confrontation of Government Servant involvement in questionable or illegal activity issued by Mr Weinhaus has not been served. This IS a confession of guilt. Reports to the, U.S. President Trump, does repetitively reference the failure or refusal of Our service system employment to: serve our citizens application of law and civil case, continues use of that civil law system (which is an internal national civil security system) for corrupt purposes and or evasion of law civil charges or confrontation, their use of that system to retaliate against citizens confronting them for corruption or inappropriate conduct and thousands of other violations of Government Operations. The list of crimes is so extensive we have stopped pursuing civil case in court and are oriented toward Civil Defense Activity given War Crimes Charge. After decades of murder threats, fraud crimes and war plundering of our monies in situations similar or identical to this case, these men and women will now...NEVER get a trial for their protection.