Monday, February 19, 2018

JAKE MORPHONIOS of BLACKSTONE INTELLIGENCE on RTR - Las Vegas and Florida Shootings - Bundy Ranch - Oregon StandOff - Operation PatCon - SRA - MKUltra and more

Jake Morphonios of BLACKSTONE INTELLIGENCE on the Resurrect the Republic Radio Show

As Chief Investigator for the Blackstone Intelligence Network, Jake leads investigations into the shadowy world of the Deep State and Rothschild New World Order Syndicate.

Utilizing a vast global network of citizen informants and assets, Blackstone utilizes both open source intelligence (OSINT) as well as covert intel to assess clandestine operations, geopolitical strategies and criminal networking

Jake spent years in southeast Asia, during which he translated speeches for government officials, liaised with officials and visiting dignitaries and personally assisted hundreds of people - including victims of the notorious child sex trafficking industry in Thailand.  While working in Chiang Rai, Jake was targeted for kidnapping by Burmese drug warlord General Khun Sah.  The failed plot served to start Jake on a journey of investigation into illegal CIA black ops.

Back in the United States, Jake worked as a political strategist and operative for several candidates.  In 2000 he was a state campaign manager for presidential candidate Steve Forbes.  Jake was a writer for the Ron Paul presidential campaigns of 2008 and 2012.


Over the last two decades, Jake has worked as an investigator in various fields.  He was a lead financial crimes investigator for a Fortune 100 bank.  Supplementing his full time work, Jake freelanced as an investigative journalist. In 2012, Jake left the corporate world to start the End Times News Report.

Today, Jake has assembled the various sources, assets and informants he has used over the years into a global citizen information pool known as the Blackstone Intelligence Network.




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