Sunday, February 4, 2018


It has been a long information war in progress, but many Americans are awakening that the government, and in fact governments around the world have been controlled by a banking cartel. This global syndicate is responsible for more death and mayhem than any of the average people they seek to "disarm for our own safety". In fact, most tragic events, real and staged by false flag events, have been used by these criminals to divide, distract, and even to be used as propaganda to mass MIND control the public into supporting their acts of aggression. Defensive war is always justified. Offensive wars against nations who only seek freedom from the currency manipulators, more accurately debt manipulators is not now nor ever has been morally just. Our Constitution, had it been followed, would have prevented this. Those who took us from a sound coined currency committed treason punishable by death. It is to and for that Constitution we must stand. It is in the spirit of freedom of humanity we must resist even some of our longest held emotions to support those who say they represent us, who in fact represent and perpetuate the same criminal cabal that causes the enslavement of humanity. America was once great. America can be great again. But ask yourself what was DESTROYED on 9/11. Allow me to answer. The records of insider trading in the offices of the Securities and Exchange Commission Investigation into Insider Trading. And that is merely scratching the surface of the records of massive amounts of Federal Reserve notes, gold, and more that disappeared that day. Records to the missing billions Donald Rumsfeld announced the day before 9/11 2001 were kept in the exact spot of the Pentagon that was destroyed. The only other location of duplicate records was kept..... in building 7 exactly where the SEC records were kept. Is anyone seeing a pattern here? Do you wonder why our government never takes Saudi Arabia to task for their human rights violations while condemning others who want freedom for their economies free of Rothschild Central Banks?   Now do you see why we really stand as a nation in solidarity with Rothschild's Israeli state (not representative of a Biblical people) while they again use the identity of the Jewish people as cover to protect their crimes?  They are using the horror of the Jewish persecution as a shield that endangers the people of Israel as well as that of the United States. May God help us.   If you truly care about all of humanity, no matter the identity faith or "choose your identifier", you will see past the ideological chains that bind you. Christian, Jew, Muslim, Athiest, Agnostic, Conservative, Liberal, are all being used to put us against each other and as a ways and means to divide us often violating many of the tenets of those systems. 

Unchain humanity - #ItMattersHowYouStand

Tom Lacovara-Stewart / Lorri Anderson
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