Monday, September 10, 2018



Top GOP Senator May Change Parties Over Trump Nebraska U.S. Senator Ben Sasse revealed Sunday he is considering leaving the Republican Party over record-breaking spending and government growth.

“I think I’ve been saying for three years that I conceive of myself as an independent conservative who caucuses with the Republicans,” Sasse tells CNN’s “State of the Union.” “But frankly, neither of these parties have a long-term vision for the future of the country.

Sasse tells CNN he is considering switching parties from Republican to “unaffiliated.”

“There’s massive stuff happening in America, and these parties are really pretty content to do 24-hour news cycle screaming at each other,” said Sasse. “The main thing that the Democrats are for is being anti-Republican and anti-Trump, and the main thing Republicans are for is being anti-Democrat and anti-CNN.”

“Neither of these things are really worth getting out of bed in the morning for - I think we should be talking about where the country’s going to be in 10 years,” said Sasse. “I’ve been saying for a long time these parties need to reform and have a future-focused vision and we’re not there yet.”

“I probably think about it every morning when I wake up and I figure out, ‘Why am I flying away from Nebraska to go to D.C. this week, are we going to get real stuff done?,’” said Sasse “So I’m committed to the party of Lincoln and Reagan as long as there’s a chance to reform it.”

Sasse appeared on CNN Sunday after tweeting Saturday he was considering leaving the GOP.

“I switched my party from Democrat to no-party this week as I see that to be part of the solution. Have you considered following suit?,” a Twitter user tweeted to Sasse.

“yep — regularly consider it (except the “from Dem” part),” Sasse replied.

Sasse has been an outspoken critic of runaway spending, debt and government growth, as well as hostility to conservative intellectualism, under a Republican House, Senate and President.

Sasse is one of the most conservative senators in American history, with a 99% lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union, a near-perfect rating from Gun Owners of America and a 100% pro-life rating from the National Right to Life Committee.
 Source: AAN


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