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DEMOCRAT JUVENILE COURT JUDGE FOUND GUILTY - Collapses & Dragged to Jail at Sentencing

Tensions reportedly flared inside a Cincinnati courthouse on Monday as a bailiff dragged a former judge out of the courtroom after she was ordered to be taken into custody.

The chaotic scene occurred after a judge announced his decision regarding Tracie Hunter’s 2014 conviction and six-month sentence for using her former job as judge to help a family member. Hunter, a former juvenile court judge, had been convicted for improperly giving information to her brother during a job dispute, NBC News reported. She had also been charged with a variety of misconduct but the prosecution said "we think we have made our point" when deciding to not proceed with the other charges.

NBC noted that the conviction was followed by several appeals as well as many letters and recommendations urging Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Patrick Dinkelacker not to sentence Hunter.

Judge Dinkelacker had been sent inappropriate mail trying to sway his decision in favor of hunter, a few of which making reference to his "white privilege" in not being charged with the accidental pedestrian death of someone high on cocaine and in the roadway that the judge struck. This showing a very definitive cultural Marxist ideology of those engaging in the campaign. Black Judges Matter was also a slogan used. An investigation into the accident found that the judge had broken no law and thus a tragic and unfortunate incident occurred, but one void of negligence or malice on the part of Judge Dinckelacker. The post card campaign sent these to the Judges home and not office address. This fact is apparently lost on the campaigners. All they managed to do was outrage the judge.

Dinkelacker on Monday ordered Hunter to serve the six-month jail sentence, prompting an eruption from protesters inside the courtroom. Video shows one individual wearing a "Justice for Judge Tracie M. Hunter" T-shirt being apprehended by police officers as she rushed to where Hunter was seated.

SHORT CLIP :  Judge is dragged out

Ex-Ohio judge dragged from court after being ordered to be taken into custody

The following is from Ballotpedia. Personally I find the judges actions to be irrelevant to race. But apparently she should have held the job for some time before acting in such bad behavior.
The charges that were dropped were "backdating and falsifying records. They did her a favor by only proceeding with one charge.

Tracie Hunter was a judge for the Hamilton County Juvenile Court in Ohio. On January 10, 2014, Hunter was suspended by the Ohio Supreme Court, pending the result of indictments on eight felony counts.[1]
Hunter was elected in November 2010, and her term was to have begun in January 2011. However, due to a dispute and lawsuit over provisional ballots, she did not take office until 2012.[2][3] Hunter was sworn in on May 25, 2012.[4]


Hunter received her undergraduate degree from Miami University in 1988 and her J.D. from the University of Cincinnati College of Law in 1992. She also graduated in the first class of the National Association of Broadcasters Educational Leadership Development Program in Washington, DC.[4]


In addition to serving as a judge, Hunter is the pastor at Western Hills Brethren in Christ Church. Before joining the court, Hunter served as a guardian ad litem with ProKids and worked as a contract attorney with the public defender's office. She opened her own law firm in 1994 and worked on probate, real estate, personal injury and civil rights matters. Before opening her own law practice Hunter was an attorney at the law firm of Waite, Schneider, Bayless & Chesley, LPA.[4

Hunter on trial, accused of backdating documents

In September 2013, two special prosecutors were appointed to investigate allegations brought by the Hamilton County prosecutor’s office that someone in Judge Hunter’s courtroom may have committed crimes by deliberately backdating court orders to prevent the orders from being appealed. Hunter already had a bad relationship with the prosecutor's office since a disagreement with county prosecutor Joe Deters earlier in 2013. Hunter accused him of defaming her, although Deters denied the claims.[5][6]
The Hamilton County public defender's office filed multiple lawsuits against Hunter with the Ohio First District Court of Appeals in 2012, due to delays in issuing rulings. Hunter failed to meet the 120-day deadline, set by the Ohio Supreme Court, for issuing rulings. According to Hamilton County Public Defender, Ray Faller, those rulings related directly to the welfare of children and included matters such as adoptions, removing children from homes or allowing them to receive permanent placement in foster homes, as well as other issues.
According to Hunter's attorney, Richard Blake, he was never contacted by special prosecutors when they were investigating the matter. However, according to special prosecutor R. Scott Croswell III, he and Merlyn Shiverdecker interviewed 30 witnesses and reviewed thousands of pages of documents during their investigation.[1] Defense lawyers Croswell and Shiverdecker were appointed to serve as special prosecutors at the request of the Hamilton County prosecutor's office. The two previously represented Deters when he was accused of theft in 2003. He was later acquitted of the charges.[7]
Hunter, in the summer of 2013, requested that an independent audit of the juvenile court be held, claiming that the juvenile court clerk's office had admitted to inaccurately reporting data on court cases. Hunter said that many of the cases she received were out-of-date before she even became the judge of the juvenile court. Hunter defended herself, saying:
I question the Enquirer's, Judge Williams' and the Public Defender's motivations for misrepresenting data. They all knew children were languishing in foster care for years before I ever received many of these cases. However, I am being singled out for a problem that didn't begin with me and that has been a problem in juvenile court for years.[8][9]

Suspended by Ohio Supreme Court following indictment

In January 2014, Hunter was indicted on eight felony counts, including:
  • two counts of tampering with evidence,
  • two counts of forgery,
  • two counts of having an unlawful interest in a public contract, and
  • two counts of theft in office.[10]
The charges related to orders which were backdated and signed by Hunter. Other charges related to her hiring her brother to work for her at the court. Hunter was also accused of using her position as a judge to obtain documents from her brother's personnel file.[1]
In accordance with state law, Hunter was disqualified from acting as a judge by the Ohio Supreme Court on January 10, 2014. The court ordered that she remain disqualified while charges were pending, but that she would continue to collect her $121,350 salary.[11][10] Hunter was not arrested.[1]

Hunter pleads not guilty

Hunter entered a plea of not guilty to nine felony charges on January 17, 2014. The charges included two counts of tampering with evidence, two counts of forgery, two counts of having an unlawful interest in a public contract, two counts of theft in office and one count of misuse of credit cards.
Following the court appearance, Hunter marched in the Cincinnati parade for Dr. Martin Luther King on January 20, 2014. She marched behind a banner that showed her picture next to the famous civil rights leader's image. Prior to the march, on December 15, 2013, she made the following statement at a rally:
I don't care what they do to me. If I go to jail then I will join the long list of Martin Luther King. I will join the long list of people like Rosa Parks. I will join the long list of people like Nelson Mandela.[12][9]
Bishop Bobby Hilton, a supporter of Hunter, commented that the charges against the judge were a political move by enemies she made when she contested the results of a 2010 election. That year, she ran for her current seat against John M. Williams, and eventually was declared the winner. Hunter, in an email to juvenile court staff following the indictment, said she wanted "it understood that Hamilton County Juvenile Court was not ready for its first African American and Democrat judge."[13]


Jury selection in Hunter's misconduct trial began on September 8, 2014, in Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas with Judge Norbert A. Nadel presiding. Hunter's charges related to allegations that she forged and backdated documents, used her county credit card to pay for legal filings and getting involved in the firing of her brother, who worked at the juvenile court.[14][15]
On December 5, 2014, Hunter was convicted of one felony and was sentenced to six months of jail time in the Hamilton County Justice Center. Nadel handed down the sentence, stating: "The evidence showed that the criminal conduct of Tracie Hunter has dealt a very serious blow to the public confidence of our judicial system and there's no question about that."[16][17]However, the jury was unable to reach a decision on eight other charges. Nadel declared a mistrial on the remaining charges, and a new trial date was scheduled for those counts.[18][19]
On December 26, 2014, the Ohio Supreme Court issued a stay on Hunter's six-month prison sentence while she awaited her retrial on the eight charges.[20]
Hunter appealed to the Ohio Supreme Court asking that Judge Patrick Dinkelacker be removed from presiding over her retrial on eight felony charges because she believed that Dinkelacker would not be able to remain impartial.[19] However, a poll of the judges of the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas (taken per Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor's request) revealed that the other judges would all recuse themselves if selected to preside over Hunter's case.[21]
Dinkelacker, in a separate letter to Chief Justice O'Connor, stated: "I find no legal reason or judicial code of conduct guidelines which permits me to disqualify myself."[22] He further argued that his appeals court decision against Hunter and the contempt of court ruling was supported by the Ohio Supreme Court, and yet Hunter did not ask the Ohio Supreme Court to be removed from presiding over any cases involving her.[19][22]
On January 19, 2016, the day the trial was scheduled to begin, special prosecutors dropped the remaining eight charges against Hunter. Special Prosecutor Scott Croswell said they had made their point, and that, "Whether Tracie Hunter is convicted of one felony or nine felonies makes little or no difference." Attorney Jennifer Branch said she believed the charges were dropped because the prosecution knew it couldn't win.[23] On January 21, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that Hunter could continue to delay her jail sentence while she appealed her conviction. An appeals court upheld her conviction and the state supreme court to decided not to hear the case.[24][25]


Hunter was arrested on July 22, 2019, following Hunter's conviction and sentencing to six months in jail.[26]

Hunter sued for denying the media access to her courtroom (2013)

In 2013, WCPO Television and The Enquirer sued Hunter, claiming she improperly closed her courtroom to the public and media.[27] Hunter barred The Enquirer from her courtroom after the newspaper printed the names of six juvenile defendants. She stated that including the names of juveniles in the publication violated a court order restricting the disclosure of the defendants' names.[28] However, the Ohio First District Court of Appeals required that the publication's writers be allowed access to the courtroom and stayed the enforcement of the restriction on the disclosure of the names.[28]
At a hearing following the appellate court's ruling, Hunter announced The Enquirer could attend the hearings regarding the criminal case, so long as the publication did not publish the names of the defendants. As a result of this announcement, the appeals court found Hunter in contempt of court.[28] The Ohio Supreme Court upheld the appellate court's finding that Hunter was in contempt of court, stating that she understood what the appellate court was ordering and that "her statement to the contrary is nothing more than a declaration of defiance."[29]
Since she was sued in her capacity as a judge, Hunter was represented by the Hamilton County prosecutor's office. However, Hunter attempted to hire private attorneys to represent her. Due to disputes which arose after the 2010 election, Hunter felt it would have been a conflict of interest for Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters to represent her. Deters stated, "There is no authority [for Hunter] to do that at all."[27] However, three attorneys filed documents on Hunter's behalf.[27]

Hunter involved in dispute over hiring of court administrator (2012)

Hunter had some public disputes with her former election opponent and current colleague, John M. Williams, since the 2010 election. Williams lost that election following a challenge by Hunter, but was appointed to a vacancy on the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas the following year.
In October 2012, Hunter attempted to hire Wende Cross as her own court administrator, after reprimanding Curt Kissinger, who was serving as the juvenile court administrator and thus reported to both Hunter and Williams. Hunter stated:
[B]ased on Judge Williams’ unprecedented and inappropriate interference it is apparent that Curt Kissinger performs his duties at the pleasure of John Williams. Therefore, in order for me to effectively carry out my duties as judge of Hamilton County Juvenile Court, I also require a court administrator.[30][9]
—Judge Tracie Hunter
Judge Williams stated, "I think that a hire like this is unnecessary and creates a confusing management structure and is a waste of taxpayer dollars."[30] The new court administrator would have been paid a $106,900 annual salary. No other courts in the county have multiple court administrators.[31]
Hunter's attempt to hire her own administrator caused a backlash with Hamilton County commissioners, who filed suit against her and asked her to not to go through with the hire. They withdrew the suit the next day. Hunter did hire Cross, but as a magistrate rather than a court administrator. The salary for magistrates is $75,000.[31]



See also: Ohio judicial elections, 2010
Hunter defeated Daniel J. Donnellon in the Democratic primary to advance to general election. She ran against John M. Williams in November. Williams was originally declared the winner of this race.[32][33] However, the race was undecided until July 2012, due to a legal dispute over whether to count 849 ballots which were cast in the wrong precincts. The Ohio Supreme Court ordered the erroneous ballots to be ignored, but U.S. District Judge Susan Dlott ruled that 149 of such ballots were only wrong because of poll worker errors and should be counted.[3]
  • In July 2012, the Republican Party dropped their appeal of the vote total, allowing Hunter to take her seat on the court.[3]
See also: Hunter v. Hamilton County Board of Elections, upheld by the United States Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit.
On October 21, 2013, Hunter was awarded $921,000 in legal fees in connection with her lawsuit for the recount.[1]


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Israeli Betrayal of America - A High Impact Revelation - from CIA Reading Room

It Appears as Though Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein May Have Been Working for the Israeli Mossad

Left photo: Jeffrey Epstein and his partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, with Donald and Melania Trump at Mar-a-Lago in 2000. Right photo: Ghislaine Maxwell at Chelsea Clinton's wedding. Credit: Davidoff Studios/Getty Images

The extent of Israeli spying directed against the United States is a huge story that is only rarely addressed in the mainstream media. The Jewish state regularly tops the list for ostensibly friendly countries that aggressively conduct espionage against the U.S. and Jewish American Jonathan Pollard, who was imprisoned in 1987 for spying for Israel, is now regarded as the most damaging spy in the history of the United States.
Last week I wrote about how Israeli spies operating more-or-less freely in the U.S. are rarely interfered with, much less arrested and prosecuted, because there is an unwillingness on the part of upper echelons of government to do so. I cited the case of Arnon Milchan, a billionaire Hollywood movie producer who had a secret life that included stealing restricted technology in the United States to enable development of Israel’s nuclear weapons program, something that was very much against U.S. interests. Milchan was involved in a number of other thefts as well as arms sales on behalf of the Jewish state, so much so that his work as a movie producer was actually reported to be less lucrative than his work as a spy and black-market arms merchant, for which he operated on a commission basis.
That Milchan has never been arrested by the United States government or even questioned about his illegal activity, which was well known to the authorities, is just one more manifestation of the effectiveness of Jewish power in Washington, but a far more compelling case involving possible espionage with major political manifestations has just re-surfaced. I am referring to Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire Wall Street “financier” who has been arrested and charged with operating a “vast” network of underage girls for sex, operating out of his mansions in New York City and Florida as well as his private island in the Caribbean, referred to by visitors as “Orgy Island.” Among other high-value associates, it is claimed that Epstein was particularly close to Bill Clinton, who flew dozens of times on Epstein’s private 727.

Alex Acosta (L) Jeffrey Epstein (R)
Alex Acosta (L) Jeffrey Epstein (R)
Epstein was arrested on July 8th after indictment by a federal grand jury in New York. It was more than a decade after Alexander Acosta, the top federal prosecutor in Miami, who is now President Trump’s secretary of labor, accepted a plea bargain involving similar allegations regarding pedophilia that was not shared with the accusers prior to being finalized in court. There were reportedly hundreds of victims, some 35 of whom were identified, but Acosta deliberately denied the two actual plaintiffs their day in court to testify before sentencing.
Acosta’s intervention meant that Epstein avoided both a public trial and a possible federal prison sentence, instead serving only 13 months of an 18-month sentence in the almost-no-security Palm Beach County Jail on charges of soliciting prostitution in Florida. While in custody, he was permitted to leave jail for sixteen hours six days a week to work in his office.
Epstein’s crimes were carried out in his $56 million Manhattan mansion and in his oceanside villa in Palm Beach Florida. Both residences were equipped with hidden cameras and microphones in the bedrooms, which Epstein reportedly used to record sexual encounters between his high-profile guests and his underage girls, many of whom came from poor backgrounds, who were recruited by procurers to engage in what was euphemistically described as “massages” for money. Epstein apparently hardly made any effort to conceal what he was up to: his airplane was called the “Lolita Express.”
The Democrats are calling for an investigation of the Epstein affair, as well as the resignation of Acosta, but they might well wind up regretting their demands. Trump, the real target of the Acosta fury, apparently did not know about the details of the plea bargain that ended the Epstein court case. Bill and Hillary Clinton were, however, very close associates of Epstein. Bill, who flew on the “Lolita Express” at least 26 times, could plausibly be implicated in the pedophilia given his track record and relative lack of conventional morals. On many of the trips, Bill refused Secret Service escorts, who would have been witnesses of any misbehavior. On one lengthy trip to Africa in 2002, Bill and Jeffrey were accompanied by accused pedophile actor Kevin Spacey and a number of young girls, scantily clad “employees” identified only as “massage.” Epstein was also a major contributor to the Clinton Foundation and was present at the wedding of Chelsea Clinton in 2010.
With an election year coming up, the Democrats would hardly want the public to be reminded of Bill’s exploits, but one has to wonder where and how deep the investigation might go. There is also a possible Donald Trump angle. Though Donald may not have been a frequent flyer on the “Lolita Express,” he certainly moved in the same circles as the Clintons and Epstein in New York and Palm Beach, plus he is by his own words roughly as amoral as Bill Clinton. In June 2016, one Katie Johnson filed lawsuit in New York claiming she had been repeatedly raped by Trump at an Epstein gathering in 1993 when she was 13 years old. In a 2002 New York Magazine interview Trump said “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy… he’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it – Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”
Selective inquiries into wrongdoing to include intense finger pointing are the name of the game in Washington, and the affaire Epstein also has all the hallmarks of a major espionage case, possibly tied to Israel. Unless Epstein is an extremely sick pedophile who enjoys watching films of other men screwing twelve-year-old girls the whole filming procedure smacks of a sophisticated intelligence service compiling material to blackmail prominent politicians and other public figures. Those blackmailed would undoubtedly in most cases cooperate with the foreign government involved to avoid a major scandal. It is called recruiting “agents of influence.” That is how intelligence agencies work and it is what they do.
That Epstein was perceived as being intelligence-linked was made clear in Acosta’s comments when being cleared by the Trump transition team. He was asked “Is the Epstein case going to cause a problem [for confirmation hearings]?” … “Acosta had explained, breezily, apparently, that back in the day he’d had just one meeting on the Epstein case. He’d cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein’s attorneys because he had ‘been told’ to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade. ‘I was told Epstein belonged to intelligence and to leave it alone.’”
Questions about Epstein’s wealth also suggest a connection with a secretive government agency with deep pockets. The New York Times reports that “Exactly what his money management operation did was cloaked in secrecy, as were most of the names of whomever he did it for. He claimed to work for a number of billionaires, but the only known major client was Leslie Wexner, the billionaire founder of several retail chains, including The Limited.”
But whose intelligence service? CIA and the Russian FSB services are obvious candidates, but they would have no particular motive to acquire an agent like Epstein. That leaves Israel, which would have been eager to have a stable of high-level agents of influence in Europe and the United States. Epstein’s contact with the Israeli intelligence service may have plausibly come through his associations with Ghislaine Maxwell, who allegedly served as his key procurer of young girls. Ghislaine is the daughter of Robert Maxwell, who died or possibly was assassinated in mysterious circumstances in 1991. Maxwell was an Anglo-Jewish businessman, very cosmopolitan in profile, like Epstein, a multi-millionaire who was very controversial with what were regarded as ongoing ties to Mossad. After his death, he was given a state funeral by Israel in which six serving and former heads of Israeli intelligence listened while Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir eulogized: “He has done more for Israel than can today be said”

Trump  (left) with Robert Maxwell (right) at an event
Trump (left) with Robert Maxwell (right) at an event
Epstein kept a black book identifying many of his social contacts, which is now in the hands of investigators. It included fourteen personal phone numbers belonging to Donald Trump, including ex-wife Ivana, daughter Ivanka and current wife Melania. It also included Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, Tony Blair, Jon Huntsman, Senator Ted Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, David Koch, Ehud Barak, Alan Dershowitz, John Kerry, George Mitchell, David Rockefeller, Richard Branson, Michael Bloomfield, Dustin Hoffman, Queen Elizabeth, Saudi King Salman and Edward de Rothschild.
Mossad would have exploited Epstein’s contacts, arranging their cooperation by having Epstein wining and dining them while flying them off to exotic locations, providing them with women and entertainment. If they refused to cooperate, it would be time for blackmail, photos and videos of the sex with underage women.
It will be very interesting to see just how far and how deep the investigation into Epstein and his activities goes. One can expect that efforts will be made to protect top politicians like Clinton and Trump and to avoid any examination of a possible Israeli role. That is the normal practice, witness the 9/11 Report and the Mueller investigation, both of which eschewed any inquiry into what Israel might have been up to. But this time, if it was indeed an Israeli operation, it might prove difficult to cover up the story since the pedophile aspect of it has unleashed considerable public anger from all across the political spectrum. Senator Chuck Schumer, self-described as Israel’s “protector” in the Senate, is loudly calling for the resignation of Acosta. He just might change his tune if it turns out that Israel is a major part of the story.
Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is
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Lady Rothschild Introduced Alan Dershowitz to Jeffrey Epstein

Massages by Mossad: Is Jeffrey Epstein an Israeli Intelligence Operative?

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Jeffrey Epstein Pedophile King - The Complete High Impact Series Expose' on the Zionist Billionaire Child Sex Trafficker - (Updating Article as New Information is Released)

From the New York Times:
Jeffrey Epstein Arrest and what we currently know -
Some of the nude and partly nude images were found inside a locked safe. There were also CDs with labels like “Girl pics nude.”

These were among the “vast trove” of images of young women, some of whom appeared to be underage, prosecutors said, that were found during a search of the Manhattan townhouse of Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy financier. A decade earlier, he had avoided federal prosecution on similar allegations that he had sexually exploited dozens of vulnerable minors.

[Read our latest coverage of the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein.]

Mr. Epstein’s case has drawn intense interest partly because of his extensive ties to celebrities, socialites and powerful figures, including United States presidents, past and current.

On Monday, prosecutors unsealed new charges of sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy and argued that Mr. Epstein be held without bail.

Federal prosecutors said in court documents that the lewd photos showed Mr. Epstein “is not reformed, he is not chastened, he is not repentant.”

Here’s what we know:

Years of accusations

Mr. Epstein, 66, has been accused for years in civil court cases and in police complaints of preying on girls at his New York City mansion and his Palm Beach, Fla., estate.

[The $56 million mansion where Mr. Epstein is charged with abusing girls.]

An investigation was opened in 2005 after the parents of an accuser in Florida reported him to the police. But in 2008, prosecutors in Miami made a secret deal with Mr. Epstein that allowed him to avoid federal prosecution. Instead, he spent about a year in a Palm Beach jail, where he was allowed to leave six days a week for work.

President Trump’s secretary of labor, Alexander Acosta, then a United States attorney in Southern Florida, oversaw the 2008 plea deal that was widely criticized as letting the financier off the hook.

Presidents and royalty

It might be an understatement to say that Mr. Epstein has rubbed elbows with rich and prominent people. His high-profile connections have included former President Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew of Britain and Mr. Trump, among others.

In 2002, Mr. Trump told New York magazine that Mr. Epstein was a “terrific guy,” adding: “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

If convicted ...

Even though Mr. Epstein made a deal in Florida in 2008, Geoffrey S. Berman, the United States attorney in Manhattan, said that his office was not bound by it.

If convicted, Mr. Epstein, who was arrested on Saturday, could face a combined maximum sentence of up to 45 years in prison.

Prosecutors are also looking for the forfeiture of his Upper East Side mansion, valued at $56 million, on East 71st Street. He is accused of abusing underage girls there.

Inside the Mind of a Pedophile Defender - Zionist Lawyer Alan Dershowitz

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NETANYAHU SAYS ISRAELI LEGAL SYSTEM BASED on TALMUD - Including Report on Israeli Espionage in America

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu revealed at a Likud conference on some remarkable facets of the Basic Law he submitted, which would enshrine Israel's status as the nation-state of the Jewish people. This would take Israel from alleged democracy to theocracy ending the claim once and for all that Israel is the "only democracy in the region".

#Talmud #Netanyahu #Theocracy

The new law also would establish the Talmud, the core work of Jewish law, as an official basis for Israeli state law.

"I'm going to personally be involved in the law defining the state of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people," Netanyahu reportedly told Vider. "It's a very important law that will influence how Israel will look in the future."

"I want to anchor in this law, that it will be a Basic Law that the state of Israel arose and exists on the basis of the Torah and the Jewish tradition," Netanyahu explained, promising to define the Hebrew calendar as the official state calendar.

Netanyahu also promised that "we will define in the law the Gemara as a basis for the Israeli legal system," referencing the Jewish legal text analyzing the Mishnah, a legal work of the Jewish sages, which together form the Talmud. Many Jews in the Knesset strongly oppose this and do not believe in the Talmud as the authoritative basis of Judaism.

Discussing the new Basic Law on Sunday in a cabinet meeting, Netanyahu stated "the existence of the State of Israel as a Jewish state does not actualize itself enough in our Basic Laws, which is what the proposed law aims to fix.

       To the Mishnah the rabbis later added the Gemara (rabbinical commentaries). Together these comprise the Talmud. There are two versions, the Jerusalem Talmud and the Babylonian Talmud.

       The Babylonian Talmud is regarded as the authoritative version: “The authority of the Babylonian Talmud is also greater than that of the Jerusalem Talmud. In cases of doubt, the former is decisive.” (R.C. Musaph-Andriesse, From Torah to Kabbalah: A Basic Introduction to the Writings of Judaism, p. 40).

       We publish the following in the hope of liberating all people, including Jewish people, from the corrosive delusions and racism of this Talmudic hate literature, which is the manual of Orthodox and Hasidic Jews the world over. We seek peace, love and harmony between all people.

      The implementation by Jewish supremacists of Talmudic hate literature has caused untold suffering throughout history and now, in occupied Palestine, it is used as a justification for the mass murder of Palestinian civilians. The Talmud specifically defines all who are not Jews as non-human animals.

RTR TRUTH MEDIA Resurrect the Republic

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The ideological beliefs of Jews have remained the same for thousands of years, but the Talmud and its supremacist teachings contribute to a pattern of behavior that many people in many civilizations find morally repugnant.  As well allow me to share just a very few verses from the Talmud...that by the way for the Goyim to read from it states is a crime punishable by death - and for apparent good reason as when many of the leaders of host nations to Talmudic Jews discover the Supremacist and violently dangerous tenets of Jewish indoctrination they in my opinion  understandably snap. What is called anti-Semitism is a reaction to this toxic supremacist and violent ideology. Freedom of religion in America ends when a religious belief condones the violation of rights of any individual. And according to American (not Talmudic) law,  we are all equal unto one another... no special religious exemptions or privileges.                                         

                     For instance ...

In Abhodah Zarah (26b, Tosephoth) it says:
"Even the best of the Goyim should be killed"

The Schulchan Arukh, after the words of Iore Dea

(158, 1) that those of the Akum who do no harm to Jews are not to be killed, namely those who do not wage war against Israel, thus explains the word

"But in time of war the Akum are to be killed, for it is written: 'The good among the Akum deserve to be killed, etc.' "



In Hilkhoth Akum (X, 1) it says:
"Do not eat with idolaters, nor permit them to worship their idols; for it is written: Make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them

(Deuter. ch. 7, 2). Either turn away from their idols or kill them.

In Midrasch Talpioth (fol. 225d) it says:
"God created them in the form of men for the glory of Israel. But Akum (Christians) were created for the sole end of ministering (serving) unto them [the Jews] day and night. Nor can they ever be relieved from this service. It is becoming to the son of a king [an Israelite] that animals in their natural form, and animals in the form of human beings should minister unto him."

In Zohar (I,25a) it says:
"The People of the Earth are idolaters, and it has been written about them: Let them be wiped off the face of the earth.

..... in closing, I want you to keep in mind, I do not believe most Jews even know about many of these verses. But when you take this information and then look at incidents like the USS Liberty when Israel attacked a US Naval ship..... and let us assume for arguments sake that it was a case of mistaken identity..... but take one detail from that event...and that is that the gunboats blew the life rafts out from under the wounded survivors. If this was Egyptian or American that in and of itself is a war crime under International law. And that is what I refer to as the toxic behavior that screams of an unbalanced view of the value of human life. When one sees nonJews as not human it is far easier to treat them merely as a nuisance rather than men.  And I could go on and share dozens and dozens of Talmudic verses that would be considered absolutely repugnant to Western values and civilization which then if you consider this it is far easier to understand now how Jews are rejected and have been evicted from so many nations over time. And unfortunately for those Jews who do not follow these toxic beliefs they get lumped in to the rest. In fact, I believe many of them have been used by their own as scapegoats to gain sympathy .    Even the non believing folks who are Jewish by heritage but who are not religious... they too embrace the land ownership concept but based on what? If you compare them to any other civilization that rose and fell and everyone would be treated equally  that would mean that any nation who has an ancient racial historical norm could expel anyone else who was not of that "identity".  I should be able to return to Sicily and eject any non Sicilian from any property they hold regardless if they bought it or own it or have lived on it legally.... So for those who are not religious Jews who make claim to the land they are just as if not more guilty of theft than the religious.

   There is a tiny Jewish sect which makes considerable effort to eschew Talmud and adhere to the Old Testament alone. These are the Karaites, a group which, historically, has been most hated and severely persecuted by orthodox Jewish rabbinate.

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Friday, July 5, 2019

More Important Than Most Any Other Issue on Independence Day is That Which We Have Lost - Honoring the USS Liberty

As America celebrates it’s independence, we honor the forgotten heroes whose valor may have stopped World War 3. Today on TRUNEWS we share a preview of the upcoming documentary on the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel, which occurred on June 8th, 1967 during the Six Day War. Rick Wiles, Edward Szall, Matt Skow. Airdate: July 4, 2019 SUPPORT TRUNEWS:

Thursday, July 4, 2019

FREE OUR PATRIOT POLITICAL PRISONERS - While Some Have More Chinese Fireworks and Hamburgers on Independence Day I Reflect on Our Brothers Who Remain in Chains

This day is supposed to be a celebration of our declared independence from the tyranny of Great Britain. It is supposed to be a celebration of a victory in the pursuit of freedom. And as all governments do over the course of time, they expand and grow in power. This Republic we were taught, set restrictions upon the government as to what it could and could not do, where it could and could not go. No better example of that being little more than propaganda is simply to sit back and look at what has become of the 2nd Amendment. We now have Senators and Congressmen and women openly calling for and pushing for confiscation. For so many years even they were not that bold to flaunt their treason. They would try and minimize their real intentions by saying "we don't want to take all your guns" or by claiming anyone who tried to allege that anyone in government was moving toward confiscation was a kooky conspiracy theorist. Well so much for that. Yet another lie exposed that proves that the use of the term conspiracy theorist is little more than government propaganda.

So, who would stand to do what is right? Who would risk all and take action while running for office to do all he could to fight for the Republic and for the Bill of Rights?  And when he did, who was it that the government set up, used paid confidential informants with histories of degeneracy lying and criminal behavior?

Schaeffer Cox

Bitchute version -

Ill celebrate "Independence Day" again... when Schaeffer Cox goes free and those who abused the power of government to set him up all receive what they deserve.

This is the speech that many say caused the persecution of Shaeffer Cox 

Oral Arguments

 Shaeffer responds to "Federal Hit List" 

 Shaeffer responds to Daily Mail "Hit Piece" 

 Kate Dalley previously with Fox news talks about Schaeffer Cox and secret 

CMU prisons. 

 Schaeffer Cox writes about the Nevada Show Trial 

 Our video of Bruce Ray Riggs / Resurrect the Republic / Dirty Uncle Sam at the "09" Congress that Schaeffer also attended 

The following link is the support page for Schaeffer Cox

Point of contact for advocacy

Rudy Davis - Co host - RTR Truth Media 
More info on Schaeffer Cox (videos) --->

Over the next few days we will each day highlight the cause and the story of another political prisoner. We ask your prayers and support for these fine men and their families

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Truth Can Only Be Found with Independent Thought - An Analysis of Donald Trumps Latest Tweet Should Prove This

Independent thought is the only method that any individual can truly come to a factual and truthful analysis of the events surrounding us today. As main stream media and left right paradigm propaganda politics creates a fog that prevents people from seeing the real problem, the masses become more and more divided. From a Communitarian based Oligarchy we are told we live in a “free country”. Well, I suppose we are free. Free to shop at Walmart. Free to gather on the 4th of July and shoot off millions of dollars of Chinese fireworks and stuff ourselves with hamburgers and hot dogs. But where is this so called freedom when all most want is just to be left alone?

Your political overlords will never discuss how our Republic was overthrown in the wake of the Civil War. They will not tell you how our nations money supply was highjacked by a cartel of international bankers. You won’t hear Diane Feinstein or Ted Cruz discussing the 1933 bankruptcy of the United States. And some of the few who have made it to Washington who have dared to reveal these things in detail have been marginalized, censored or worse. Some have been thrown in prison and some killed. This all sounds fantastic to the average American. It sounds fantastic because most Americans have been through a process called “ideological subversion” from Grade 1 to college. 

Watch this short presentation by Brian Young of High Inpact Flix to get a glimpse of the real problems we face. 

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Our YouTube channel has been censored and demonetized. Your corporate masters have engaged in economic terrorism in that they choose what you the viewer should and should not see. This contributes to the continued dumbing down of America. It’s called “social engineering”.

How do you feel about being controlled?
How do you feel about having content you would like to see and subjects you would like to learn about being suppressed by those in ivory towers who see you as nothing more than consumers?

We at RTR want to start doing what we used to and really making some in depth well researched presentations of fact based material you won’t see on main stream networks. 
This takes time and a lot of work.

Lately we have really backed off of doing these because of the financial terrorism that comes with mass censorship. On YouTube we have to watch what we say or how we present what we do. This creates a chilling effect and it is working. What we can do is start migrating off this Titanic of nitwittery which is YouTube to sites like Bitchute.

If you would like to see the in depth quality presentations like we used to do far more of, consider supporting RTR TRUTH MEDIA.

In the last month I have had to cancel many of our monthly services that we use to produce content. We are not in this to get rich. If we were we sure picked the wrong vocation. But when you consider that mere talking heads that make 6 figure salaries to lie to you daily are treated as celebrities and real investigative journalists, historical researchers and documentarians struggle to survive, perhaps you will be moved to be a part of the solution. 

From all of us at RTR TRUTH MEDIA
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Tuesday, July 2, 2019


An Arkansas cop was charged with misdemeanor battery this week rather than a far more appropriate charge of aggravated assault for an incident captured on his dashboard camera.
An Arkansas cop was charged with misdemeanor battery this week for fracturing a man's arms during an arrest last year.
The incident was captured on dashcam video and shows North Little Rock police officer Jon Michael Crowder pulling over a man in a blue Hyundai for still-undisclosed reasons, showing the cop ordering the man out at gunpoint.

Crowder then orders the man to place his hands against the car which he tries to do but the cop then asks him if he has any guns, which prompts the man to stop and turn around with his hands still in the air and tell him no.

But that angers the cop where he begins yelling and accusing the man of "not listening" to him but the video shows he was trying to follow his orders. He just didn't realize he was not supposed to stop and face the officer when answering his question.
Another cop pulls up and they handcuff him but then Crowder comes across a set of handcuffs the man was wearing in a case worn on his belt which the cop said made him fear for his life.
"Why do you have handcuffs?" Crowder demands.
"Because I'm f*cking kinky, dude!" the man responds, turning his body sideways to face him, which again angered the cop.
Crowder lifted up the man's handcuffed arms high behind him, causing him to cry out in pain.
"You broke my f*cking arms!"
"You need to stay still, brother!" the cop tells him, even though the man was only trying to answer his question.
“If you move again, I'll have to do what I did before,” Crowder threatens.
“If you would have had a gun or something on you, it’d have gone real south for you."
It's a perfect example of how cops enjoy barking out contradictory orders, which allows them to use the "pain compliance" techniques they've learned in the academy.
According to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette:
The department said it suspended Crowder for 30 days in October after finding he violated internal policies.
The person Crowder arrested was suspected of a felony charge, but a statement by the department didn't say what the person was charged with.
A North Little Rock police spokeswoman said Crowder was currently on paid administrative leave. He’s been an officer with the department since 2002, she said.
Crowder didn’t appear to be an inmate at the county jail, and online court records didn’t list if he has an upcoming court appearance.
​The victim's name was not released but police say he was treated at a local hospital for "mildly displaced fractures of the ulna bone in both elbow joints."
Watch the shortened video above and the full video here.