Monday, December 24, 2018

MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Groups to get US Attorney to enpanel a 911 Grand Jury!

Submitted by Ray Becker...

Bombshell video posted by Sean at SGT Report with guests representing Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth Mr. Richard Gage, Washington insider Barbara Honegger and President of Lawyers Committee for 9/11, David Meiswinkel.  Petition to US Attorney Geoffrey Berman has been accepted along with all of the evidence, citing numerous issues with the Official 9/11 Report.

According to Sean's guests, the letter from Mr. Berman was received in November and know the Attorney's are preparing to go before a Federal Grand Jury.  Berman is a Trump appointee and has a record of fighting corruption.  There is the old adage that a Federal Grand Jury can indict a ham sandwich.

It will be extremely interesting to see if this case will actually go before 23 Jurists and I would expect that the venue would be Manhatten.  As this develops, I will update here.  This is RTR Media.


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