Sunday, December 9, 2018


Ray Becker

Europe is following the wave of Trump populism and it is becoming contagion.

From the Yellow Vests in France to protests in Berlin, White Europeans are fed up with the UN, the EU and the Policies of the Globalists.  We are witnessing the awakening of the Silent Majority.  Who are the Silent Majority?  Those who have, for generations, done the hard work, paid the greatest share of taxes and have fought and died in the Wars which profited the Elites.  For many years, they just worked hard and did what they had to do.  At some point, which seems to be now, they have finally realized the screw job.

This is a movement that I believe has caught the Globalists by surprise and will seriously impact the plans these idiots have for all freedom loving people.  These protests began in earnest back in November by the Yellow Vests in France.  Macron raised the tax on gas and diesel so much that those who live in the rural areas can no longer afford to drive to the cities.  There are many video's all over YouTube that document these protests.  Even the Police and Firefighters are standing down by removing their helmets.

In one part of France, the Police commandeered a highway toll plaza and allowed all of the protesters to pass without paying a toll.  The protesters have a list of demands and quite a few journalists are over there right now gathering the information and details.  Essentially from what I could gather, they want many of the things that you heard at all of the Trump rallies during his campaign.

There are a number of implications which could emerge as a result of these protests in Europe.  Economically, the protests could throw a wet blanket on the plans for a global currency.  As more and more people realize what has been done to them, the more pressure will be exerted on those who desire a New World Order.  It is incumbent on all of us, here in America to support these protests in any way we can.

We could subscribe to YouTube channels of protesters.  We could follow them on Facebook and Twitter.  We must come to the conclusion that the World Wide Web is a sword that cuts both ways.  In the days that follow, I will be looking for new information coming out of Europe and reporting that right here at RTR.  The greatest lesson in all of this is that real information can never be found on mainstream media.  We are the Alternative Media and it is our duty to find the truth and report about what is happening all around us.

I feel it in my gut and you feel it too.  This is a good feeling.  It means that we care and that we have a Soul which uses a Moral Compass to point us in the right direction.  The coming Mother of All Depressions will happen and it may begin in Europe.  It is going to be very difficult on many of us.  It is something that we must endure, sooner rather than later.  I guess many of us are sick and tired of kicking the can down the road.  Let's hope for a Reset and that what is happening in Europe right now, spreads around the world.

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