Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Guest hosting Mike Rivero'sRadio Show - What Really Happened
Tom Lacovara-Stewart - RTR Truth Media
Hour 1 Chuck Carlson of - On the Oxymoronic "Christian Zionism"
Hour 2 Coronavirus Suspicions with hard hit Iran - Reminicing PNACS 7 country hit list
Hour 3 Antisemitism and Censorship, the departure from even the illusion that the govt obeys the Constitution.

Like a scene from, the Godfather 3 - when Micheal Corleone said - "every time I get out, they pull me back in". I do oppose political Zionism, but no, the Jews didn't do everything. In fact the majority of those who call; themselves Jews who commit many of the crimes culminating with the advancement of a global agenda do so on behalf of the World Communist movement. This also means that while they USE Jewish identity as a protective layer such as the antisemitic card, they are in actuality not Jewish at all. They are Atheists. Communists. And the goal of that movement is to destroy all religion but the one that will be pledged to the eventual "New World Order" or one world government. No, this is not a "conspiracy theory", but it is a conspiracy, and it is FACT. No better tool has been used by them than this. They used religious Jews as cannon fodder in Germany, while Adolph Hitler and company gave safe passage to the non religious Bolsheviks, who also ran the internment camps. Religious Jews opposed the Zionists for one main reason. The Torah forbade them establishing a Kingdom until the coming of their Messiah. In fact by taking it upon themselves to make this state happen, they would not only have to ignore but defy the Torah. Before too much noise could be made about it the religious Jews were put in Ghettos and internment camps. 

       So, from what Micheal Collins Piper was able to dig out, it appears as though it has been these Bolsheviks who have assumed this identity. 80% of the emigres flooding into Palestine between 1946-48 we KNOW this from the Presidential Daily briefing reports prepared by the CIA that I released a full report on not long after their release. The mainstream media remained silent.   President Truman committed what is the equivalent of treason. I would also say deprivation of rights under the color of law as well for every person that died as a result of his supporting this foreign Rothschild Zionist state. 

      As a conservative and a Christian its been very difficult for me to reveal many facts to the public without being labeled or censored. I make no assertions that I do not have evidence to support. That is what makes plain ole folks like me so dangerous to many. I assure my readers that the only thing I really hate is evikl deeds and the doctrines that exist to justify them. You see a "religion" if it be ancient or secular, once embraced, it can cause us to suspend what would be typically our moral code because of some perceived threat. The threat does not have to be real. It can be the result of indoctrination for instance. This does not necessarily make the individual affected evil, or to be hated,. But this Neo-Marxist "have to tear it all down" ideology is poison. Many Americans now use in their vocabulary many disturbing words and phrases "hate speech, firearm, assault weapon,
you know words that have been used to combat and tear down our traditions, our way of life.

     So as ma ny times as I have tried to find subjects that did not involve the Israelis, it seems more times than not, I have to try and fend off a constant stream of attacks. I dont cae if you support Israel or not, you had better defend my right to say it hgow I see it, as I would defnd yours... beause we as a people have strayed far away from handling things as they came. We have been asl;eep at the wheel. 

\So Iran. It would appear that the Coronavirus has hit Iran like a storm. I believe it isd likely the worst out of all nations.

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