Friday, March 20, 2020

Natural Law - Mark Passio - The Sacred Gift of Anger

In today's crazy world that is under constant assault by social engineering propaganda this is a refreshing perspective... In this presentation, originally delivered at Anarchadelphia 2019, Mark Passio explores the human emotion of anger in direct relationship to human Freedom. Mark describes the two main types of Anger, clearly distinguishing Righteous Indignation as a Sacred Gift that is sorely lacking in human society. Mark explains how Social Engineering has been used to purge the positive form of anger from human society, paving the way for totalitarian forms of Government to reign unchallenged. Mark explains how the positive aspect of the emotion of anger can be used as a fuel for Right Action, when it is channeled and directed toward morally correct goals. After viewing this thought-provoking presentation, you will never again see the so-called “negative” emotion of anger in the same way.

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I have watched and learned a great deal from Mark Passio. I had a rather romantic belief in defending the Constitution, when what we should be above all else are better humans toward each other, govern ourselves, and learn to bind together when need be to definitively be correcting errors before they become mistakes. Government is not the solution... its the problem. 
Order followers will empower these political hacks.

Thank you Mark... from us at RTR Truth Media
Tom Lacovara-Stewart
and on behalf of my co-host and friend Rachel Tobias, whom also respects Passio as I do and his presentation "style", as well as my protege, Chris Switzer

Non-Aggression to provoke but,
a Right to Defend that 1st one.

Government in Latin essentially means "To control the mind of the masses" Say that to yourself whenever you hear the word or even better whenever you deal with it.

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