Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Ammon Bundy in an interview with KIVI 6

The truth of government agencies comitting unlawful acts of malfeasance, Brady violations, extrajudicial kill lists, and more are revealed by a candid and honest man. The truth that many of us knew from the beginning as we tried breakin through the Federal Government's and main stream medias slander and outright lies was exposed at trial. I would like to submit that every main stream and Communitarin agenda based left wing and right wing article that accuses Cliven Bundy of "not paying his taxes" and "owing millions in fees fo grazing", are either exposing who they work for or outrig ignorance, and lazy journalism. The Bureau of Land Management was only able to provide evidence of somewhere above $8,000 dollars owed, of which Mr. Bundy paid $6,000 to the State of Nevada. This money never returned to his account, leaving around $2,000 "alleged". So or any real journalist not peddling #FakeNews out there, and who does not wish to get themselves and their publications sued for slander and libel, I urge you to retract, and to get the inforation straight.

Fully militarized armed snipers and the authoritarian ignorance of Special Agent Daniel Love (since fired) was exposed by a Bureau of Land Management Special Agent in charge of the operation - Larry Wooten. These are facts. I urge any detactor to not only refute them, but to also explain the absolute ignorance of the Fabian Style Socialists agenda like the Center for Biological Diversity and their ilk's ever present persecution of this and all other ranchers. They believe that environmentalism is paramount over and above the rights of th individual. This is repugnant to the United States Constitution, it is ubversive and dangerous to a professed free people, and must be countered with intelliget and well informed discussion. None of which is seen in the Main Stream media. Not left or right seriously address the underlying issues and factors of #Agenda21 or its Communitarian agents such as Bush, Clinton, Obama, Blair, etc.      Will President Donald Trump put an end to the Communitarian Commu/Fascist agenda. I urge all o you to sty close to this publication and to independently research the history of the Fabian Socialists, their history of professed totalitarian eugenics, their support and love for both Stalin and for Hitler, and what they aredoing bend the scenes in tiscountry to undermine the Constitution.

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