Monday, January 29, 2018

Alaska State of Corruption - RTR Exclusive Interview with David Haeg

    This project was started because attorneys, judges, & others in Alaska’s judicial system are manufacturing fraudulent judgments to illegally pocket the life savings of families & businesses. This conspiracy includes threatening honest attorneys trying to stop this. Evidence also shows Marla Greenstein – the only investigator of Alaskan judges for the last 27 years - is falsifying official investigations to cover up.  This site is a "Must See" for all concerned with public corruption or dealing with Alaska's attorneys, judges, or law enforcement.  
    The Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct, Department of Law, & Bar Association, in an attempt to avoid a scandal that will likely eclipse anything ever seen before in the United States (a real-life “Pelican Brief”), are all currently covering up &/or delaying investigations.  
Respected, long-time Alaskan attorney Dale Dolifka testified after reviewing the evidence: “Shade’s of Selma in the 60’s - where judges, sheriffs, & assigned lawyers were all in cahoots together…It’s absolute unadulterated self-bred corruption – & it will continue to get worse until the sleeping giant (you the public) wakes up & does something about it." 
    U.S. Department of Justice section chief Colton Seale states investigations into this have expanded rapidly & criminally implicated all involved, but law requires exhausting state remedies before DOJ may prosecute – explaining the cover up/delay by ACJC, Bar, etc.  
    Pat Doyle, Anchorage Daily News president, states the evidence cannot be published until arrests are made – as until then those implicated will decide retaliatory lawsuits against ADN. Andrew Peterson - an attorney with Alaska Department of Law - is now offering to change corrupt judgments only if those harmed agree to give up the right to sue & expose those involved – more cover up.
   If you have ever pledged allegiance to our flag or constitution we respectfully ask that you honor your pledge by helping stop this incredibly evil, dangerous, & growing “domestic” enemy.  Start by reading the materials immediately in the below link for "both sides of the story." 

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